Friday! Warhawk v1.1 Patch…

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Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that the Warhawk v1.1 patch will be deployed world-wide on Friday, November 2nd, during an extended maintenance window between 5am and 9am Pacific.

Some of you were able to download the v1.1 patch before it was “officially” ready. Since this occurred without the server-side updates to complement it, not all of the fixes would have functioned. Specifically, the viral-rank-up fix and the time-in-vehicle stat fix. Once we bring the system back online Friday, 9am Pacific, these fixes will be functional.

Also, once we deploy the patch, when you boot Warhawk, you will be prompted by the XMB to download the v1.1 patch. This is a fast download so it’s not a time killer. Once the XMB has pulled the patch down, Warhawk will boot back up and be happy! You will also notice a “v1.1” in the lower right corner of the screen.

So, we’ll be monitoring the roll-out tomorrow and this weekend so please check the forums for more info!

Oh…one last thing, if you want to see the list of stuff in the v1.1 patch hit this link.

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  • silentmatt

    you need both the medal/badge or ribbon along with the points in order to rank up

    if you don’t have the other requirment then you wont rank up even if the point requirment is achieved ;-)

  • For the most part the patch seems to be working well. However, one question I do have is why the tank glitch problem which COMPLETELY ruins a game (and which happens more often then one would think) was not addressed with this patch? I do look forward to the December patch and I will be the first to champion the merits of this outstanding game (best online experience EVER period) but let’s face it, COD4 is just around the corner and there is lots of other great software arriving for the holiday season. Ultimately I would love to see some new maps/vehicles etc to reinvigorate the game play experience. Oh and here’s an idea: how about weather effects on the existing levels to add new life into them? Can’t you picture Eucadia as a winter wonderland with snow falling, building covered in snow etc? Or how about the Archipelago drenched in torrential rains? Just a thought. Otherwise, thanks for an amazing game and keep up the good work!

  • @100

    Ah, I guess your right. Damn that is lame – I still hate being in the Warhawk and I can’t imagine getting the “Warhawk Recruiting” badge anytime soon.

    Anyone know if the 4 minute stipulation is in one life or throughout a match?

  • Ahhh, you were totally right. I just spent like 30 minutes trying to get the two kills (which I FINALLY did) and I went up like 3 ranks because of it.

  • Wow. And it just led to a NEW problem. I had to log-out and log-in for the server to acknowledge I had increased in rank… and THEN all of my customization options reset!

    I thought 1.1 was supposed to protect against this crap.

  • The new patch is working flawlessly for me but I do have one complaint. I’m tired of being kicked out of sony servers. The game tells me that I have killed too many of my team members. I HAVEN’T KILLED NONE OF THEM!!!!!! In fact I have been killed several times. Can some one tell me what is going on here? Just a few minutes ago I was kicked out. Right before I was kicked out I was nominated for a badge which I didn’t receive because I did’t finish the match because I was kicked out. Also, when I was kicked there was only fifteen seconds before the match was over. I’m wondering If accidental team kills is skrewing me over. I’m not saying they are my accidents but I am blaming my fellow team members(who i believe are brain dead most of the times)for getting in my line of fire, following enemy troops towards the mines I have placed…………………..sigh. If I’m getting kicked out because of these types of players THATS NOT FAIR!!! I shouldn’t suffer because of these idiots who don’t know how to play. I want this issue addressed NOW! Who ever is feeling my pain please add more complaints about this issue to this blog because I know I’m not the only one angry about this.Thank you.

  • I know its late but I still wanna say good job on the patch! I haven’t experienced any problems that were addressed in the update which has me further anticipating the next update.

  • No problems to report here either…

  • Howdy Dylan,

    My rank prior to loading the 1.1 patch has been basically completely wiped. I was a Commander, now I’m back to recruit. A little disappointing to say the least as I earned my experience points fair and square without any war crimes.

    Any solution to this? I love the game but being demoted without just cause sux.

    grill07 is my Playstation Network ID.

