PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.


* Folklore “PlayStation Underground” Demo (free)Dive deeper into the world of Folklore with the new Folklore™ “PlayStation® Underground™” demo where you will learn more about the characters and story of the game as you sample the game’s animated “comic book-like” cut scenes and play through the Fairy Realm as either Ellen or Keats.
File size: 1.26 GB
ESRB Rated T

* Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Demo (free)Get in the drift with Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights, the only place where superstar DJs, smokin’ hot models and totally tuned cars come into close contact.
File size: 968 MB
ESRB Rated T

Game Videos

* Uncharted Tech Dive Video (free)Sneak peek at the technology behind Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune™.
File size: 619 MB (HD)

* Burnout™ Paradise Steel Wheels Trailer (free) Rock Paradise City with two and a half tons of heavy metal mayhem! The heavily modified “STEEL WHEELS” Carson GT Concept car was designed specifically for the celebrity with style. Featuring armor-plating and a supercharged V8, this car is sure to make a grand entrance at any premiere. Pre-order and unlock “Steel Wheels!”
File size: 47.2 MB (HD)

* Turok Dino Luring Trailer (free)Dinosaurs are neutral enemies that do not use discretion when attacking prey. Use their voracious appetites and vicious dispositions to your advantage by luring them into attacking other enemies. Fire into a group of enemy soldiers or toward a pack of dinosaurs, and let them do the work for you.
File size: 57.5 MB (SD), 149 MB (HD), 219 MB (1080)

* Devil May Cry 4 TGS Short Trailer (free)The short version of the 2007 Tokyo Game Show Devil May Cry 4 trailer has been released! This is the first official movie of Nero and Dante fighting various demons, showing off scenes loaded with great stylish action game play!
File size: 84.4 MB (1080)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

* Rails & Ties Trailer (free)Tom and Megan Stark always thought there would be time — time to have children, time to take that trip to San Francisco, time to fix the problems in their marriage. But Megan’s illness and Tom’s inability to face the possibility of losing her are stealing all the time they have left. All Tom can do is bury himself in his job as a train engineer, where at least he feels in control and everything runs on a predetermined track. Until now.
File size: 29.3 MB (SD), 102 MB (HD), 140 MB (1080)

* Incubus — Alive at Red Rocks BD Trailer (free)Incubus’s Alive At Red Rocks features the band’s first long-form live concert. Taped at the legendary Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheatre July 26, 2004, Alive At Red Rocks captures the band at its inspirational, gusty best. Building on the DVD release extras, this Blu-ray includes lyrics, a high definition photo gallery, and the ability to focus in on individual band members through the “Navigate the Stage” feature.
File size: 39.6 MB (SD), 155 MB (HD), 219 MB (1080)

* Underworld BD Trailer (free)Underneath the city streets, amid the labyrinth of subway tunnels and gothic ruins, vampires and werewolves are embroiled in an all-out war that has been going on for centuries.
File size: 151 MB (1080)

PS3 Wallpaper

* Eye of Judgement Wallpapers (2) (free)Customize the background of your PS3™ system with this new Eye of Judgment Wallpaper.
File sizes: 968KB-1.30MB


* Calling All Cars has been reduced to $4.99 until 10/25/07

Hope you enjoy!

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  • :( I was hoping for a great PSN game too but oh well, last week was great and there are some neat things on the JPN store.

  • 2nd! Good update, CAC owns!

  • Nothing that good… but… Im getting CALLING ALL CARS!!!

  • people better get Calling all Cars…

  • Nice update. I’ll keep taking the demos. I would have rather had a Lair demo than a second Folklore demo…but I’ll enjoy this update either way!

  • Still no PES 2008 demo :”(

  • omg. this is the worst update in 6 months! lol

  • Absolutely terrible update.

    For only getting a weekly update, and being something I look forward to every week, this is just god awful.

  • Hey, Grace, thanks for the update news. Sounds great. Don’t forget to watch Grey’s Anatomy at 9pm EST on ABC… Ha ha, ha.

  • thanks for posting.

    any word on the Grand Turismo 5 prologue demo that the japan store is getting on the 20th is coming to the US store?

  • This is a bad update, even if the PSN is free compared to Live this is awful. Give us more psone games, daily updates, more content more often. Weekly updates are terrible when you wait so long to get new content to be disappointed in the end. I wish Sony gets this right soon! They need something like MS Live. thanks sony.

  • A little bit of a disappointing update, but there are demos so I can’t complain too much. I have two suggestions:

    1. Please get some PS1 games up. Europe just got some today, and Japan gets a ton every month. We haven’t gotten a new PS1 game in over 3 months.

    2. Playstation cards need to be made. There are quite a few people who don’t have credit cards or don’t use them online. I really want to get flow, Calling All Cars, Everyday shooter, but I can’t until you get them out to retailers. Microsoft and Nintendo have them, why doesn’t Sony?

  • again better than the EU PSN.. but i’m on the japanese store tomorrow for GT Prologue YEEEHAAA!!!

  • yep. pes 2008 isn’t there alright. see u all next week.

  • Wow, thanks for the DMC4 trailer. As for the people crying, well, you should be happy we’ve been getting a minimum of 2 demos weekly now for a while.

  • Another lame update. Why am I not suprised.

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  • Thanks for the update but nothing I’m really interested in .. I already own Folklore .. I might try out Juiced 2 but doesn’t look like my style of racing..

    off topic but on topic of the posts in here.

