Stars Celebrate Tomorrow’s Assassin’s Creed PS3 Launch

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Masi Oka at the Maxim party for Assassin's Creed

In celebration of tomorrow’s launch of Assassin’s Creed for PS3, last week Ubisoft and SCEA hosted a red carpet event at Opera, one of the hottest night clubs in Los Angeles. Hundreds of attendees and an impressive contingent of celebrities turned up, including, Greg Grunberg (Heroes), John Hensley (Nip/Tuck), Lauren Conrad (The Hills), Masi Oka (Heroes), Shawn Pyfrom (Desperate Housewives) and Zachary Levi (Chuck).

They were on hand to get exclusive hands-on time with the game before launch. Heroes’ Kristen Bell, whose mysterious role is an important part of the game’s storyline, co-hosted the event and spent the evening dancing to DJ Cubeechee who opened up the set on the turntables and DJ Vice who closed the party down – much to everyone’s dismay. Check out a few photos from the event, and be sure to pick up the game when it hits stores tomorrow.

And if you haven’t seen it before, watch the Assassin’s Creed PS3 TV spot here.

Kristen Bell at the Maxim party for Assassin's CreedKristen Bell at the Maxim party for Assassin's Creed

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  • that first photo has some nice cosplay hehe

  • Stars and gaming = Fail.

    Hint: don’t blog about movie/rock stars that get to play games before real people.

  • @WHAT

    They are not real people. They are superheroes.

    Anyway.. I was wondering why there was no post about this.

    PS. Where is the Blog about DivX support???? Thats huge guys

  • agree

    Who gives if some blond plays something for the cameras…

  • @Stars…

    Are you saying those people aren’t ?

  • What? PS3 version of AC being played? Funny how up until it’s launch only the 360 version was shown and/or highlighted in the press and in interviews/demonstrations. Odd considering it was first announced as a PS3 game.

    Ehh, but why complain now. I need to go get a copy ASAP. I’ll wait for those 360 vs. PS3 comparison videos later…

  • I have doubts about AC. It will be good but its hard to shell out $63.00 up for good. As gamers we need to demand great. Gamestop gives $25.00 tops. I will not be stuck with a game judging only potential. I will rent before I buy it.

  • that’s CooL

  • I always find it humores when most stars act like they know what gaming is. Most show up because they are paid or because they get their face all over some form of media. Why are such events for the starts? Let us gamers have the party and events. Stars do not sell games, gamers are the stars. Save the money Sony and drop these lame ass parties.

  • The game looks fun, but I have no idea who that girl is. It looks like it’s her first time holding a controller…she’s probably saying “This is that Super Mario thing, right?”.

    I agree with blizzard182; DivX support would be awesome!

  • Watching famous people playing games doesn’t want to make me buy it. Demos make me want to buy it.

  • Wooh a party for a bunch of celebrities.

  • less party more R&D please.. now go and fix 2.0! it’s full of bugs!

  • Wow, me likes her.

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  • that was the gayest thing i ever seen.

    great some bleoch gets to play the game before i do she doesnt own a ps3 and the hasnt shelled out hundreds towards sony

  • Stars Celebrate tomorrow’s Assassin’s Creed PS3 Launch | Play Video Games

    […] post by Jennifer Clark […]

  • Cool! I cant wait to play this game, and it’s nice to see Sony getting their hands on the marketing of 3rd party games, instead of MS.

  • why let “stars” play the game first. first of all they are no better then us we are all human, and second they don’t no what they are doing. is the blond girl holding a dualshock 3 because she look happy?

  • IM so sick of that Masi Oka fool.

  • This is one game I probably won’t be buying. I really liked it at first but then I saw demos being played and the AI is just too dumb.

    Now I’m reading reviews and a lot seem to prove this. The game looks great but the gameplay is too repetitive and the AI is dumb. Guards stand around instead of going at you.

    Some reviewers gave the game great scores. I have to think they either really like Ubisoft or only played for an hour. It seems to be great for an hour and that’s it.

    I’ll be saving my money for Uncharted next week,

  • I have to agree with some of the others… famous people I don’t know at a ritzy party playing PS3 games that I can’t yet = /yawn. (not sure I would care more if they were famous people I did know)

    I did see the Assassin’s Creed PS3 TV spot last night, and it looked really cool.

  • lmao. people are soo pissed off here. Why stars? who cares. their human too. Just famous. Are they any less then you as a human? Grow up people.

    Plus, stars = having fans and fans can follow stars so its good marketing. PS3 fans should be happy. Any positive press for the PS3 is good for us, do remember that.

  • AC is geting pretty mediocre reviews. I think Sony should focus on Uncharted instead. That woman in the picture looks like she has never played a videogame in her life.

  • Altair = Kensei, look out Hiro!!!

  • elle from heros is freakin hott!!!

