Firmware Update (v2.10)

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Firmware Update v2.10 is now live. This new system update enhances media playback on the PLAYSTATION 3 in a number of ways that the PS3 community has indicated are important.

We are introducing a much-requested video playback format with this update: DivX and VC-1 (WMV) videos become playable in the Video section of the XMB. This update also brings the PS3’s Blu-ray drive up to Profile 1.1. “Picture in Picture” and other enhancements become available on Profile 1.1 compatible Blu-ray discs.

A voice changer feature is added, enabling you to change the tone of your voice during voice or video chat.

As always, we’re committed to enhancing PLAYSTATION 3 functionality, and we’ll continue to post firmware update details on the blog as they are released.

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  • DTS-MA decoding for Blu-ray already, please. What’s taking so long on that one?

  • Nice, downloading it tomorrow morning.

    In-game XMB access, please (or at least in-game messaging with PS Button and in-game music playback).

  • Can you guys update the INTERNET BROWSER because the flash player is a bit limited. and try to get the Divx Web Player working. I mean. have divx but not the player? ;(

    But the update is awesome though. PSP’s Internet Radio is sweet as well!

  • Pretty decent update. DivX and WMV video support is a great addition. Also, Profile 1.1 for PIP functionality is much appreciated.

    Thanks for the update Sony :)

  • That 2gb cap is kind of limiting on divx. It would also be nice to play xvidz. Oh well, maybe in the future.

    Thanks for the update.

  • only one good job then the rest complaining about something good job sony and look forward to future updates

  • Great update Eric! This opens up so much potential alongside DLNA compatibility and PSP Remote Play connectivity.

    Thank you for this wonderful update, I look forward to future functionality additions!

  • Great update guys! I’m excited about divx support. But I would really love to see Vorbis support added.

  • Proud PS3 fan here. However, why is it that we do not get XVid support? The other system got it together with Divx… Just how much harder can it be to support xvid which is not too different from divx… :/
    I thought PS3 is more powerful? Which one is the ultimate media center now?
    I am really disappointed.

  • The new planet earth visualization is incredible! Thanks! Maybe we could get that to replace the XMB waves…? :) Also, thanks for adding the Divx support, it’s a big help. However, is there any chance to allow playback of copyrighted files (sounds ironic, but Rifftrax uses Divx)?

    Also .mkv support would be awesome too…

  • first update in over a month thank sony

  • Thanks for the update Sony!

    Any chance we can get full .x264 support and .mkv and .ogm playback as well?

  • Maybe I was misinformed (post#9 above)… A few people seemed to have success playing xvid files, contrary to earlier report.

    Could someone please clarify? Support for Xvid is important for a lot of us (anime fans)

  • new planet earth visualization? and dayum, that voice changer is cool but I can see that getting old soon, especially because you can talk like a 9 year old whos balls are being squeezed while in a game, not cool lol good stuff tho sony

  • i can’t wait for those fast firmware updates to come Eric next year.

  • Sweet. This opens a whole new door to watching files I have on my computer already. Without having to boot into Evil Windows XP to convert them or to use DLNA on it!

  • Thank you for getting that Blu-ray Profile 1.1 update out the door.

    There are a bunch of parents out there who might like a nice Blu-ray player for their home theater setups, and if it lets the kids play Ratchet and Clank Future as a side benefit, all the better.

  • Hey, that’s great, we’re getting closer to being able to play most everything (hint support the MKV container now)…

    Oh and while your at it RELEASE THE ROCK BAND PATCH, you’ll make a TON of loyal PS3 users happy for Christmas!

    Just a suggestion.

  • What’s this new planet earth visualization?

  • Thanks much!!! Was waiting for this a long time…although, could you please incorporate subtitle support (i.e., *.srt, *.sub, *.ass, etc.) in your next update?

  • Xvid playback is working for me. :3

  • This update is a step in the right direction in a lot of ways, but I have some continuing concerns:

    1) Third party controller support while in PS2 mode is still not exactly up to snuff. While using the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (HRAP3) to play PS2 games on the PS3, you will get a lot of random “up” signals for no reason. This includes mid-game, in the PS Button menu, in the game menus, etc. This makes it basically impossible to play PS2 fighting games on the PS3 with an HRAP3 (and I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer to play such games with a joystick… not with a SIXAXIS).

    I have a hard time believing this issue is the fault of the controller, because the HRAP3 works perfectly on PS3 and PC games. It would be very nice if you would find it in your hearts to release a system software update that addressed this issue. There are certainly people out there that use their PS3 for PS2 games, myself included. Please please please make it more worthwhile to play PS2 games on the PS3 with controllers other than the SIXAXIS.

