PLAYSTATION Eye: Your Questions Answered

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Hello everyone! The PLAYSTATION Eye is beginning to hit store shelves. Be sure to check it out and download your free EyeCreate software on the PLAYSTATION Network.

Sarah Stocker did a great job of summarizing all of the great technology and features included in the PLAYSTATION Eye last week. I’m here to help answer some of the great questions you’ve been asking. Here we go:

Does the PLAYSTATION Eye come with any software?

The PLAYSTATION Eye comes with a FREE EyeCreate editing software download on the PLAYSTATION Network. The EyeCreate editing software allows you to save photos, video and audio clips to your PS3 hard disk drive and apply eye-catching visual effects to your images. Different capture modes like time-lapse and slow motion open up a world of possibilities to be explored further in EyeCreate’s editing suite, where you can turn your media into professional looking movies.

What other games are available for the PLAYSTATION Eye?

THE EYE OF JUDGMENT is a visually stunning experience that adds a third dimension to the trading card genre. Specially coded cards transform into amazing spells and creatures before you through the power of the PLAYSTATION Eye.

There will also be a variety of games and interactive screen savers available on the PLAYSTATION Network throughout the next few months. Be on the lookout for titles such as Aquatopia, Operation: Creature Feature and Trials of Topoq.

Can I use the PLAYSTATION Eye with my PC?

PLAYSTATION Eye will only work with the PLAYSTATION 3 system

Can you chat with PC webcams using the PLAYSTATION Eye through the PS3?

Since PLAYSTATION Network is a closed system, you can only chat among PLAYSTATION 3 owners and cannot contact someone on a PC with the PLAYSTATION Eye on the PLAYSTATION 3 system

To answer questions like these, we have put together a web page dedicated to the PLAYSTATION Eye, complete with a FAQ section. You can check it out here.

I will be checking back to answer any questions I may have missed. Look forward to hearing from you!

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  • 1st POST YAY!
    Looking forward to the Eye of judgment and what a value to receive the “eye’ included with the game!

  • Looking forward to the game, but I have to ask what is the deal with the delay to retailers and lack of booster packs?

  • chat with up to 6 people at the same time!!!!! sickening!!! I’m going to love this thing. That and using it to take whacky pictures of myself and using it as a mic during online games. Thank you Sony.


  • Im getting the PS eye, but I would like to know if there are any big titles (as opposed to casual-type games) that will take advantage of the eye?

    I see this as a huge potential with the right software. It easily blow anything the Wii has to offer out of the water.

  • Can I use another webcam and chat with six people, or do I have to use the PS eye?

  • Same comment as #2 .. I would have picked this up days ago … still waiting. Patience fading …lol

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  • does anybody know exactly how the game Aquatopia is played with the PSeye?

  • the EYEcreate software is fixed!! you CANNOT use the eyetoy camera with it even though you can use the eyetoy to video chat and use as a mic during online games without the software! this is just to get PS3 owners to spend even MORE money on something they don’t really need to buy.

    i’d like to know why they have not included eyetoy compatability with the eyecreate software.

    anyone care to explain?

    i was looking forwards to this software as it has lots of nice features but yet AGAIN i end up feeling shafted by Sony.

  • Will there be any chance in the future that PS3 owners with the PlayStation Eye will be able to engage in video chat with PSP owners with the PSP camera (not yet released in America)?

  • @ everyone looking for EOJ

    Try Best Buy. They had quite a bit when i was there yesterday. GameStop only had enough for the reserves company wide.

    Now for my question…I tried a 3 person chat and it did not work. What am I doing wrong? It says on the fax page 6 people can chat at one time. HELP!!!!

  • I have a question…as of this post I haven’t read the faq yet but I will.

    Why can’t we use our own web cams with the EyeCreate software?

    I have the crappy Vision Camera (Xbox 360) and it would be good if I could use it with the EyeCreate software because I can’t afford to buy the PS EYE Camera at the moment. But I guess I’ll have to buy one to use EyeCreate. :(

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  • @mobiletone
    You feel shafted by Sony because they’re giving you free software?
    wow. I mean, just, wow.

  • Why doesn’t Eyecreate work with Remote Play? Come on, you know how useful that would’ve been?

  • Well I read the faq and it didn’t answer the questions I now have. lol.

    What format will EyeCreate save the videos in? (I assume MPEG-4)

    What resolution? (pictures & video)

    How long can they be?

    I think that’s about it. Thanks in advance!

  • This game is going to take off.

