A Bounty of PlayStation Schwag Awaits You … Maybe

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Now that most of the year’s major game industry events are behind us, the steadily growing bounty of PlayStation t-shirts, hats, pens, notebooks, oh, and belt buckles are reaching critical mass. I kid you not.

This being the situation, folks, we have an idea:

We know a lot of people here have been PlayStation fans for years and for some of you, in fact, all of your lives. So it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. We’ve come up with 10 PlayStation trivia questions. If you think you know the answers, use the ‘contact us’ link on the side of this blog with “I Want Some Schwag!” as the subject line. Of course, include your answers, name and mailing address.

If all 10 of your answers are correct, you’ll be entered into a random drawing where 10 winners will be given a bounty of PlayStation schwag.

Sorry, now for the gratuitous legal disclaimer: To be eligible, you must send in your answers no later then October 31, 2007 11:59 PM (PST). Limit one entry per person and valid e-mail address for the duration of the promotion: Contest is only open to U.S. residents ages 13 or older who answer all 10 questions correctly. Prize fulfillment is at Sponsor’s discretion and based on availability.

Here’s what you’re playing for, people. Get your game faces on:


And here are the questions:

1. What was the date of the launch of the first PlayStation in the U.S.?
2. What PlayStation launch title ‘shot fireworks’ into the industry?
3. On what date were plans for PlayStation 3 first shared?
4. Name one team that is playing in the NHL FaceOff section of the U R Not E commercial?
5. What was the name of the first PlayStation title from these developers?

a. Naughty Dog
b. Insomniac
c. Eidetic

6. What is the full name of the female member of Interpol in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus?
7. What game is this character from?
8. How many power cells and precursor orbs were there to collect in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy?
9. According to the famed PS9 commercial, PS9’s electronic spores do what?
10. What is the weight difference between the original PSP and the recently announced PSP-2000?

I’ll post the answers and the names of the lucky winners here once they’re drawn.

Good luck!

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  • tooooo bad i’m from kuwait :(

  • Too bad I’m an employee :(

  • Damn it! I’m in the UK!!!

  • Official PS3 Blog tests you with a 10 trivia questions to win a great prize!

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  • Some of them are tough questions, lol, and I’m one of the biggest PlayStation fans around.

    Anyway, it would be cool if on the Official PS Site, you sold that PS merchandise. Myself and many other PlayStation fans I know of would gladly buy that awesome PS3 clothing. :D

  • Yeah, Canada here.

    Aw well.

  • Canada here too…
    But #6 is right – Sell it and we’ll buy it… we’ll buy anything… we bought a $600 console for goodness sake

  • UK here aswell, i dont know most the answers anyway, really tough questions and ive owned all the PS consoles.

  • :( I want that Belt buckle but no way I am getting even most of those answers correct.

  • There are issues with submitting with so many remarks. Please correct or provide a different email address to send answers to.



  • haha the internet strikes again .. all of you across the pond folk need to get on your chaps to start a cool blog like we have.

  • What in the world is number 7?

  • @13

    That’s what I want to know :(

  • Ive never even see anything like it… It looks more like an enemy than a character!

  • Are you sure you guys don’t want to let Canadian citizens in as well :) ?

  • What’s the damn bird? I need that answer…:(

  • lol # 7 is probably the only one that can’t be found on the net… at least not easily. This is what I found.

    … I want that schwag! not more than firmware 2.0 though.

  • Sorry for the double post but I agree with the others that mentioned offering these items in an online Sony Store. I’d definitely buy a shirt or two, the wallet and the hat :)

  • I know what question 13 is but what game now that is a different story :D

    Looks like i will have to go through my collection until I find which one it is specifically from ;)

  • Why aren’t any of these cool competitions in Europe???

  • The Playstation Schwag Contest

    […] Via Playstation.Blog […]

  • no idea what 4 and 7 are so i’m out :-(

  • @ EU Posters:

    Well this is the SCEA Blog so they’re only going to do contests for the NA region (don’t know why Canada isn’t included though). SCEE would have to do contests for the EU region but SCEE seems to be in it’s own little world at this point in time (poor PSN updates for one).

