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Hey, everyone. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, this week’s update is a couple of days early.

In addition to the new content in today’s Store update, we’re also running a Thanksgiving special on 4 PLAYSTATION Network titles: Calling All Cars, fl0w, Pixel Junk Racers and Everyday Shooter are reduced to $4.99 each until November 29th. You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the thumbnails on the Store. Take a look!

Downloadable Games

Operation Creature Feature – PLAYSTATION Eye ($4.99)
File size: 135 MB

Aquatopia – PLAYSTATION Eye ($1.99)
File size: 38.9 MB


MX vs. ATV Demo
Own the off-road by taking control of an ATV, MX bike or Offroad Buggy and tearing through the terrain in this robust demo.
File size: 714 MB

Add-on Game Content

flOw DL Pack ($2.99)
The flOw Expansion Pack enhances the current flOw universe with an all-new campaign and playable creature. Added “Camera food” feature allows you to take screenshots of your creature and share with friends.
File size: 79.9 MB

Need for Speed ProStreet Collector’s Edition Upgrade ($9.99)
True automotive aficionados need look no further than this unparalleled package of dream cars and more. The Need for Speed:™ ProStreet Collector’s Edition features five exclusive cars: get the ’01 Acura Integra LS, ’05 Acura NSX, ’06 Lexus IS350, ’06 Audi RS4 and the ’06 Pontiac Solstice GXP to complete your ultimate car collection. In addition, extend your racing experience with four additional career race days.
File size: 100 KB

Rock Band
Customize your Rock Band experience by purchasing these playable Rock Band tracks. Please note: you need to actually own Rock Band in order to play these tracks:

• 3’s and7’s – Queens of the Stone Age ($1.99)
• Little Sister – Queens of the Stone Age ($1.99)
• Sick Sick Sick – Queens of the Stone Age ($1.99)
• Queens of the Stone Age Track Pack 01 ($5.49)
• And Justice for All – Metallica ($1.99)
• Blackened – Metallica ($1.99)
• Ride the Lightning – Metallica ($1.99)
• Metallica Track Pack 01 ($5.49)
• Can’t Stand Losing You – The Police ($1.99)
• Roxanne – The Police ($1.99)
• Synchronicity II – The Police ($1.99)
• The Police Track Pack 01 ($5.49)
• Cherry Bomb – The Runaways ($1.99)
• Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival ($1.99)
• Joker and the Thief – Wolfmother ($1.99)
• Juke Box Hero – Foreigner ($1.99)
• My Sharona – The Knack ($1.99)
• Bang a gong – T. Rex ($1.99)

File sizes: 14.1 MB-58.9 MB (singles), 72 MB-141 MB (Track Packs).

Game Videos

Battlefield: Bad Company Trailer 2 (free)
File size: 117 MB (HD)

Snakeball trailer (free)
File size: 93 MB (HD)

Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD – BTS Design (free)
File size: 262 MB (HD)

Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD – BTS Story (free)
File size: 262 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

Superbad BD Trailer (free)
File size: 147 MB (1080)

Hope you enjoy!

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  • dissapointing update

  • This is fine and dandy but WHERE THE HELL ARE THE FREE GUITAR HERO 3 BOSS SONGS? XBL got them last week!!!

  • Update, schmup-date. I’ll be playing Uncharted :D

    Thanks though guys :)

  • what happened to bowling sony!!!!????!!!! it is listed as “out” on the playstation 3 site?????

  • I held of on buying everyday shooter, but will definately buy it now that it is on sale for 50% off!

  • Damn, wish Puzzle Fighter was $5. I guess it can’t because it’s published by Capcom? Oh well. Thanks.

  • For anyone that hasn’t bought Everyday Shooter yet, just do yourself a favor and buy it. Just buy 2 less beers at the bar and you’ve saved $4.99

  • Ok, that’s great and all but where is High Velocity Bowling?

    I’m dissapointed now. :(

  • 2 less beers!? Where can I get 2 beers out a bar for $5!? Please tell!!!

  • True, bowling would have been really nice.

  • Thank you to everyone responsible for updating Flow.

  • These are the prices for Canadians:

    Aquatopia – $2.99
    Operation Creature Feature – $5.99
    Rock Band Add-Ons – $6.49 each bundle, or $2.99/song
    flOw Expansion – $3.99
    NFS Collector’s Upgrade – $10.99
    PixelJunk Racers – $5.99


  • great update

  • Man I bought everyday shooter last week LOL

    Right now I am downloading logans shadow from my pc to PSP..WOW!!!

  • What happened to HIGH VILOCITY BOWLING it is out today according to the site.. is it coming out later today or what?

  • I’m guessing HVB was delayed. Probably had a couple of tweaks to do on the game, and it didn’t help that they had fewer days between store updates.

    I hope PAIN is still planned for next week.