    2) Nothing personal, but it doesn’t seem like you guys do a ton of software/hardware testing on stuff (or at least not enough). I say this because I would personally think you should put major third party hardware through the rounds, both in PS2 and PS3 mode. If you did, this issue with the PS3 joysticks being used for PS2 games surely would have been corrected long ago. Not only that, but there would be far fewer incidences of updates randomly hosing games for players.

    3) Is there just no way to have the PS3 run in PS2 mode and ALSO retain access to its full set of features? What I mean is, if you’re playing a PS2 game, all of the PS3 stuff is shut off, so you can’t continue downloading stuff while you play, for example. This has a bigger implication when it comes to Home. As I recall, one of the planned features of Home is to allow you to launch a game within Home and let you play others online as if you were on the same console. Maybe I got that wrong, but it sounds like that would be something awesome to be able to do with PS2 games, as well. I know you guys are busy looking to the future and PS3 games only and blah blah blah but there’s an extensive library there that could be tapped for the benefit of all.

    4) Are there any plans to improve the video scaler of the PS3? Is this even possible? As I’ve read, the PS3 can not output a 480i signal over the HDMI connection; you are forced to use the PS3’s scaler in this case, instead of being able to choose to use the TV’s scaler instead. This would be great if the PS3’s scaler was faster; it has at least a 2 frame delay (out of 60fps) when scaling 480i to 1080p, etc. For PS2 games that require precise timing, this kind of lag is unacceptable. So, it would be nice if the scaler was upgraded somehow and/or you could allow 480i over the HDMI so if people DO want to play PS2 games on HDTVs (without lag) they can choose to use better scaling options than the PS3

  • sofaking13,

    I think the purpose is not to be “cool,” but to allow some people to avoid being harassed. Sometimes you hear about women who dare to play Halo 3 on Xbox Live while using the headset, and, well, let’s just say the adolescent boys they play against could be a little more polite.

  • Great to get divx, and it’s nice that it’s better than the 360’s (which only supports 5+ as I understand it).

    I’d like to request a feature I havent seen talked about here before… would it be possible to get support added for usb iRDA adapters? The lack of an infra-red port is really hurting the PS3’s ability to serve as my media hub, because it means I cannot use the same remote I use for every other component in my home theater system. Xbox360 has IR built in, at least give us a good way to add this feature later.

  • CONTINUED (from 22, lol)

    …PS3’s scaler (which is bad).

    5) I realize these are mostly issues pertaining to PS2 software, but I feel as if they are all baseline issues that should have been addressed AT LAUNCH. To have the kind of lackluster support for PS2 software that the preceding issues demonstrate is kind of a slap in the face for anyone who spent 600 USD at launch to get a system that could play all of the older games correctly while waiting for the inevitable PS3 releases they wanted. A lot of people are keeping their PS2s and not buying PS3s precisely because they are the types (like myself) who expect the PS3 to perform better with PS2 titles than it does. It just seems kind of unfortunate that the expectation we were given going from PS1 to PS2 (which was a great transition) isn’t really what we’re getting going from the PS2 to PS3.

  • love the update. Thanks! now I don’t have to use XBMC.
    any chance on getting analogue and digital audio output at the same time in the next update? Being forced to use my stereo to play games isn’t very good when my wife is sleeping.

  • thanks but can we try to add Stage6 support to the browser sometime soon.

  • Thanks for the new visualisation when playing music. It’s great that I can download a 720p WMV file from Gametrailers now directly to my PS3’s HDD. Perhaps there’s not as much need for trailers in the store anymore unless they are exclusive to the store.

    I would like to see the flash player for the browser updated though and more visualisations and avatars on the PSN. Keep up the good work.

  • My installation froze at 99%… what should I do?

  • Great update. Transcoding media is really annoying, and this update makes it so I shouldn’t have to any more. Thanks for the update!

  • the only avi video i have won’t even play on the ps3. well i guess i will have to wait until the divx support is updated.

  • Please add custom music

  • Thanks for adding XviD/DivX support. This is an excellent feature to have on the PS3.

    However, the 2 GB limit is not helping PlayStation users. Please up the limit to at least 4 GB.

    Adding support for Xvid/Divx in .mp4 files would be helpful.

    Subtitle support would round out the playback features.

  • @31

    avi != DivX

    Playstation 3 is FULLY DivX certified, it can’t be more updated than it already is in that regard.

