PlayStation Pro Event Recap

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Hi I’m Abigail Murphy, just stopping in to give you the scoop on the PlayStation Pro, which took place this past weekend at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida. For those who aren’t familiar, the PlayStation Pro is the fifth and final stop of the AST Dew Tour, the pro action sports tour that features skateboarding, BMX, and freestyle motocross.


On Wednesday, PlayStation kicked off the event by donating $5,000 each to the Orlando After School All-Stars & The OC Club. The donations were given in hopes of providing the children of the Orlando more opportunities to get involved in action sports. AST Dew Tour Pro Skateboarders Anthony Furlong, Jean Postec and Andy McDonald held a clinic with 30 kids from these clubs on the Fresh Park course. Along with the clinic, The PlayStation Experience truck was on-site at the Festival Village for all the kids to test out the latest and greatest videogames for PlayStation.


The PlayStation Experience was packed all weekend, with kids looking to check out the best in action sports…and videogaming! People went insane over the upcoming PlayStation Network title PAIN. It’s no surprise, as PAIN is a game of crash and burn, after all.



The AST Dew Tour competition went on throughout the weekend. Here are the results:

AST Dew Cup Champions
Skateboard Park: Ryan Sheckler
Skateboard Vert: Shaun White
FMX: Nate Adams
BMX Vert: Jamie Bestwick
BMX Park: Daniel Dhers
BMX Dirt: Ryan Nyquist

All Dew Cup Champions were awarded on Sunday night, after a weekend filled with incredible competitions. PlayStation was also on hand to crown the 2007 PlayStation Trick of the Year winner…Mike Spinner. Mike’s 1080 in BMX Park won him the PlayStation Trick of the Week honors in Portland and has now won him the ultimate prize – the 2007 PlayStation Trick of the Year. Mike will be looking forward to a $10,000 check, a PLAYSTATION®3, and library of games. Congrats Mike!

We took a ton of pictures at the PlayStation Pro, click here to visit our gallery.

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  • that looks really cool!

  • Whoa, Sony is having a lot of events for PS3 lately huh?

  • Wow guys! These events are all so cool and amazing, you don’t see the competition doing this!

  • Anyone have an idea how Pain plays? I’ve read some bad things about it.

  • You should have done it in MIAMI FLORIDA, there is a MUCH BIGGER POPULATION IN MIAMI than there is in Orlando, I know becuase I live there.

  • That looks crazy delicious.

    Like Mr. Pibb and Red Vines delicious.

  • Nice thing you guys did.

  • Wondering if you guys can give us a status on SCEA San Diego, if everything is okay over there.

  • Wow! Wish I could have been there, looks like my kind of event. Great donation idea and an even better way to encourage extreme sports. Good call guys, way to be on the ball!

  • Wow! $10,000!? And then a PS3 and some games to boot?? That kid hit the frickin’ jackpot!

    And they got to play PAIN!? I want! I want!

  • @ Fabi:

    What haven’t you heard bad things about? There’s always some out there bashing on one thing or another. Personally, I haven’t heard a thing, but it’ll be $9.99 max so I’ll AT LEAST give it a try. If I can fling Bush then we’ve got a done deal. :P :D

  • Im glade to see everything went well :D

    That would be a great jackpot to win im telling you ;)

    Good way to premote!

    PS3 Suporter here:

    Wish i could of finished watching the event on TV was surfing the channels in stead of watching gay football and found that this Event was on! wish i could of watched the hole thing :(

  • Instead i had to go back to work since i was on my Break :( stupid Sam’s Club :P

  • im not just saying this because i hate him, im saying this because its true.. ryan sheckler didnt win the skateboard park event.. he got in second place, i watched it

  • WOW, that aerial shot looks amazing

  • Ryan Sheckler like always wins.When I started skating he was like two feet tall.

  • Off topic. I downloaded the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo from the japanese store. and wow.. its simply amazing looking. It looks better than I even expected. Way better than even the GTHD download awhile back. I really can’t wait for the eventual release of the full game. This demo just made waiting that much more difficult :).

  • Cool I guess.

    And can no one comment on to what the thread is about and not trail off to what they just want, such as number 18.

  • this is really awesome!!! I live in Orlando!! how come I didn’t know about this!?!?!?! Anyways nice job, wish I could have gone.


  • A.W.E.S.O.M.E. O.


    When is Pain coming?

  • @ ps3 mods, don’t ask stupid questions in a thread that has nothing to do with Pain, not even with games in general.

  • Seems like a huge event. Amazing stuff.

  • Ratchet is getting good reviews and soon MGS4 will hit followed by Killzone 2, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo 5, then FF13 and FFvs13 thusly taking a [DELETED] all over Bill Gates’s face.

  • I hate blue shirt and tie people…. they can’t be trusted.

  • @27: What the hell does “[…] check the full story here […]” mean? You and number four did the same thing, what does that mean??

  • Come on Guys!! Better Advertising!! I knew about this event, but was on the fence about going… not a single commercial mentioned you’d have a Playstation Truck there!!

    Let us know in advance so we can go instead of just making us look at your pictures after the fact!

  • @AI2x, I have no idea what those are for…is it by commentors or from the blog itself? Noone seems to want to answer from the people who run this site or anyone from Sony.

    anyway hey if they don’t have that many tv commercials…atleast they have these live promotional stuff or whatever they are. Its something yanno

  • Wow, looks like a lot of fun =) I think it is great that you guys are promoting the Playstation brand through community events and trying to get in touch with crowds you might not otherwise reach. Now bring one of those trucks are park it in my neighborhood!! :P

    @ Al2x
    What you are seeing in those posts is the Playstation Blog pulling its distribution stats and showing us who is using their blog. It is a feature in Feedburner called “Awareness API”.

  • Is EOJ out today? I’m tempted to buy that game, but my logical side is telling me to wait and see…

  • @ Al2x
    Correction, It may use Awareness API but it may just be a “Ping Back” as well.
    In any case whatever it is called, those are not actual posters, it is just when someone links the blog it posts it here.

  • @sony

    Can someone notify us here on this blog in ADVANCE when these events will be taking place? There seems to be a serious lack in communication when you have many like myself who are on this blog daily and are interested in attending these events can’t get a heads up when they’re goin down.

  • Sick wakeboarding

  • all event » PlayStation Pro Event Recap

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  • @enrichovega

    Thanks for your interest in our events. We take your comments seriously, and plan to give more regular updates as to where we’re going to be.

    All of our Events and Promotions can always be found here.

    In fact, we’re on our way to New Orleans this weekend for the Voodoo Music Experience. The PlayStation Experience Truck will be on-site, as well as the SingStar Performance Stage. So if you’re near the Big Easy this weekend, please drop by!

    And if you can’t make it, we’ll tell you all about it when we get back!

  • @mp7a1mobsta yea i thought ryan got second too and yes i hate him too, he only got second in the last event and he won overall

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