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Like a lot of people, I tend to get wrapped up in the annual end-of-the-year list-making madness. December always finds me laughing at The Soup’s Best of the Worst Countdown, agonizing over my top 10 albums (probably Peter, Bjorn, & John’s “Writer’s Block” at the top. Probably.), or seeing if I agree with the many Games of the Year features. In the spirit of convenience, sometimes it’s nice to just be able to look at a list and vote.

1UP has just such a setup with their 2007 1UP Awards. PlayStation titles are well represented through 13 categories, so let your voices be heard, Sony fans! The voting runs until Dec. 31, 2007, with award winners to be announced in February.

Among my personal selections: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for Best Adventure Game, Jeanne d’Arc for Best Role Playing Game, Rock Band for Best Multiplayer Game (that was a tough one!), and Warhawk for Best Console Downloadable Game. Make sure you vote… and tell your friends to do the same!

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  • 1up’s garbage My vote goes for COD4, maybe The Orange Box

  • Where’s COD4 for GOTY? Is it on the list?

  • Warhawk is truely amazing, havent had a chance to play uncharted apart from the demo though. Also cool to see you posting more Mr ‘I read the comments’ person, nice to know you actually do.

  • Call of Duty 4 is truly stellar. Its multiplayer component still has me playing.

  • Already taken care of, but that place is swarmed by fanboys of the other system so I’m sure the voting will be very lopsided.

  • Already voted. Uncharted GoTY in my opinion. I wasn’t sure what downloadable game to vote for since I don’t have a credit card or a Playstation Card to buy any of those games. So uhhh where are the Playstation Cards?

  • warhawk and call of duty are my top games Ive played this year.Cant wait for socom confrontation(hint hint find us some info jeff)

  • Yeah, curse those fanboys, eh? ;)

  • @ ISEMAN
    The system aimed for little kids or the one that breaks and gives you the red middle finger?

  • I actually dont mind 1up.I listen to the 1up yours podcast every week.they have some good critisim twards the ps3 and some BS.I think they want to love sony though

  • Nothing made or ported from EA should ever be on the list for game of the year.

  • I voted for God of War 2 for GOTY

  • I had a hard time choosin GOTY. stuck inbetween god of war 2 and uncharted but had to chose god of war 2. but i bet PS3 games wont win any. 1up is more 360 fans for sure.

  • Jeeze, this really was the best year since 98.

  • Done! I voted for Uncharted as GOTY.

  • So many great games this year! I picked Uncharted for best Adventure game and Persona 3 for best RPG. GOTY for me was Assassin’s Creed.

  • i chose GoW 2 as the game of the year, second Uncharted.

  • My adventure game was Uncharted, Mass Effect for role playing, multiplayer was Call of Duty 4, Warhawk for best downloadable, and Uncharted for GoTY.

  • Voted :)

  • the site overunned by 360 fanboys…dont feel bad though Jeff if magically we see all 360 games on the poll results and no PS3 games ;)

  • Warhawk!!

    honestly, i can’t put it down!!

    i probably shouldn’t be posting this, but what the hay…

    delete if it’s unnessessary.

  • peter, bjorn & john, love the songs I’ve heard of the record, but still haven’t gotten it. Jeff has good taste in music!

    oh, and warhawk ftw!

  • Why don’t they ever add a “Who plays this crap?” or “None of the above” selection and subtract those votes from the total by category? Just because some prepubescent fourth grader at 1up thinks a game belongs on a “best of” doesn’t mean it does. Conversely; I suppose… just because some crotchety old curmudgeon thinks a game doesn’t belong on a “best of” list doesn’t mean it doesn’t, even if it doesn’t.

    Equal Opportunity Annoyer

  • is a terrible biased site, but I voted for Uncharted as my overall Game of the Year, it’s a true classic.

  • Voted for Uncharted as GOTY. :)

    Jeff, on a side note, Remote Play is still not working correctly. If Remote Start is activated on the PS3, it switches on all the time while the PSP is totally off. This should have been fixed with the 2.01 Firmware, but unfortunately it isn’t.

  • sadly
    I belive Halo 3 will win
    all them xbox360er’s with there predecided opinions.

