Ratchet & Clank Future Developer Diary #5 & Official Launch Day News

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Part five of our six part Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction developer video diary series focuses on a group that, in games, is the most overlooked (and, at times, unfairly blamed for problems) yet is also one of the most essential. Namely: QA (quality assurance) or testing. As a change of pace, we’ll be featuring two different folks in this dev diary; Bill Parmenter, senior tester, and Brian Mathison, who is the test lead. Individually, they have logged more hours on RCF:ToD than any other human being to date. They also have a collection of “blooper” bugs that they may be willing to share if asked nicely.

In this video, Bill and Brian reveal the funniest pre-release glitches (which were fixed!), the differences between the Japanese and North American Ratchet characters, and how becoming a tester affects your skills in other games.

In other news on this “official” Ratchet & Clank Future launch day, check out the Resistance: Fall of Man community site to download special Ratchet & Clank bangles for R:FoM online. Grab Ratchet’s wrench, Clank’s backpack and Magna-boots (no, they won’t help you run up Chimeran nodes).

And, if you listen to Insomniac’s “Full Moon Show” podcast, they’ve got a special edition launch day episode complete with more in-depth Ratchet & Clank Future news, Resistance: Fall of Man online updates and a contest to win a VERY rare Ratchet & Clank statue.

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