  • Got my copy of Eye of Judgement along with the PS3 Eye yesterday. Suggestions ( not entirely directed torwards the Eye create dev team) I wouldn’t mind seeing an aditional option to select the Movie folder via the PS3’s internet browser. Which would make uploading videos alot easier ( at this time it seems the photo folder is the only option when clicking on browse through services such as youtube or photobucket) Have an option to disable the virtual keyboard in the PS3 Internet browser. With image verification being popular amongst high traffic sites and forums. The virtual keyboard is blocking the image or text that needs to be typed. Sorry for the rant ;) so far I’m impressed with the time lapse functions of the Eyecreate software and camera. Kudos to the dev team that put this together.

  • I’ve got a question. How long can videos be? Will you be releasing updates to the EyeCreate software such as use during remote play? My last question is- will there be video sharing for EyeCreate? Thanks a lot. I’m really interested in the PSEye and think it’s great. Good work, guys.

  • Why the heck is EyeCreate 720p only? Would it have been that hard to give it full 1080 support? Or failing that, perhaps using the sony scaling sdk to allow 1080i users to actually enjoy it in high def. Your laziness amazes me.

  • OMG NO. I wanted to use the PsEYE on my PC ;(

  • this looks sweeeeet.

    I only have one question… can you clusterbomb with the EYE?

  • @leetfoo

    you know there’s really no difference between 720p and 1080p unless you actually have a monster TV that is about 45″ or more. And as for 1080i, 720p is considered better than 1080i. i=interlaced, meaning the odd and even pixel lines in the TV get updated one after another where as in progressive (p), all the lines get updated simultaneously, allowing for smoother picture. So before you comment on people’s laziness, read an article or 20, yes?:

  • So this is what the Locoroco Screensaver is for.

  • @NinjaSkllz

    Some people dont have 720p. Most older TVs only display in 1080i so the ps3 downscales it to 480p which sucks and needs to change that like the 360 does…..

  • It’s this whole “closed system” thing that is going to really hurt this product and the PS3 as a whole.

  • @23 while some may go on and on about how great 720p is, given the choice I like 1080i better. Even a single 1920*540 (not that you can see it since it interlaces so quickly) frame has more pixels than a 720p image. In addition, my primary (65″) TV does not display 720p, so 720p only software displays in 480p. Regardless, Sony should be supporting 1080p on their allegedly superior system, especially on their in-house software. If they can’t even be bothered to show off their system’s power, why should anyone else. People like you help them be lazy by accepting sub-par products. Thanks. If you’d like to take a second to learn something yourself, try here-

  • ” * Will I be able to save my pictures and videos to my hard disc drive on my PLAYSTATION®3 system so I can transfer them to my PC?



  • Just picked up Eye of Judgment a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I had to return to work and hence I won’t be able to play it for at least a couple of hours.

    I’m VERY excited about this card game (um…VERY) and all of the other software associated with the new Eyetoy. I’ve been waiting for this package ever since I first heard of it and I honestly can’t believe it’s sitting in my backpack right now.


    I’m invited out to dinner tonight and I honestly hope that the other party forgets so I can spend time with this. Sad, but true.—12

    PSN ID: TheTwelve

    Add me if you’ve got room on your friend’s list and you’re all about the Eye!

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  • @leetfoo
    …and it’s because of people like you that “OMGWTFBBQ – i muz havz 1080p” that we get games like Lair that look visually amazing at times, but suffer inconsistent frame rate chugs and play horribly because of it.
    Thanks. Thank you very very much.
    If you think it’s so easy to make games at 1080p and at 60fps, I’m sure Sony would love to hear from you. Till then, go to school or shut it.
    I’d rather have an amazing looking 720p game (R&C) than a chuggy 1080p game. Am I the only one here?

  • Hrm, guess that means that the ps3 isn’t the superior system we thought it was. So much for Sony’s 1080p “TrueHD” lies.

  • @leetfoo
    What resolution do your BluRay movies run at?
    What resolution does Lair play up to?
    What resolution do a ton of the PSN games run at?
    Way to spread FUD.
    Truth – the PS3 has the potential to do 1080p. It’s the developers that make it happen or not. Since you obviously care more about having a crappy game in 1080p than a smooth one in 720, might I suggest you sell your superior system for one that overheats every few months? Then maybe you’d have a “superior system” that justifies your gripes.

  • BOoooOOoOo No PC support. I hope someone finds a driver to make it work with PCs just like they did with the SIXAXIS during launch week.

  • So you’re saying it’s up to the devs to make their games run at 1080p, right? But yet you guys jump my ass for telling devs I am dissapointed in them for not supporting 1080p? In truth, I personally think the PS3 is a vastly superior system, but dev laziness and very poor strategic planning by Sony has run the ship aground. Fanboys patting each other on the back over how great 720p is is just one of the many causes.

