New Resistance Map Pack Out Today

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As some of you may have seen thanks to IGN, a second set of maps for Resistance: Fall of Man will be available soon. How soon you may ask and where can I get them? Today and via the PLAYSTATION Store in that order. There are two new maps (each of which is playable in all sizes and all modes) named Axebridge and Bracknell. Click here to go to the IGN story, which does a nice job of describing the maps (it also keeps me from being long winded… which I can get from time to time :).

Map pack two, which contains Axebridge and Bracknell, will cost $4.99. For time being, the maps will be available via the standard PLAYSTATION Store and not the in-game ‘Purchase’ option. We are also releasing a bundle of both this and the first map pack together, which will run $7.99.

Next time: I don’t know… maybe something Ratchet. Maybe something… else (cue evil laugher).

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  • Ah, another 720p game I wish i could play in hidef on my 1080i TV.

  • People still actually play Resistance? Haven’t played that since 1995.

  • LOL NICE! Man—going to be broke with this and PAIN—-

  • Sweet! You guys work hard and have really delivered with the downloadable content in Resistance. With that ratchet comment you made a question hit me- is possible to pull maps from certain games and throw them into another game? Or weapons at that?

  • SWEET!

    I want to get this! it’s so cheap! I can afford now! ;O

  • lol @ madness3120,

    They could breath a whole new viral life into Resistance, by adding new inventive game modes, you should not be so quick to flame it, for you might find yourself deeply involved in the game both online and offline, again someday… Resistance while even I might be sick of some aspects as well, is a great solid game, and deserves more respect than you trashing it in such a shnyde date based remark.


    720p is actually a lot better looking than 1080i, so unless your tv is incapable of progressive scan(p) you’re doing yourself an injustice, trying to play in Interlaced(i). I wish I had some extra $$$$ so I could upgrade to 1080p.

  • -haha- trust me you wouldn’t want to visit Bracknell in real life, let alone in a game, letting people shoot the hell out of it in game is the kindest thing the developers could have let us do to the place. and you thought Detroit was a s–thole! :)

  • thank you Insomniac and Sony for not making this content as expensive as the first map pack, it means a lot to us.

  • yeah keep the price to $5. or less and I’ll keep picking them up.

  • Great maps all we need now is ratchet &clank download packs anyway thinks Greg for the update.

  • cant wait for this… resistance will always be a classic game to go back to. I just hope its being released in UK today too..

  • Well that finally answers all those people’s questions on whether the first ones will be free.

  • zookey, a $5 mappack, and Pain is going to make you broke? ha.

  • Oh could we possibly get an update for Ratchet where we can use old armor, instead of being tied to the final armor?

  • @kedaro – poor leetfoo can only play resistance in 480p i’m pretty sure he’d be more than happy with a higher res interlaced picture.

    anyhoo, on my tv it automatically locks to a 720p signal even if i set the ps3 to 1080i mode for 720 games, both items of technology keep over-riding my commands *shakes fist at sky* but playing 1080p games (gt:prologue, tekken5:dr etc) look pretty sweet at 1080i/60, my screen has digital comb filters blah blah blah and doesn’t flicker like good old sd-tv’s used to.

    love playing Resi’ maybe cos i’m a Brit and know the places on the map, or maybe cos it’s the best FPS i own. na, git ta work you slags – those chimera bastards ain’t gonna kill ’emselves :D

  • @mobiletone – ROFLMAO….maybe its cause im from the UK as well. That last sentence was brilliant.:-)

  • @ leetfoo
    You do realize 720p almost always looks better than 1080i right? Right, can we get some graphs and percentages in here people it’s time to put this to rest. :)

    Otherwise thank you Insomniac for the new low price content. Oh yeah and bring on some horse armor for Ratchet and Clank, I’m ready

  • Hey, now that’s what I’m talking about! Combine them for a lower price! And I don’t remember either of those places in the game- you guys at Insomniac blow me away! :)

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  • I’d buy them… unfortunately I can’t since I don’t have a credit card. Please sony, I’ve been asking politely for months, get the Playstation cards out. Or at the very least acknowledge me that you are working on them. There are so many games I want to buy, but can’t meaning sony is losing out on money. Please respond sony. Thank you

  • about some new weapons next???

  • Strider 1979: The maps should be out in Europe tomorrow when the European Playstation Stores are updated.

  • $7.99 for both map packs? Cool :D

  • Hmm, dont think I’ll ever play Resistance again now that I have CoD:4…

  • Fantastic!