  • God of War 2 all the way, it’s not only game of the year in my books but my favorite game ever. Also I just checked the playstation site and i love the new tech videos and the new look, great job Sony.

    The 1up game of the year award is voted by viewers not game reviewers, i would rather watch Spikes VGA or wait for IGN to come out with their awards.

    I definatley think God of War 2 should be game of the year, and warhawk be best multiplayer of the year. Other’s like Uncharted, Motorstorm and Ratchet all have a good chance for an award.

    One last thing, this is to Jeff or a Sony person. I regret buying a gamecube i wish i bought a PS2, but i can’t change the past. But once i bought a 60gb i was able to play PS2 games, like God of War. Now if i were to buy a 40gb i would have never gotten the chance to play such an amazing PS2 game. So i do think BC is important. At least i think it is.

  • I forgot i just bought Killzone for PS2, but wait i dont have a PS2, how will i play it? O ya i was lucky to get a 60gb which supports BC, but to bad others who buy the new 40gb will be out of luck.

    Just putting that out there Sony.

  • Uncharted for GOTY!

    So so underrated. I never felt a game satisfy me like this game since the old 2D Sonic the Hedgehog’s and Super Mario’s.

    Platforming was a constant thrill, the puzzles were good, and the shooting was plain fun.

  • Thanks for this post. Yea, let us Playstation fans be heard!!

    im casting my voice and letting the world know the PS3 is hungry and so is the PS Brand!

  • I haven’t played much of uncharted but that or Ratchet should be GOTY. That’s just my opinion.

  • Okay, so I know that I’m an idiot. I didn’t read the fine print. I also know that my issues have nothing to do with the game per se.

    That having all been said, I’m not voting for Warhawk for anything. The DRM restrictions on my downloaded version proved to be ridiculous. My kid couldn’t even play it on the same physical machine under a sub-account.

    I think that it’s better not to release a title as downloadable than to release something that’s just going to infuriate customers.

    I’m also boycotting future big $$ PSN purchases, but that’s just me.

  • @robbigdog

    It cares? What error does it give you? Lemme see if I understand you. You’ve installed it under your/master account and your son is trying to play the same installation while logged on to a sub account and it won’t let him.

  • @DigitalHero

    GOW2 certainly deserves GOTY, it got my vote.

  • Definitely Uncharted for GOTY.

  • not-buying-incognito

    i’ll have to UNCHARTED only because COD4 online has so many problems….. laggy, and buddy system $ux. and it shuts down a room when a person quits…

  • without a doubt CALL OF DUTY 4 !,
    the graphic, sound, online game depth.

    perfect game, must buy.

    also assisians creed, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune…

  • GOTY I had to give to Mass Effect. I’m sorry . . . Uncharted is great, but it wasn’t ground-breaking.


  • God of War 2

  • God of War II and Warhawk.

  • Meh, I’m not even going to look at it, as I’ll just be disappointed. I’ll watch Spike’s VGAs for the Saboteur trailer, but I just get depressed when I see what’s raking in the most votes these days…

  • I thoroughly enjoy Uncharted Drake’s Fortune.
    Warhawk is a close second.

  • 1up is pure garbage and should be banned from the internet.

    But my vote goes to Uncharted.

  • Offtopic.

    When will you guys make the new ads, universe of entertainment, available for download on the PSN?

  • One word.. Warhawk!!!!

  • Where PAIN…

  • @PsychoEddie

    That’s correct. A subaccount on the same machine as the game was purchased on is not allowed to play. That actually IS in the fine print. When I called the PS Help line, the representative quoted the terms of service to me, and he reminded me that I did agree to those terms of service. Helpful, huh? I was extremely PO’d.

  • i don’t know my uncharted and my assassin’s creed didn’t get in my home yet, so it’s FEAR and heavenly Sword.

  • @#45 angelcurio
    Check it out, Sony swapped the last ad company after 13 years for a new one. I guess they own the licence for the black octopus. Maybe to give Sony a small stitch in the back for a farewell thanks they kept it for themselves. Bit sad, because they where pretty cool. Would you mind to bring that on Jeff? Still try to get those ads on PS Store?

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