Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow Reviews

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Hey guys, I’m John Garvin, Creative Director at Bend Studio. As most of you have probably heard, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow shipped last week. The initial reviews seem pretty good.

Here are a few we’ve seen: – Review Score 9.5 out of 10
“Logan’s Shadow is easily one of the best titles to come out on the system this year.”

Game Informer – Handheld Game of the Month, November
Review Scores 8.75 and 9 out of 10
“Exhilarating, adroit, and unstoppably fun, Logan’s Shadow fires direct hits with nearly everything it attempts, and gifts the PSP with one of most accomplished espionage thrillers in recent memory.” – Review Score 4 out of 5
“It’s truly remarkable how many command options Sony Bend managed to pack into Logan’s Shadow.”

Game Daily – Review Score 9 out of 10
“One of the best PSP games to date.”

EGM – “This is the handheld stealth-action series to beat.”

And more.

We’re especially proud of the Editor’s Choice award from IGN: Logan’s Shadow is now the highest ranked PSP game on their site, and our 9.5 score ties Halo 3, one of the highest scores of 2007.

While we love hearing praise from the press, it’s you guys that we were thinking of when making the game. We’re hoping that as you play the game that you’ll enjoy the same things the press is responding to: the amazing sound track by Azam Ali which will soon be released on iTunes, the story by Greg Rucka, the advanced graphics and physics made possible by uncapping the 333hz processor, the new gameplay modes, and the full featured online game.

Our goal all along was to take everything we achieved in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, and kick it up a notch; a daunting task considering that Dark Mirror was one of the highest rated games on the PSP in 2006.

Speaking of Dark Mirror, last month we launched the PS2 version of the game. We debated the pros and cons of doing a PS2 version of the game for a long time. We really liked the idea of Dark Mirror being an exclusive title for the PSP because we’re all huge fans of the handheld system. But in the end, when we were presented with the opportunity to share the game with all of our fans on the PS2, we couldn’t resist. We were able to uprez the textures and some models for display on bigger monitors, and we made adjustments to the game to take advantage of the Dualshock Analog controller. So if you never got a chance to check out Dark Mirror on the PSP, check it out on the PS2. It’s the same great game, but now you can play it on a bigger screen with Dual Analog controls.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Syphon Filter: Combat Ops sneak preview that we included on the Logan’s Shadow UMD. I won’t say anything more about it for now, but keep checking back — we’ll have an announcement about Combat Ops in the near future.


*Note – in the video above, the narrator mistakenly refers to a salvage expert who helps Gabe as “Dane Cook.” He meant to say “Dane Bishop.” Comedian Dane Cook does not make an appearance in the game.

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  • Damn! psp has the best line up this holiday season!!!

  • game looks amazing gonna go pick it up asap so that my psp won’t collect anymore dust. I loved Dark Mirror so hopefully i will fall in love with this one too.


  • I got the first game day one, and picked up this one today. It really is an amazing game improving on an already great title. This games looks and play so well that you forget that you are playing a handheld game. Even aiming with the face buttons seems natural once you get used to it.

    If you are looking to buy a game look no further, it don’t get any better than this.

    btw, if this doesn’t get at least best handheld game of the year, I am going to be pissed! lol
    also please advertise, I want to see a commercial on tv pronto, or I am coming after your marketing devision! ;-)

  • handheld goty? thats gonna be hard considering the other best psp games that came out this year, jeanne and fft are two of my many goty nominees including this.

  • I gotta tell ya- This game is great. I picked it up about 4 days ago. It’s so great that it’s almost impossible to put it down. And when you do put it down, you pick it right back up in less than twenty minutes. There’s many different control schemes and if you’re looking for replay value- it’s here. First off there’s two ways you can play it (note you can switch up in the game). You can have it so you do the aiming yourself or you can set it to lock on. I went through the game without the lock on (I’m at the end) so once I’m done I’m gonna go guns blazing with the lock on my next time through. Plus there’s so much to unlock. Each mission has hidden files to pick up for extra weapons for that good mission replay in Mission mode (it allows you to play already played levels over again on demand after setting up your equipment). You can take cover n stuff and change the pitch and yaw to better your controls. This is one AMAZING game. If you have a PSP don’t hesitate to pick this up. I’m soooo happy I did. Very good story too. Enjoy! I sure am!

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  • i played the demo…i didnt like it.

  • Nice to see the review scores reflecting the game. SPLS is awesome. I just wish I had more time to play it.

  • Is it out this week? I’ll pick it up. ~_~

  • Glad to hear it is doing so well. Congratulations guys!

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  • I actually happened to review your game for a handheld gaming website. I’m just waiting for it to go up. I’ll just say it’s another terrific score.

