Warhawk v1.2 Patch

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Ok … so last week I posted about our v1.1 patch which mainly dealt with core stats and connection issues. Today, I’d like to let all of you know what’s included in the v1.2 patch that is being tested right now.

Patch v1.2 addresses some main requests that our community has made as well as fixes the primary exploits and glitches … and adds some new layouts!

Patch v1.2 includes:

* 5 New layouts.
* Clan game server option.
* Buddy slot reservations.
* Integrated Warhawk Store.
* Updated CTF capture/return behavior.
* Internal stat padder protection.
* Booster Pack status display at join game list.
* DualShock3 integration.
* Separate SIXAXIS motion control on/off per mode (ground, hover, flight).
* Detailed Player Score display at end of game fixed.
* Added new server type filters (player, ranked, dedicated, clan, Official Warhawk, etc).
* Added new server full/open filter.
* Fall damage exploit fixed.
* Dismount into walls exploit fixed.
* Invisible Tank, Turret & Warhawk exploit fixed.
* Auto-kick of idle players.
* Add to Favorites button added to end game screen.
* Increased VOIP volume when not using headset.

There are a couple of items on this list that probably need a bit more clarification :-)


The new clan-game server option lets you set 2 clan names, one for the Eucadian team and one for the Chernovan team. Then, when you launch the game, the server will auto-sort the clans on the correct teams. The server will also only allow members of those 2 clans to connect. Clan games are also displayed in a different color at the join game list.


Buddy slot reservations allow you to specify a number of player slots on the server that *only* players in your PSN buddy list can join. So go ahead and kick up a game and you can always make sure that you friends can jump in with you and get their Warhawk on!

We also fixed what a lot of players refer to as the “tank” glitch. This actually could happen to turrets and Warhawks too. It is an annoying exploit and we’re happy to have it fixed – I’m sure all of you will be too!


We enabled DualShock3 functionality in the V1.2 patch too … maybe you all have heard something about this or read about it on the internet? Ha Ha :-)

The Warhawk Store is also going to be enabled in v1.2. This allows players to purchase Warhawk content, Booster Packs, etc from within Warhawk, rather than going through the XMB and then to the store – this is mainly for convenience.


And of course some new layouts – as you’ve seen from the images scattered throughout this post!

We have found that while a lot of players like playing the really large games, there was a pretty big segment that was playing smaller games. With that trend, we wanted to rig some new layouts that are more geared for smaller games; 4 to 8 players. The new layouts are:

* Eucadia: High City
* Island Outpost: Standoff
* The Badlands: South City
* Destroyed Capitol: Garden Showdown
* Archipelago: Close Corridors


So there you have it. The update list for patch v1.2 that is currently being tested right now and we are tracking an early to mid December global release.

And of course I can’t end this post without mentioning the Booster Pack. So there, I said it…”Booster Pack” :-)


No seriously … my next post in just a few days will give you all a glimpse of an internal gameplay session we had with the Booster Pack. It’s just a glimpse because as I’ve said before, our top priority has been on the v1.1 and v1.2 updates.

Over and out…

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  • Sweet!!!!

  • Sweet sounds great

  • I think a free booster pack would make everyone that hasn’t been able to play this game happy.

    I bought the game weeks ago and I rarely can connect in a server = (
    But who cares about me and other people that had problems, right? You are fixing it now and I should just shut up.

  • Holy [DELETED] I fainted

  • Helll yeahhh…I want to drive with analog sticks and fly with motion controls!!!!

  • Oh very impressive. Can’t wait for it!!

  • So happy about this new update, especially:
    – new map configs
    – easier to filter games
    – DS3 integration
    Nice addition, and nice to know that all these things are free. Love to see a much loved game grow like this!

  • SWEET thank you so much.

    here have a cookie.

  • so, is the v1.1 patch already in the game? I logged in this morning after the maint. window and nothing had changed as far as rank/stats go… just wondering…. thanks!

  • Sweet.Making a great game better.

  • Boo ya! So what are people going to complain about now?

    I knew it would be worth the wait of releasing a patch! Talk about a hell of a pack!

    The only thing I’m worried about now is the buddy saver option. Does this worked for ranked games as well? Cause people could still technically stat pad by waiting for their buddies to get on a ranked match…

    Well that’s all I have for now…

  • great update. i can’t wait to have separation of sixaxis controls.

  • This is awesome!!

  • When is the update going up?

  • The only thing I’m wondering about is “Updated CTF capture/return behavior”.I wonder what this means?Dylan?

  • Dylan,

    Sounds fantastic. Thanks for the great work. Is it possible you give us some news or hints as to what to expect in terms of downloadable content?

    Would Air Ship bases be possible? That would be an incredible game type.


