Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Back on the World Map

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Christophe Balestra, here, and I’m Co-President at Naughty Dog. I wanted to give a final update on the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo situation.

We’re really sorry about what happened and didn’t anticipate this at all. We just didn’t know people from other territories could connect to the US PLAYSTATION Network Store and download demos … now we do! We’ve been too busy working on the game to wrap our head’s around the infrastructure of the PSN.

We absolutely did not plan the demo to be region locked. As soon as we figured out the problem existed, Sam Thompson called me and I jumped into my car, drove to the office and fixed it right away. It’s an honest mistake and we didn’t try to prevent anybody from enjoying the Uncharted demo. I feel even more sorry because most of the people who experienced the problem are in Europe and I’m European myself.

So again, we’re really sorry about what happened and it wasn’t done on purpose. The good news is it’s now fixed and a new demo of Uncharted has been posted to the US PLAYSTATION Network Store so the entire world can enjoy it.

Thanks to Sam for taking the heat yesterday and for letting us know about the issue.

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  • Christophe Balestra

    Hey guys,

    I’m glad to see this news puts a smile on everybody’s face. Just to clarify, yes you can download the new demo now and it will also works in Japan.

    Have fun.

  • thank you naughty dog.

    my general gripes were with PSN, not naught dog so i’m not sure i need to apologise about that.

    i’m really happy that people actually listen to us on here though. that does a lot to cover over my concerns. :)

  • thank you so much Naughty Dog.

  • You guys are legends for sorting this out so quickly. Credit to you for being such upstanding developers for all these years.

  • Thank you Sony/ND for removing the region lock.

    Adding 1080i support and removing region lock within 24 hours of these features being requested… you guys at ND respond really fast to blog input. That’s high quality.

  • You guys are amazing! You made a lot of people happy. :)

  • All developers can learn to be as responsive so far as Naughty Dog. 1080i fix, demo region lock, fixed.. you guys are great!

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  • Hi,

    Registered to the blog just to say thanks for getting everything fixed. Buying the retail on day one of release!


  • thanks guys, keep this up

  • Thanks Naughty Dog, you are the best… Thanks for all European users :))))

  • Naughty Dog, alot of companies in the industry could learn from you. Seriously, you could of easily replied to the compliants by saying the DEMO would be up on the European Store in a couple of weeks & that now your Gold, who really cares.

    But u didnt. Im sorry Christophe on behalf of all PS3 owners that we very nearly ruined your weekend & cast a rather dark cloud over what should be a celebratory time at Naughty Dog (going GOLD!).

    As a UK PS3 owner, my faith in not only ND but Sony is gaining as it seems even the little guy is beginning to be heard in the normally soundproof offices of the Mega corporations.

    Thanks again Christophe, Sam & Naughty Dog…look forward to getting lost in Drake’s world soon!



  • If Konami could be like you for the bugged Pro Evolution Soccer 2008….

  • respect. it’s amazing how the ND team works. in my opinion it’s the best developer out there. i will by this game it’s the first action adventure game on the ps3.


    I was gonna buy it anyway, but I got one more reason after this.

  • whereistheuncharteddemoffs

    how did you guys (naughty dog) not no people could make accounts in other territories? i mean, everyone know that, surely being in the office all day at ps3 work stations etc you know this. i accpet what happened was noone fault, accidental, but cmon i dont by that..

  • Wow, I’m very impressed on the way you guys over at Naughty Dog have handled this. You guys actually respond in the posts and add things to the game if people ask for them. This is why ND is one of my favorite developers, keep up the great work.

    Maybe you guys can tell sony to get the Playstation Cards out since they never respond to me.

  • wow i never expected any official reaction!
    It´s great to be surprised!
    The user reaction must have been BIG!!!!!
    But thx!!!!!

  • Will the full retail version be region locked or not ?? I want to import from the US

  • Thank you so very much for taking this stuff serious! I’m sorry about the hard email I sent you, I was too mad and jumped into conclusion.

    I’ll be downloading this demo for sure! :)

    Kind regards


  • Great job, guys!

  • Well done ND, it is small acts like this that will keep you reputation strong within the Sony community. You have done a great thing. Have a great week-end!

  • awsomme news indeed. Good job N.D. I r again a happy fanboy:P

  • Christophe you’re awesome. >:|

  • for sony and Naughty Dog !

    i always know 2008 is ps3 years, you done a great job!! so keep in mine your guys are best….

    hanson from taiwan

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    THANKS NAUGHTY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This demo is insane. i get thirsty looking at the water, and actually feel bad for the guys i am shooting. 9.8 out of 10 only because you use 30% of the chip and i know the next uncharted will be
    a even more beautiful.

  • You guys ought to be praised for responding so quickly. This is a great game in the making and I will get it on day one.

    Thanks ND.

  • Thanks! Truly, it’s great to know that you hear our cries lol [well those that couldn’t get it working]
    Glad to know developers do care about their audience!


    Olli & Eddi

  • I can only respond with these four words:


  • Gives 10 of 10 to Naughty Dog, excellent response and service

    You will sell millions copies and I definitely will buy this

  • Wow, talk about customer service! I’m in the U.S. but I feel for those who couldn’t play the demo. Now everyone can. Happy day!

  • I am so happy about the quick and professional response. Naughty Dog you have just earned a fan for life.

