Friday! Warhawk v1.1 Patch…

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Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that the Warhawk v1.1 patch will be deployed world-wide on Friday, November 2nd, during an extended maintenance window between 5am and 9am Pacific.

Some of you were able to download the v1.1 patch before it was “officially” ready. Since this occurred without the server-side updates to complement it, not all of the fixes would have functioned. Specifically, the viral-rank-up fix and the time-in-vehicle stat fix. Once we bring the system back online Friday, 9am Pacific, these fixes will be functional.

Also, once we deploy the patch, when you boot Warhawk, you will be prompted by the XMB to download the v1.1 patch. This is a fast download so it’s not a time killer. Once the XMB has pulled the patch down, Warhawk will boot back up and be happy! You will also notice a “v1.1” in the lower right corner of the screen.

So, we’ll be monitoring the roll-out tomorrow and this weekend so please check the forums for more info!

Oh…one last thing, if you want to see the list of stuff in the v1.1 patch hit this link.

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  • Other forums suggest that once successfully patched, we should be able to access the game, though not online. It would appear that some, myself included, are having a less than successful time of it.

    Any official word Dylan?

  • Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to get back into Warhawk after my Ratchet & Clank spree :D

  • nobody in europe that has the download version of the game can play it. I hope they fix this today, because i would like to play the game with the new patch

  • Any official words on Firmware 2.00

    When will it be available or isnt ready yet?

  • there is no official word yet. threespeech did tell us it will be dispatched in the next few weeks. but i have this funny feeling it won’t have a INGAME XMB.

  • i think the problem for uk gamers is with the downloaded version. if you look at the details for the game (pre-patch), it will give your name as the ‘owner’. look at it after 1.1 patch and it shows no ‘owner’. as you can only start the game on the ‘owner’ account, the game does not start.
    don’t see how the servers coming back online can sort this out cos the game can’t even start. seems to me they need to sort the patch out so that it doesn’t strip the game of its owners rights.
    the words ‘big’ and ‘c**k-up’ spring to mind.
    sony need to sort this out today, maybe they forgot we actually gave them money for this game!!!


    Oh when will this warhawk-less day end!

  • untill patch 1.2 comes out!

  • “I demand a refund” in the words of homer simpson!

  • me too!!!
    so what are you doing about this sony, or do we have to wait until the end of this month for any news…???

  • i know they are doing there best and they are most proberly verry nice guys, but they don’t now what they are doing. they are useing warhawk as a paid beta to get date and make the next online game flawless, but i will not be buying the next game they make on day one, before i know it is working properly.

  • Sony and incognito




  • Listen to you people… Xbox live goes down for days at a time sometimes when the update. This game goes down for 3 hours and you act like a bunch of Crotch Sticks over it. Let it go, I’m sure Incog and Sony are both working on a solution to the problem here. Hell, if there even is one to begin with… The real problem is the lack of “JET PACKS” in the game “ha” Back to topic now… “looks around”

  • I think the Jetpac Idea sounds cool. I also think if there was some kind of ATV/Motorcycle would also be cool. Plus a Hovercraft/HoverBoat would also be cool.

    Also it says that Clan support can now go up to 64. So does that mean that future maps will allow up to 64 players in the game. If so that would mean the maps would have to be a lot bigger and that would be pretty cool.

  • Thanks for the hard work!

  • just red on the american playstation warhawk forum that dylan knows there is a problem with the patch for the european market, and they are working on it with there london team. so let’s give them couple of more hours before we burn our ps3 and take to the streets.

  • Project Tideas - Warhawk 1.1 patch is now available

    […] Warhawk 1.1 patch live (PS Blog) […]

  • so… the stats are fixed now?

    i hope i dont pissed again not being to record my stats a day worth of play….

  • Have the servers come back online yet?

  • Mine has… played about 3 games. Seems to be working and running flawless now. I was easily able to get into several games without a hitch. All ranked, by the way.

  • Awesome job Dylan!!

    Motorcycles and Parachutes, thats a great idea :D

  • so when is 1.2 coming?

  • I will be downloading soon, thanks Incognito. If there is any downloadable content I won’t be able to buy anything since I don’t have a credit card, so Dylan if you are reading, PLEASE tell sony to get out the Playstation Cards. Every time I ask for them in the PSN updates I am never answered. Thanks

  • Works fine for me.. Awsome update thanks!!

  • Can we possibly look forward to some in game messaging, Dyl? It’s a little of a hastle to give my friend room info and what not when we both start up our game. I know there’s the ‘join friend’ but I really think many others would appreciate a messaging feature. I don’t know if you know this already but we hate having to go back to the XMB to say something :( Since Sony isn’t helping any with not having in-game XMB can you possibly make a chat feature for us in your game? Maybe even poke Sony?

    Loving the game and having a blast,

  • ranking is still a mess!

