Uncharted: The El Dorado Megamix

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Hi Everyone,

First off, sorry for the confusion on the demo, we were trying to move quickly to get you guys updates, and unfortunately there were some miscommunications on our side of the fence. In the future, instead of reacting too quickly, we will be sure to communicate with you in a timely fashion with the most accurate information possible.

Now that hopefully we’re back on your good side, I wanted to point out two great stories I read the other day from our friends over at Kotaku and PlayStation Universe. Both stories are very complimentary, and discuss the Uncharted Press Kit and its contents in detail. I noticed the story generated a lot of questions in the forums regarding DJ Shadow‘s contributions to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and the track’s availability, so I wanted to take a moment to share some additional information regarding those two items.

When we set out to create a soundtrack for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, we knew we wanted to include a remix on the soundtrack, but at that time we were still unsure which direction we wanted to go creatively. In the days and discussions that followed, we tossed around a number of musicians, with one name remaining at the top of our list throughout the entire process – Josh Davis a.k.a. DJ Shadow. Josh is extremely well known for his work as an unbelievable musician, producer and DJ, but he is also an insanely gifted collaborator who has worked with an amazing number of talented artists throughout his career (Cut Chemist, Radiohead, Mos Def, Keane, and Kool Keith just to name a few). Needless to say, it was very apparent to us early on that he would be a perfect fit to create a remix from the incredible work of our composer Greg Edmonson.

But enough of my rambling, as a make-good on our demo issue, we wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to the track and let us know what you think (I hope you like it as much as we do):

Uncharted: The El Dorado Megamix by DJ Shadow
Music composed by Greg Edmonson
(p) 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
(c) 2007 SCEAI Music [BMI]
All Rights Reserved

While the DJ Shadow track is available for download here Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – the Official Soundtrack will be live on iTunes on Nov. 20th with a digital booklet available. DJ Shadow’s Uncharted: The El Dorado Megamix will be also available on the soundtrack, so please make sure you go to iTunes on Nov 20th and grab a copy! While you’re there, make sure you check out the Insomniac Games “Full Moon Show” Podcast – I love those guys 8-)!

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  • DUDE! That song is cool! It reminds me of a thing I saw on YouTube where DJ Kentaro and a dude with a Shamisen (traditional Japanese guitar) had a battle on stage (search for DJ Shamisen and you should find it quickly)—-btw the link isn’t working well—I think your Javascript is messed up–the direct link is http://fp.scea.com/Content/movies/16843/audios/1/Uncharted_%20The%20El%20Dorado%20Megamix.mp3 but it won’t let me download, only play it in browser—nice on offering the free song tho guys keep the freebies a comin’!

  • Now that you mention the lavish press kit… Please consider releasing great games like Uncharted in elaborate Special Editions like that. I would gladly pay quite a bit more if it were that well and I’m sure I’m not alone. While I like the standard packaging I kind of miss the old days of PC gaming when you sometimes would get nice little bonuses in the box.

  • Allright hehe! I just realized, since I posted that link in my last comment, if you right click the link and ‘save as’ you can download it–but still figured that I should let you guys know your Javascript was being goofy or something–if you need the info I am running Firefox on a Mac–don’t know if that matters.

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  • holy crap, that mix is siiiiick!!!

  • wow, should have done a limited/special edition game version

  • Are all these soundtracks going to be available on something other than itunes at some point?

    Amazon and/or Napster maybe?

  • What is going on with the game are we getting it this week because a lot of stores are putting it for the 15th? We could really use this info so I know to pick it up early or not. This would be great news for us and sony because that would put to big exclusives that have come out early.

  • nice very fitting has a bit of a tribal feel to it :D sorry you got all the heat about the demo but we love ya for getting it fixed so darn quick :D

  • Song goes very well with the game!

  • I like the track allot. Is there any other place besides I tunes we can get the songs from? I don’t use I tunes or have away to pay for stuff online. (which sucks about PSN btw).