    Please explain why you guys are crying for .. it’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s better than waiting on a chance to maybe get a demo disc with your underground account. I mean really are you all children that can handle having to wait.

    Do I like to wait? no I don’t, but I also understand that Rome was built in a day and neither will the PSN network. Give it time and enjoy the vast amount of games to play especially if you have a PSP and a PS3 :) … great time to be a gamer

  • I hope people finally buy Calling All Cars now — that note should have been at the top of the post in bold — seriously that’s one of the best PSN downloads but i rarely play cuz it’s realistically a multiplayer only and no one is ever playing! :P

  • cool juice is fun i have it on xbox…..i hope the games 4 the eye come out soon..
    good update

  • people complaining are seriously dumb….shutup!! its free stuff and 10 times better then the PS store updates we used to get!!!

  • @Gamerman76 “but I also understand that Rome was built in a day” lol The romans must have had some fast development contracts with building Rome in one day. thats awesome! lol just kidding dude!

  • glad u guys [sony] posted something 4 a change.any word on the network cards?or games 4 the eye

  • @kingv84 … yeah no edit button sucks… :D

    At least you knew what I meant.. wasn’t was supposed to be intended there .. lmfao… oh well .. I make my fair share of mistakes and why an edit button would be a great feature for this site

  • I really want NFS: pro streat, so a juice demo is kind of cool I guess.

    Is this a brand new folklore demo?

  • How can you guys say this update wasn’t good? Have you been monitoring XBL lately? They haven’t recieved any demos this week, so we’re lucky to get a new Folklore and Juicded Demo. Im just glad that when a developer has a demo now, PS3 gets them too.

  • @18 I like PSN …but I love to [DELETED]..

  • great update. calling all cars is a must get.

    Juiced 2 is great too.

  • very bad update!!
    waited all day for this!!
    lair demo would be great! too bad we did not get it

  • Hmm, i didnt want Folklore the first time it was offered. Oh well, might get Calling All Cars.

  • @ 28

    get a hold of yourselves.

  • Warhawk news!! there is said to be a patch coming that will add a airborne vehicle transport!! I have a pic that you can see of you have a PS3. go to the account set up on your PS3 avatar. go to the area where you can pick the avatar picture. i think it is on page 13, close to the socom characters. there is a Warhawk Avatar that has a white background and has the new vehicle!! Just a little thing i found last night. Just keepin you informed everybody. Sorry this is not in the correct area.

  • @ 31

    would this patch be free? i dont think i would pay for just a vehicle.

  • Not as festive of an update as to what we’re used to. However, I will check out the new FolkLore demo and some of the game/movie trailers.

    Looking forward to next week’s update!

  • Wish I had a time machine and could go back to the days when all we had were new movie trailers in our updates and people said, “All I want is at least one demo each week”. Well, here we are with two demos, killer deal on a fun party game (CAC), and free bonuses like behind the scenes and free wallpapers (that the OTHER consoles charges for) and yet that’s still not enough for some people.

    Not as great as last week’s update, but it works. Hard to top last week’s amazing one-two-punch of Ratchet and EverydayShooter, anyways. Good thing too cuz I’m going to be broke this holiday season with all the games coming out…

  • I’m still confused…why did we need a second Folklore demo?

  • Are we EVER going to get any new PS1/PSP titles up on the store? When was the last one? July? i.e. 4 months ago?

  • @ 35

    i dont think the first one made the right impression.


    ANOTHER Folklore demo??? WTF???

  • @37

    Darn…the first Japanese demo made me want to buy it…boo to the people who couldn’t be convinced! They better buy it now!

  • PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE more PSOne games!! I want Crash Team Racing so bad, and now all other territories have it besides us! –I might pick up CAC–that is a good offer!

  • LOL….GAY!!!

  • @ Grace Chen

    I like the idea of including the filesize! It’s actually quite helpful.

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  • Yeah Grace, that’s just great. Go ahead, Give me ANOTHER reason why I DONT want to download the demo.

  • Calling All Car is the best deal right now!! For the ptice it’s a steal! People that don’t own this right now should really get this awseome, fun game!! See you on-line with that game!! Get it now for $4.99 befire the price goes back up!!

  • huzzah Folklore demo!

  • I love how people just defend the updates no matter what.

    “People who complain are seriously dumb!” “It’s free, so shut up!”

    Yeah, thanks for that wonderful insight.

    Count me in the camp that believes that #1 it should be free and #2 If you’re only going to update ONCE a week, it better be awesome.

    Look, I’m one of the ones who waited in line 13 hours to get a PS3 the second came out. Only I didn’t actually get one, because the shipments were half of what the originally thought to be. So, instead I got a rain check…and three weeks later, I drove another 2 1/12 hours out of town to pick up my 60gb PS3.

    I complained when the first six or seven months passed by and we rarely (if ever) got demos. To which the “Sony Defenders” told me to “Shut up, the system hasn’t even out a year yet! Give them time!”

    Lame updates are lame updates. Period.

    And I think I’ve earned my “Sony Stripes” in order to say that without having anyone try to tell me to “shut up.”

  • Good update! I like the new format to the update post! Lot’s of good info!

  • I agree 100% with you dude. And to all of you saying, “this is a great update”, “this update rocks”, i call [DELETED]. Yeah, keep on praising these lame a[DELETED] updates and see if you get anything good soon. Look, i’m a PS fan until the cows come home, but this sucks. And to all saying the PSN is free, I say, no it isn’t. I paid $600 dollars for it, SO HELL YEAH I’M GONNA COMPLAIN.

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