  • before the bringdown brigade comes in and whines about in-game XMB or before BigP/gamesblow come with their hourly F5 jerkfest, I’d like to thank Sony for this AWESOME update. I’ve been waiting for flOw / Everyday Shooter to drop in price, now I can afford both and the new flOw add-on. Also, is Snakeball coming or what?! I’ve been sitting with $8.99 in my wallet FOREVER!!

    thanks for the Snakeball trailer though, I really can’t wait for that game. C’mon already!

    keep up the good work!

  • Wow. PC to PSP downloading works great…thanks Sony…

  • @9…heheh, I guess I’m used to college towns

  • Great update, but please tell EA to $%^& off trying to sell us those Need for Speed packs. It’s 100kb, meaning the content is ON THE DISC. I don’t know what mindless moron would be supporting a company which treats the PS3 like crap, and then tries to charge us for content on a disc we already paid $60 for.

  • This update blows unless you have the playstation eye, which i don’t have currently!

    where the hell is high velocity bowling or pain!

    sony i know you like to milk out on releasing titles, but this is complete bs for anyone who waits for titles that have already been reviewed for over a week!

    the only thing really worth getting is the flow expansion, which doesn’t add too much!

    get it together sony, this is the season of giving and you aren’t living up to expectations that you presented in releasing this $600 machine!

  • Can’t wait for the Superbad blu-ray…it’ll be the first one I buy (besides my 5 from the free offer, if they ever get here)

  • @19, haha, I miss those days! Living in the NY/NJ metro area, 5 bucks for 1 beer would be nice!

  • Its a decent update.

  • dude this update is friggin sweet!!! are you guys kidding me!!!!??? well….i guess none of yall have Rock Band….but i am currently downloading all of those songs…ESPECIALLY THE METALLICA PACK….RIDE THE LIGHTNING PWNS ALL!!!!

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  • Sony!!! Whats really good with the PS1 games??!!!

  • Sony..

    What happened with Haze?

    Great with Uncharted, Ratchet and COD4 for Christmas (don’t count AC even if I have it at home as it performs like sh@t).

    I really think you would be better of with one more title.

  • And can anyone tell me how do you put your avatar, gravatar?? whatever you call it.. I did what the site asked me too and assigned a pic but is still not showing up..

  • Not impressed where is Battle Arena Toshinden?.and why do you guys charge $29.99 for a old game called Tekken Dark Resurrection?
    Drop some of your over charging games!..Thanx.

  • Badass Update, I love the new look of the store it first the PC Store perfectly!

    But aren’t we going to get the De Lorean for Motorstorm or a new DLC for GH3?! =/

  • Man dis update sucked well does anyone no wens the next ones comin?

    (for PS3)
    Online ID:Garcia5

  • I think you should change the PS Store icons back to the old ones that had bigger text and color-coded the different content categories like Demo, Game, Add-on, etc. Those color icons might not have been as “hip” as the new icons, but they were a hell of a lot easier to read than the new icons which all look the same at a glance.

  • wow im going to start loosing track with more material every time, thanks guys.

    Now Where are the PS1 titles at?????? JAPAn??????

  • Good update. I would love to get the Playstation eye stuff not to metion Twisted Metal 2 and the Guitar Hero content from last week. But unfortunately there is no such thing as a PSN Card and for the meantime I don’t have a credit card either. Pretty sad to think that Nintendo had their Wii points card out within 2 weeks of the launch of the Wii, but the loyal Playstation fans are still waiting for their card and the PS3 has been out for”over a year” !!!
    Anyhow, sorry about the rant, just frustrated that I want content on the Playstation Store and cannot get it. Do anybody know a way to get some some sort of way to purhase stuff on PSN in Canada without filling out a bunch of papers.



    great update, lot’s of EYE stuffs, AND a sale on great games!

    (too bad i just bought calling all cars last week! lol!)

    Don’t listen to the whiners!

    This is a great update!!!



    (except for Loucifer and Gamesblow, of course!!)


  • Awesome that you’d update on Tuesday!!! guess that means home is coming on Thursday? lol wishful thinking huh?

    Just out of curiousity, why did Sony lower the Canadian pricing to match the USA pricing? … and then jack it back up again? last I checked our dollar in Canada was worth 7 more cents than USA, you gave us the same prices as US, and then take it away… I don’t understand that, as it is i’ve forked out a 1$ more for everything the past 2-3 weeks, than the American price…. seems kinda’ lame.

  • Very nice update! I wasn’t expecting much with it being early and everyone heading off for Thanksgiving. Nice job.

    One thing that I want to see in the store updates, THEMES! I needs my Uncharted, Resistance and Ratchet & Clank Future themes! =)

  • what’s with the prices on the canadian psn store?!