  • @ 72

    And don’t forget those “JET PACKS” … C’mon now. Just think, not everyone has to have one. they could be a pick up or delt with like a vechicle. They could be hung up inside your base or something. Man, the times we could have with Jet Pack fights. You could have total control over your guns and lob gernades from the air. I ponder.

  • It would be great IF…..
    The patch actually downloaded….
    The path actually patches anything if I can ever get it downloaded.

  • @Loucifer: “LOL…whatever i gave up on this mess already…too little too late”

    You are just such an invaluable source of substantial feedback. Unfortunately, too little too late…

    Glad to know that there will be one less donkey [insert synonym here] to have to listen to crying about how bad they stink.


    Keep up the great work guys! Glad to know that there are some developers out there that actually care about keeping their customer base happy; fixing issues, introducing enhancements, providing info directly to the users… unlike some others out there UbiSoft …

  • [DELETED] i cant download the patch….its so dificult to test things first before release them.

  • I been demoted from Air Marshal to Wingman……. :(

  • lol @ post 49 & Loucifer in general.

    That was an awesome idea to come up w/ Jet packs, gamesblow- and w/ enough repetition and persuasion, maybe they can be looked at as an add-on… (Why not use the Sixaxis for trajectory, if you know what I mean…)

  • Are the ranks going to go back to normal. like the one on top i’ve been demot to wing man from Brigadier General. is that suppose to happen man i don’t like that it at all not kool what happen makes me don’t want to play no more.

  • Oh, the jet pack idea would be super sweet… As would the bike idea. See, with the bikes you could have a side cart on some of them, so another teammate could hop in and shoot and stuff for you. C’mon, Dylan… these are decent ideas. Imagine the chaos that could ensue!!!

  • Also, people keep saying you can’t add any weapons cause the braket is full. Well, the solution to that would be give the wepaons a class system. > Machine gun, Sniper Rifle and lets say you add a shot gun… Make them take up the same block. So you can only carry 1 of said class of weapon. You can collect knives from people you kill with the knive only, thus adding to your available knives to throw. Lots can be done with this game still and keep it balanced.

  • Thanks you so much to you Dylan and to Incognito team!

  • Does this update reset all of our stats?
    Because I downloaded the update just barely today, I played a few games and I noticed my rank is barely at Airman 1st Class when it was way higher before. I even still had the flames on my jet when I was playing, so I’m a little confused…
    Any help on the matter?

  • not everything is fixed.. now back to work Dylan! ;-)

  • jetpack, doesn’t sound good to me :S
    too unrealistic…

  • Warhawks are kind of unrealistic… if you think about it. Jetpacks are actually real. They’re a good idea, if you put them into the right context. They would be way weaker than the warhawks, for 1. They’d be faster and more unforgiving when you crash or hit something. You could use your weapons in the air and lob grenades. They’d be a great add on for the game, man.

  • hey i got a answer for the people who dont have credit card buy a prepaid one at walmart. it would be nice on rfom to have a patch where head shots actually take off the head like in gears of war. when we gonna get some free downloads christmas is coming up.

  • Yeah, so problems:
    -my rank went WAY below where it should be (down to Airman 1st Class). I have 8037 points, not counting badges or medals, which should put me at least around Wingman (which is, supposedly, awarded at 5000).
    -I have had MORE server disconnects and errors since installing the patch
    -The game actually muted itself while playing today. I had to restart my PS3 to get sound to output again.

  • OH, and what is the point of fixing the ranks if the Sony servers are only serving Level 4 games?

    What happened to the spread?

  • “I have had MORE server disconnects and errors since installing the patch”

    me too!!!

    i’m getting network errors, game full errors on half-full games. i haven’t been able to play 1 game since i installed the 1.1 patch.

    what is up?

  • The leaderboard is topped off with players over a million points. What the hell? I don’t care how good you are, you can’t possibly get that many points playing this game legit since launch. The top player rank (General) takes 250,000 points to get. If you’re an honest player in this game you’re screwed. It’ll take players well over a year to get that many points, unless they cheat or play CTF only 24/7. This game is losing it’s luster fast.

  • Bah, play to have fun… why do you have to be the best there is? It’s a game and we play to have fun “atleast I do” I love coming in 5th and 6th and when the sun shines on my A** I love to come in 1st. It don’t matter to me what rank I am as long as I’m having fun playing. I have fun playing, by the way.

  • The Warhawk update just reset my rankings. Help I was a air marshal and now I’m starting over.

  • For me the patch is better, because i can get in games that say 31 out of 32 players. So no problems there, but i seemed like i dropped more ranks than i should have. I like the patch but hope another one comes out to help all the other ppl, who are complaining.

  • I was just kicked out of a game by a bunch of guys who were stat padding and I was beating them. Where are the Arbiters?

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