Sneak Preview of New PS3 Ads

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Hello everyone. When we last spoke, I posted some ads for PS3 third-party heavy hitters Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty 4. Well, as promised, we have more up our sleeves and have a couple more spots to debut for you all before they officially air the week of November 19th.

We’ve brought back the same pulsating music track (Saliva’s “Ladies and Gentlemen”) from our PS3 brand spots and feature games from our 3rd party friends like Burnout Paradise, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008, Madden NFL 08, Time Crisis 4, Assassin’s Creed, Haze, and, what you’ve all been asking for … Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami.

Finally, one little housekeeping note. You all must be wondering why the TV spots aren’t on the PLAYSTATION Store. We’re not just blowing smoke, they will be soon. We need to secure download rights from Saliva. It’s really great to see how much you guys love these spots and want to download them. And as Peter Dille said in his recent post, we’re truly flattered. So, while the legal eagles work out the details, we hope you can still enjoy the spots here on the blog.


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  • HOLY CRAP!!!

    MGS4 looks awesome..

    great job Sony Marketing team

    keep it up

  • There is always the legal side.

    Glad to hear you guys are trying to get these online =)

    Put some more ads about the Playstation Eye. I would love to see what else that thing is capable of. I mean..I have seen a couple of those ads showing a persona putting some armor on himself or taking a gun but I dont know if those games/demos exist or what else you can do with the Eye right now.

    Anyway..great ads. Keep it up.

  • When can we expect to see some Killzone 2 adds? It’s the biggest game I’m looking forward to in 2008. Is the game still too far off for the K2 marketing to begin?

  • Don’t mean to cuss but:

    [DELETED]. Yes.

  • You guys are really turning it around. Nice commercials I have to admit! Really nice showcasing of good games. :)

  • They keep looking better and better. The music track is a great touch to the montage of gaming clips! Good work guys!

  • Simply spectacular!

  • Great stuff.

    Please show us the Uncharted ad next, been waiting for it this week.

    Also, get the Sony Bravia Play-Doh ad up on the PS Store please.

  • Nice ads. (Love the MGS4 one) and thanks for letting us know what’s up with the ads not being on the PSN Store.

    Also, I agree with #3 that you guys need to push the capabilities of the PlayStation Eye more. The Eye is an amazing piece of technology and I think it would be a real loss if it ends up like the PS2 EyeToy.

  • I downloaded and watched this demo from the PS network ages ago… its STILL awesome, in FACT i brought my HD-TV and PS3 to a gaming party and showed ALL my friends, three of them went out and bought PS3 just because of it. I should get something free from Sony for lookin out for em like that, hehehe… but I would rather have Home and ingame XMB, woot. Good Job Sony, keep up the good work, I know you working hard on giving the people what they need and I will remain patient because PS3…. WAY BETTER THEN 360!!!!

    Game On!

  • Not to be mean or anything, but WHERE THE HELL IS THE OLD PLAY B3YOND VIDS AT?!

    i wanted to Download them a Looooong time ago.

    other than my annoying rant, great job. never cared too much for MGS, but i’m looking into it more and more. just like R&C. keep it up guys!!

  • Also kudos for the Haze spot. It’s good to see the game garner some attention. Speaking of which – how about some Haze downloads with a demo, “Streets of Britain” videos, backgrounds, themes, and anything else you can get us. :)

  • Also, I just noticed that you guys did mention which games were exclusive to PS3 (yeah, I had to watch them again) great job on emphasizing that fact.
    Again, AWESOME ADS!!!! keep it up and the 360 will soon be where it belongs (six feet under)

  • I noticed that it says Haze PS3 exclusive…but in IGN says also in “the other one”. Dont mean to start a war. Please erase this if you think is out of line.

    Can anyone confirm this nice and w/o starting a console chat? Thanks

  • @ #14 blizzard182
    Yeah I know, but at the bottom of Haze’s website where is shows all the logos. (Ubisoft, Playstation 3, “PS” symbol) it doesn’t have the “other” system’s (crappy) logo.
    I realize that doesn’t mean that it won’t come out for that system, but I’ve read on dozens of sites that Haze is a PS3 exclusive and the above statement seems to substantiate my theory. (Also, every multi-platform game I’ve seen had all the console’s logos in the bottom “banner”)

    I know that wasn’t really on topic, but ummmm………..well, I guess I don’t have any excuses so I’ll leave now

  • @14

    HAze was previously scheduled for a multiplatform release, with PS3 getting a timed exclusitivity period. However, Ubisoft confirmed to that development for XBOX 360 and PC versions had been cancelled. Whether or not Ubisoft will revive 360 and PC versions some time next year is unknown, but for all we know at the moment, it’s permanently exclusive.

