From IGF to PS3: Everyday Shooter’s Backstory

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Heya PlayStation fans, my name is Rusty Buchert and I’m the Sr. Producer for Everyday Shooter. As we’re approaching the release of the game, I wanted to drop in and give you some background on how Everyday Shooter went from the Indie Games Festival to the PS3.

Starting at the beginning …

At GDC 2007, some of us from SCEA’s Santa Monica Studio were looking for new games and developers that we thought would be cool for PS3. George Weising had beaten me to the Indie Games Festival (IGF) booth this year and started looking through the games that were there. After a bit he grabbed me from a meeting saying I had to check out a game. But because of meetings, I never made it over there. George kept telling me, “Dude, when you get a chance you need to play this game.” So the first thing I did was figure out how I could get a hold of the developer Jonathan Mak or his agent if he had one. I found out that I knew his agent already so I gave him a ring and told him I really would like to get a build of the game so I could check it out. He connected me with Jon and we went from there.

The first time I sat down with it I knew we had something magical. Not often do I get that buzz from a game. It was something that I wanted everyone to play. We worked things out and we got Jon Mak – the one man that makes up Queasy Games – up and going on PS3. It was amazing how quickly he got it up and running once he got started on the PS3. In just 3 days he had it running and in a few weeks he was up to what was shown at GDC.

What made it magical? It was the constant interaction between the music, gameplay and visuals. The way they feed back into each other is something that happens very rarely. Lots of people try but most of the time it comes up short. Jon hit it dead on and did it with guitar music. Most people have always thought the only way to do it was with techno or electronica. Every level has its own vibe and song that just work for me. I hope they work for you, too.

I love the fact that it’s an album of shooters. That is just plain cool. It hit that point where you are honestly crossing that barrier between being a record and a game.

E3 proved to any doubters that there was something magical to the game. I never expected the press coverage that Everyday Shooter got. Who thought a downloadable game would hijack a lot of press. It’s nice to know that people do want to know about indie games from the hardcore to casual player. This is where we’re going to find the future of the game industry.

One thing I have to say is that after the months of working on and playing the game, I’m still enjoying it and I’ll still be playing it after it comes out.

Oh, by the way it will be up on the store by Oct. 11 (this Thursday). Make sure you check it out!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a post from the game’s creator so you can learn more about the one man show that makes up Queasy Games – Jonathan Mak.

PS – My favorite levels are Root of the Heart, Build 88 and So Many Ways. Check ’em out!

EDS_LVL_2_Root of the Heart_001EDS_LVL_5 Build 88_002

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  • Game looks very cool. I’ll get it.

  • This is a title that I have been watching very closely for a long time now. It combines three media types all into one large package: music, visuals and gameplay. One thing that everyday shooter has managed to do is keep me wanting more. I cannot wait for its release tomorrow because it is a def buy for me, Hands Down. Great job on this title guys.


  • I’m so excited about this game. Looks like a natural successor to Rez. Awesome. Can’t wait.
    It’s nice to see a company as big as Sony invest in independent game developers like this.

  • Definitely getting this. The gameplay videos of it look/sound really cool, and hoping that playing it yourself actually increases the enjoyment of it, and allows one to get to truly immersed in the game.

  • This game is absolutely awesome. I played it at E3 and have been waiting on it ever since.

  • WOW…OMG…Now it makes sense why people where getting mamed and shot over PS3s. Is there any reason why this game could not have run on the freakin 32x when it was out? I’ve never seen so much media spin for what looks to be a crap flash game.

  • Sorry maybe not a “crap” flash game.
    You get the point.

  • hope theres a demo because for right now it’s a pass

  • -I’ve been hearing great things about this game!

    It’s amazing that just one guy has this kind of impact on such a large corporation! I want to buy this game just so this programmer can make some money! I hope he has an opportunity to make more games, –


    SONY! Please release a development kit so we can make our on games and upload them to PSN in a new category :USER CREATED GAMES!!!! that would be great!

    I understand first there would be a censor to make sure no :hot coffee: games try to make it on PSN….but then people all over the world could help fill PSN!!!!!

    good luck everyday shooter programmer dude!


  • frito… if that happened (even a cut down kit), i’d make some simple games… I coded small games back in the day and little apps here and there — it’d be fun to make something to share with the community.

  • i have been eagerly awaiting this release. it will be only the 2nd ps store game I have purchased. keep it coming!

  • i really think to buy this game look fun !

  • @9

    a developement kit for users would be very cool, we can make our own simple games and upload them on the psn… then sony can check them before releasing it under ‘user created games’… would be very very cool.

    @topic, this game could become very cool, is there any release date for europe yet?

  • this game is just crazy…it reminds me of the good old “Rez” days. Great job guys!

  • As a guitarist and a dula joystick shooter fan, this is a first day purchase.

    I can’t wait, the game looks like it’s going to be such a beautiful meld of music and picture.

