Ratchet & Clank Future Developer Diary #1

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With the official release of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction imminent (and the unofficial release date already passed), we’ve got a series of developer video diaries we’d like to share with you. For our first entry, we focus on one Brian Hastings, who is the Chief Creative Officer at Insomniac Games. Brian contributed to the overall story concept (along with TJ Fixman, who we’ll feature later in the series) in Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD and the fine tuning of several other critical elements such as gameplay and voice acting to help ensure RCF went from good to great. He’s also an accomplished programmer, serving as the lead gameplay programmer on the first two Ratchet & Clank games.

In this dev diary, Brian discusses what Insomniac wanted to accomplish with RCF, how the team decided what to keep in the game and what to cut, and shares his favorite joke in the game.

We’ll be posting a new RCF developer video diary every day between now and the game’s official launch date. And if that doesn’t get you excited to play Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD, the reviews are in – and they’re very, very, very good.

One last thing, we’ve started a new poll: Which new Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon/Combat Device are you most excited to try out? Vote on the right side of the page (you may have to scroll down a bit).

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