  • hehehehe, good questions, and a great idea!

    time to hit the books so i can get some shwag!

    How about sending us some of Jonathan Mak’s (everyday shooter creator) seaweed and hash browns?


  • How about producing and selling some of this stuff…instead of just randomly giving it out?

  • Hooray for a Sly Cooper question. I hope we see a new iteration on PS3.

  • Hey…! Number 5 is actually three questions… No fair. :P

  • I’m having problems submitting the results, because I keep getting too many remarks. Patrick, could you please try to fix it or look into it?

    Thank you very much and I can’t wait to see the results.

  • oh my god i think i got it…..

  • Hehe I had to resubmit 6 times cause it kept saying I got the image verification wrong—so yeah that’d be nice to make it a little more forgiving…

    Yay for Sony Schwag!!

    With Europe—you guys got a ‘create a folk for Folklore’ contest so it doesn’t completely suck for you guys!! True tho–I second the opinion that this stuff should be in an online store–even pushed in places like Hot Topic where they already sell gaming stuff.

  • This is more a request and not a answer, but any chance of announceing the US 40gig PS3 release date? I need to know because that systems price tag is perfict for me and if you wan’t another PSN member then you need to tell us it’s darn release date!

  • Sucks for us Canadians :(

    @33: Expect a 40gb PS3 to release on or before November 2nd. Target and Best Buy retail stores already have in stock dates of Oct.28th.

  • I have no idea what the answers to some of those questions are lol, but I really like that hat…

  • Lame…
    I’m in New Zealand.

  • Still pisses me off that you guys haven’t gotten this “only in US” stuff sorted out. Being your last blog entry was a “Yes, there is a Sony in Canada” why can’t they set the same thing up?

  • i know the answer to all of these, give us 2.0 with xmb in-game. NOW GIMME MY PRIZE.

  • I want that belt buckle………time to find the answers !!!!

  • I thought this PlayStation Blog was supposed to be about customer concerns and stuff. At least that’s what the original post said a couple months ago…

    Now it’s just more Sony Hype. How can you guys get so much wrong in so little time?

  • Stomped at 7…

  • this is kinda messed up. just because someone like me doesn’t know these answers doesn’t mean we havn’t been fans for a long time. what they should have done is just have people enter their info and just put everyone that enters their info into the drawing and do it like that. give everyone a fair chance. not just those people who happen to know all the right answers. it’s things like this that make Sony have bad customer relations.

  • Now, I think it’s great that you give out stuff and all, but what’s really important now is getting the new features out to the PS3. At the moment, new games on the console are pretty scarce, so my PS3 is collecting dust at the moment. For instance, Home would most likely get the job done. I guess Home and update 2.0 will be simultaniously launched. That would make me compelled to fiddle with it again.

  • I figured the trick to submitting, don’t worry about it Patrick.

  • I didn’t know so many people were capable of complaining about free stuff for answering some questions…

  • Sheesh – people once again complaining about free stuff.
    These questions aren’t tough if you’ve truly been a fan for a long time. Heck, most of the answers can be found online.
    If you want something bad enough, do the leg-work and look it up.

  • @42

    Yeah mines collecting dust until 2.0 and home also. Pisses me off and makes me not want to play when I have to jump out for a god damn message when I receive them every 20 minutes. I expect it Spring 08 or Summer 08 knowing that Sony doesn’t like to give us things in a timely manner. Hats, socks, and shirts don’t make my $600 PS3 any more worth it. If you really wanna make customers feel special try making the PS3 into the multimedia powerhouse that it is not. Nothing til Spring-Winter 08. Betcha Killzone, LBP and MGS4 will be pushed to.


    Official sales http://www.vgchartz.com

    PS3- 77k

    Wii- 75k

    360- 45k

  • to hard for me

  • Who is this BigP moron who comes into every post whining about why something hasn’t been done since the previous post he came in and whined about?

    get a life.

    I want that gear. All of it. I’d even buy it, if I had money.

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