Introducing the PLAYSTATION Store for PC

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I’m excited to share some breaking news with you, our loyal PlayStation.Blog readers. In his last post, Peter Dille promised a major focus on the PLAYSTATION Network and exclusive gaming content available on the PLAYSTATION Store. Today, we take the next step in its continued evolution.

The PLAYSTATION Store for the PC is a free service that allows PSP owners to access a new world of gaming and entertainment content through the PLAYSTATION Network. Best of all, this new service lets PSP users establish a PLAYSTATION Network account and purchase content directly from the PlayStation Store for the PC.

The new PlayStation Store for the PC marks the first time that we’ve made the PLAYSTATION Network accessible to the millions of PSP owners who don’t own a PLAYSTATION 3. PSP owners can now use their existing or newly created PLAYSTATION Network account to access a variety of free content including the latest demos of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike, the latest addition to the popular SOCOM franchise and Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, the highly anticipated sequel to Gabe Logan’s Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror for the PSP.

In addition to regularly expanding access to our library of new PSP games, we will be releasing titles that will be available only from the PLAYSTATION Store, including: Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, the next installation in the Syphon Filter franchise.

PS one® Classic titles will be available from Day 1 on the PlayStation Store for the PC including favorites such as WipEout and Crash Bandicoot, with many more on the way. PLAYSTATION Store for the PC users will also find add-on game content, trailers for forthcoming titles, promotional videos and PSP themes.

To access the PLAYSTATION Store via your PC, simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions. We know that you will probably have questions, so we’ve created this video demonstrating the flow of the Store.

We appreciate your continued support of the PSP, PS3 and PLAYSTATION Network and look forward to announcing the availability of exciting new game titles and entertainment content for the PLAYSTATION Store for the PC in the near future.

Thanks and have fun with the new Store!

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  • Whoa this is Nice :D

    Great Job Sony!

  • Two thumbs up!

    The Euro store is lacking the MB size for downloads before purchasing it seems (unlike the US store) but I’m sure that will be fixed relatively soon.

    Great surprise. And finally we discovered what Beats is after all this time (since discovering the trademark on March 1st). A pretty slick rythm game if I must say so myself.

  • Sounds pretty cool PSP demos.

    Can we get a God of War PSP demo???

  • Yeah, I’d like a God of War demo, especially as we Europeans can’t get the UMD.

    And when do we get Wipeout Pure here?

  • God of War demo for the new store sounds EXCELLENT!

  • Awesome. I just got my psp and this is a nice present for me, though I find I may need larger memory storage sooner than I thought. It will be good to see the content you add to the store. Of course, I would love to get my hands on the God of War Demo as that was a system seller for me ;-) It will be good to hear when a Mac version of the downloader will be available as well. Last but not least, PSP purchases and downloads via Wifi and PC storage (have not tested this out yet). Being that I am a music nut, Beats will be my first download!

  • lol, i just find it funny how you used a different computer to show the close up shots.. (notice the theme change (for Windows XP – from default to silver))

  • Sick! BTW can you access over PSP browser?
    Nice though as the PSP will have demos etc now. (more than the old site that wasn’t updated much)

  • Nice. Expect some whining very, very soon from people blaming you for Ubisoft delaying Haze.

  • this is so cool with alot of potential, all sony needs now is content! We are hungry bunch sony, feed us accordingly!

  • Nice job on getting the cheap web page ready for the PC. I mean the Playstation Store my bad!

    With all the sarcasm aside though. Congratulations!!! You guys definitely needs to step up your game up about the Playstation Store. My friends and I have said this a million times before. That PS store looks horrible and cheap.

  • Where the Hell is the Mac OS X support?

    why can’t we just direct download?

  • Awesome! BUT why do you guys still have low res videos for PSP? and not even any thumbnails for them. What is the point of requiring people to have 3.70 and up if you don’t even utilize the advantages of a higher firmware? come on we want full psp res videos with thumbnails!

    …aside form that good job and thanx ;)

  • @12

    Your very right. Dont know why this couldnt be implemented. I already sent an e-mail to Sony. Your should send one too

  • Awsome, GOD OF WAR DEMO would be nice

  • I Sent an email to.

    Also why isn’t the freaking PSP Store ON the PSP!?

  • Finally it’s here, good work on getting this store available for the PSP, now spread the word. Really impressed that you’ve full UMD games for download.
    Look forward to the time ahead and hope to see lots more content available in the store in the future.

    This is amazing!

  • Why Can’t the PSP get the Playstation Network and a Friends list like the PS3?

    I would be cool to talk to my PSN friends Anywhere.

