PlayStation Store for PC Update

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Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games
SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo ($14.99)

PS one Classics
Warhawk ($5.99)

Game Videos (free)

  • SOCOM FTB Trailer
  • PSP Feature Video 2007
  • PS3 TV Spot
  • Gangs of London Overview Trailer
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 – TGS 2007 Trailer

PSP Theme (free)
MLB 07

PSP Wallpaper (free)
Gangs of London Wallpaper (3)
SOCOM FTB Wallpaper (2)

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  • So we can now download full PSP games to our memo sticks? I like todays update by the way. Not too shabby, but the Toy Home game, Warhawk, Omega Dawn, A51 demo…. I like it. Can you clarify if that Fireteam Bravo is the full game??

  • Oh and the speed of the browser is now amazingly tight. Excellent job.

  • good start… cant wait until the days that these updates are as good as the ps3s!

  • ooooo Warhawk. might buy sometime…

  • YA! Warhawk sounds good, as well as Socom Fire Team Bravo. I need a new Memory Stick. MLB 07 Theme is great too!

  • I’m probably going to grab Warhawk. :)

  • Does this mean the PSone Warhawk will soon be available on the PS3 store as well?

  • Nevermind, I just saw it in another blog post.

  • not-buying-incognito

    I like
    I’m am not-buying-incognito and I like to party!
    :) In GAME XMB
    :) In GAME Voice chat

  • Nice update, what’s up with the lack of demos? No WipeOut? No holiday demo = pretty poopie. Please bring the rest of the Syphon Filter games 2 and 3.

    Also since I reply in the correct places that never get a response. In a future PSp update how about a screen capture mode to others can share socres, kills, or something cool that happen.

    I know it’s hard to please every consumer but it’s worth a try to ask.

  • Wow, nice…a full game available for download :o

    You should put how many MB the game is, btw.

  • nice this is a good update thanks sony alot of themes some demos overall good job sony

  • Nice to know that the PS3 commercials are finally up ^_^

  • GameStop is gonna be piiiiiiissssed.
    But their evil so YAH Sony

  • Linux/Mac support yet ? No ? Moving on…..

  • Still waiting for mac version.

  • yeah same thing, another customer lost because of mac support

  • MAC SUPPORT, you have to understand that, just tell us, not if your thinking about it, but working on it, please, and we’ll stop

  • Linux support will be better)

  • Well, this all sounds very exciting. Too bad your billing system tells me my credit card information is invalid!!!

    I would happily be spending my hard earned money at the store. But, again…credit card info invalid.

    Funny how nobody at the store wants to help me. I guess my money isn’t good enough.

    Other stores accept my credit card without any problem. So, how about if the next store update includes fixing the billing system?

    So, happy holidays. I wish I could spend some of that time playing Beats!!

  • Cool! WarHawk from PSone! Great! Also cool update for the PSP store! Rock on Sony!


  • Neither is the MGS4 trailer.

  • I want Final Fantasy VII and I bet a bunch of other people want it too.

  • Yep. Still waiting for MAC update. I don’t know why Sony is so anti-MAC.

  • Please support Mac.

  • better pc support would be nice too purchased wild arms today when i go to download it i get (Communication with the server failed 0x80048905)

  • I would love to sue Sony now there stupid webmaster’s are just a bunch of sissies I was banned because of posting Christmas is not only about gifts its about the Birth of Jesus Christ…Pathetic Atheist’s in all these forums!…Listen up This is America And I have the right to post about Jesus and f don’t like well Tough luck bud!

  • Sorry you all have to hear my complaint but SCEA is asking for it!..Anyway Grace Chen where is the much needed Brand spanking new Demos!..Medal Gear Solid 4 or Little Big Planet just something we have been drooling to get our hands on!..But I’m quite angry that Sony ingored us about HOME demo and Xmb music player with an instant Chat Messenger!! When if ever will it be out!

  • good update thanks sony

  • I am a PS3 player – true & true (had PS2 & Original Playstation) – but my partner got the xbox 360 – and I hate to say it – but their online gaming is faster ( COD 4 is my favorite) to “download” and play than PS3 – also – you can find all your on-line friends easier – see all their info – NOT lose them on the on-line chat feature – and do a lot more than PS3 – you can even check out your friends “friends” list – see who else is out there…..
    I hope Sony will be able to eventually match/surpass X-box 360 with games/online features.

    Thanks – and Happy New Year

  • I too am a Mac user, i think i found a work around for the whole downloading problem, So far the two titles I’ve bought on the PC store have been transfered to my PSP in this fashion. I buy the game like beats and it shows up on my download list on my PS3. So maybe that helps, but then again I did go to a friends house to borrow his PC to do the initial download but I tested the method I described on the PS3 and it worked. It just downloads to the XMB under Games and you can only copy it to the PSP. Hope this helps.

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