UT3 & PS3: ChChChChChaanges!

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You know what’s crazy is that I can remember when I was entering my first year of high school and there was this game that all my friends were going nuts about. I went over to a friend’s house for a LAN session of Duke Nukem 3D and there instead, he was playing this little game called Unreal. I was already a huge fan of the genre, so it seemed natural that I fall headlong into it as well. After all, it was way ahead of the curve and had the most impressive enemy AI and graphics that I had ever seen.

Fast forward to 2006, and I’d received a job offer for an Associate Producer position at Epic Games to work on the exact franchise that had fascinated me almost exactly 10 years earlier. AHAHAHA OMGNUTS!! I mean, yeah – in this generation, growing up as a gamer, and then getting the opportunity to work at a company that epitomizes the games that you’ve loved for a big part of your life; it’s just nuts.

UT3 & PS3: ChChChChChaanges!

So anyways, 10 years later, and what’s changed? The series is still going strong with Unreal Tournament 3 and all of the great gameplay that UT fans love, but there is a big feature that we had been wanting to bring to the console platform for some time. Since a good portion of UT3’s development team got their game industry start in mod making; it only made sense that we would bring to PLAYSTATION 3 what PC owners have known for years with mod support. Mods, or modifications (to the original game they were based off of) can include new weapons or characters, models, meshes, maps, mutators; or they can even be entirely new games themselves using the editing tools, game assets, and code base.

You, my PS3-loving friends reading this, have the opportunity to reshape the distribution and development of user created content and game making. In a generation where making a game for a console is becoming restricted almost exclusively for larger companies due to cost, this is your opportunity to bring your idea to Sony’s platform via UnrealEngine3’s tool set.

But HOW you say?! You’re not a coder, and you haven’t modeled anything in your life?! Well, first step would be to watch some of the tutorial videos made by our talented LDs to get familiarized with the toolset. Next would be to get the PC version on your system and use the level editor tools to create a level while experimenting with UT3’s existing assets.

When you get more advanced, you could use the scripting language UnrealScript, Kismet (a visual based scripting system, so no coding knowledge required); or even your own 3D models to make something completely unique. When you’ve finished, just use UnrealFrontEnd (or ‘UFE’ – it’s included with the PS3 mod tools), a program that will automatically format your project into PS3-optimal packages. Just name your mod something cool, select your removable media, plug it into your PS3, import the mod, and you’re ready to play. By the magic of the programming team, any new maps or mutators will be automatically recognized in the menus. Important to note that if you’re not one of those creative types, you’re more than welcome to download any of this new content from a friend onto media and enjoy the mod revolution that way as well.

Right now, this tech is only available on the PS3 console, so this is my challenge to you, PS3 owners! Create the next big thing! Completely change the world of gaming as we know it! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  • Wow, very nice said! You have a nice history! Looking forward to the mods :D

  • This is our chance to show our own imagination and exploit the potential of an open network and power available only on the ps3 gaming console, im so stoked and will be lookin forward to pwning all of you out there

    Great work epic games, pioneering the way to an unbelievable future and relationship

  • This is my most anticipated game. Already got money down on it. I’ve been playing since the original UT and I’m sick of upgrading my computer, so the PS3 version is what I need.

  • Unreal3 + Ps3 + Mod support+mouse and keyboard support = pwnage :D

  • You’re my Hero Epic games! All joking a side this is amazing thank you very much!

  • Boy, making our own levels would be sweet. But, this seems to imply that we have to buy both PS3 and PC versions on the game, as PC version only has the editor tools. If true, it’d be nice if the PS3 version came with a coupon for a discount on the PC version or something that’d not make it so painful to have to buy both.

    Regardless, never having played a UT game I’m looking forward to seeing what UT3 has to offer, and will be getting it.

  • And this is why I love the PS3. I’m getting this game day 1

  • Tuesday cant come fast enough

  • The possibilities indeed. I can’t wait to see what the community comes up with.

  • Yea Sequoia I just caught “Next would be to get the PC version on your system and use the level editor tools to create a level while experimenting with UT3’s existing assets. ” I really hope I don’t have to pay for the game twice to make mods. Will we or are we reading that wrong?

  • yes you need to buy the PC version for the tools…

  • Is this game going to support any splitscreen game play? Online? offline?

  • very very cool! Its nice to see developers recognize that one of the big things the PS3 offers besides its massive amount of untapped power is the ability to be so open and allow users create their own content.

    How else did CS,TFC and such come to exist and how else did games like UT04 and C&C grow so big?

    Mods from the dedicated users!

    This is way awesome.

  • EPIC Games lives up to it’s name! Oh, the possibilities.

  • DO WANT!

    Seriously, I really do want this. Now.

  • The fact that Epic is excited about PS3 makes me very worried that something awful will happen in the future and we won’t be seeing any new Epic games on PS3. :(

    Sorry, didn’t mean to start off my comment in such a gloomy light, but it’s the same as meeting a new girl and kissing on the first date, then worrying all night about whether or not she wants to go out on another date with you due to your last romance being cut short in an odd way. ANYWAY…

    My friend is a 3D artist, and I asked him for help, but he doesn’t seem interested. I will have to just pony up and squeeze a few drops of spare time out of my busy office job life to figure it out.

