Happy Halloween from Naughty Dog! New Uncharted trailer

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Hello again!

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has gone off to manufacturing, and we thought we’d celebrate by giving everyone an early Halloween treat – a brand new trailer, highlighting some of the game’s finished environments and teasing out just a bit more of the story.

We’re also pleased to share another nice bit of news with you all – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune will now be available in the U.S. on November 19, so you’ll be able to set out on your adventure a day earlier than expected!

Special thanks go out to Massive Attack for the trailer’s awesome music, and to Taylor Kurosaki, our video editor, for putting it all together.


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  • Happy Halloweeeen.

  • Happy Halloween! NOW WHERE’S MY 2.0 UPDATE?!?

  • NICE :D u guys rock.

  • Great vid!

  • This game is without a doubt the best looking game coming to home consoles this year. Evan Wells and Crew I greatly appreciate the effort you have put forth. It is nice to see what a team of world class developers can do with the right idea, and great use of technology. I look forward to a massive marketing push for this game. Their is no reason for this one to be overlook by any PS3 current or future owners, this is what PS3 is all about. Can’t wait for the demo, and I will be thier on day one.


  • Wow this game looks insane on every level!!! Could you say what song this is exactly? I’d like to get it as well. Anyways, it’s obvious that PS3 is more powerful than the 360 even though it has only gotten 1 year of development using a new architecture. Given another year, say goodbye to 360.

  • Now, with games like Ratchet & Uncharted PS3 will lift off. No doubt about it.


  • Darkendless – the song is “Dissolved Girl” (minus the vocal track). I’m sure you can find the video online if you want to check it out! :)

  • just for that, im going to pre-order your game tomorrow

  • Will this new trailer be on the PSN? I’d like to watch it in HD.

  • Will it work in 1080 now?

  • Destined to become PS3 goty. Excellent work by Amy Henning and the rest of the ND team.

    Hopefully it will have an ad in the vein of Ratchet & HS in that they basically skip out on the opressing white room stuff and just actually… you know, focus on what the game is about.

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  • That was AWESOME!! And that was just the trailer!! Excellent work guys. The game looks excellent.

  • great editing with some great music made with a great game.. what a nice start to my day :-)

  • That was a pretty cool trailer. Could we get a downloadable version though instead of the Flash video? Danke.

  • is there going to be a new jak next?!?! not like jak X but a awesome adventure/platformer.


  • also is this trailer going to be on the playstation store? i want to see it in HD :)

  • Heh, that extra day of release guarantees that I’ll play Uncharted before Mass Effect. That was a real tough one for me because they both look like great games. In fact, Mass Effect is the only game coming out this holiday season that even comes CLOSE to Uncharted for me. It’s a great time to be a gamer. Thank you, Naughty Dog.

  • Nice trailer :)

    I wonder Uncharted has muli languages ?

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  • Great trailer! Love to see it in the PS store too.

    Quick question about the languages, can you choose it in the game itself, spoken & subtiteld? Or does it automatically select it from your PS3 system language?
    Because i would love to play it in spoken English and Dutch subs.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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  • Excellent trailer, excellent music,

    Happy Halloween SCEA!!! keep up the good work.

    Thanks for Uncharted!!

  • Hi, Bierbeer

    Check this vid around -7:00 min.

    it has languages option so it doesn’t depend on the console setting.
    don’t know voice and subtitle thing and what languages includes.
    But here is a small hint :)

  • Has the PAL regions release date been brought forward as well? A month difference is a long time to wait.

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  • Cannot wait! It’s been 2 years for me… this game is going to be kick ass! I can’t think of a better time in gaming… Just coming off of R&CFTOD and now walking into this… Wow! I don’t even need MGS4. Just give me Naughtydog and Insomniac games please.

  • @AgainstFive

    Thank you, haven’t seen that movie before because i don’t want to know too much about the game :) But the first few seconds says it all! Thank you!

  • Damn guys! This is badass! It kinda sad that is only 1 day earlier and not more than 1 day lol, I’m asking for too much.

    Anyways I already payed this game out and I just need to go and pick it up, but still do you guys know when will the Demo hit on the PSN so I can start showing this amazing game to all my friends?

  • @30

    better than one day late.

  • Also BTW guys, next time someone in Sony wants to have Spanish Dubs in a game, tell them to do them in Mexico, since Mexico is considered one of the best countries in Dubbing.

    I say this specially after hearing the average voice Spanish acting of Heavenly Sword.

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  • Good stuff! I hope it comes to Sweden this year…It is sad that Europe always get it last..We can always blame Germany but that is not it i think..At least Japan is recognize us as a good market.

  • Hi, Oddfellow

    I’m from Japan.
    As for release date. Japan tends to get last.
    Many games release in the US first.
    and 2nd EU.
    Last Japan or not release :(

  • Wow that trailer is awes. Nice choice for the music, too.

    This game will be a first day purchase for me!! Cannot wait.

  • Brilliant. I can’t wait to get my hands on the final game, and, of course, the Demo too. That’ll be a little longer than most of the people here, since I’m in Europe, and I can’t wait.

    I wish that trailer was in HD, though! :D

  • WoE….Massive Attack…Great!!

    “You are my angel,Come from way above,To bring me love”

    As I had said … I am waiting this like Who waits Jesus Crist !!


  • Yes, thank you Naughty Dog! I was hoping I would get my hands on this game in time for my short lived Thanksgiving break.

  • Awsome video, that dead guy has improved immensly from the weirdly textured toon he was before, now he looks like a dead guy! Awsome wetness affects too on that helipad level when its raining

  • I got some funny info for people who have or have not played R&C future. In one of the last worlds Robot1 says “Let me show you my superior Online capabilities”, robot 2 replies “too bad your processor chip has a 43% failure rate”.I love insomniac how they snuck that in there. Think about what it it means. =P. Great Game and can’t wait for drakes uncharted Naughtydog and Insomniac owns.

  • I have been keeping track of this game scene i see the first look on GI dame you guys are great the game looks 10x better then when i first seen it i will be there at gamestop on the 19th now i payed for the game already keep up the good work great treat.


    /def buying this.

  • Everytime I see this game it looks better and better…This is a MUST BUY, I will be standing at the door with money in hand on release day!

  • Wow. That was simply amazing.

  • I hope that they advertise this game more than they have in the past. I’ve been seeing Halo advertisements left and right, but I don’t see any PS3 game advertisement hardly. This game needs to be on TV non stop. By the way, thanks Sony for the price drop I’ve been preaching about all this summer and fall. 399 is a good price point. Sony needs to hit those two points big time in their advertisement: 399 price and Uncharted.
    I think that this game can be a system seller. Gamespot is going to give it bad reviews, but EGM is still pretty much reliable. I don’t like IGN but I don’t think they are accepting as much money from Mircosoft as Gamespot. That’s just a little bit of conspiracy theory for me. Anyway, advertisements needs to be Sony’s point of emphasis this holiday season, if they want Konami to keep Metal Gear 4 exclusive and sell more PS3 systems.

  • I would totally have preferred this game being rated M being an adult and all…i guess Sony still believes that children are the bigger audience…so sad!!

    i will be buying this rated T game however…it looks so good and definately my style of gameplay…nice job i hope its as good as it looks…i really do….Sony needs this in the worst way

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  • Great Video Thanks

  • add it to PSN this week!

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