Thanksgiving Wishes from Slant Six

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Happy Thanksgiving from Slant Six! While we celebrated our Canadian turkey day earlier in October, we hope that you all have a great holiday. I have actually taken the week off to spend time with family and to play some games. I finally have some time to dig into my fearsome PS3 backlog, including Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed and Motorstorm Devil’s Weekend.


I wanted to check in and let you know that we appreciate all of the positive feedback that we’ve received on SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike, which launched on November 6th. Tactical Strike is a departure from previous SOCOM titles on PSP, and I know that has been a source of concern for some of the SOCOM faithful. The team at Slant made TS for fans of the US Navy SEALs, for the SOCOM hardcore, for tactical gamer and for anyone that wants a puzzle/action/combat game made specifically for PSP. We knew that TS would challenge ideas of what SOCOM is about, and it has been very rewarding to read the forum posts by skeptical gamers giving the game a chance and then realizing that TS is a deep and addictive play experience.

A demo of the game became available on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, which was launched yesterday. Be sure to download it and try it out over the long weekend if you don’t already have SOCOM: Tactical Strike in your PSP. I also want to highlight some of the excellent reviews that we have been receiving:

GameSpy: 4/5 stars
“There’s tons of genuine pulse-racing tension to soak up as you lay down the ground work, and the deep satisfaction delivered when a plan comes together is exhilarating.”

Poket Gamer: 9/10
“…this is fact turns out to be one of the system’s finest and it’s not difficult to see why: it looks great, plays just as well, and gets an exceptionally solid job done with remarkable style.”

PSPFanboy: 95/100
“This is an easy candidate for PSP GOTY. Gorgeous, believable graphics, innovative gameplay, and massive levels are just part of the game’s unique appeal.”

Have a great weekend!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving 2 all PlayStation fans!

  • i want to play Gran turismo on psp

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  • Do you have any news about Socom: Confrontation?

    There hasn’t been much of any talk about it.. and I’d love to hear some more info on that..

  • The demo was good. Really enjoyed it myself! :)

  • Sounds great, hope to pick up this new overdue Socom. Now ahem, any info on this divx talk lol?

  • SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike is the pest Tactical game on the psp.

  • Although I definitely liked the FTB games much better than Tactical Strike, it’s still a great game. Any news on Confrontation?

  • WOW UT3 IS…………….GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sony I know you approve the game before it goes gold. I hope you did your job well.

  • I’ll have to try the demo out.

  • ill have to download the demo and give it a whirl but I cannot WAIT for a PS3 Socom game. I have all 4 PS2 Socom games and just want a nice and ever so different FPS that Socom was

  • SOCOM TS is indeed awesome. And also runs on one of the smoothest 3D engine I have ever seen on the PSP since Ridge Racer. Impressive accomplishment. Bodes well for Confrontation ;)

  • GameSpot- 7.5/10
    IGN- 7/10

  • this game is amazing pick it up everyone.

  • Played the demo, it’s really good.

    Waiting on SOCOM: Confrontation news.


  • I give this game 9 out of 10 :D

  • When can we see more on SOCOM Confrontation? Or even better, expect it to be released?

    PS – Please add more maps!



    have a good week. :)

    ps. work work work hard on confrontation!

  • happy thanksgiving to you to david i love the games that you and your teaM make, i’m a big fan of socom and i wish i could one day make a crticly acclaimed video game franchise for sony. and don’t listen to that loser ratchet fanatic people like him don’t understand that it takes guts to step out of your comfort zone and try to make something new and different and thats the same mindframe that made the first socom so succesful. i’m gonna get this game when i get my psp for christmas. good luck with tactical strike and i look foward to seeing confrontation socom 4 and any new franchises you plan to make in the future. happy thanks giving to everyone at slant six and zipper interactive

  • I can only speak for myself here but i dont give a rats ass about TS!!!


    you know a simple update like”well you know it wont be out b4 2008″ or “yes if we went any slower we’d be going in reverse”

    you know something to that effect so we all know wtf is going on…there are no secrets with the competitors…when they have news they say it…when they have games they release them…when they have demos they give us them…WTF SONY…WTF SLANT SIX

  • Three questions:

    – Why is the demo so large in size? Usually a PSP demo is ~10MB. Not 400MB+.

