PlayStation Store for PC Update

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Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games
* Beats ($4.99)

PS one Classics
* Wild Arms ($5.99)

Game Videos (free)
* SOCOM FTB Trailer
* GTA IV Trailer 2
* Heaven Sword Anime 1
* Heaven Sword Anime 2
* Heaven Sword Anime 3
* Heaven Sword Anime 4
* Heaven Sword Anime 5
* Ratchet & Clank Future ToD Trailer 1
* Uncharted Trailer

PSP Wallpaper (free)
* LocoRoco Holiday Wallpaper
* Ratchet & Clank Size Matters (2)

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  • Nice, I hope RE games and the rest of the Syphon Filter games make it to the US Store sometime soon. Also will future demos be smaller in size? 400 mb + for a demo is a bit much.

  • You mean GTA Trailer 3 right?

    Anyway nice update!

  • Awesome to see Beats in the US store, can’t wait it to finish downloading!

  • Would love to play Beats, but Sony hates Mac users! ;)

    Any official stance/word from Sony regarding Mac OS X support?

    Thank you!

  • Got to tell you guys, beat is a great game when it really hit the notes! It has its flaws, but it feels good when it works.

  • im downloading beats right now good job sony. now bring on more ps1 titles please. wild arms is great but legend on dragoon would be better

  • HELLO, WE NEED MAC SUPPORT, if there was any i probobly would have bought beats, oh well, SCEA APPERENTLY HATES THEIR MAC CUSTOMERS!

  • I know this is a little off-topic but any idea when/if the wireless mic’s for Singstar will be released, as i was very dissapointed to see that it came with the same old PS2 mic’s…….not really next gen.

  • Oh definitely getting beats. That’s just awesome. A mobile guitar hero.


    There are no new UMD titles.

  • Beats! Yes! Downloading now!

  • Beats is amazing.

  • I bought Beats [Awesome little game]
    and Wild Arms.

    Thank you Sony! 1-2 ps1 titles at least 1-2 times a month would be swell. ;)

  • You guys need to bring

    FINAL FANTASY series

    to the ps store, You would make millions.

  • @10

    Good question! I wanna know that too.

  • When are you guys going to add a split screen mode to motorstorm? that is what is missing to make it a 10/10 game

  • thx for the GTA 4 trailer :D

  • Norwegian PS Store hasn’t updated in over two weeks. Someone check if the staff is ok. I’m worried on their behalf.

  • If you havent bought beats your an idiot.

  • @18, lmao priceless.

  • Does anyone know what firmware is required to play Beats?

  • @19
    I’m not an idiot for not buying Beats.

    Sony needs to add Mac support, or at least let me get to the store from my PS3 in a timely manner.

  • Are the psp store updates going to be every thurday like the PS3 or every other week? Either way the support and updates are always appreciated. Thanks Sony.

  • Could the downloading be any slower Ms. Chen. I mean, it’s like taking forever to download Beats. Please get better servers.

  • Beats is the best psp game.. lol j/k its the best $5 game.

    Now, lets see what the problem is today.

    Slow downloads are caused by MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DOWNLOADING AT THE SAME TIME(Happens all the time with Xbox live dont panic).

    Also who bought HIGH VILOCITY BOWLING?

  • That interview with the PSP Store dude mentioned that they started development of the store with the PC, and that they’re working on a Mac version, if I recall correctly.

  • Also, please clarify what UMD Legacy titles is? By that, do you mean Gangs of London being available again in the playstation store for pc?

    Next question, will there be more original content (videogame) like Beats available for download in the near future?

  • Just bought Beats and downloading it now!

  • @TheGraciousOne
    I was wondering what “Legacy Titles” were too. It looks like they’re just games that were on UMD but now can be downloaded and run just off your mem stick…

  • awesome. thanks for the new content that i cant download with my mac.

  • OK guys, seriously. I don’t get this at all.

    I can buy PSP downloadable games on the PC store using my linux PC, but I can’t install them because the download system is Windows only. (I don’t expect you’ll ever release a Java or Linux client, but that’s not the problem.)