  • So what’s changed with the CTF flag return save behavior? I really love the way it works right now… I just hate when you’re flag has been dropped and you’re standing there trying to save it, but it times out and re-spawns at the base instead. I’ve lost a lot of points waiting by the flag when the progress bar is ALMOST finished only to have it re-spawn…

    But I love the way it speeds up when there’s more people trying to save it, because it’s cool to get a bit of teamwork out of it, and at the same time it’s risky because someone can easily wipe out half of your team with a TOW or an airstrike. The point system works well for the flags, since it’s easy to get team points but you need a helluva lot of them to get rewarded for it.

  • Jobe i cant thank you and your team enough for all the effort you have put into this game. Warhawk is the first game i have ever enjoyed playing online.

  • @9 AZDodger

    1.1 comes out at the end of this month…Ahhh…mid-December sounds too far away for 1.2!

  • @ Dylan

    Could you expand on the updated CTF return behavior? Is that a realignment of points gained?

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  • With the others what does “Updated CTF capture/return behavior” mean as far as gameplay goes.

  • Nice! If it’s possible, in a patch add the ability to invite a friend into a game.

  • What are the exploits? Does the tank exploit and fall damage issue refer to rolling off a cliff on a tank and taking no damage?

    I’m confused about what booster packs are and how they affect the game. Does this provide an advantage to players?

    I’m happy the team cares enough about the community to provide refinements. I’ve personally never had a negative experience or seen exploits. My only request would be team teardowns and rebuilds after a lopsided victory. I always seem to get plopped onto a mess of a team.

  • wished you would’ve done XMB access instead of a straight Warhawk store access. It’d be nice to send/receive messages to buddies in game, instead of having to go out and doing so.

  • HEY DYLAN JOBE, ARE YOU EVER GOING TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE CHEATER AND STAT PADDER TransAMZ28??? He is #2 on WARHAWK leaderboards…and he cheats and stat pads. he does the same thing on NASCAR 08.

    It’s about time SONY does something with this guy…Like a PERMANENT IP ban

  • On the next patch, can you put a little more weight on the characters?

    When I’m on foot it feels like the character is skating or sliding around instead of actual running.

  • Great work guys. DAMN.

    I can’t wait for these patches to be released!

  • This awesome! Thank you very much Dylan and the Warhawk team! This is all coming at just the right time!

  • That is one heck of an update Dylan!

    Great job to all of you guys on the Warhawk team!

  • god bless your soul :)

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  • wait…december? WOW.

  • Hey Dylan, could you elaborate about the “updated CTF capture/return behavior”?

    Thank you

  • Awesome!!! Looking forward to it.
    But December is a long time :(. I was thinking more of a next week release :(.

  • I’m wondering about the * Updated CTF capture/return behavior * also?

  • Warhawk is my first online game I’ve ever purchased and I’ve been playing video games for over 12 years.
    This post regarding the updates cements why I chose Warhawk. Incognito, along with Naughty Dog and Team ICO are fall-back standards that I will stand by and praise for quality in the face of modern blandness shoved down our throats by other various big wig companies.
    Excellent news. Thank you for making me a proud PS3 owner.

  • Dylan please read!!! Warhawk is awesome!!! But, I’m having problem with the tanks. Just about every round I play I will shoot a warhawk and it will not take damage or even explode. I even see the damage animation when I shoot it. You might think that I’m not aiming right but I asure you that I am. I have even shot them point blank on the ground and it has happened a few times. And for a high skilled tank player who shoots warhawks out of the sky it is very frustrating. I still play warhawk all the time and it is one of my favorites, but I do hope it gets fixed. Would you please investigate this problem? Thanks for reading.

  • Hey, Dylan,

    All I can say is: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! ;) This is exactly what I’m talking about. Both patches should make for almost perfect matches after they are implemented. Good show!!! BTW, what’s up with patch v.1.1? Wasn’t it supposed to be implemented in the Maintenance window this morning? Will it be this Monday or next Monday or somewhere in-between that?

    Until all are 1,


  • I have had the same problem as Spiderman.

    On a seperate note: I hope these booster packs are free/really really really cheap. The worst thing that can happen right now is a splintered community.

  • Great work Dylan and the rest of the Warhawk guys! Love the game, been really keeping me busy lately!

  • Maybe I overlooked this but. . . would there happened to be a set release date for v1.1? It seems the update hasn’t been released yet? Hopefully it’s soon, I’m looking forward to both updates. Thanks guys!

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  • This is a bumper update. Excellent stuff!!

  • Alucard TheDestroyer

    Awesome news Dylan. Thanks to you and your team for the continued diligence towards WarHawk!

  • Simply awesome. Nothing else to say. Can’t wait for it. The new map layouts should be a blast on Deathmatches.

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  • Damn you Dylan….I love this update its sweet…it addresses most of the things we wanted and some we didn’t even think about. I guess this means we are gonna be playing Warhawk for a bit longer than we originally thought…my clan and I.

    Next up:
    -VoIP channels
    -Clan stats page

    What? you thought you were gonna get off easy? Don’t you know we are Playstation fans? We are never pleased. Give us the world and we will ask, “what about the other planets? can we get some of those too?”.

    Thanks again man.

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