NPD: 1.5 Million PlayStations sold in November

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Hello everyone, the new NPD sales numbers are out, and I wanted to share some new sales stats that have us excited here at PlayStation central.

For the month of November, PlayStation hardware unit sales exceeded 1.5 million units, including close to half-a-million PLAYSTATION 3 consoles. That’s means nearly 4 times as many PS3s ended up in North American homes in November than the month before.

A slew of incredible titles this holiday season has definitely been a factor in that growth: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Rock Band, Assassin’s Creed, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, Heavenly Sword, and Pain (did I miss any?) should keep everyone busy well into the new year. And our new ad campaign has helped get the word out that PLAYSTATION 3 is THE gamers’ console.

As far as the PlayStation Portable is concerned, a lot of dudes decided to “Get Your Own” in November. NPD reports over 567,000 PSPs were sold in November, thanks in large part to the popularity of the slimmer, lighter PSP, the debut of the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, and critically acclaimed titles like Beats, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, and Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow.

While the PS3 has just passed its first birthday, the PlayStation 2 is still kicking hard seven years after launch. The PS2 remains the best-selling gaming platform ever released, with nearly half-a-million more adding to the system’s greatness in the month of November. The release of games such as BUZZ! The Mega Quiz, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and the limited-edition white PS2 bundled with SingStar Pop means that the PS2 will continue to be a favorite for millions of gamers.

We know that PlayStation.Blog readers are all about the games – and these numbers are relevant to existing PlayStation owners as well. With the rise of online multiplayer games like Warhawk, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. and this week’s big-buzz release Unreal Tournament 3, thousands more players can mean a longer, better gaming experience.

So if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of new members to the PlayStation family, welcome – and thank you! And for those who have been around for awhile, enjoy the influx of new gamers to play with and against!

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  • Love it!!!

  • this is still not good. the gap is just as big as last year.

  • wow i havent ever gotten a comment this early.

    back to the point

    good november sales, lot of happy children this christmas.

  • The is a step forward for the PS3. We need to flood the market with adds and promos!
    Congratulations on a great month!

  • Hold on a sec, I just read on that Sony came dead last on November’s NPD numbers. Even with 1.5 mil units sold we are still last? hmmmmm…

  • Congratultions! Here’s to keeping up the steam into the new year and beyond!

  • Actually most people here aren’t “all about the games” most everyone wants in game XMB.

  • The Wii is outselling eveybody, but who cares I just got Orage box for the PS3, just one thing Make or buy PS3 only games, i was looking at the Ghostbusters games and it look good, but its coming to the 360 and wii? whats up with that Sony pictures own the title of the Movie don’t U?

  • Yay, it looks like MGS4 just may sell 1 million on it’s first day.

  • we need much more for the playstation 3 and it’s going to happen, :)

  • @Ghostm: Notice it’s 1.5 million for Playstation hardware total, it’s about 500,000 each for the PSP, PS2, and PS3. The 360 sold 770,000, the Wii 981,000 and the DS 1.53 million (!!!). So, not bad, but still in third place. Had the promises made at GDC this year (Home and LBP by October) happened, things would probably look a lot different.

    Interestingly, the PS3 did outsell the Wii in Japan for the month of November (sales are back to the usual numbers now though).

  • I like to watch all this nay saying about the PS3 still being in 3rd. Sony has made a big leap in closing the gap and it’s not going to win anything in such a short amount of time. Just two months ago the PS3 was only selling 80-100K units a month now it’s 450k a month. It takes a while to steer a mammoth ship around. Sony was basically the laughing stock who everyone loved to hate. I’m starting to see a lot more positive talk about them now. If it’s the same story next year during this time then I’m going to worry.

  • That’s good, but yet it still isn’t out selling the 360. I hope evil M$ doesn’t win. It will be the end of the game console as we know it. :-(

  • Good job Sony! The PS3 is selling much better than Microsoft and Nintendo want, that’s for sure.—12

  • If you release the PSN Card for North America, the PS Store sales would rise dramatically. Just a tip.

    P.S. We must beat the 360

  • Yup PSN card, something which I’d be all over.

    But yeah love how ps3 is dominating 360 in Japan.

    The Wii will phase out in time, so they’re catchable.