    I can’t buy those PSP games from the PS3 store because they don’t show up anywhere on the site (that I can find anyway), but I can download them on my PS3, using the download list, AFTER buying them on the PC store, and installing them to the PSP works perfectly from the PS3.

    What gives? Why not a Java or Flash-based downloader that everybody could have used, and how come I can’t do everything directly from the PS3 store?

  • Sony pleeeeeeease bring Wild arms to the EU PS1 store

  • I was wondering what are the chances there will be Third party games made for the PSP that can be downloaded.

    I know of a company in the past that would have liked to have gone this way and brought out there game seeing as they could not find a publisher and it would have been easier to go this way if they could not find a publisher.

    The company I am talking about is and they wanted to bring out there game Galaxy’s End.

    So I just want to know seeing as there a new games like Beats made from first party members if this will also work for third party members too.

    Also Beats is one really cool game. I can’t wait to see what other cool games will also come out on the PS Store too.

  • Yay!!! BEATS!!!

  • What about Mac user? I don’t trust my pc anymore for doing any online transactions.

  • POSSIBLE solution for Mac users with PS3s. Well I’m a Mac user and I have a PS3. If you go to the PC store and select a download it won’t work. However if you then login on your PS3 it will be listed as something you downloaded on the download list. You can then download the file from you download list onto the PS3. You can then copy them onto the PSP. I have only tried this with the two demos, SOCOM and Syphon Filter and it works. I assume it will work for everything else.

    Hey SONY – Why don’t you make these PSP Demos and stuff available via the PS3? Have another tab or something on the PS3’s PlayStation store. It’s a pain having to do it this way. Even if I was a PC user, I’d rather have all of my games and stuff on my PS3. Isn’t the PS3 designed to be a media HUB?

  • I love that some of the new PS3 Themes have sound effects!

    When is the sound-enabled version of the Theme Editor released?

  • Anyone know the firmware required to run beats?

  • BEATS = best little BIG game ever released for PSP. Better than Lumines 1. Of course nothing is better than Lumines 2 or LocoRoco.

    More of these unique games is one way to make me buy more games for psp.

    Thanks to the creators of the game. You guys rock [metaphorically speaking].

  • Yeah for Beats, I had a problem downloading it from my pc because its running windows xp 64, but lucky #38 said El_Ten i used my PS3 and got it. Now im going to be switching back anf forth with beats and Dj Max Portable 2.

  • I’d also like to see some Mac support please, and more PS1 games. Wild Arms is a great start. Keep it up.

  • Yea, lets get some Mac support but an iTunes like application would go very far and make it super easy to have a clean interface for PC/Mac users and would help make the store a little more official.

  • Beats Beats Beats! I’ll be playing that this weekend. :)

  • Dear Sony,

    Please put Beats PS3 PlayStation store. This one seams obvious to me. I already download PS1 games to put on my PSP through the PS3 store and I already have my credit card info in my PS3 wallet. So why are you making me go to the PC PlayStation store.



  • High Velocity Bowling is actually worth the money. The ease of use with the sixaxias. I never imagined holding it like that. And the way it responds to my arm movements. Wicked. Then the in game game XMB music access WOW. Nice.I got loads of music on the PS3 HDD and through my PC i can use winamp or nero to stream more. For $10.00 definitley worth the buy.Great one PSN.

  • I really would have liked to know *before* bought Beats that I could not transfer the game to my PSP via my Mac. So, there is another reason that you should have these PSP games available on the PS3 Store. What a chore. Why even have this PLAYSTATION®Network Downloader anyways? Or if you really need it, why not make a Mac client too. Is it too much to ask to have a user friendly way of getting the games we *want* to play?

  • My mistake. You can transfer it to your PSP from your PS3. I guess I did not see those instructions anywhere.

  • Been hearing very good things about Beats. I will have to give this a try. This really needs to go on the PS3.

    Any news on Mac support?

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