  • Excellent (rub hands)

  • @23 Thanks Gregg. I have just had it confirmed it is out in UK today too. When you said tomorrow you threw me there as its thu now.;-) anyway cheers and cant wait to play the new maps…

  • Im glad they actually are gonna release this as a bundle, because i totally wasnt gonna pay the separate amount for each.

  • $8 for 4 maps, that’s a good deal i think.

    I’ll get this new map pack, don’t know if ill get it today though.

  • This is great news, and I can’t wait to play it. You guys are gonna make me broke at SCE, I swear! Thank you for making some really awesome content. XD

    I was just wondering, though, when are we going to hear about another actual Resistance game? I’m not sure if I heard about a sequel, but I wouldn’t put it past anyone for it to be true.

    Are we going to get any word on the new game soon?

  • They said that they are going to alpha test it january

  • Could Insoniac please put out an upscaling patch, my hdtv doesn’t support 720p. I love how Ratchet ToD and Uncharted can upscale but Resistance can’t. Hence why I have been playing CoD4 a lot more online (it supports up to 1080p). I bet we will hear about Resistance 2 either at Sony Gamer’s Day this spring/ GC 2008 or E3 08′, the same should be true for God of War 3.

  • I guess i should have waited and gotten all 4 maps together. Lesson learned! I don’t think i will be purchasing these maps.

  • Great..Now I can get both packs for less than what I paid for when it first came out.. Yes!!! With that being so.. Can you guys release a patch for 1080i please? Yes I already know that 720p is better but I don’t have the cash to just go buy another HDTV.. Especially when I just brought this one a year and a half ago.. How are is it to release this patch anyways.. From what I’ve seen Naughty Dog did it in one day.. So what gives?? Or are they just better developers and more fimilar with the platform already??

  • 8 bucks for 2 maps, I may have to pick that up.

    I’m really impressed with the pricing on the extra content so far with 1st/2nd party Sony games (other than the vehicle skins for Motorstorm should only be 1 buck in my opinion). So far the pricing seems very reasonable for what you are getting.

    Not like EA charging for tutorials, or the infamous horse armor.

  • Sweet Thanks great news.

    It is actually 8 bucks for four maps. It is five bucks if you only buy the latest two maps. Get the first two maps that way we have more people to play with. I bought the first two maps when they first came out.

  • zane, your missing the point… the 1080i only sets don’t affect me but i sympathize… they have early HDTV’s or cheaper sets that are only 1080i… newer games thanks to sony dev tools add scaling to support it… but other games like resistance that don’t will force them to play in 480p.. it’s not that they want 1080i over 720p.. they want 1080i over 480p…

    But ya, good stuff will pick up the maps tonight

  • Thanks for this guys…downloaded of the EU PS Store gona play them later can’t wait…:D

  • @JimmyHACK


  • Resistance is still one of the most beautiful games out there.

    The maps are so well done, the clans are tight, and you just can’t get enough of it!

    Imsoniac’s awesome, thanks for the map!
    See! They kept their promise of a whole year support.

  • I just had a brilliant idea. You guys should have sponsors for the downloadable content. I know people hate in-game advertising, but people also hate paying for DLC. Especially when you pay 60 bucks for a game. Resistance:Fall of Man map pack 2 brought to you by Pepsi. See it could work!

  • Something else (dun dun duuuuuuun…)

    I must know more :o

  • When is this update coming out?? like what time??? PLEASE TRIALS OF TOPOQ PLEASE!!!

  • @ Herby
    Thanks for catching that…I meant 2 map pack sets for 8 bucks. I played RFOM online like crazy until Warhawk came out. May have to jump back in for a bit.

  • did…did he just evil laugh …..>.> did he seriously just evil laugh? *backs away slowly* lol jk sweet deal.

  • You’ll most likely know that the PS Store is being updated if you’re having trouble staying connected to PSN. That’s when I usually figure it out.

  • Ha…I think the people who bought the first map pack for $8 should be given this one for $3…..I wasted too much money on this game already….$70+…And now I need to spend $5 more?….Damn…

  • Yeah for that price that bundel is a good deal! I mean for only 7.99 you get 8 maps? rock on! I wish msot PC FPS addons that were that cheap had those price tags and added that much content! Now all we need is a little more weapons online in this game and mabe a new gametype or two and we are good.

    Also any chance of some of this stuff in the future becomeing free for people to DL? It might help with the players not wan’ting to pay for a few maps to get them playing them if you release them for free some time down the road.

  • Okay, I don’t get this. If I were to read the story from IGN, why the he** did I come to this blog ?

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