Things That Go PON In The Night

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It’s Tuesday, and the still night air is tainted by a soft, yet distinct, rhythmic beat of battle drums … small feet scurry about lining up in battle formation, their brave little eyeball faces hiding all fears of the mission that lies ahead … each little hand holding up either a spear, club or sword. That, in short, is the brave tale of the Patapons – a legendary warrior tribe exiled to the edge of the world and forced to combat giant creatures, traverse through hostile lands and overcome the evil powers that have gained control of the world.


That is a quick (and I must admit, quite dramatic) description of Patapon, the new PSP rhythm/action brainchild of French toy/graphic designer ROLITO and Japanese game designer Hiroyuki Kotani. But before we move … err … march any further, I should first introduce myself: I am Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Associate Producer on Patapon. For the next few moments, I will be your guide into the world of the Patapons, their home Patapolis, and the overall game design and play mechanics that have melded 300, Simon Says, and LocoRoco into one gigantic tap-your-feet-while-you-march-and-conquer adventure.

As stated before, the Patapons are a warrior tribe exiled from their home. They’ve lost all will and direction until you, the Great Patapon, comes along and quite literally beats new life into the tribe. You’ll learn that the Patapons follow the beats of your mighty war drum, and as lead them through their world, you’ll find different drums that will help you instruct the Patapons to attack, retreat, and invoke secret JuJu chants.



Your sworn enemies are the Zigotons, a rival tribe that will, by any means necessary, try to keep you from getting to Earth’s End.

That’s it for now, but make sure to keep an ear to the ground… I’ll be checking in for every week with more updates, screens, videos, and some cool news from this side of the Patapolis.

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