New Resistance Map Pack Out Today

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As some of you may have seen thanks to IGN, a second set of maps for Resistance: Fall of Man will be available soon. How soon you may ask and where can I get them? Today and via the PLAYSTATION Store in that order. There are two new maps (each of which is playable in all sizes and all modes) named Axebridge and Bracknell. Click here to go to the IGN story, which does a nice job of describing the maps (it also keeps me from being long winded… which I can get from time to time :).

Map pack two, which contains Axebridge and Bracknell, will cost $4.99. For time being, the maps will be available via the standard PLAYSTATION Store and not the in-game ‘Purchase’ option. We are also releasing a bundle of both this and the first map pack together, which will run $7.99.

Next time: I don’t know… maybe something Ratchet. Maybe something… else (cue evil laugher).

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