Incoming from Insomniac! Resistance: Fall of Man Patch

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We interrupt the final Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction dev diary post for a special announcement

As some of you may have heard, a new patch for Resistance: Fall of Man will be hitting soon.

How soon you may ask? As soon as this afternoon!

Major changes are listed below and full patch notes can be found on

-Ability to take screenshots in game using a USB keyboard.
-Weapon balance changes and new round balancing options -Dual Shock 3 support added for online AND single player.
-Password protected custom games.
-Numerous bug fixes.

If you try to login and cannot, it means we are staging the patch for deployment. Or California was hit by another earthquake. One or the other. We now return you to the scheduled finale of RCF: TOD: the
Developer Diaries
. And go watch the new Uncharted trailer while you’re at it :)

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  • Awesome! I heard about it on the podcast, but I wasn’t expecting the update to hit today.

  • Sweet Jeebus. And I lent out my copy of Resistance to my friend who just bought a PS3.

  • Cool! My team got rocked in the Resistance tourney on last night. So far we have been the only team to play a match, because none of the others have had enough players

  • yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • thats nice in all but wheres are firmware 2.00 upgrade??

  • I’ve looked over the changes and I have to say .. .NICE!! Insomniac seems to keep finding ways to keep this game interesting, fresh and fun.

    I regularly play with a group on Friday nights and many thought this game would fade away as other, newer games released… but almost a year later we are still playing Resistance on Friday nights! :)

    Thanks Insomniac! (for 2 great PS3 games!)

  • Good news. I just got the game and my first experience playing online will be more refined.

  • Now I need a USB keyboard to try that out, it sounds kinda cool

    Anyway enough with the 2.00 crap this post has nothing to do with that so lets keep it that way

  • will there be any metals now

  • wheres the motorstorm patch!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    also why couldnt you just use a button combo to take a screen shot?

  • I wish it was a button on the controller for the screenshot thing though like select maybe, it would be a little easier to hit and everyones got that button….does select do anything in Resistance??

  • excellent i was waiting to see when insomniac and sony would release a vibration patch for resistance my favorite game for ps3, until of course the new AAA exclusives come out. BTW any news of resistance 2? it better have stellar graphics and even mre weapons.

  • this is awesome!!! I use my keyboard all the time so now I can take screenshots of me PWNing (or gettin pwned). Thanks for the patch. And Im soooo sorry R:FoM. I haven’t played with you in sooo long due to Warhawk, but i promise you I’ll play with you tonight after class.

    *off topic*

    What was that whole thing about the Ratchet and Clank stuff in Resistance? I didn’t quite understand what that was… is it unlockable stuff in the game or is it an online achievement kind of thing?

    Thanks guys,

  • what about the new 2.0 firmware, any news on that as the new function for the PSP is useless without it……

  • Glitchers beware of the snapshot!!! BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Cool, but can’t you end of the halloween with a surprise visit from Eric Lempell to discuss PS3 fw. 2.0?

  • It’s great to have continued updates + support a full year after release. Insomniac rules!!!

    BTW: Maybe in the next update we get the ability to save and share in game videos ala Gaylo 3. Now that would be cool.

  • The R&C stuff are a handful of bangles to customize your character with. I’ll post a link with more info shortly.

    Oh, and the patch should be live in 15-20 minutes.

  • Will the bangles be available to everyone? Or only players of a certain rank?

  • Hey Greg, I know this is sort of off topic, but could you guys consider making an update for Ratchet and Clank some time, that gives you the option to use your old armor? I like seeing Ratchets face.

  • Kick ass. I didn’t expect to come out until way later.

  • Your servers are in the Santa Clara Valley? Better retrofit those badboys! That quake was quite unsettling!

  • Info on how to get the R&C bangles in Resistance: Fall of Man can be found on the profile page of myresistance. Click on the My Unlockables link to get the code needed to unlock the goodies.

    mywhitehouse – Sorry, there is no way to put Ratchet in his old armor.

  • I’m a PS3 noob, how are updates put out? Do I download it through the PSN Store or RFOM?

    Secondly, any news on 2.0?

  • An update for Ratchet with the ability to change his skin so you can see his face would be awesome…

  • Do you all fancy him or something? Print out a screenshot and keep it by your pillow if you dig his face that much.

  • Oy. When you get the final armor to the game, it covers his face. Meaning when you see the scenes to the game, you don’t see him animate his face. Even if you change his skin to Mustashio, the armor is completel covering him still.

    A screenshot would be awesome… (I want that movie poster), but I’d like to see the character animate… I didn’t know I couldn’t change that. I’ll just create another file though and not buy the ultimate armor.

  • OOH Awesome. Good job guys!

  • if this is a blog by SCEA for playstation fans, then why is there no news on the 2.0 update from sony????

    The PSP firmware 3.72 clearly states that for the new feature to be used fw2.0 is needed on the PS3…..

    whats the point for updating the PSP if the PS3 update is not ready????? Pls explain as i am a little confused…..great game by the way R&C and gr8 to see continued support for another great launch game RFOM……keep up the good work.

  • Why is everyone complaining about Firmware update 2.0 in this post (And I assume every other post as well)?

  • This is cool. Can’t wait to try it all out.

  • What about voice chat in Spectator mode? Will the characters lip-sync now?
    If so, then we might get back to work on Resist or Die.

  • i can’t get online with resistance, it says network error even though the PSn and everything else works!

  • this is freakin sweet but

    trick or treat
    give us update 2.0 and in game xmb

  • I’m glad you’re still supporting Resistance, it makes me feel better about buying Insomniac titles (even more so than I already do, heh). Anyway, is there a chance for mouse+keyboard support (or a friendly “HAHA” if it already supports that)? My nephew helped me get through the demo, so I’m finding myself wanting to play the game, but I’ll be much more apt to if I could use PC controls.

    Also, could someone from Sony jump on the blog and comment about the PS3 firmware? As amusing as it is to watch the hysteria in various ps3 forums, I think some fans are at their limit. Besides, the cat is pretty much out of the bag now, with the PSP update list mentioning the PS3 2.00 update in the changelog in some territories.

  • Bad timing with this update. Should have done this late at night. The Gamespot R:FOM Tourney is going on right now and this updated disconnected a bunch of teams in the middle of the matches.

  • ah thats gonna be hilariously cool to see a bunch of people running around with Clanks on their backs. I’m gonna have a good ol afternoon on Resistance tonight.

  • It would be nice to have split screen online multiplayer. That would definitely make my day for RFOM

  • Update is now live.

  • Thanks for reaching out to the community like this. Posting replies in the comments section is particularly appreciated.

  • Wow, my download has slowed to a crawl. Would be cool if you posted bandwidth stats here when big stuff hits so we can see the effect.

  • I love ittt. Using the extra ram we have from the update to add in new features is genius. I love the print screen function its awesome.

  • Ouch, network failure at 80%. START AGAIN.

  • I got it downloaded and installed. but network went down again :O

    I want to get the ratchet unlockables! :O

  • So is the screenshot thing just for online or offline or both??

  • That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Hot damn this is most defiantly a reason for me to start playing Resistance again. Good job Insomniac! Any plans for Ratchet and screenshots? :D

  • smart of you not to announce this big like WARHAWK did!

  • Hey, just fyi, that link to brought up an error for me, I think the “3” needs to be taken out of the URL ;)

    Anyhoo, thanks for the good news! :D


  • will there be any metals or trophies in the game

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