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  • WOW DIVX,…woohooo

    This looks good but the hype dosen’t kill it…

  • I really, really, really wanted to buy the PS3 version of this game. Then I finally read a review that compared it to the ‘other’ system:
    “These big open worlds, which are fully interactive, do come at a severe cost on PS3. There is considerable texture pop-in and noticeable framerate issues. Playing back-to-back with the 360 version, it’s obvious that Ubisoft did not devote enough resources to the PS3 edition. The framerate is considerably worse, so much so that it begins to affect gameplay in the later levels. You can get through the first two-thirds of Assassin with the framerate being just an annoyance, but it becomes more of an issue for the final third of the missions.”

    I guess I won’t be buying the PS3 version afterall. Shame.

  • Mysterious link between Heroes and PS3, first Heavenly Sword appears before release in an episode, and then the stars of Heroes host the event?

  • I will be saving my $$ for Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

    That game has won me over. Especially in light of the AC reviews I have read…

    Thanks for the post though Jennifer :)

  • Bad news. Reviewers are saying that the framerate for the PS3 version is atrocious. Sound familiar? I agree with reson8er, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, after playing the demo, is a MUST buy.

  • yup…
    Assassin’s creed… I was minutes from ordering it…until IGN’s review along with other reviews caught my attention..

    On the whole…mixed reviews…
    So all my attention has shifted to Uncharted instead…

  • The framrate issue isn;t a Ps3 only problem, its also in the 360 version, they have been getting the same review scores

  • For me it’s ironic to find Heroes on the PS blog. I watch Heroes and it’s a good show… but I only started watching Heroes because the games industry has turned to crap and there are barely any games I want to play anymore.

    Unfortunately Heroes is going to be on a long term hiatus due to the writers’ strike. Ahhh, good times…

    btw Hiro >>>>>>>>> Altair although Altair would probably win in a fight via stealth kill.

  • @ mcpeepants80. Well if you can believe it, Gamespot stated that the PS3 had the better framerate for this game compared to the other system, and that’s coming from Gamespot. They of the 7.5 Ratchet review (yikes). Anyhow, I’m waiting patiently on the Uncharted reviews, that’s going to be fun.

  • 7.7 for 360 version, 7.5 for PS3 version @ IGN. hyping the inferior version of an average game must be embarassing for Sony.

  • I feel like something of a tool now after seeing the GameSpot review. Here’s what they had to say:”There are few differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. PS3 owners are blessed with a slightly more solid frame rate, although the 360 version features a little more contrast in the lighting, so it’s pretty much a wash. But regardless of which platform you go with, you’ll have an amazing and unforgettable game. Assassin’s Creed is the kind of game you tell your friends about, and one that should be in your collection.”

    Suddenly I’m back on the fence. I’d like to buy the PS3 version and I’ve learned my lesson about taking a reviewer’s words at face value. Time to wait for more impressions to roll in.

  • Having now seen split-screen video of the two versions, my opinion is as follows: They have the exact same image quality and frame rates I couldn’t tell a difference between.

    The PS3 version does suffer from more screen tearing but it’s not a big deal. That’s the only visual difference I could find between the two versions of the game.

  • i only watch HEROES cause of Hayden Panettiere shes my girlfriend LOL

  • Well ive been waiting and antipacting this game for a whole year now and here it is. I am very sad, to hear IGN give it a 7.5 . I thought this game was suppose to be in the runnings for ” game of the year”? I guess not, i will still buy this game regardless of the weak review. The graphics are unblievable and the gameplay is amazing. I dont care what Hilary Goldstein has to say about the story, everything about this game looks good. Maybe if it stayed PS3 exclusive, Ubisoft would have made this game the AAA game it could have been. EH ( nudge, nudge.) Atleast you guys snatched HAZE. I forgive you.
    Look at the bright side, Sony’s 1st party title (uncharted) will see more light of day with tis massive mammoth out of the way.
    Anyways, it looks like a good game and alot of fun, cant wait to play it.

  • that’s not just some blonde that’s Kristen motherfraking Bell aka Veronica Mars aka new cast member of Heroes aka one of the stars of the movie Fanboys, and Pulse and Pootie Tang

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  • yeah bought this game yesterday. you can climb every thing and go any where it’s a huge game. there is some screen tearing, but it’s ok. i hope that one day games will be screen tear free.

  • I play on the EU version of the game and the frame rate is very poor i’m disapointed.

    The game realy cool why this ugly framerate.

    Can we have a patch to fix it cause THE XBOX Version doesn’t have poor framerate.


  • Hmmmm open _bar you must be the only one cause i just bought the american version today it it runs just fine :?.

  • I play on the fench version do you have any “framerate drop” ?

    in the french forum i’m not the only one.
    I come here for investigation of the us version.

    Developers Any idea EU hear about that?
    i’ve got the ps3 60gb from the Day one.

  • the only thing i have with this game is screen tearing. i have no frame rate drops. are you maybe mistaking screen tearing for framerate drops. when the frame rate drops your character stops moving for a sec.
    screen tearing will show a line across the screen

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