Personality Profile: Everyday Shooter Creator, Jonathan Mak

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Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan Mak, creator of Everyday Shooter, a game I know you’ve heard a little about recently from Rusty Buchert. I thought I’d pop by to give everyone a purview into the life of the one-man developing crew that is Quesy Games (me). Here are few photos to illustrate.

My PS3 is sitting on the box that it came in.

I look forward to playing Heavenly Sword on my 12″ TV.

Most developers have mountains of candy and soda. I have seaweed.

Yesterday I bought 5lbs of hash browns.

As I’m writing this, I’m talking to a game developer who’s friends throw pig’s blood at each other.

I can no longer stay awake for more than eight hours at a time.

The Everyday Shooter code has no 4s or 5s execpt in the combination of 54, or in very rare instances 0.5, because 5 and 4 are very unlucky numbers.

There are eight levels in Everyday Shooter and eight points in this post because eight is a very lucky number.

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  • That sounds intriguing, Jon. Good luck with everything.

  • Hey good luck with this game. Hope you get in a good place with this work.

  • I want whats in pic 4..if it’s real anyway..

  • Nice work Jonathan,

    I’d like to see more posts like this on the PS blog. I’m realy looking forward to playing your game.

  • I agree, 8 is a very lucky number.

  • Man…i want to be your friend….1 person making a game that is coming out on PS3 is one of the most intriguing things that has happened in gaming in a looong time….i cant wait to buy this game a little bit later on today….Jon Mak will you send me a friend request my PSN id is xBiG_BOSSx i would really like to play some resistance with you or something dude..peace

  • Hashbrowns sound really good right about now…

  • PSN update!!!

  • lol

    weird post, i like your style

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  • HAHA, man, I feel for you with that TV. Hopefully Sony will send you a nice new HDTV to play Heavenly Sword on. Sony, are you listening??? Send this man a new TV. Anyway, I’m buying your game tonight. I look forward to playing it.

  • Way to go Jonathan. I look forward to playing your game later today. I was also pleased to hear you’re from Toronto – a fellow Canadian!


  • Its great too see a small studio (in this case, one man!) doing so well. Good luck with every day shooter looks like a blast!

  • Jonathan, I’m really looking forward to your game. I’ve been waiting to purchase it since I saw it at GDC in March.

    I hope your inspired to create more games. The industry needs more people like you.

  • I wasn’t going to buy this game. However, after looking at these pics of his place this game is now a day one purchase. No one should have to live in conditions like this!!

  • dude ur crazy in the good way :D

  • Dream Theater’s Octavarium might be a fun listen if you are into that whole 8’s and 5’s cycle. Every minute detail about the album revolves around 8’s and 5’s… time sigs, lyrics, song numbers, notes, everything; the 24 minute title track is crazy with 8’s and 5’s. Even the band’s history has some really weird coincidences with 8 and 5. It’s really bazaar.

  • Awesome Post. Love to see more blog posts like this.

  • I agree, I’d love to see more posts like this too.

  • Awesome post!

  • dusty ps3 ftl

  • how much is this game going to cost? that post made me wanna buy it

  • now that you got the hook up with Sony tell them to hook you up with a new TV lol. Anyway can’t wait to play this game on my PS3. This is by far one of the oddest posts yet on this blog, thanks lol

  • Yeah, it was pretty great.

    I’m so looking forward to Everyday Shooter.

  • What’s up Johnathan Mak. Congratulations on the completion of your game. As a fellow Canadian: I hope it brings you alot of future and success. Show em how we do it!

    If you don’t mind, I would appreciate a friends invite (I’d like to game with celebrities :P) PSN: DrPirate

  • A couple of comments:

    If I could afford a PS3 it would have it’s own shrine.

    The pigs blood thing becarefull P.I.T.A doesn’t come after you :D.

    Those sheets could be what’s not making you sleep.

    Hash browns are always a must, but not always at once.

  • Word! My kind of dev! Hilarious, haha who plays Heavenly Sword on a 12″ TV!!!??? Please Sony hook this man up! Game looks very interesting by the way.

  • Nice post man! Good luck with your new PSN title.

  • NICE!

    seaweed and hashbrowns…I understand you completely man! any seeds in that seaweed, or is it sensei?


    Hopefully you soon will no longer have to squint at that tiny tv, i predict great stuffs in your future man! You are an inspiration to budding developers like myself- I have been noodling with Flash making goofy simple actionscript games and animations for a few years now..

    hopefully Sony will allow a dev kit for basic home users and allow us to share our creations also!

    Good luck man! I’ll be playing your game later today!

    peace! and easy on the hash!

  • omg if your mom saw this mess she would be really disappointed.

    she will be happy to see that your not materialistic though .. good mom.

  • Maybe the death event should actually have 4’s. And any bonus point events should have 8’s. 1-up code events should have 3’s for sure.

  • buy a new bed, mattress, sheets, pillows, and a down comforter before the HDTV. you will be pleased.

  • u are

  • You rule man. You are like the epitome of the (my) American dream.

  • Hahaha awesome post loll i loved it… anyway good luck with your game, ill be buying it

  • Based on the random content of this blog, I may purchase this title. Quirky and dry are easy way to sell me on a project.

  • Great post. It looks like you PS3 likes seaweed too.

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  • I’ll be purchasing your game today on PSN :)

  • Great post and great pics.
    Can you show us pics of your apartment after you receive your check from Sony?

    I can’t wait to download this game and can’t wait for future games from you.

  • is that hash browns or hash brownies?

  • Hmmm… Can’t help but think he posted these shoddy pics of his shoddy set up so we’d all buy his game and support his road to better hardware. Anyways, you never had to… I’m buying the game and making sure everyone else I know does the same. It’s amazing. Simple 100% amazing, trust me, folks.

  • Will there be a demo Jon? Great work BTW.

  • @ Jonathan Mak – dude!!! major props bro for all that you have done… I can’t even imagine the time and effort plus creativity that you put into this game. It blow my mind and so does your hilarious post on this blog. I’ve been coming here since day one and I’ve never seen anything on here like this before. I’m buying this game to support you man and because it looks like hours of addicting fun.

    I have a couple questions for you… Do you plan to make Everyday Shooter a series or just developing extra content to be downloaded later? Do you have plans outside of Everyday Shooter, such as other original titles that will be downloadable off of the PSN?

    Hope to see you on this blog more and on the PSN. If you ever have time to play Resistance hit me up lakaiHIGH

    Thanks and Peace,

  • Hey Jonathan,
    it’s great to hear from you. Looking forward to play your game.
    I hope Sony is a least hooking you up with a kick ass Bravia LCD to replace your 12″ dinosaur with….LOL
    Congratulations to you and best of luck


  • Lucky bastard…..I wish I had a PS3/could make games.

  • I am going to buy your game. Mostly because it sounds like it’ll be awesome. But also because I don’t want to hear you’re playing Heavenly Sword on that horrible, horrible television anymore.

  • I’m not so sure that’s ‘seaweed’ …not after seeing what you call a ‘TV’.

  • I’m not sure if I would go around posting my pot filled PS3 on a major blog. :)

    BTW, when are we going to get a Everyday Shooter demo?

  • @ #49 kinshadow – hahaha. WOW. do you even know what pot and or seaweed looks like?


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