SOCOM Tactical Strike Goes Gold!

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Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce that SOCOM Tactical Strike for PSP has gone gold! The game is done, and will be on shelves in North America on November 6th. This is Slant Six’s inaugural release, and the whole studio is very excited! This game has been two years of hard work, and we hope that SOCOM gamers and fans of tactical shooters everywhere will give it a try. In addition to playing as the US Navy SEALs, there are eight additional international Special Forces that are playable in Tactical Strike. All are fully localized with voice and have authentic uniforms and weaponry. If you are a fan of the British SAS, the Australian SAS-R or the Korean 707th Special Missions Battalion, this is your chance to take a team into the field!

Ad-hoc and infrastructure multiplayer for four clients with voice chat is also included, and Tactical Strike can be played at T-mobile WiFi Hotspots.

Here is a link to the latest Tactical Strike trailer for your enjoyment.

Back to work on SOCOM Confrontation!


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  • Awesome GAME,

    PS: I know this is off the subject but the internet is blowing up over the Rachet & clanks unfair reveiw by gamespot.

  • Hmmm not a very big fan of the Socom games in general but…the PSP shooters have been pretty good on the PSP…If this is similar to Syphon filter…i think i might take a closer more personal look at it

  • @ Game-Hero,

    I just read that review on Gamespot…honestly I always thought IGN had horrible reviews also. I think that for the PS3 and 360 owners, those reviews pretty much mean jack….but for the Wii…I think reviews would make a difference just because I think most Wii owners are parents that bought their kids the system and they are the ones that buy the games…so they like to read up on reviews and such. I don’t think reviews are as big of a deal to the PS3/360 area in my opinion.

    Seriously tho, I thought Heavenly sword would’ve been a waste of money cuz of its short game length. Honestly I was too harsh because my girlfriend bought it for me for my birthday and wow…its just damn fun no matter how short it is. Its just fun to do all those cool moves and the aftertouch for Kai(the archer) is sooo fun XD

  • pretty cool, i wanna try this game.

  • @Dead babies (it’s hard for me just to type your name)

    This is yet other unfair review of a Playstation 3 title and frankly I’m getting tired of bias reviews. I understand that wii mothers read these reviews, However so do I and with a $60.00 price tag of games now days I (like most people) want to invest in games that give me the most for my money. Case in point: Heavenly Sword received a meh review, However when I played the game I just loved it! I strongly beleive that these unfair reveiws sway gamers away from purchasing these great games.

    PS. No hard feelings, but please don’t mention the 360 around me, I hope you understand.

    Good Gaming Brother!

  • Looks good. Now how about some news on Confrontation. ;-)

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  • Awesome news.

    Btw, I noticed the news about Socom Confrontation has gone silent. Does that mean the game has been pushed until next year or something?

  • yo, whats up with Socom Confrontation? There has been no news on it at all. If the game is delayed, then just tell us it is delayed. The websites still say a November 2007 release, But you havent told us anything in forever. Its almost November. Again just tell us if its delayed.

  • I thought a demo of this would be released over the summer.

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  • looks tight… I’m on the fence with this one cuz there are sooo many titles coming out and my wallet feels soo empty, so so empty.


  • Sweet. I’m fan of FTB and FTB2, and even though this one is different, I’m still going to buy it. Looks interesting, and I can’t wait to play it.

    A question though- back in May, it was announced that a demo for Tactical Strike would be released over the summer…is the demo still coming? If it is, an ETA would be great. :)

    Thanks, and I can’t wait for Confrontation either. :) (–Any release date for that yet?)

  • Sweet! looking for to it.. STS seems like a nice change of pace and the perfect fit for PSP.

  • It really looks like the Psp is finally getting it’s act together!

    now, if they can just add another analog nub to the other side for Fps and racing games…

  • @David
    how is socom confrontation going? any info on a release date or how far development is? i’m a big fan of socom 2 and i would like to know when i can play crossroads again lol.


  • @ Game-Hero

    lol hope my name doesn’t offend too many people…not suggesting anything positive of it…its just something catchy that I stuck with XD

    Anyway, yeah I totally agree with you on that, it does sway a good percentage of buyers out there to not even rent a game with such bad reviews but if most people would have a mind of their own and to take reviews with a grain of salt, they would realize how great games such as Heavenly sword can really be despite those reviews.

    P.s- lol sorry about that, I don’t like to mention that OTHER console too often. I’ll remember not to mention it.

  • when are we getting a new video or news for confrontation. Hopefully slantsix dont let seth luisi f0k this game up like he did with the last two. I think sony should fire his a$$ a seth you can learn one thing or two from dylan. The community made socom what it was until you stop listening to it. Sorry but just dont like you for how arrogant you were in that interview one of the guys from ps forums made

  • i love Socom so im getting this

    BTW plz give some infomation on Socom:confrontation i would love to see some new vids thx

  • That’s very good news. Good luck with the franchise. I personally have been burnt once too often by the zipper folk and will not be adding any more of their titles to my collection. Zipper could learn a lot from the warhawk folks.

  • do the Korean forces speak in Korean?

  • Details for controntation would be nice, I’ve been waiting to hear something about it for awhile now. Good work though! makes me want to buy a psp

  • I’m also throwing my name in the hat… Give us some news on Confrontation already !!

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  • Man I want this game, I can’t wait till November :(, Tactical strike has to be one of the best psp games coming out this year, and that’s some pretty heavy competition.

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  • Great, I love Socom. =D

  • Intersting game. But i think Confrontation for PS3 will be big deal, maybe even bigger than WarHawk

  • @ RatchetFanatic, yes the Korean Special Forces speak in Korean. The whole campaign is playable as any of the nine special forces, and all are unique fireteams of four characters that are fully voiced. If you choose to play as the Korean 707 on your US PSP, you can use the English subtitles to follow the story.

  • @ BEMO-844, currently the demo is available at GameStop as part of their pre-sell program. Pre-order the game, get the demo on UMD. There are also some very cool tutorial videos included on the demo UMD that feature former US Navy SEAL Rob Roy, one of the consultants to the dev team on Tactical Strike. In the videos he walks through a series of tactical combat scenarios, giving tips on the more advanced features.

  • @ MUGEN02, I can’t comment on Confrontation other than to say that the development is going well, the team is doing great work, and we are very excited by the amount of attention and fan feedback that the game is getting. Our production team at Sony handles all of the releases and announcements, so until they share some new info, it’s heads-down headphones-on development. The best place to give us suggestions and feedback is the Confrontation forum:

  • thanks for the reply. looks like i’ll be playing call of duty 4: modern warfare for awhile until socom confrontation comes out.

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    “Back to work on SOCOM Confrontation!”

    does that quote sound like the game is ready to be released????

    it will take a [DELETED] miracle for this game to be released soon…and with the PLAQUE of server issues and glitching from SOCOM 2,3 and Combined Assault…Slant Six better have something better then Zipper served up or it will fail miserably!!!!

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  • It looks good and all but only 2-4 players on wi-fi? Kind of a turn off for me…

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