Ratchet & Clank Future Developer Diary #2

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Previously on Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction: The Developer Diaries, Brian Hastings discussed what Insomniac hoped to accomplish with the game’s story. Today’s dev video diary features TJ Fixman, who is the head writer at Insomniac. TJ does what any good writer does; he takes a rough concept or idea and breathes life into it via words. Which, in the case of the Ratchet & Clank games, occasionally means channeling his inner Qwark to add a little humor to the mix.

TJ discusses the challenges of writing for a video game, where he’d like the series to go in the future, and songs about pirate booty.

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  • what’s coming out today in the PSN update? They should inform us sooner…

  • Hey guys, great game. I never really gave Ratchet a good look during the PS2 days, but I’m definetely sold on this one. Picked it up yesterday and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Oh, and I guess they weren’t kidding about those “Pixar”-like visuals – this is probably the best looking next-gen game (animation is insane as well) I’ve laid eyes upon to date.

  • I purchased the game yesterday and am absolutely loving it. I haven’t played the older titles, but I feel that this game does all the right things to get gamers into it without previous knowledge.

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  • Great Game! played about 2 hours last night and can’t wait to get home to travel to other planet , upgrade weapons and defeat evil. I find myself getting lost in gameplay because I’m admiring the beautiful graphics. so far i give it a perfect “10” ,

    Thanks for a great game!

  • Can anybody confirm what the compatibility was with Ratchet and Clank and another game in the Insomniac universe? They said something about 3 weeks ago here on the blog about the game interacting with a saved game from another Insomniac game or something?

  • Awesome game, bought it last night.

  • I really appreciate the obvious hard work put into Ratchet and Clank FTOD. Insomniac has really created an immersive world for us to explore and enjoy. I’ve never played a R&C game ever but this one is worth playing/owning to me so far.

  • i want this game so bad but i have no money :(

  • “In an interview with Japanese game website Impress Watch, translated by Shou Suzuki, Sony executive Izumi Kawanishi explained how the company would be more open to independent programmers making their own games via the Linux computer language, which is native to the PS3.”
    When is sony going to allow people to make their own PS3 games and pass out a free “indy dev kit” ala the way EyeCreate was distributed?

  • Weird…they posted what’s new on the PSN but they yanked it…looked like EyeCreate software, Spyro the Dragon (PS1), and a couple new videos.

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  • good stuff, im getting Ratchet & Clank when its released here.

  • Just got it! :) Thank you for all of your hard work on this- I’ll be sure to enjoy it! :D

  • Best game ever, man! This game is simly amazing, folks. If you haven’t bought it yet… you’re probably broke. It’s understanable in this day and age (gas prices)… So pawn something to get it. “ha” I kidd… This is an amazing game and if you don’t get the chance to pick it up now, make sure you slap it on your christmas list. This game deserves to be a multi million seller for Insomniac & Sony.

  • Kazura Hirai and everyone at SCEI please be encouraged. Your console is not dead but is alive. Just be SONY, the very best in consumer electronics. As far as blu-ray goes for PS3, I wouldn’t force it down the throats of consumers. What I would do is inform them on how great the technology is for games and movies rather. You can’t force someone to choose, it’s their free will. And it is obvious from their free wills they are making the choice of blu-ray more than HD-DVD. Now that things are looking up with software like Ratchet and Clank Future, lets somehow win back all of our 3rd party supporters trust and business again. Give them the tools they need in order to make PS3 to be the success that you all hope for it to be. As for as advertisements, let’s a get a little more creative with PS3 marketing and not a so serious approach to it’s theme. We need to make this machine scream fun and adventure as well as futuristic technology. Look at the PS2 commercial. It was simple and to the point. PS3 commericals have a dark/serious conotone behind them that do not convey fun, but fear. Enough with the PS3 being so powerful already, the general public got that idea a long time ago eventhough that haven’t really been exposed to software that proves that point. We need more fun-vibe type commercials that will spark consumer interest epecially with the launch of the 40gig SKU on the horizon. We now have a AAA title in Ratchet and possibly another with Uncharted. Now we need to somehow convey that the PS3 is first a computer entertainment system and secondly a blu-ray player for games and movies, and thirdly, a media hub-center for the living room. We might be taking losses right now, but trust me if you guys “execute” on everything that I have mentioned, we can turn this debacle around. With more “true” next-gen titles that clearly proves PS3 superiority and regained trust from our 3rd party friends as well as a better, more effective marketing campaign, PS3 will rise inevitably to dominance. You guys alienated some of your most trust-worthy consumers, and as painful as that may be, you’ve got to deal with it and win back their hearts to your brand; your competition is by-far and none compared to you. I wish you guys the best for this holiday season and for the first quarter of 08. Like I said, keep them coming. People are aware of the hardware, now they just want to see the software to back it up.

    SONY……….Like. No. Other.

  • First of all Great game Insomniac. Great start Sony.

    How on Gods green earth could Gamespot give Ratchet and Clank 7.5. The dude who did the video review was basically contradicting himself.
    This game is an action/adventure game it is suppose to be filled with a large variety of content. Lots of weapons, puzzles and achievements.The reviewer said that the game is solid on graphics, close to a Pixar production, and that the gameplay was solid. If i am not mistaken those two are key ingredients to scoring at least an 8.0/10. Then the content was great so now it would be a 9.0/10. I really dont like what is going on in this era of gaming. It seems that ever since Microsoft joined the console industry everything turned to crap. Halo is one game and one game only. It would have done well on the PC if it was not on a console. It probably would have given Unreal Tournament a run for its money, well sort of. Sony do like what Nintendo fire back at Gamespot. Have them re-review the game. Maybe Micro payed them off. Anyway i will be enjoying my R&C. Cant wait for other incredible titles eg. Drakes and UTIII.

    Sony Forever!

  • Well i cant pick this game up till later today because of the SD fires all game and mail shipments were cancelled till today

  • lol, this guy is hilarious.

  • @16,

    I couldn’t say it any better: even Nintendo and Microsoft cringe as they acknowledge that the ps3’s hardware is better, but they try to go for the consumer anyways. If there are more ps3 game ads on TV, people will come.


    Gamespot? How lame. Switch to IGN- at least they have a critical review team. (For the ps3, but I’m not too certain about the 360, if you know what I mean…)

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