    – When can we expect the demo on the EU PS Store?

    – Any plans to offer the full game for download relatively soon?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!!!

    hehheh, just had to say that..

    …………now back to playing Warhawk and drooling over the turkey………….

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    keep up the good work!

  • Happy thanksgiving!

  • That’s right, we had our Thanksgiving already, Sooooo you Slanty Dudes and Dudettes should be just about finished with CONFRONTATIONS .. right? Why SONY did not pay you double time to get this game out 6 months ago I will never understand. They are waiting for a system seller are they not?!? I have gobs of faith in you… just drop us a morsel… please? No pressure …it’s just that 100’s of thousands of us are WAITING!

    All the Best!

  • I love, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike, thanks so much!

  • man give us some video on socom confrontation…. i aint all into to that psp stuff… and sum updates.. or even a demo sometime soon..

  • I want to wish all my fellow Playstation gamers out their Happy Thanksgiving! Oh and Death To Xbox 360 !

  • Glancing through the replies:
    -Placing an estimated date on Confrontation despite the fact there isn’t much info on it is not a good idea, as most gamers (great examples recently) seem to claim that they won’t buy the game when ever it gets delayed.
    -The average PSP demo size should be around 30 to 40 MB, not 10. The fact that it is 400+ (as stated by the poster, I cannot confirm as I do not plan on getting the demo) means you get to try out quite a large part of the game, considering a UMD can hold up to 1.8 GB worth of data.
    -Also, games get delayed due to “unforeseen” delays. You, the gamers, are the ones pressing for these estimated release dates. Just let the coders do what they do best; it can be a very long process coding a game and then going through quality assurance and debugging the game. So don’t get your hopes up high, just wait until the game goes gold.


  • Got the demo, I’ll try it out later. I’m all about SOCOM PS3 though. Really looking forward to confrontation. One of the reasons I bought a PS3.

    New info or screens or something would be awesome

  • Happy turkey day all!


  • A little late but, happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to the stuff coming after this (Home maybe?).

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  • Any info on Socom PS3 ???

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! 2.01 SUCKS… i actually cried to find out the lie about “IMPROVED PS2 VISUALS” all my ps2 games where actualy running at 720p with NO BORDERS WHAT SO EVER with version 2.00, now the borders are back with 2.01. what 2.01 should say is “DESIMPROVES PS2 VISUALS”. i’m really mad at who ever made this update and lost my excitement to play Shadow of the Colossus again.

    PLEAZE PUT PS2 GAME AT REAL HD, TAKE OUT THOSE D@MN BORDERS!!! i have an HD tv and my ps2 game were looking good on them with 2.00, so please address this as fast as you can cuase i’m getting angry

    TAKE OUT THE BORDERS OF PS2 GAMES… I WANNA PLAY GOD OF WAR 2 in HD, you know 720p or 1080p. you guys over at sony fixed this with the 2.00 update know you had to go on and miss it up for me

  • Hey guys,

    It’s funny that this holiday post is from the first Canadian dev team to work for Sony ; )

    I’m loving SOCOM TS and was sad to hear Confrontation won’t be until spring – any chance of some cross-platform features?

    btw – here’s another review for ya:

  • I purchased a 60GB machine back in Sep of this year and the only glitches and freezes that I have had came from my BR discs not wanting to work right until I updated from version 1.5 to 1.93

    I have since updated to 2.1 and have not experienced any problems with any of my games so far. Probably because I play for only 5-6 hrs per week. COD4 worked perfect when I played it, and Uncharted has worked well since I started playing it. Are the game freezeups happening when people go online? I have played all my games offline to date. My BR discs are playing well also to date.

    The last two FW updates really didn’t impress me that much overall, and since I don’t own a PSP, I can’t comment on any of those problems.