    So yeah ps3s in the marathon and getting closer.

  • The ps3 is doing really well in europe too, the ceo of sony said they were selling about 200k units a week

  • Please, will someone ask what on earth the European advertising people were thinking with those awful circus-act adverts. They are diabolical! Really, if I were trying to make customers more confused about what the Playstation 3 does, I don’t think I could have come up with a better advert.

    What is wrong with a advert that says:
    Playstation 3 – its got most of the best games right now, and we’re working all the time in making it have everything you could want. It’s more powerful than anything else, the online play is free rather than UK£40 per year, and in two years all the developers will be making their games do more on it than the competitors’ machines. It will never have the red ring of death. Until the games catch up, it can stream video and music from your PC much more easily than anything else and it’s got decent backwards compatibility with your favourite Playstation 2 titles like SingStar and Buzz.

    What on earth possessed them to think that a Cirque Du Freaks montage would convey the best qualities of the machine? I’m not being rhetorical here, I really would like an answer, because if the PS3 continues to have the lowest sales then the software support will wane too, and I want more great games for the system.

  • Very Interesting numbers.

    although im sure we would have all loved it to be 1.5 Million PS3’s, we have to see where we were before and where were headed.

    This is a fantastic ReStart for the PS3. I think now, its just time to hammer into people that there is alot of quality titles for this system. I think the quality of the console itself speaks for itself as you never hear horror stories (minus the ridiculous “dust” incident) but I think its really just advertising.

    I cant say that enough. Were on the right track, but lets not get happy. with the Wii being sold out all throughout the year, I still saw damn commercials for it all the time and with Plenty of PS3’s around, I saw a commercial…oh. never out side of launch.

    So its nice to see where back in the game and lets use this steam to go on forward cause there is so much un tapped potential with the PS3 while every other system is already doing the max they can offer.

  • Great, can we get some news on HOME now?

  • I love my PS3 and PSP but in order to sell these things to everyone we need more games!

    Here’s a reaaaally good idea that won’t cost Sony too much:

    Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and Metal Gear Solid on PSN for PSP/PS3. $19.99 each to play those in HD, even if it’s tiny? Worth every penny.

    Also, Sony Games Division, make this happen:

    Bushido Blade 3 exclusively for PS3.

    Online battles, Dojos (clans), custom fighters that use EXP and to buy unique items for your character, and best of all, the 1-hit 1 on 1 dueling of Bushido Blade fame, all online, of course. The only thing wrong with the original Bushido Blade was slow speeds (movement/combat/etc) and awful 3D, since the tech was in its infancy. Now, though?

    Please please please: Show us what the CELL can do, and do it with one of the best franchises of all time: BUSHIDO BLADE!


  • Hoorah for PlayStation! 1.5 million of them? Heh,that’s alot of PlayStations…

  • Congrats

  • Even though the numbers aren’t the best in the U.S. at least PS3 is doing very well world wide

  • So Playstation hardware sold as much as the DS this month? Not something to be proud off I’m afraid.

    Nice to see Uncharted lived up to its name in the NPD sales lol.

  • WooOOoOooo Congratulation, I know Sony will take the first place again just let the time work :) Im really proud of my ps3 and i say it to every one :)
    P.S : Listen to your custumer Sony they have really great idea than can help you to become the first :) Keep going the great work !!!

  • Re: (did I miss any?)

    Yes, you forgot “High Velocity Bowling”, the super fun party game, and the first PS3 title to allow players to use their own music in game.

  • @Zorox

    6% of ALL US PS3 owners picked up Uncharted in the first 11 days….that is pretty good.

    The PS3 outsold the Xbox360 WORLDWIDE in the month of November. Japan, check. Europe, turned and check. Only NA left to go and X360 has crap for games coming in 2008.

  • Sweet. Now kill the PS2 and move its casual software to the PS3. Good jump in numbers as compared to the previous month and compared to the competition within the same life cycle. Good job Sony, keep it going!

  • It’s a bloody crime Uncharted didn’t sell more. It needs to be marketed more, you’ve got an incredible game on your hands, don’t squander it, Sony Marketing.

    Kill the PS2 already, you’re really choking off software to the PS3 because developers still don’t want to make the jump to the PS3.