  • hey NAUGHTY DOG i am really happy(tho i am in canada).Thank you for your response and please do not change your responsiveness after you get my money ok?:)BUT I AM TELLING YOU IF THE GAME IS RELATIVELY SHORT I WILL NOT BUY IT.if it is not please forgive this comment.for the game i played the demo in canada first day and my fisrt impressions were far greater than any game or demo i have played so far in ps3.i really felt like watching a hollywood movie.but what is the story behind couple’s trip to island i mean in the begining its like”hey this is the guy’s treasurous island i hope nobody came before us lets go!”. where is the story for grounding?how did he find the map?where is he from?blah blah nothing!!!not like lara croft right?also single granade explosions are soo gay!it is like a red ball and nothing.the trees are great but why do i feel like all the leaves are on the same plane?also did anybody notice the wheather is cloudy and no sun but everything makes a shadow like a beach and a tent.on the other hand:
    *the game rules!shooting are sooo smart and catchy it cant be any better!
    *other explosions acting on other objects touches the ceiling!
    *camera options are satisfying but why i cant crouch?
    *taking cover is genious!especially random shoots!!
    *shadowing of everything style rocks!!!but needs sun for it right?
    *getting wet on height level makes me smile after each time!!
    *hand fighting is very impressive!also handling and jumping are very realistic good job.
    *shooting over the edges and throwing grenades with motion sensor ,man i am serious for this that it is the most effective grenade throwing style ever created.!!!everybody will love this.
    *shooting the locks and kicking the doors makes me feel like arnold.
    *rotary smooting for the camera is smart and keeps me in the game atmosphere!

  • Thanks ND first day buy

  • To Christophe Balestra and Sam Thompson,

    Un petit message de remerciement de la part d’un petit français. Il faut dire que chez nous, est ce étonnant pour vous, cela a bien râlé.

    Mais merci à vous tous pour avoir fait l’effort dans cette histoire, et je pense que je ne serais pas le seul et que d’autres s’associe discrètement à moi pour ces remerciement.

    Thank for all, we ope have a very good experience with Uncharted when is gone in us country. Maybe one day we have plaisir to fall in with us for interview or game presentation.

    Have a nice trip and enjoy all

  • You guys are the greatest!!!

    I agree with #85

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  • haha didn’t some say they were selling their PS3 over this?

  • Now everybody gets to enjoy this awesome demo. Good job on fixing this issue in haste and with integrity.

  • I just played the demo… HOLY JESUS!! It’s….it’s….marvelous. So amazing I fell like crying!!

    Thank you So much ND for this game! it is gorgeous!

  • Through all the ups and downs of Sony’s PS3’s console, I must say Uncharted is definately an ‘up’. Realitically, however, the downer is the Xbox360 selling more units in Japan than the PS3. That is a disgrace. No, more weak games like Pain. That game wreaks of suckiness. Thats why Microsoft is now killing us in Japan. Thankfully, Sony has guys who makes games like this.
    For the love of goodness Sony, please make more games like Uncharted. This is a 10 all the way. Love the demo.

  • i’m from north america but it’s really awesome that the boys at Naughty Dog took this issue to heart and remedied it so quickly. that says ALOT about them and how much they care about their fans. Great job ND, you guys are awesome and i can’t wait to pick up Uncharted on release date!

    you guys ROCK!

  • say thank you you crybabies :)

  • I’m in Singapore and spent 2 previous nights to download the demo twice, the 2nd time was last night but still couldn’t play it.

    At least now I know it is due to the demo and not my PS3 acting up. It’s really scary when you run the demo on the PS3 and all it shows is a blank screen, I thought my PS3 HDD had crashed big time. And when trying to exiting the “blank screen” by quiting game my PS3 generated a 3 beep sound which seemed like some hardware fault alarms.

    I’m redownloading the demo now, for the 3rd time. Hopefully I can try the game out this time.

  • Hi to all members of Naughty Dog and co !

    Sorry for my english, it’s a bit crap. I’ve been a bit disapointed seing de way people around the world behave when they think they are alone on this little planet. Crying and insulting human being because they can’t own something… it’s really sad. I’m from Switzerland. Thx for fixing this bug and thanks because you made this game with passion. You’re a pionner in next gen games and it’s amazing seeing you working on studios. It must be really amazing having chance to work with a great number of various artists. Keep working hard and thx for this end year game. Some tongues speaks about the shoot bugs and others things but I’m sure that this game will have a lot of major quality that will be improved in next titles you’re already working on.

    Hope you all understood this message and sorry for mistakes I don’t have many opportunity to practice english :/

    Greatings and hf to all patients players and others crying poor egocentric gamers.


  • Please let us see a new next gen Jack and Daxter :p

  • In response to post #94 by awheaten,

    You have to realized a few things about the 200 odd more units sold for XBox 360 compared to PS3 for that week.

    1. The XB360 had a price drop
    2. There is a release of the highly anticipated Ace Combat
    3. There is a special bundle sale of the XB360 with some games

    Compared to the same week where PS3 basically had no new game release or any promotion etc.

    What this means is that the 17K plus sold for PS3 is the normal quantity for the PS3 on a weekly basis whereas for XB360 it’ll likely drop back to the 2K to 3K plus units sold per week.

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