    I treat these updates like I treat my Windows Vista problems. I take them with a grain of salt, because I know it is just a matter of time before more stable versions of the updates arrive and settle down the systems. You want to talk about problems, how many of you remember Windows ME when it came out…but I digress.

    I don’t seem to be experienceing many problems with my PS3 machine..knock on wood.. Perhaps it is a cooling problem and your machines aren’t getting enough air around them. Mine is in a wooden storage rack and I also placed one of those aftermarket cooling systems on it to move the power switch from the back to the front more than anything.

    Anyways, I just thought I would let people know that I am not currently experiencing any problems with 2.01 as of yet.



    Why is it so god damn hard for the SCEE ps store to keep up with new content? We want the GH3 song packs in europe to! Sure, I could just use my fake US account, but why should I have to do that?!

    ..otherwise I think you are doing a great job with the ps3, nice with frequent firmware updates. I never had any issues with my console so far.

  • This demo was definitly great. I’m looking forward to buying this game! Its different but i’m into different…thats why I’m a Sony Fanboy, they always do something out of the ordinary instead of “cookie cutting”

  • We need a blog page just for socom confrontation. We need to know what is going on. I hope you took out the over the shoulder cam, it looks like a game killer. It makes the players look to stiff. Please let us have socom and take some notes on COD4.

  • I liked the demo, I will definitely pick it up when I get done with the rest of my games.

    Oh and to sony: WHERE ARE THE PLAYSTATION CARDS!!!!!???? You are missing out on a lot of money without those on store shelves, please at least give us an update when we can expect to see them. Or at least respond, that’s the point of the blog

  • well playstation cards are offtopic to slant six giving us their thanksgiving wishes

  • Uncharted is shaping up to become a game of the year contender. How come you guys at Sony did not promote it more. I read that there was going to be a big advertising campaign for the game. Anyway i love it but COD4 is looking to become game of the year, and since it was for both consoles sales for it should be through the roof. Also it is a really great game. I think Ratchet and Clank are also contenders for that position as well as Heavenly Sword. But since alot of the press seems to still don’t like the PS3, an M$ influence and hardware sales, i bet my money on COD4 winning the game of the year title.

  • Hey guys…I was happier with the games slowly coming out…now my wallet is angry at me :( Lol

  • Yeah, I think someone mentioned it earlier, but i was a little afraid to not see anything about SOCOM:Confrontation in this… will it be pushed back even further?? or will we see it in Jan.?

  • Thanx guys, happy holidays to you as well!

    Just one question…

    How is SOCOM: Confrontation coming? Any news, update, new features you want to share with us? Any more screen shots, videos, any info at all? Anything?

    CoD4 just got my blood running for some SOCOM action online… I AM GOING CRAZY just anticipating what is in store for us!

    I hope, really really HOPE, that the SOCOM lobbies will resemble the past PS2 lobbies; voice/text chat ability, messaging, clans, leaderboards, and anything else I might be forgetting.

    Thanx again guys, can’t wait to check out the beast that should be surfacing soon!!

  • u take any longer and your PS3 game will no longer be vailable with Zipper making the real deal! You better get that game out and it better not be GRAW with a new name!

    If that game drops after June i will be very sad!

  • Sorry I forgot I hope you had a great Thanks Giving!..But back to work please on the most wanted PS3 games Socom Confrontation and I heard there a last PS2 games coming out Socom 5?..And when is Home due out?.Also Haze is there a demo due out soon?.I still can’t believe there wasn’t any demo for COD-4..Sony needs to gove us a better selection of game demos for the PSN store..And drop Tekken Dark Resurrection bundle to $14.00 ..Because $29.99 is way to much!

  • Please talk more about Socom 5 and Socom Confrontation..I have been hungry to get my hands out to play a demo for this game!..But serously Sony needs to get that xmb music player with being able to chat like an Instant message service client for the PS3 that would rule or being able to chat while your still playing a online game!..Please update us about this soon!..Thanx Jeff/David Seymour..Hope you had a great feast Thanks Giving that is! Amen lol =)

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