  • some things i would love to see:

    download and install in one click. why would i download something and not want to install it. dont make me wait to play content.

    more free demos of pay-for content in the store. i am much more willing to buy something if i get a taste of it first.

    in-game access to the xmb – friends lists, messaging, chats, music, etc.

    adjustable font size for the xmb. i have problems reading most text in the xmb and store. this makes me shop less.

    the store could use an overhaul. it should be faster in terms of speed and to navigate around. don’t make me wait to spend my money or ill just go play a game.

    let us hide the scrolling text in the upper right corner of the xmb.

    let us disable audio from the game queue previews. doing this on a game by game basis would be awesome. some are incredibly loud and annoying while others are cool.

    more movie trailers!

    please tell us when home is coming!

    power the usb ports when in standby. not sure if this is even possible but its very sad to not have this.

    ok that’s all i can think of. keep up the good work. thanks.

  • @33
    Do you have any files that are over 2GB in size? o.O

  • downloading it :D

    thanks for the update.

  • New new earth visualization is cool… but something I would not use in my music visualization… if you just let me choose the other random visualizations you have it will be better for me… is just about taste

    Now the ps3 browser use the ps3 wallpaper as background, I like that, it feel is part of the ps3 and not another thing that doesn’t match.

    The xvid and divx works ok with me, just a bug or something.. sometime when the video is named with spaces the ps3 played and sometimes not, just weird. But both formats works.

    The WMV works perfect for me.

    I rent bluray movies so I can’t test the profile 1.1… anyway I will buy a bluray movie only if have the feature of profile 2.0 that the ps3 will be the first to have that profile in january and I will buy saw 4.

    Just a note… why the bluray movies can’t display a background image like the UMD movies do in the PSP? that will be cool if you ask me, a silly feature but will be cool… Oh and a feature when I play a DVD movie doesn’t sign out the network pleassseeee…

    Oh another future feature is the scene selection in movies in the hard drive like the PSP do right now, I love that in the psp..

    Another thing, make watch DVD/Blu Ray movies in remote play..

    Just talking about multimedia feature because this update is about multimedia…

  • Yeeeeeeeeees, voice changer. WHO NEEDS IN-GAME XMB, WOO!

  • voice changer!?!? yes!!! score!

  • Will there ever be a fix to the Remote Start, Problem where it turns off Remote Play over the internet ? Because its a pain having to re register my psp to my PS3 every time i get on

  • @36, yes, 85% or higher of my files are larger than 2 GB.

  • Thank you Sony for a very powerful media center. I can finally retire your competitors products for a media center.

    All the great HD support is awesome and more than what x360 can do. Divx/Xvid played everything that i threw at it. Assuming that the HD freezing problems of 2.0/1 are fixed, I’m looking forward to a pretty mean Media Center. The interface is fast and smooth.

    Only support that is missing is H264/x264 in MKV container and VC-1 in TS or M2ts container. Otherwise assuming it all works as intended, I’m one happy customer

    Will keep testing and get back.

  • I have a Philips DVP642 DivX player and I’ve been wanting to throw it away because it sucks. The PS3 plays videos way more smoothly and scales videos up to 1080P nicely. I tested pretty much my whole collection and I found that some videos that didn’t work on my DVP642 now work and most of my stuff that did work on the other player work way better on the PS3. However I am a bit disappointed because a good portion of videos that work fine on the DVP642 do not work at all on the PS3 and I do not understand why. They are avi files, but they are listed as MPEG4 when I boot them up on my DVP642. Anyone know why they don’t work on the PS3? I know it’s not because of Xvid since the DVP642 does not play Xvid either.

  • I can’t believe how unappreciative some of you people are. The amount of complaining here is unbelievable. No matter what Sony rolls out for us you continue to complain. It’s embarrassing and sad.

    This was a major update. Excellent job Sony! THANK YOU for getting this out to us before the holidays.

  • Hey this is realy great man. But where is the Subtitle support from .sub files ? :D
    Have you forget that ?

    And please :( PSNCards for europe :'( !!!

    In-game Messaging (L)

  • Great work guys thank for the awesome functionals you provided to our PS3, keep up with this great work.

  • I’m loving the new codec support, but I’m having issues with WMV files. The video plays just fine, but I’m not getting any sound. This is happening with about half of my WMV files. Mostly they are game videos that I’ve downloaded from IGN and Divx and even some Xvid files are working just fine for me. Anyone else having this problem?

  • @ incyi

    That will be a excellent feature… I hope the implement it when they do their movie download in the next year

    We all want the in game message and music (in game music I never use it in the other box, just in casual games) but just lets say another features that will keep the ps3 a better system, they already know about the in game xmb thing and they are sick reading that (if they are reading because it been a while since I saw someone responding)

  • Well, it’s nice to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It was a given that people would respond to this with more demands.

    No matter how much you give, they always want more. Don’t buy for a second that once they get their Home and their In-Game XMB they’ll stop whining. I’d put money on that.

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