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Greetings PlayStation Nation!

Like all of you, I’ve been a big fan of our new blog – but until now, I’ve been staying behind the scenes. I’m excited to share my first post here and thought that our new advertising campaign for the PS3 would be of interest to everyone. In fact, the campaign is scheduled to break this weekend in conjunction with the introduction of the new 40GB PS3 here in North America. But as a reward for being some of our most loyal fans, I wanted to get this out to all of you first.

Last year, we launched the PS3 with a campaign that become known as the “White Room” and we received a strong reaction to those ads for being provocative and demonstrating the PS3’s power. With those technology messages now firmly embedded, we wanted to move beyond the “power” message with a more high-energy, entertainment driven focus for the PS3. The games are here, the price point is now $399 and we wanted to make the news loud and clear. But we need to deliver that in a way that befits the PlayStation brand. And so, beyond the brilliant HD games that the PS3 delivers, you’ll also see a big focus behind the PS3’s Blu-ray movie capability and, for the first time, you’ll see a major focus behind the PLAYSTATION Network (did I mention online gaming is free on PS3??) and the exclusive gaming content available on the PLAYSTATION Store, as well as breakthrough services like Home. As Kim noted in her recent post, with so much brewing inside the PS3, the icons and characters of the PS3 world come to life in the vivid black onyx world of the PS3 and nearly burst out of its seams.

The spots feature some of our recent and highly anticipated first-party titles including Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, as well as upcoming third-party exclusives such as Haze from Ubisoft and Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami. I recall seeing some comments on this blog recently lamenting why we weren’t making a bigger deal out of Metal Gear. Well, get ready for a steady diet, because Metal Gear Solid is the mother of all exclusives and we can’t wait for its release. But we’ll also feature other great PS3 games like Burnout Paradise, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, Assassin’s Creed, Madden NFL 08 and Time Crisis 4 rounding out the genre-defining titles and breadth of a lineup that you can only find on PLAYSTATION 3.

We’re kicking off the campaign in a big way with high-impact: 60 second spots (“Universe of Entertainment”) which feature PS3’s multi-functional capabilities and really kicks off the compelling and addictive nature of this campaign.

The second is our :30 “Only On” spot showcasing some of our gorgeous 1st party titles.

More television spots are still under development and we’ll reveal them as they’re finished.

As we head into November we couldn’t be more excited. We have the 40GB PS3 “officially” launching tomorrow at a price point that will appeal to a wider audience and the 80GB PS3 which is demonstrating phenomenal sales growth since we announced the $499 price point. Add to that the inflow of great games and a PS3 brand campaign — our largest ever behind a hardware platform — and we think it’s going to be a great holiday season for PS3.

And I’d be remiss not to mention the highly-anticipated titles coming in 2008 like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Grand Theft Auto IV, Killzone 2, SingStar, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4 and of course, Home. And rest assured, we have some secrets and many new games up our sleeves for 2008 as well. We can’t wait to kick it all off!

So, we hope you like the campaign. You guys are our biggest fans and I can tell you all with complete sincerity that we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty every day. Because we know if we can meet your high expectations, you’ll tell your friends and the rest will take care of itself.

Thanks and have fun!

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  • Maybe they only have one PC to blog from. Resistance just had their go, get out your seat and let Mr Firmware sit down and blog.

    Nice ads though.

  • That is what I, am talking about!
    Makes me wanna buy a PS3 all over again! My applauds are to everyone who made these ads.

  • Those tv spots make me wanna get another ps3, any idea which channels are gonna be showing this spots??? i would love to see them in HD.

  • So much better than the ‘White Room’ ads.

  • Very nice. Its one of those ads I won’t turn off when I see on TV. very catchy.

    what band is that?

  • That’s definitely a pretty nice ad.

  • That band is Saliva and the song is called “Ladies and Gentlemen”

  • Those actually don’t suck… they don’t suck at all.

  • Those ads are sick!