    My biggest concern here is that we will see very few total conversions, and thousands upon thousands of useless mutators that ruin the game. That’s the way it seems to be currently with UT2003 and UT2004.

  • Now, that’s a true “Revolution” in the game console business. Enabling mod-able maps and user created content. 10 years from now, this generation of Playstation consoles will be remembered and recognized for enabling gamers the ability to create their own worlds (from the bottom up and from scratch unlike a certain other FPS).

  • Is there any way we can incorporate a ranking system to separate the good mods from the useless ones?

  • SERIOUSLY1!!ONE! why would i buy the ps3 version if i have to buy the PC version to create mods?? why not include the pc editors on a disc with the ps3 version

  • So you want us to be creative. which means we have to buy the game twice? is there any way around this? as i have no extra money for a second version. would it be possible to set up the Unreal 3 engine for DL for PC. just without all the maps in it. so i can attempt at making some of the ideas i have for this.

    anyways, i’ve been looking forward to this ever since i first heard rumors back in 06. its exciting to be able to see it run on god GRFX mode without upgrading my PC

  • Guys, relax. Just buy the game on the PS3 and wait for the people who bought it on the PC to make the good mods. If you don’t have experience or a group of people to help you, chances are your mod will be terrible anyway.

  • I first played UT at my grandfathers house over a lan network when i was about 10. Ever since kicking his a** and getting called a little SOB i was hooked. Cant wait for this game and the mod maps..

  • I really love the idea placing your own mods online!

  • just use UnrealFrontEnd (or ‘UFE’ – it’s included with the PS3 mod tools)

    ^^ doesnt this mean the ps3 gets its own set of mod tools?

  • It’d look like crap on my PC, so Ill be getting it on my PS3 :) hopefully my EB will have it Tuesday.


  • I still cannot wait! I’m also looking foward to mouse+keyboard support in games like Call of Duty 4, that would be awesome!

  • Tanya,

    Thanks for the update!

    When a person creates a custom character, how will my friends be able to see it? Will they have to download it at the time of the Multiplayer match?

    Thank You,

  • Tanya Jessen is there any chance that you come with the game.? i’d buy a billion copies https://blog.playstation.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  • a gamer girl! who likes Unreal!!!

    Will you marry me!?

  • Trazium- im pretty sure the PS3 already supports the mouse and keyboard for COD4… as i read that in article somewhere..

  • So what are Sony´s and Midway´s plans when it comes to marketing for this game?

  • Oh yeah, and Tanya, why didn’t Epic use you like Ubisoft used Jade Raymond to promote the game? I guess Epic has morals.

  • Holy crap, is this like pseudo Make Something Unreal?! I mean I was going to hold off on getting UT3 for PS3 but now it tempts me. Keep up the good work!

  • I’m definitely looking forward to it, but I’m definitely not going to be buying a second version and on the PC no less. I avoid PC gaming religiously.

    Thanks for the update and I look forward to all the mods that will be entering the fray in the future.

    Thank you for all of your hard work! I bet you’re glad to see your work finally making it out there and to such success too. I look forward to your future titles as well. :)

  • OrganicShadow – Are you one of those people who sees the glass half empty? Your comment sure makes it look that way. Why would Epic liking the PS3 make you think something bad will happen? Gabe Newell hates the PS3. Does that mean Valve is going to stop all PC games and move to just the PS3?

    As for UT3, I hope my Gamestop gets enough copies on Tuesday. I already paid for this game in full. What’s with the limited copies anyway?

  • Wow you guys ROCK!!! Can’t wait to get this game when it comes out early 2008 here in Europe…even though we’ll get it a bit later than US but it’s better than not getting it at all..

  • to make sure I got this right, everything I need to make mods comes with the PS3 version right? I don’t have to buy the PC version for the mods tools?

  • @Agriel: Well to MAKE the mods you need a PC, to PLAY the mods, you just need a PS3.

  • Unreal on the PS3? Jumpin Jebuz on a pogo stick. Unreal is like my ex-wife; it just won’t DIE! Why would anyone port that dog rocket?

  • goodby warhawk… HELLO UT3 ;-P can’t wait!

  • If we need the pc version that kinda is a let down. It is still awesome we will be able to take pc based mods and compile them to our PS3 though. Its a step forward for consoles not quite the Ieap I was really hoping for.

  • wow tania jessen… you are beautiful!! is that really you!!??? wowwww send me a friend invite all play you at unreal lol

    ….hmm.. really, i cant wait for the game, a few more days!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Awesome stuff, even though I’m not an UT fan :D

  • It’s about damn time!!! I’ve been wanting user-created content FOREVER!!! I’m amazed that more game makers don’t make their games customizable. I first got into modding when I got my Doom II construction kit back in the day, and every single game I play that doesn’t support user created content just pisses me off. There’s tons of people out there who spend countless hours hacking games just to get their own content in. It’s about damn time we’re getting some support and being able to just jump right in creating mods, instead of spending so much time just figuring out a way to do it. I can’t wait to buy this game!

  • Been waiting SO long for this…It would make my year complete to own this before 2008…

  • If there was a way to create the mods w/o a PC (I have a Mac) I would really be interested in it.

    It is, in its own right, a tremendous accomplishment. A shift in paradigm for console gaming.

    Viva la Revolution~

  • One word….awesome

  • Great Story Thanks

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