  • I was a commander, myself and now I’m like a something Sergent. No big deal, but it’s still a little off putting, I suppose. I mainly just liked the way my soldier looked before “ha” … Remember, Dylan… Things looks so much cooler when you got a rocket strapped to your [DELETED]!!

  • I still can’t get this update to work. I have the full Blu-Ray version and had to uninstall the leaked update first. Regardless, no matter what I do, I get the “error retrieving patch” message. Can anybody help?

  • Hey, I’m still having the same problems getting on the servers, it’s a rare occasion when I can actually get on one. So the patch didn’t fix anything for me. And I have never been able to get on a sony server. Help!

  • Just thought I return to say that all the problems I had earlier were sorted.

    If you remember, I paniced, thinking the patch had screwed my download installation. So deleted and started again. Well, it worked, but unpatched, until on Saturday, it prompted me for the patch again. This time it patched correctly and all is well. Nice. Sad that I’ve been slightly demoted, but to be fair, I don’t think I should have been an Air Marshal just yet. Some stats have been lost though. I literally came out of a game having been first, and having captured at least one flag, but my stat’s don’t mention it. Oh well, perhaps there is a slight delay till the stats catch up.

    To be fair, I don’t really care. I play it for the intense gaming laugh, not for the accumulation of statistics.

    Hoping you’re all enjoying it as much as I am. Frag you later kids.

  • @ silentmatt #93 “OH, and what is the point of fixing the ranks if the Sony servers are only serving Level 4 games?”

    I was wondering the same thing. The whole reason I wanted the ranks fixed, was so that I could play with people my skill level.

    I did try to host a ranked server for Wing Leader Rank and below and no one joined, so maybe its just me? :P

  • !!!!!!!I’m posting this message hoping that one of warhawk developers will read it.!!!!!!
    Most of the games I pay are capture the flag, I had seen a lot of people team killing the people that are going to place the flag and like that they get a free flag. You should do something like if some one kills the one caring the flag then that person cant place it and if he does it he needs to get kick out of the room. You should also try to make new weapons and cars.

  • Your patch didn’t fix crap!

    My stats and my rank are still messed up!

  • You patch made my rank go down, but I don’t care… cause now I can actually play ranked games and start my path back to average player again “ha” Anyways, love this game man. I can’t say that enough. you guys gave Sony what they needed to sperate themselves in the market, if you ask me. This game is the only thing I play online anymore. I love Resistance, but this is taking all my time. Love it!

  • @metalhaze | November 5th, 2007 at 11:02 am

  •   Friday! Warhawk v1.1 Patch… by 67squares

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  • Me too, I got rank down from Air Marshall to Airman… since then play hard to try to get back my rank. :(

  • Theres one thing that really annoys me that isnt included in any release i can see coming or gone.
    to get some medals and badges you need to have for example, destroyed 200 vehicles with a warhawk. i cant find stats anywhere that tell me how many more i need!!!! how about a countdown on the badges bit in profile of how many more are needed instead of just saying 200 all the time

  • The GAME is Awesome and heads up to the development team….However, the on-line play is riddled with cheaters, point padders and down right people that ruin it for others. My two boys loved the game when they first got it, but due to all of the coruption and cheaters we have now decided to throw the game out! What a shame, that such a FANTASTIC game is destroyed by others. I wish you had a way of correcting this…..

  • yea this games awsum but it needs more airplanes kooler weapons and maps and stuff like dat oooooo and they should update it with a campaign a story line

  • I would like to see a patch that lets you play split screen with out the need of signing in to the Playstation Network, another words a real offline multiplayer mode.

  • It would be cool if we could record matches.

    Then, like in Halo 3, the camera could be moved across the map. And/Or where the view could be changed from person to person.

  • Dylan,

    Will you (or are you allowed to) talk about some upcoming features of Warhawk- such as if we’ll get some kind of messaging service within WH, screen/vid capturing, some kind of party mode (like in resistance) and other things like that? Just wanna know if we’re gonna get updates for Warhawk in that way. Anyway keep up the kick @ss work. I hope to see the new map(s) soon!

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