  • i just read today that sony lost monster hunter 3 to the wii, this is ridiculous and unacceptable if you sony even care about your future in the video game business it is imperative that you get this game back knowing how successful this franchise is in japan and sum what in the US i don’t think myself and many others can support you and your playstation brand for much longer.
    thank you for many years of fun and enjoyment i hope for many more.
    psn id Omega_Omicron

  • Sold. I’ve been sold since I saw the E3 trailer of it. $10 though? I already forgot how much Super Stardust HD cost…If it’s about the same…I suppose that’s okay. This should have some sort of PSN high score feature right? Not that I ever get high scores on any of these games or anything.

  • Looks like Asteroids meets Every Extend [[Extra] Extreme]

  • I’m ready for this game.

    This is the perfect game to have downloadable Contents. will it be offered to keep the game fresh and add to the replay value? :3

  • It’s a really cool concept for a game. I can’t wait to check it out.

  • Finally, the waiting is nearly finished. I’m stoked to be downloading this tomorrow!

  • Sounds alright, but at the moment I’m not so sure on this one… It’s pretty cool that it was made by just one guy, though.

  • Games like this and flOw are reasons why I love PS3. Keep the indie games coming Sony.

    And maybe if you got a chance throw in Out of this World (Another World) in HD!

  • This game looks like it will make me puke atomic family soup:)

  • I hope we get 2.00 tomorrow. In-game messaging and custom soundtracks, I cant wait!

  • dude this game looks awsome. i have yet bought a PSN game and this could be my first. The music just sounds great. LIKE SERIOUS THE MUSIC IS GREAT!!!!

  • @ChuckFNNorris-

    I’ve never responded to flamers and trolls before, but have you ever even learned Actionscript? If so, make us a game like this and have it running on PS3 seamlessly in 3 days.

    BTW, the game is only $10. (less than a meal at most restaurants, fast food excluded)

    sorry, i just had to say that.

    ok, flame away.

  • If it had.. IN GAME MUSIC

    it would be even better :D


    was… available…

    I would love my ps3 even more..

    Just for IN GAME XMB!!!!!!!

  • @joel
    In-game music would ruin the game as the sound and sound design are integral to the gameplay. instead of sound effects, it uses music cues to create songs.

  • ill get it if it’s 3 bucks anymore and no thanks.

  • I’ll buy it if it’s 20… atleast I can actually play this one, unlike Tekken online where everyone kicks you if you’re rank isn’t high enough. What a joke. I tried 30 times to play an online match and everyone says my rank is too low to fight them and “risk loosing their rank on” WTFE!! I paid 30 bucks for this game and can’t even enjoy it cause of Cricket D**cks like those who populate the online section.

  • I’d buy more PSN games if they all had Remote Play. Who wouldn’t want to take these games on the go, and play them anywhere in the world??

  • @ frito
    You are missing my point. Is this the kind of game people bought the PS3 for? I’m pissed that the game reviewing populus did not get behind Heavenly Sword the way in which they should have, that was a great game that showed what can be expected from the PS3. BTW I give the creator of this game respect, but I could rough out something similar with XNA in three days.

  • Sony, make sure you put it on disc as well along with the other PSN games, a lot of people don’t have cable.

  • Yikes, one guy made such a nice game… Sure, it’s not the greatest game in the world, but doing it so fast, it’s not bad for a console that is hard to develop for : ) Or maybe the PS3 isn’t so hard to code?

    Looks nice, sound nice, give us a price soon so we can make up our mind : )

  • I’d buy this and every other PSN game available, now if only they would accept my damn credit card.

    God knows how many freaking times I’ve tried inputting the information in every single way possible, just to get the same old “Credit card information is invalid, please re-check your entries carefully and try again”. ; ;

  • what? Everyday Shooter? i thought Halo 3 already came out?

  • It’s fantastic to see a one-man-show make it onto such a large stage like this. He’s done what everyone else says is impossible in today’s games industry. Kudos to Sony for their ground level approach to finding new forms of entertainment.

    End the end, we all win.

  • will the u.s. get a ps3 network card

  • This might be my first downloadable game purchase ever. Might. I’m still watching videos on it to see if I can make a final decision.

  • imagine this game with RUMBLE!!

    RUMBLE SONY!!!!!

    gah…i hope you guys can add the rumble feature later!!

  • How come Japan has the PS store and we don,t have it.I WANT THE PS STORE FOR NORTH AMERICA!!!

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  • What’s being done about future-proofing this game? I hope custom XMB is in the works. Having the option to use your own music makes you want to play the game even more.

  • @Chuck

    You completely have no idea about anything related to this game if you think you can “crank something out of xna in 3 days” just as good. You obviously don’t get it.

    I don’t know if you missed the memo, but this game isn’t supposed to blow you away with it’s high def shading and HDR lighting…


    This game looks amazing. I’ve read plenty of interviews and previews of the game and i just love the simplicity and artistic creation behind the game.

  • I hope it will also release on the European market too.
    The German PSN Store is totally empty… No Go! Sports Ski,
    No PixelJunk Racers, 4-5 Movie Trailer etc. :(

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  • Only on US store? Price?

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