  • BTW, one thing I forgot to say please please please, make this is on TV like crazy so everyone can see what they are missing out on and also they can know they can get one for a very good price!

  • Much better than the white room ads, I didn’t see anything stating that online play was free during the commercals though. Is that not a key selling point? What about remote play functionality? You guys need to sell that, it’s mind blowing stuff seriously.

    Hope to see sales finally take off now that you’ve hit a nice price point of $399, only thing that concerns me is that it’s only $100 cheaper than the 20GB model and you guys claimed that there wasn’t much demand for that model at the launch compared to the 60GB. Looking at the PSu forums, the poll being taken reconfirms this a year later, The 60GB model is the one the gamers want. It’ll be interesting to see if you can get that casual market at this price point.

    You’ve got the games coming out now though and the DualShock 3 is on it’s way out in Asia, so it’s all systems go.

    Oh and before someone asks, I’ll beat them to it….Anything about a new firmware update? Aren’t we suppose to recieve some new blu-ray functionality?

  • Those of you who are wrestling fans may remember this song as the theme to this last year’s wrestlemania.

  • Those commercials were awesome, put them on PSN, these videos and the uncharted trailer are all kick ass, play themas much as possible, that got me excited about my ps3 all over again

  • Sexy as hell. at least this one shows about the game and people aren’t confused what they are actually watching.

    Oh and I like what you said

    “And rest assured, we have some secrets and many new games up our sleeves for 2008 as well. We can’t wait to kick it all off!”

    I’ll remember this right here ^^

  • OMG that is advertising, the white room ads were ok, but these are amazing, if i did not own a PS3 those would make me go out and buy one plus we got some great games coming out. Honestly Sony great job, really good advertisements.

  • Yes! Finally! They’ve gotten it right with the ads. Awesome music, by the way. I liked Ratchet and Clank’s too. Keep it up like those.

  • btw whats the music in these ads? you gotta tell us!

  • Very nice ads i like them.. Will they be available on PSN store in HD?

  • OMG! Those ads are incredible! Great job with the marketing, Peter. The only thing I feel I am missing from PS3 is the mysterious in-game XMB. But, back on topic, dam, especially the first ad, is absolutely incredible.

  • Good Job! I really like them. Makes me want to play my PS3 more now.

  • Definitely need them on PS Store for download and make sure they run non-stop, all the time on all shows for all demographics. please.

  • I’m wondering why Sony would bother putting these on PSN. Surely if you’re using the PSN, you own a PS3. Their job is done already. Just get sticking them on the TV Sony and what about the cinema too? Stick them on the net. Fellas, get youtubing them.

  • Wow, I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but Sony went from making horrible advertisements to these very good ones. They get the message across quick and concise. They focus on the gaming, but are sure to remember people of Blu-ray. Most importantly, they actually show gameplay. Babies and Rubik’s cubes meant nothing. The song is good too.

    Very good job!

  • Fantastic Ad Campaign, much better!

  • DO YOU WANT IT? DO YOU NEED IT? Dam, that song is just too catchy.

  • Those are awesome!! One thing I would suggest: put these commercials on HD Channels in HD!!! A ton of commercials aren’t HD, even though the shows being broadcasted are in HD. That would make an even bigger impression to people who own a HDTV but don’t have a next gen system yet.

    I’d really like to see the full version commercials (the 60 sec version, since really the 30sec was just the non-game part cut out) in HD on my PS3.

  • Sounds all good, but please stop making more SKUs. You are just confusing everybody. Just focus on getting the games out and the price down.

    But finally good to see Sony put some $$ and time into advertising the system.

  • Wow. Best console ad I have ever seen methinks :)

  • AWESOME!!! But these on the PSN in HD please…

    Also lets play who can spot the most games – did anyone notice the small Pain segment?

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  • Awesome, good work.

