Ratchet & Clank Future Developer Diary #1

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With the official release of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction imminent (and the unofficial release date already passed), we’ve got a series of developer video diaries we’d like to share with you. For our first entry, we focus on one Brian Hastings, who is the Chief Creative Officer at Insomniac Games. Brian contributed to the overall story concept (along with TJ Fixman, who we’ll feature later in the series) in Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD and the fine tuning of several other critical elements such as gameplay and voice acting to help ensure RCF went from good to great. He’s also an accomplished programmer, serving as the lead gameplay programmer on the first two Ratchet & Clank games.

In this dev diary, Brian discusses what Insomniac wanted to accomplish with RCF, how the team decided what to keep in the game and what to cut, and shares his favorite joke in the game.

We’ll be posting a new RCF developer video diary every day between now and the game’s official launch date. And if that doesn’t get you excited to play Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD, the reviews are in – and they’re very, very, very good.

One last thing, we’ve started a new poll: Which new Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon/Combat Device are you most excited to try out? Vote on the right side of the page (you may have to scroll down a bit).

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  • Question Greg!

    Is there some kind of problem with the game installing?

    I have heard rumors that there is some glitch that says you don’t have enough memory to install the game?

    Is this real, or is there a fix to it we should know about?

    just wondering, I’d hate for it to mar an otherwise perfect launch of this great game!


    I seriously hope that the option to invert the view axis has been included in the final version, as it was not present in the Demo-

    thanks for any answers you can share with us!

    cheers,and looking forward to a post about EyeCreate which just showed up on PSN!

  • I’m playing through this game now and my hats off to you guys on another solid PS3 title. Awesome job guys.

  • Awesome! I can’t believe Gamespot actually gave this game a 7.5. I hope to be picking this up by the end of this week. Any one already own this? How is it? Would you give it the IGN 9.4 rating or the gamespot 7.5 rating?

  • gamespot is crazy

  • Gamespot’s review was a joke. It came from a reviewer who primarily reviews sports games. The only rating over an 8 that he’s ever given out was the 8.8 for frickin’ Call of Duty 3. No, not the Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty or Call of Duty 2 or the upcoming Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. He gave an 8.8 to the console-crapfest made by Treyarch.

    The same guy also gave an 8 to “The Bigs”. I sh*t you not. Ah well, nobody else has given it less than an 8 so it’s doing pretty well (the metarating is just holding over a 90 right now).


    I called my local game dealer and their holding a copy for me!

  • yea i completely 100% disagree with the gamespot review.. i usually trust their reviews but when i saw a 9.4 from ign, a 9.5 from psm, and a 5/5 from gamepro.. i knew their review was bogus… ill officially be playing RCF in t minus 20 minutes… I CANT FREAKIN WAIT!!!! So far this game has the highest review average out of any other ps3 exclusive.. great job guys!!!!

  • gamespot is pro Xbox, there reviews are way off and arguments are often weak.

    Like in F1 CE they said bad graphics (graphics are fantastic) and the game is too hard (weakest argument ever and it’s pretty beginner friendly)

    Q: Are you guys still making F1 games? hope you do, F1 CE was great and it’s selling well.

  • IGN and Gamespot already reviewed your game and the reactions are, well, mixed. One gave it a 9.4 and praised it for being the best in the series, while the other gave it a 7.5 and shunned it for having an “identity crisis,” and for being too easy. Both reviewers agree it is one of the best looking games out there and still a lot of fun! I can’t wait to play this one!

  • @RobinNL
    yea ive noticed that gamespot always lists 360 games first before ever listing ps3 games… are they paid off by microsoft or something? we should start a damn petition.. that review was increidbly unfair

  • Playstation » Ratchet & Clank Future Developer Diary #1

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  • To hell with gamespot. When everyone else is giving the game 9+ scores and they come outta nowhere and give a damn 7.5, something is fishy. Im done with Gamespot as far as reviews go.

  • So is there an option to invert the y axis there ? Since some people have it already can some one answer this if the devs don’t answer it first ? I didn’t understand how the option wasn’t present in the demo, I just hope its in the retail game.

  • i hope that u can invert and uninvert and u probably will be able to.. my guess is that they just left it out of the demo

  • Gamespot’s review is an outlier in a sea of 85-100s. It’s totally possible that some people will find the game only moderately fun, but like the GS review, they won’t represent the general consensus.

  • To #3 regarding the Gamespot review, check that guy’s reviews out. He’s just a sports game fan. He doesn’t give many non-sports games good reviews. He liked Heavenly Sword and gave it an 8.0. I think he liked COD3 on the 360 too. Most of his good reviews were sports games though. This shows Gamespot’s problem though. They left a big PS3 game to someone who shouldn’t review it. They don’t seem to care about what gamers think of their reviews I guess. I’ll be letting them know why I’m not paying for their site anymore when my subscription ends.

  • I agree that GS doesn’t speak for the majority of people. Neither do any other gaming site that reviews it. I brought the reviews up for many reasons but I should’ve explained it. One, not all reviews will agree. Two, the game may get a 7 but be a nine in my mind or vise versa. three, to wonder if this will be a game that will indeed get mixed reviews throughout.

  • Playing the game now. So far it’s a solid 9.5/10.