  • Yes, I totally love the new ads, finally PlayStation ads that don’t scare me! But yes, keep ’em coming!

  • Well…that is AWESOME news =)

    I can describe how excited I am for next year with the PS3.

  • Another round of outstanding ads. Glad to see you guys really pushing your advertising. It had been almost non-existent prior to this campaign.

  • Nice ads. I hope you guys continue with spots for Devil May Cry 4 and other third party releases due early next year.

  • I still get a tingle every time i see the new Ps3 ads, they are soooo much better now, and these are awesome too!

  • Awesome as usual :-)

  • nice tv spot. keep it up.

  • 11/10

    You guys need to put these ads in europe and japan.

  • nice ad

    i hope to see them soon in the ps store, so i can show them to my friends… XD

  • Sony, U r finally red e

  • All I gotta say is that, nears the release of MGS4. You got to advertise the game like crazy. I mean, actually to the point of insanity. To the point where Kojima Productions is asking you to chill out. To the point where the most die hard fan is actually getting sick of the commercial.
    There is absolutely no reason why MGS4 shouldn’t sell more then… well you know. It’s all in the advertising.

  • Someone needs to make some good R&CF TV spots. None of my friends with PS3’s have even heard of it, unless they read the gaming press, or I told them about it.


  • If mgs4 comes out in january I will fall in love for the first time.

  • Put them on the PSN! All of them!

  • Uncharted ADs

    Where are they?

  • @33, they’ll probably start airing them on Sunday. I’d make the most sense since it’s a few days before release.

  • These new ads are really fantastic!!! MGS4 Looks AMAZING!!!

    Keep these blogs coming, Sony is doing a fantastic job.

  • i wish we had cool ads in europe, because will still only have weird commercials. clowns jumping up and down bs like that. show games on the ads that’s why people by the ps3. happy haze is getting some attention. cod4 is great but it has no jeeps you can drive.

  • Great ads try to Put them ever wear in the:
    1- PSN
    2- game sites
    and keep up the good work.

  • Nice! Keep up the great work on the ads sony. Maybe we can get some of those ads on the Playstation store?

  • Those are some great ads. Mainly because I’m a Metal Gear fanboy.

  • awesome ads! and i can’t till metal gear comes out

  • Hi, Kym. I´m new at the forums. I´m from Spain and i´m a great fan of the Metal Gear series.

    I made a TV Spot for MGS4 Guns of The Patriots, please check it out and tell me:

  • I hope Uncharted is advertised heavily.

  • Great ads. I agree more Uncharted. MGS4 is HOT!!!

  • SONY i love the tv spots, but i dont see them as often as the ones for the other console, i have never seen one ps3 spot during primetime, sometimes ( call me weird ) i only watch commercials hoping to see one, but nothing, i saw one today but on MTV, but never in locals channels. I think you guys should try a massive launch, in every single channel, so people can see how GREAT THE PS3 IS.

  • I’m very pleased with all these new PS3 ads I’m seeing on TV. I am not gonna lie it makes me proud to be a PS3 owner now with the quality commercials they are showing now. I’d say it’s just as good as the current xbox 360 commercial, and much better then the wii commercials.

  • DETAKU » Upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 Advertisements Are Steaming

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  • Absolutely fantastic. THIS is the type of advert that we need to be seeing more of. I’d like to see these adverts in the Cinema along with some Blu-ray adverts.

    I’m happy to see that a decent marketing campaign is finally happening on the PS3.

    I’d like to see a TV spot that heavily features Uncharted, UT3, Heavenly Sword and Rachet and Clank. Ofcourse I’d like to see more adds of the same games already featured in some of your tv spots.

    Please get these adverts to screen in Australia as well. I have barely seen anything on the PS3 in Australia. The only adds I have seen have been really crappy artsy type stuff that no one cares about. Bring on these American made adds to Australian TV and Cinema. Please!!–we need it.

  • Don’t forget to include some shots of Uncharted if possible. Alot of people are talking about how it’s going to be one of those “great games that nobody played.” (except for me of course =) ).

    Also, keep up the frequency of these ads. I’ve seen the originals on t.v., but nearly with as much frequency as the awful 360 ads that are nearly ubiquitous. I’m guessing those ads…are meant to emphasize the strength of Xbox Live? *shrugs*

  • Anyhow, just go nuts. That’s all I gotta say. Even with stuff like Call of Duty 4, just to prove a point that the ps3 is just as good or ever better than the 360.

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