  • Also when will PLAYSTATION®Network Cards be available? Are they already? When? Where? How? :D

  • PSP2 where are you?


  • good god what is up with the serious lack of mac support coming from sony? i can’t create themes for the psp or ps3, it’s a chore to stream files from my mac to the ps3, and now i can’t download anything from the ‘pc’ playstation store? why would you guys purposely cripple this for us mac users?

  • Also, now that you’ve got the PlayStation stores operational, how about those PSN cards. They would be widely appreciated by all.

  • Wollan .. if you read this please email me!! Thanks!!!!!

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  • ERIC Remote Start still does not work, fix it now!!!!!

  • when we will have this service in Mexico?

  • Wipeout Pure? When did that become a non-UMD title? If I download that, will it work with my pre-existing save file? Nice job on new store–make the PS3 one more like that and


  • Great addition, Sony!

    Now keep the releases on the store as frequent as possible and everyone’s gonna be very happy!

  • @DarkUSS
    “Now keep the releases on the store as frequent as possible and everyone’s gonna be very happy!”

    You really think that that’s gonna keep this place from turning into a whinery? lol….
    OT: PSP Store looks cool. Never heard of the Syphon Filter Combat Ops game before, but if it’s as good as the other PSP Syphon games, I may have to pick it up…

  • Where exactly is the Mac support? You guys aren’t so narrow minded to only support the dominant OS, are you? I mean, if 3rd parties did that with regards to consoles, I’m afraid the PS3 may not have any games.

    My family members who own PSPs, but no PS3 are going to be quite disappointed that they can’t use the store.

    Seriously, Sony, acknowledge other OS’s. It is rather ironic you guys exclusively support Windows anyway :).

    While I do own a PS3, I know many people who don’t. Until there’s Mac support, I guess their purchases will have to wait.

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  • @32

    Unfortunately alot of content on here isnt even on the ps3 store. the fact that sony couldnt even put the thing as a direct d/l almost says they locked out all OS support except windows purposely

  • @34

    Yeah, I just noticed that. Ok, so they’ll miss out on my money too. I’d assume they have some DRM stuff going but they can port that to Mac OS X…

    Developer laziness I guess.

  • $15-$20 for PSP downloads is outrageous. I might as well go spend $10 and get the UMD.

  • Eric Lempel:

    Do you have any plans for countries not supported by PSN? There are still some territories listed as locations at account creation stage but PSN store cannot be accessed from them nor other stores accept credit cards from those countries (which is laughable considering most credit cards are international and work perfectly well in other online stores)

    Recently Greece, Croatia and UAE got a mirror of the european store? This seems to be a good idea. Are you planning on expanding this to other countries? If no why not?

  • @12
    12 is absolutely right. I’m a hardcore Mac user…whatever happened to the Mac OS X version? Do you guys want to make money or what? You got to server everyone if you wish to bloom baby.
    Being bias doesn’t pay off Sony!

  • @22
    Don’t worry 22, I totally feel your pain. It doesn’t appear that Sony is going to do anything that has to do with a Mac machine. It’s a damn shame, cause my whole family will not be buying anyting from the Store since we are a Mac family.

    I suggest you do the very same to 22.

    I’d love to make some PS3 themes but I have a G5. And I don’t trust the internet when it comes to downloading stuff into my expensive PS3. I’ll only get exclusive Sony themes just to be safe. There are some real malicious people out waiting to have download dirty theme that will curropt/brick your system.

  • i think if we complain enough we’ll get the mac version


  • Hey Eric, Good job on the PS Store for PC, but the only problem is that I have a Mac. Please at least CONSIDER making it work on Mac OS X.

  • For Mac. Please.

  • What about PS3 owners who CAN’T take their PS3s online and DON’T own a PSP? Like me…?


  • So why can’t we just use our PSP to make purchases? Why does it have to go through the PSP. Seems like an unnecessary extra step. Score one for usability once again, Sony. Way to go!

  • Dear SONY.

    Can you please explain why in this day and age, you still like to turn your back on a large section of your fan base that love your products?

    Why SONY, Why…….please don’t turn your back on us.

  • YES I use a MAC

  • so when do we get an ACTUAL PSP PS Store?

    oh and why is it taking forever to DL the Socom Demo? and will i be able to Re- download the demos from the PS3’s PS store.

    thanks in advance. :)

  • Well Eric, it seems that whatever you do, SOME people will not be happy. I for one am delighted. This new store rocks! Of course, it’s just a way for you to get more of our money, but then we have been demanding content. Now we have it.

    Awesome job.

  • About bloody time!

    Thanks Sony.

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