  • @Cagalli-

    Hi! glad you got the game!

    just wondering if the option to invert the view axis is available in the options of your retail game?


  • @ Cagalli,
    dude…what the heck is the -.5? lol just curious

  • gamespot is crap, every other review says its a AAA game, the average score is 9.1 to 9.2 which is just great.

  • I hope I get to see the R&C commercial just like the good ol’ PS2 days. I wanna see a “The Groovitron, another weapon not suitable for this world”

  • I just opened my copy today and really like it.

    Btw, those who are wondering about the inverted controls, yes, you can invert the controls in the full version under the option menu.

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  • Croatian Jedi Master

    Hey, I got my copy of the game this morning at Gamestop. But, I’m a bit confused as the packaging indicates on the back that only supported HD video output is 480p, 720p. based on all web info to date, I thought that it was supposed to support 1080i. I have my PS3 connected (via Monster Component Cable) to a Mitsubishi WS-65711 Rear projection TV that has ONLY 1080i HD. There are no HDMI ports on this TV. I haven’t opened the game yet because I learned (the hard way) with Call of Duty 3 (on that game, package claimed 1080i support, but it didn’t. I was forced to send it back directly to Activision because Target refused to accept return) that, once it is opened, it’s yours. Greg, Can you confirm that it will work on my TV with 1080i. If so, the packaging needs to be corrected. Thanks.

  • Looks like Mana Knight beat me to the controller invert answer:)

  • Can’t wait to play this game tonight.. after work. :)

    When will we be getting patches to address the 2 bugs that are reportedly in the game? 1) game install bug that requires finagling of 500mb on the HDD 2) game freeze, reference: http://www.gamesradar.com/us/ps3/game/news/article.jsp?articleId=20071023151054756074&sectionId=1006&releaseId=20060322152643301029

  • Gamespot must have done that to prevent the game from becoming AAA.

    They failed.

  • uh-oh-

    i hope these bug reports are scattered at best, hopefully ALL of the games won’t freeze up at a certain point!

    So- is there an official word on the bugs yet?

  • I am going to say it now. Before it used to be companies like EA that will give reveiwers money to give them good reviews, now it seems like Mircosoft will do anything, and everything to make a web-site give a game like this a bad reveiw. MS owns gamespot.com!! Or gives them money to run to site…lol

  • @terminatorvsmtrx

    A petition would be great but I dont think it will help alot.
    Gamespot would just say:’ that’s our opinion’ and besides that more reviewers are pro xbox.

    Halo a 10? it’s not even HD, nothing has changed since the first games, short…. I just don’t see it.

  • Will you guys be showing the TV spot trailer here because I want to see how it looks because I might not catch it on TV. Because you know that PS3 commercials are rare or come on channels in the morning where most people are at work or at school.

  • Own the game and I can say its the best game on the PS3. I love it. Its average score is 9.2 including [DELETED] gamespot’s review which means that everyother website and book gave it astronomical reviews. Check gamestats you can see from there its beautiful. LOVE THE GAME ITS AMAZING, I CAN’T STOP SAYING IT I LOVE THIS GAME.

  • Gamespot Lost so mucch respect with their review. I was like ‘Naaah its just coincidence they dont like PS3 games’
    *Reviews are AAA average!*
    Wooo hoo. *Looks on gamespot* ….w…t…f?

  • yay! great game :) now lets hear about RFOM2 :) :) :)

  • Will RFOM2 have possibly keyboard and mouse support?

  • Yeah, gamespot was way off.

  • Picked up my copy during my “lunch” break… some lunch .. now I have to wait until midnight before I get home to play it … too many games to choose between to play.. It’s a great problem to have :)

  • 7.5/10 guys.

  • I love the game but is it just me or does the weapon select seem to be broken? I try to select a weapon and it does so…..after about 5 or 6 tries. I move the button to the desired weapon and nothing happen. :-(

  • Nevermind….my bad :-)

  • gamespot is off its rocker.. 7.5 for RC and turn around give Folklore 8.3?! Backwards at best.. they seriously need to have their reviews done by a group and give the avg score

  • What do you expect from an xbox/halo-fan :) No clue why they put and fps-guy on that review…


    lol not sued but taken down.

    they always RATE PS3 GAMES LOWER THAN 360 GAMES,

    The average is 9.2 and they dropped it to 9.0 out of about 30 reviews

    Why? THEY GAVE IT A 7.5. Yet they give halo 3 a 9.5 because $$$ talks.

  • Got the game on my way home from work. I just took a break from playing it and I have to say, the game is awesome! Lots of fun! Beautiful graphics!

    I’m going back in for more :)

    Thanks for an awesome game, guys.

  • Hey Sony and Insomniac. There needs to be a CG movie of Ratchet and Clank. Pleeeeease.

  • Hey guys congratulations on making it to the very short list of PS3 AAA 2007. Which I hope expands soon.

  • Greg, do you know why there is such a long delay for PAL releases?

    I’ve ended up ordering my copy from an Asian website, so I can get it weeks earlier than when it’s released here. I’ve played the demo so many times, it’s not funny. I can’t wait for the Aussie November release date. :(

    That said, it’s nowhere near as bad as Nintendo releases. I’m totally boycotting some of their releases due the several months delay.

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