  • @14 Solace

    i feel shafted because to use the ‘free’ software i have to go out and buy ANOTHER eye cam. i have two already. and the ‘snapshot’ feature should have been an XMB feature anyways.

    i can video chat with my eyetoy and use it in game so there is NO reason why they couldn’t have made eyecreate compatible with it. it’s just purely down to corporate greed.

    this is no different than letting us download a ‘free’ game then having to go out and buy a new joypad to play it!

    pretty sure i’m not the only one who feels like this considering how many ps3 owners still have their eyetoys.

  • @leetfoo
    Just answer my one question; which would you rather have:
    a) a game in 1080p that’s choppy and chuggy because the devs forced the game to run in that resolution that very few people with HD TVs can even run at
    b) the same game at 720p/1080i but with a better frame rate and better graphics (texture rez, render effects, etc.)
    If you think devs are so lazy, why don’t you show them how it’s done. You tell them exactly how to make their game run just as well in 1080p as it would in 720. Till you can, STFU.

    Yeah, I can kinda see how you’d feel shafted, but I’m sure there’s a reason other than “greed”. The software’s probably configured to run with drivers/settings specific for the new camera (color depth, resolution, etc.). I’m sure if you’d like to program up some drivers for each and every other webcam out there and test it and debug it, making sure it works, Sony would be more than accepting.
    It just cracks me up when people complain about free stuff. It’s “FREE”, people.

  • Thank you!!
    A FAQ for Hardware like this is very useful in making a purchase decision.

  • … though I noticed that your FAQ did not seem to address the backward compatibility issue. Is the PSEye backward compatible with previously released Eyetoy games??

    … and can it be used instead of microphones for games such as Singstar?

  • @37. I’d rather have 1080 support since the ps3 doesn’t scale. By the way, 1080p and 1080i are the same internally to the ps3. Support for one means support for the other. Sony themselves released a scaling sdk to allow devs to easily support all resolutions… but yet for some reason Sony themselves do not ever seem to use it. Why? Does the sdk suck? Are the devs too lazy? Or is it that no one complains when they don’t? Funny enough, Naughty Dog was able to implement the changes with what seemed to be very little effort on their part. That’s why they’ll get my money.
    How shoud Sony do it? Follow thier own instructions. I don’t have to teach them how, they already know, they just don’t bother.

  • @leetfoo
    The fact that you think 1080p and 1080i are the same thing is all that needs to be said about your knowledge of how things work. Go back to your LEGOs; I’m sure they’re at more the skill level you’re used to comprehending.

  • you guys are really crazy… I have a 65″ 1080p tv — bought it and the ps3 at the same time because sony said so much about it being 1080p — i expected it to have content at this resolution. I understand that not everything will initially, but a year after the release… and I agree with leetfoo.

    However, isn’t there a way for you to set the resolution manually to always scale to 1080i? just disable the other resolutions? I’ve done that before to have everything scale to 1080p, but the native 720p games tend to look better in their native res rather than scaled imho…

    The gfx processor in the ps3 may just not be quiet as powerful as I expected… I’m curious to see if Valve’s half-life 2 orange box runs in 1080p or 720p on the ps3 — i have my pc with a really old video card hooked up to my tv and i can barely do 1080p so i have it turned way down right now – until i can upgrade… but that’s a 4 year old game / 3d engine — shouldn’t a 1 year old “next-gen” console support most all games at 1080p without any issues?

  • back to the Eye and Eye of Judgment… i’m off to check best buy sometime this weekend. heh. thanks for the pointer!

  • I bought Eye of Judgment last night, but I can’t find the packs anywhere. One retailer said the packs would be out around the 30th? A Gamestop said they had no idea if there were getting booster packs at all?

    The game itself only comes with one pack, so how do you play against someone else offline?

  • GamingAngel: Really?! that’s silly. even a M:TG starter pack comes with enough stuff to play against a friend! sheesh — maybe i’ll wait more for this game

  • how about Eyedentify.. that game where you could control two girls kinda like being Charlie form Charlie’s Angels.. that game looked great a E3 2005.. is it dead and burried or still in development ?!

    thanks !


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  • @37 solace

    i’m not asking for every other webcam to work with eyecreate, just the genuine sony ps ones i already own. i doubt very much that Sony doesn’t have the drivers or the resources to knock one together for the software.

    it makes no difference if it’s a free download if you can’t use it without having to spend money.

    that’s my point.

    anyway, who broke the stores tonight?? own up :)

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