    There’s no reason Media Vision is still doing Wild Arms games for anything other than the PS3.

    And Santa Monica could have put God of War 2 on the PS3 instead of the PS2, now they won’t have anything on the system until 2009, and by then whatever software they put out would be irrelevant in terms of driving hardware sales. Way to go, Studstill.

  • Embarrassing sales for the PlayStation family in the US.
    Stop trying to spin it though to be fair, worldwide it’s a close(r) race.

    Let’s hope it’s better after Christmas for PS family as a whole.

    And for the love of god market Uncharted.
    Drop everything else and sell that game.

  • Good to hear.

    PlayStation 3 needs to start selling better though..everyone is buying the other consoles because they’re cheaper. Every time I talk to someone about the PS3 they say that they don’t want to spend $600 on a console…they don’t know the price dropped to $399-$499

  • bad news: the ps3 came in DEAD last between all other consoles.

    good news: ps3 sales increased the most by 285%!!!

    so it could be worse, but it needs to be better! at least sony doesn’t put mind control devices in their products like nintendo (cough cough)…
    we must find a way to make ps3 sales even better!

  • go sony go.

  • have you guys taken into consideration that the reason so many 360s were sold was probably because the people that got them needed new consoles because of hardware failure with their old ones lol

  • I helped contribute to the November psp sales. glad to see all the systems doing so well. Good job guys!

  • byrd864: “good news: ps3 sales increased the most by 285%!!!”

    Lol that’s actually bad news when your console sales increase by 285% and you are still embarrassingly behind competition.

  • Kill the PS2??? what the hell? would you kill your second child who still makes millions upon millions of dollars for you? I don’t think so.

    Little Big Planet is the key ;)

  • PlayStation Network Card is coming, so you don’t have to use a credit card.

  • Well I for one like to look at the global market when talking about video game sales numbers. NPD numbers dont mean squat to me.

    Hey Philip can we get a world wide number from Sony for the month of November.

    Still, congrats on the sales numbers for N.A.

    Play B3yond.

  • It’s been 19 comments and still no news on my Bushido Blade 3–come on Sony, get SquareEnix on the phone Posthaste! Wake those bastards up, you’ve a gold mine on your hads!


  • Hiroken,

    I hear you, man. I’ve been waiting on that one for quite a while now. Can you imagine slicing each other up in some hardcore hi-def graphics? Gold mine indeed.

  • some tips for dominating the market from me:
    *if you did not start already making new hit titles(big budget) exclusively for ps3 make them happen even better than halo and as good as ff or mgs series.Start right away!2-3 years will come quick but u should not stand Sony.Oh in two digit numbers too!i see the sacrafice of Sony for taking the price down, but sometimes one sacrifice is not enough!
    *reduce costs to manufacture!
    *expand the PSN.XMB needed!Feature ‘live’ shows,tv shows,or music channel.
    *i got a dream of PSP Phone,with a huge hard drive.That you can talk to other PSP friends at no costs wherever you are.You should be able to call them from your ps3.You can even charge a little for this.Not too much indeed.!Play more games from your ps3 on your PSP.Watch your PS eye camera to check your home from ps3 on PSP whenever you want.PS EYE rocording on your PS3(with features),so it can also work like security camera.(there are big companies only work for this!)
    *keep advertising like this especially before big titles are ready!Make people know that MGS4 ,FF , GT are next generation games rather than your game console is a next gen. machine!When you talk hardware only it looks a bit baloony.
    *Build your own game studios.(Besides others)And make games.Do not rely on money driven third parties because they will shift like a Borat who seen Pamela.Indeed if you gonna make money why not make games rather than consoles right?Both in your case.
    *For people without lives, they should be able to live in Home and PSN.And feel satisfied after living in Home and PSN more than anybody.Put comments for news on PSN as well.Your online friends should go on screen on bottom crossbar with their icons(moving icons!) all the time in XMB like sport news.And people who are online from their PSP Phones.You can even compete MSN with PSP(or PSP2).
    *a built in camera for PSP.At least 40 GB HD for keeping enough games on the go.
    Bam!!!You might have problems with big phone companies but you can always keep smaller ones on your side.Which will allow PSP users to go online with their PSP Phones all the time at lower costs.Send your taken pictures to your ps3 whenever you want.And save HD from your PSP.
    *You see complains about high power consumption of ps3 on some situations.If it is software problem try to solve it.
    *Also i know very sure that sixaxis was a bad covered marketing strategy to resell the device that we already deserved in the first place, and dualshock just coming after 15 months? of release of PS3.That is a lie.and i did not like it.Now you must put that dualshock in every $399 console next year and instead you could sell $399 with only sixaxis without dualshock all the time!!.Being honest is always smarter.Bam! money lost for the next eight years.Also bottom price should be $399 for several years to not to lose the belief that ps3 deserves that much indeed!
    *okay thanks for reading.bye…

