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Hi everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that Syphon Filter: Combat Ops was recently released on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, where you can now download it to your PSP. Hopefully many of you were able to see a sneak preview of Combat Ops that we included on the UMD release of Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, but in the event that you haven’t let me tell you a little more about what to expect with it.

Syphon Filter: Combat Ops builds on the 8-player infrastructure and ad-hoc multiplayer game that was first released with Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and now recently Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. In the sneak preview we unveiled a glimpse of the new mission modifier that sets Combat Ops apart from the Syphon Filter multiplayer that everyone has been enjoying. The sneak preview allowed players to create missions from one of the modifiable maps and play those maps against friends via an ad-hoc connection. With the full version of the game that can now be purchased and downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store, you will now be able to choose from 4 customizable maps to create multiplayer missions. For me, the most exciting part is that those missions can be uploaded to the online community that can be shared and played with other fellow players via an infrastructure WiFi connection.

Players in the community will now be able to provide feedback on the missions that have been submitted to the community with the new rating system that has been incorporated, allowing everyone to vote on how much they liked or disliked the mission they just played.

The community features have been expanded to let you know when you log in what new missions have been uploaded, which missions are being played the most, and which missions have been rated highly by the player community. My personal challenge is going to see if I can get one of my favorite missions I have created on the Top 10 list!

As a huge fan of playing multiplayer action games, the emphasis behind Syphon Filter: Combat Ops was to develop an easy-to-use mission modifier that not only provided the tools to create a mission in a matter of minutes, but allow me to take my favorite mission I have been playing online and make a few extra desired tweaks to create the “perfect” mission – and then upload it back to the community.

Another fun feature in Combat Ops that wasn’t part of the sneak preview is the addition of unlockables as you rank up, based on your performance playing ranked matches with other players online. I will keep the nature of the unlockables a surprise for now, but I will say that they will provide added content for missions you create with the mission modifier. I am really looking forward to playing in some of those missions!

Another exciting element for Combat Ops is the introduction of the use of the PLAYSTATION Network. When logging into Combat Ops via infrastructure WiFi, you will now be able to use your PLAYSTATION Network ID, the same ID that you use to login to your PS3 with. This immediately allows you to connect with friends in Combat Ops that are currently part of your PLAYSTATION Network Friends list!

For those that want to just jump into the heat of the battle and play online without creating a mission, rest assured that beyond the community created missions, the team here at SCEA Bend Studio has created 20 missions that are available immediately to play. We had a lot of fun building and play testing these missions, but feel free to download and modify them to make them even better. It won’t hurt our feelings, too much :)

I look forward to seeing you all online.

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