wipEout Pulse December Update

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Hi everyone, I thought I’d say a quick hello before the start of the Holiday Season. We’ve been pretty busy here trying to iron out a couple of gameplay issues, and making sure that we provide a fantastic game experience for all of our consumers. We really do feel that this is by far the best of the wipEout games to be released thus far on the PSP and it won’t be too long before you all get your hands on the product.

As you may have already heard, the title went gold in Europe and was released a couple of weeks ago, and the reviews so far have been very pleasing indeed. So to give you all a little bit of a taste as to what’s to come, there are some new screen shots that we’ve taken to wet your appetite. I think it’s worth mentioning that all of these images were taken using the photo mode that will be present in the released version of the game. So you’ll be able to grab some great images and share these with your mates.

In the mean time I’ll pop back on here again after the Holidays, and hopefully will have some good news about the title going gold, and will try and answer a few questions that you may have.

Until then, stay safe and Happy Holidays to you all.

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