  • Off topic ppl:
    UT3 for the PS3 just scored a 9.0 on! Freaking awesome! We are slowly climbing up that hill and it feels great. This is only the beginning.

  • You guys want to help the PS3 to become number one. Start supporting with your “wallets” and quit complaining on forums & the blog. I’m sure Sony has heard our rants and working on solving or adding the features.

  • Every PS3 owner should go out and purchase Uncharted. It’s a crime to miss out on that game! :lol:

  • This is the type of news that I like to hear

  • Big slaes for sure…But how many of those were sold in the previous few months? You know,back when we ALL thought (like dumb sheep) that there were actually going to be some of the games that were supposed to be out…? I bought mine and within one week,it started…First a small set of cancelations(Sts. Row),price drops and free Blue ray movies to keep sales up…Then GTA4,and then the new permanent lower prices to keep sales rolling…All the while,we kept hearing ” This October” This November”,” Coming Soon to the PS3″…”This Winter”…”Late 2007″ I know that *I* believed it too…( and for every delay that kept coming,the insane enthusiastic fans…” yeah,but that means that NEXT year will be the most [DELETED] summer EVER!” …”Only the Begining!”
    Now there seems to be the excuse that the delays, in some cases,are to advoid the ‘Holiday Crowding and compitition’…WTF?
    We ‘invested’ ,as they called it in an interview in a magazine, with them…and Sony’s return as been to either LET the publishers or ASKED the publishers to give these untrue ,unrealistic release dates …There’s NO FRICKING WAY that having those claims of games that are going to be out this year ( Many in time for X-Mas) ,did anything but HELP sell a BUNCH of PS3 Consoles…If you knew NOW that (1) ALL the games that have been cancelled/delayed were NOT going to be available this year…and (2) That the online stuff like Home was nowhere in sight either,and (3) that the OTHER Choice (The 360) was going to at least attempt to solve their biggest problem (the Red Ring Of DEATH) by extending the warrenty to 3 yaers(Shipping included) and adding HDMI… After all that…How many people would bought those consoles in the last few months…?
    The bottom line is that there’s NOT ENOUGH GAMES…Holiday ‘glut’ ?…That’d be true IF there’d been a buncha games all throughout the REST of the year…After such a drought,10 or 12 games for the Season is NOT a huge glut…( Certainly not worth holding back games for—although I REALLY doubt that’s the WHOLE reason for the games that are being delayed with ‘too many games out right now’ as an excuse) Comparisons to the other game’s launches is stupid as well ( so what are you saying? Sony learned NOTHING from losing millions?)
    The console has been out for year now…Every good game proves that there should be a bunch of passable choices..and evry GREAT game ( there ARE some Absolutly great games out…) just proves that it CAN be done…SHOULD be done…(and should be LONGER than five hours!) Come ON Sony…Stop with the constantly bragging about what’s coming…Every Delay just makes it More and MORE unbelievable…
    (and for those of you–who like me—use some of the BIG retailers to get ‘release dates’ (via preorders) Just thought I’d let you know that Silent Hill 5 and Alone in the Dark 5 have been moved from ‘Jan 2008’ to JAN 2009 ‘ !

    Ooopsss….During my rant ,I forgo

  • where is the gt5 game for north america?? dont you think it would have helped a little with sales??? lol

    and why the lack of ps1 games on psn??
    where is ps1 diablo?? ff7?? ff9?? gt and gt2 and gt3??
    what are you waiting for…the ps4??


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