  • AWSOME, thats truely great. Its the stuff that makes me go ‘Wow my PS3 is awsome’

  • Holy carp!
    Nice job. These ads are the Listerine that washes out the taste of those “White Room” launch ads!

  • I just got chills. IT’S ABOUT TIME! NICE WORK SCEA!!!!!!!

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  • And finally after a year… Good job!

  • @27.

    Consumers aren’t confused by SKU’s. If you understand Ipods you will understand a PS3. The different names mean something.

    40 gig 60, or 80. The cheap one doesn’t have backwards capability and less usb ports.

    Big confusion.

  • Peter,

    Sony need to show these commercials more often. I see 360 and Wii adverts almost daily here; I think I’ve seen 5 PS3’s adverts in 7 months on TV

  • Lets hope SOCOM Confrontation is included in these advertisements as we get closer to it’s release.

    Sony has ignored one of its biggest and most-important franchises long enough.

  • Fantastic ads, nice to see the focus being put into the games first and foremost with the hardware backing them up. Seems like advertising that was actually designed for an American audience. Great Ads.

  • i agree with post 40

    But these are awesome tv stops. I want to see them until i get sick of them.

    I also agree with another post about hyping up remote play, and FREE online functionality and Home more.

  • Great ads except for the Uncharted footage… you guys should have used footage of the new build because the game looks much better now.

  • Great commercial, it’s a great marketing achievement in my opinion, it is visually catchy, it has the right music with the “Do you want it, do you need it” message behind it , it perfectly demonstrates PS3 as a game console and a Blu Ray player which is exactly what you should focus on.
    I’m also happy to hear that big exclusives will get the proper marketing push in the future.
    I hope Sony can get back on track with sales this holyday season, 2008 will be THE YEAR for Playstation3.
    With Burnout, Devil May Cry 4, GTA4, MGS4, Little Big Planet, GT5 Prologue and KIllzone2 in the first half the year, an other 50$ price cut next April and PS3 will be unstoppable.

  • Those were great. Peter can you also tell us which television networks these ads are coming on or your strategy on which channel you choose to air these tv ads or if you air it during the times when the tv channels have their popular shows?

    Also I might ad that you should also continue to use these ads in movies as well because they are great and my friends always tell me how they see PS3 ads before the movie starts.

    may I also give some suggestions of channels you can give these ads to. I know that during january and past january American Idol starts and many people watch that so you can also advertise there on Fox where you can reach to many people of all ages but I suggest concentrating on Ratchet and Uncharted because of all the young kids and adults watching.
    Also, CBS has some great shows starting in November and December. I know Survivor is airing and that shows brings in many viewers. Also The 5 time Emmy Award winning Amazing Race comes on CBS in November and that show is very popular. I suggest putting ads there also.
    As you know to also advertise on the sports channels.
    Also you can advertise on Nickelodean and Cartoon Network during their popular shows and also on Saturdays during Cartoon Network when anime shows come on.
    Also advertise during MTV’s popular shows such as the Real World, Run’s House, Tila Tequila etc.
    Vh1 you definately need to advertise when their hit shows come on which are Sundays when Celebriality starts. For example, America’s Smartest Model comes on Sundays at 10pm Eastern Time. Also, you definetly need to put ads during I Love New York which is Vh1’s hit show. If you check the NPD numbers, the show consitantely has between 2.5 and 3 million viewers plus watching weekly Mondays at 9pm Eastern Time.
    These are just a few suggestions to some of the shows that I watch which I know that are popular.
    Thanks for reading.

  • YES! that’s what I’m talking about! this is what we’ve been wanting to see from sony! Peter Dille, I just gave you a virtual kiss.

  • The best PlayStation commercial in a long time to be honest. Eye catching and addictive.




    Get this 60sec ad and the new Play-Doh Bravia ad up on the PlayStation Store pronto!

  • #43 i think they are focusing in the ps3 with this 2 spots, but then, closer to xmas they will star with the psp, this is just a first step into the holiday season.

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