  • I like the track a lot thanks! :)

  • The track is awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Ah, also, great work fixing the demo. A lot of people complained when they really didn’t have a right to do so, but you went ahead and fixed it anyway. It’s stuff like this that will rekindle consumers’ love for Sony.


  • I really thought that was great!. I know this is a bit off topic but I would like it if Sony had a music store in the PSN store, so I could download game music/regular music. It maybe in the works and all but thought I would chime in.

  • Why don’t you get the podcast on the PSN?

  • I love it! Fits very well with the game. Jungle mystique, brooding action!

  • Funny, cause I was reading an article about how Insomniac had ties with Naughty Dog on Wikipedia, and well….there you go.

  • Yea, put your podcast out on the PSN too! Would be awsome. Also, cool track

  • That was a great experience, awesome piece.
    Respect to both the composers and I wish to see more of your work in more Sony games.

    Excellent stuff.
    Thanks to all parties involved in getting this out to us.

    Not to mention the game itself is an experience worthy of PS3 status.


  • Nice work on getting the best DJ in the world to remix Greg Edmonson. That track makes be want to run around in a jungle. I’ll be picking up that one.

  • Judging from the quality of Uncharted:DF I can understand why DJ Shadow was enlisted to do a remix.

    November 19 is too far away… :)

  • Oh man I just saw the pics of the press kit you guys sent. Makes me sad that such awesome material is wasted on the likes of the gaming press.

    Please do not send that to 1Up/EGM or gamespot, they are not deserving of such great swag.

  • Sorry to go on about this… but aside from being a member of the press, is there anyway to get that kit?


  • I loved the song!! awesomeness!!

  • For those of us that do not like iTunes, why not also give the album as a download on the PsN? Is there any reason not to?

  • BTW, you should send this mix to the store! I bet that lots of people would be happy!

  • @28

    Great idea!! Selling the album on PSN would be super sick!! You guy would sell more albuns than on itunes for sure!

  • sounds sick… the demo for this is unbelievable i played it about 7 times in a row when i got it

  • I am digging that track. DJ Shadow was a really, really good choice!

  • Can’t wait for this game, everything for it is epic and it marks what next-gen is in my book. Can’t wait for the advert to get me even more excited for the game.

  • Pretty cool. Thanks. OH and the demo is amazing, hopefully that means the game is like crazy good.

  • That song is sick,definitely!! Will the song be used for an ad of the game??

  • Crazy stuff!!

  • Nice tune!

  • that is one awesome remix.

    is this also going to be featured in the game itself?

  • Holy !@#$ awesome!

  • Excellent Track. I look forward to hearing the rest when Uncharted releases!

  • Haha, this is amazing. Good song and keeps the uniqueness of the original Uncharted soundtrack.

    Sam, would you might please talking to those tops guys over at Naughty Dog about releasing the entire Uncharted Soundtrack somehow? I dont care if it’s even through iTunes (I’m a sucker for hard copies of my music) but any option to get the full listing of this track would be awesome.

    Thanks again Sam!

  • Awesome mix!

  • Awesome mix!!! Why not release a Collector’s Edition for UDF?? The press kit is AWESOME! It would sell so well.

  • PS: Best soundtrack for a game in a loooong time! Keep up the great work ND!

  • I don’t care a bout the Soundtrack I only care a bout the game it self.

  • Holy crap, a GOOD new DJ Shadow track???

    I’m sorry Senor Davis, but ‘The Outsider’ was a horrible disappointment to your legacy fans.

  • the game is crazy good but how come sometimes there is no music playing during gunfights? it makes it boring!!

  • Really good track. I love it.

  • I just wish these soundtracks would get released on PSN too. Getting music from iTunes to my PSP is far too much work.

  • is it too late to ask for a collector’s edition for this game? i saw the kotaku press kit and it seems perfect to be a CE package with all the extras included. i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it if its available.

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