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Hey people! My name is Greg Easley and I’m one of the founders of Super-Ego Games, a development studio with a different take on making games. We’re finally announcing our new title and labor of love, Rat Race. You’ll read more about this in the game press soon, but I wanted to tell you about it here first.

Rat Race is a PS3-exclusive comedy/adventure game – yeah, another one of those! – that will be available as individual episodes on PSN beginning this winter. Rat Race has been written and voiced by some really funny people with credits on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, My Name Is Earl, Saturday Night Live, South Park, Flight of the Conchords, Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Comedy Central, and so on. Our team includes some of the best stand-up comics in New York City, where half of our studio is based (the other half is in San Francisco).

Rat Race is set in an office – an extremely dysfunctional one. The company is called BiggCo, and the people who work there make the Enron guys look like Nobel Prize laureates. Your job is simply to make it through the day as bombs go off all around you. As the clock ticks toward quitting time, you’ll encounter a rogues gallery including: Joy Chung, an impossible, and impossibly hot, PR exec; Chip Bratsby III, a pompous jerk whose career focus is getting you fired; and Dr. Ron Durfman, a research scientist who may or may not be intimate with his lab monkey.

Our goal is to give you the feeling of “playing” inside an episode of your favorite TV show. Sometimes we describe Rat Race as an interactive sitcom, but that doesn’t do it justice. There’s more to the experience than funny dialogue. Along the way you’ll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even “neutralize” that lab monkey.

Look for more info about Rat Race in the coming weeks.

rr_office7Rat Race - Office Talk

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  • no! i hate that movie!

  • This isn’t based on the movie…. o.0

    Anyways it looks like something that hasn’t been done before. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this “labor of love” ha ha!

    P.S:: I love MONKEYS!!!

  • Sounds good.

    I enjoy the diversity of products you’re putting up on PSN.

  • no thanks….

  • Metaphorical bombs?

  • Sweet. Looks awesome and original too.

    Can’t wait!

    Any word on a price?

  • Adventure games FTW!

  • awesome graphics, now can i change my password on the blog and fast forward on audio files on the ps3? please?

  • I am looking forward to this.

  • This usually wouldn’t acquire to my tastes but something about it is really intriguing me. So far I like what I hear. Give me mo info!

  • Sounds cool

  • Lets hope the wit hits the mark. But it does look very entertaining.

  • Mwuahua, atleast Sony is trying out new stuff!

    If you wanna play the same crap over and over again…stick with the Wii or 360…not saying that the PS3 hasnt used its share of sequels,prequels and stuff…but seriously how many games do you need to see Marios face in it?

  • You know what would be really cool? If Sony would allow some of us who don’t have credit cards to buy such games from PSN. Now that would be cool.

  • Sounds interesting. I bet it’ll do well if it actually is funny.

    I think it’s a good choice to release this over the PSN in an episode format. I’ve often wondered about the media release capabilities of the system. As others have speculated, it would be interesting to see movies and tv episodes on there one day.

  • Everything sounded good until this part:

    “Along the way you’ll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even “neutralize” that lab monkey.”

    Also the characters sound stereotypical. I hope it’s just one of those games where the pics don’t do it justice because it’ll be refreshing to play something where you don’t kill things.

  • Sounds like a fun cast to work with!

    And about time we have a (what seems to be) a story-first title on the PSN. uh, This is a downloadable title, right?

    either way, Can’t wait to see more on it!

  • This has really peaked my interest. I’m curious what you meant by adventure game though, is this more Sam & Max episodes type of adventure or more Uncharted adventure? I personally hope you meant the earlier rather than the later, but am likely on board either way.


  • Ooh! Episodic content on the PSN!?


    This is a great idea and the game sounds like it will have some solid execution. Way to go, guys!

  • Sounds like an interesting concept for a game. I like interesting game concepts.

  • It sounds fun! If it’s good, I hope the time you have to wait between episodes isn’t ridiculously long.

  • Hey pretty cool.

    Wasn’t this at first called Nine to Five?

  • Are paying for the episodes and or are they free? is it any nutidy and it is better them the sims?

  • Wow man add some anti-aliasing

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  • This sounds awesome. I hope you guys pull it off, because the concept could really turn into something special.

  • Sounds great…can’t wait to know more!

  • Sounds awesome.

  • sounds cool!


    If you purchase an episode of the game, but maybe not the next one that comes out, can you then buy the even later released ones, or do you HAVE to buy all the episodes for them to work, or can you jump in at a later episode to start?

    just wondering, episodic releases sound cool…if they are not too expensive!

    I really hope they aren’t going to charge an arm and a leg for these..

    anymore than $9.99 an episode is pushing it!

    my 2 cents!

  • Color me intrigued.

  • will it come out in december still……and wipeout hd..andwarhawk expansion

  • sounds cool so far…

  • Sounds like a great addition to the PS3.

  • ??? Where did this one come from? You guys got me off guard with this one. Looks like a good time thought. I cant wait to find out what its all about. If it is good I will buy more than just the first episode.

    That lady is copying her ass. LOL

  • this game looks good… great graphics in a cartoony kinda way… i guess well have to wait and see

  • Hmm, not sure how to phrase this. I’m very excited that adventure gaming is coming back. Extremely excited actually, it’s one of my favorite genres. The only problem is, due to the story-driven nature of such games, not everyone is going to like the story or writing style, no matter how good the game mechanics are.

    I’ll give Rat Race a try, most likely. However, I hope to see it alongside Sam & Max and Penny-Arcade Adventures… any word on those titles showing up on PSN?

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  • Looks different, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  • Sounds like this could be a really fun game, can’t wait to check it out

  • Looks very, very interesting!!!

  • Well I sincerely hope you hired those comedians after you put that trailer up on your site because that was the dumbest [DELETED] I’ve ever seen. And copying her! Pushing the envelope! See the thing about Sam & max is it’s funny. This is not.


    Did you get the memo on the TPS report?

  • Interesting concept :)

    I’m looking forward to this.

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  • PlayStation 3, home to emerging genres of games, via PlayStation Network.
    The thought of comedy, adventure seems pretty interesting to me. A game that makes me laugh is a welcome addition to my library.

  • Looks like they’re really coming out with some unexpected / original stuff via the PSN. Works for me.

    Office parody is a good time.

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  • Looks interesting. Living the rat race in real life, I am hoping the game will eventually lead to a scene in which I am allowed to put some physical hurt on my boss… in the game, I mean ;)

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