  • I LOVE the 2 PLAYSTATION EYE games!! Aquatopia is more like a screen saver, than a game, but it is stunning to look at, don’t forget to feed your fish, but not that much, becuase they might die ;) Operation Creature Feature is a fun little game, that I think everyone will love. I think kids, and the ladies will love this game as well!! Everyday Shooter is pretty bad-ass too. I bought it, and it is total eye candy!

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  • Weak. Here’s some ideas for a GOOD… no PHENOMENAL PStore update:

    Downloadable Games (all of these items listed would, of course, have to have upgraded 1080p graphics, higher quality physics, and special effects for the PS3 and 7-player split-screen / offline / online multiplayer)

    1. Onslaught ($2.99)
    The attackers are coming! They’re trying to fight their way into Area 51 and it’s up to you to build the defences and stop them getting in! There’s a cash bounty on the head of every attacker and each wave is tougher than the last. Use your earnings to upgrade your defences and keep the attackers at bay.

    Play it here:

    2. Boxhead 2Play Rooms ($2.99)
    Play with your friend against the zombies or make your friend the enemy!! 10 Devastating weapons and more rooms!
    Jon Bambo has joined forces with 3 other professional Zombie killers in the new Boxhead. 3 Modes of play (Single, Coop, Death match), 10 new Rooms (18 Rooms in total), devastating weaponry and your skill to defeat the nuisance of the Zombie and their buddy the Devil. New huge Rooms allow a new style of play, new options to change the way the game works and user-definable keys for both players.

    Play it here:

    3. Heli Attack 3 ($2.99)
    Blast your way through the jungle, snow-covered fields, canyons and more in this gun-blazin’ bullet-fest.

    Heli Attack 3 features:
    -16 intense levels
    -32 lethal weapons

    Play it here:

    Aaand of course…

    4. Final Fantasy VII (PS3 / PSP)
    5. Metal Gear Solid (PS3 / PSP)
    6. Tomba (PS3 / PSP)
    7. Einhander (PS3 / PSP)
    8. Vagrant Story (PS3 / PSP)


    1. Metal Gear Solid 4
    2. LittleBigPlanet
    3. Final Fantasy XIII
    4. Call of Duty 4
    5. Assassin’s Creed

    Add-On Game Content:

    1. Ratchet & Clank Future : Tools of Destruction – New special weapons / armor / devices / planets pack. ($4.99) Gives you a new additional set of exclusive items / power-ups / levels that can’t be found in the game.

    2. Resistance : Fall of Man – 4-player online co-op / vehicles / 5 additional maps / new weapons / armor pack. ($4.99) Adds things that should have already been in the game as well as more of what Insomniac is famous for: cool weapons. Actually, if they added some of the ones from Ratchet for the single player campaign, that would be awesome!

    Game Videos

    1. EXCLUSIVE 1080p video of Final Fantasy XIII game footage / interviews.
    2. More EXCLUSIVE 1080p video of Metal Gear Solid 4 game footage / interviews.
    3. More EXCLUSIVE 1080p video of LittleBigPlanet game footage / interviews.

    Movie and Blu-Ray Disc Trailers

    1. Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children Special Edition (Blu-Ray Version) 1080p trailer
    2. Tekkon Kinkreet 1080p Blu-Ray trailer

    Boom. Now THAT’s an update.

  • How often will the PSP Version of the PS Store be updated? More specifically, when will Europe get Wipeout Pure?

  • I thought you guys matched the Canadian prices to the American dollar.
    So why are we still paying more???

  • Another thing I’d like to know.
    The default XMB theme clearly shows that movement is possible in the background with all those wavey lines going about and the color changing to the time of day.
    So why doen’t the winter theme you guys uploaded feature falling snow or something?? I don’t think that’s technically impossible, is it?

  • @ 47
    The movement in the “background” isnt a background at all, its just a tga image of a wave that constant moves…. a background would be an image that fits the screen overlapping the wave image so falling snow probably wont be the new wave

  • Nice that the update was early this week, I’ll be getting the PSeye games as soon as my camera arrives in the post.

    Just another quick question, Folklore, for those who love the game like myself, we’d really really like the downloadable content. Is it coming anytime soon?

    Also, I like the new icons, looks clean, crisp and sharp.

  • Wow. What a bunch of haters.
    Update despite the Thanksgiving Holiday? Check.
    Rock Band tracks on the day the game is released and the same time as LIVE? check.
    New demo? check. (maybe not the best, but it’s still new)
    More flOw stuff? Check *ohm…*
    PSEye games? Double Check.
    Price drop for games? Bonus! (even though I have 3 of them already…)
    All in all, not a bad week considering it’s only a few days since the last one.

    And to all my fellow Canadian whiners – WTH? It’s only a dollar more. Are you really that poor to be envious of our neighbours to the south?
    Our minimum wage is higher, our health care better, and our national sport 60% less scandalised by juiced up athletes.
    It’s not that big of a deal, people, seriously.

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