    Thanks for the awesome game and it’s definitely the best action game on PSP.

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  • I just bought Dark Mirror on PS2 about a week ago and am just finishing it. I hope this new one also gets the make over/move.

    Can’t afford a PSP so can’t enjoy them unless they jump other wise. :-P

  • Well deserved IMO and I hope you guys continue the saga on PS3 and PSP.

  • I love this game, I don’t think it’s missing anything. This game has it all, gameplay, great controls, story line, graphics, fast load times, online. I could go on, you have set the bar for future PSP games. There is one thing that has me worried, the cut scene after the credits, I don’t want to say what happens (might ruin it for others) but you can’t let it happen, it will ruin all future games!

  • Great game, I bought it last week :)

  • i’m thinking of getting a psp for christmas, this will definitely be a buy if i get it

  • Ya im also thinking about getting a psp for christmas. I will get this game and socom tactical strike.

  • Dane Cook LOL

  • Congratulations on a great game, Sony. Give a little of the PSP love to PS3, yeah? Jeanne D’Arc PS3! PLEASE!

  • I played the snot out of SP:DM and I can’t wait to get my hands on SP:LS. Are you guys bringing the series to the PS3 or sticking to handheld. Granted I wouldn’t mind if you stick to the PSP as long as you keep cranking out good S*&)

  • Dane cook is a complete and total Cricket D**ck! I hate him almost as much as I hate the Family guy. two, count them 2 of the most unfunny things the world has produced… Other than Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

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  • I haven’t played Dark Mirror yet, so I will be picking that up first. But Logan’s Shadow is a must buy after completing the first game!

    I liked the video:)

  • Question to John Garvin and anyone who has played Dark Mirror or Logan’s Shadow. Do you need to have played the old Syphon Filter games to continue the story, or are they independent.

    I definitely don’t want to start the story from the middle, if there is a back story on the playstation/PS2 versions of the game.

  • I picked up the first one and for whatever reason, it didn’t grab me. I had no interest in the sequel but considering all the reviewers falling all over themselves to say how good it is…

    mabye i’ll pick it up after all.

    Nice work John, glad people are taking advantage of the psps capabilities

    yes. yes… channel that fury and unleash it at something OTHER than the ps3.

  • looks very cool this might be the first PSP title that im picking up.

  • I wonder how Dane Cook fits into the whole Syphon Filter plot line? o.O

  • Fantatic, this will be bought. I swear the PSP has the best line up of all the consoles…

  • @Roadclimber

    Ha, I never hated the ps3… I’m just a little disappointed in it. Huge difference. And it’d be a bigger difference if I didn’t own one. I love my ps3. It’s hte only system I own, other than slews of old hardware. I just want to see them do well. that’s it. do well and give us the best generation of gaming and by kickin’ pixie sticks down Sony’s throat here, that won’t happen.

    @ Shilo — I gotta agree… So many damn PSP games this year. Who’d have ever thunk it? IT’s turning into the most viable platform. I love it!

  • I’m a big fan of Dark Mirror, and it’s still one of my fav games on the PSP. So I was thoroughly impressed by Logan’s Shadow, its improvements and high productions values. So well done Sony Bend for making such a great game. From I’ve heard the game ends with a cliffhanger, which I haven’t seen yet cause I’m stuck on the final boss battle and it’s really hard. I’m waiting for some walkthroughs to pop up so I can finish the game and see the awesome cutscene.

  • @+ Posted by John Garvin // Creative Director, Sony Bend Studios

    You guys have always set a standard with the Syphon Filter series ever since the PS1. I will admit that the PSP series is definitely your best work, but I still have the original three PS1 games and I also have the PS2 game which I thought provided the best 4 player online co-op game to date. I just wish Sony would advertise this game like they did back in the day because I think that’s a big reason why PSP and PS3 games don’t sell how they should.

    On a side note I really hope you’ll be working on an amazing PS3 game that will have all the same bells and whistles as this one, but runs at 1080p 60Fps and has online co-op and versus .

    Sony Bend you guys really know what you’re doing, keep up the good work.

  • Love this game, i’ll probably buy it soon

  • its the only game that never gone low budget overhere in europe… dark mirror is still 50+€ .. thats how good it is i guess.

  • The first Syphon Filter for the PSP is sooo amazing, awesome replayability, great gameplay,graphics,sound,it had EVERYTHING…heck i’m still not done with getting all the badges and unlockables! I can NOT wait for this game.

    Oh and I love how you guys get unbiased reviews instead of getting like PSM, OPM, etc (just examples) I hate when we hear like Playboy gives this game a 5/5! or Xbox mag gives xbox game a 10/10!

  • And why is it that after the common decency of the first few posts the trolls come out to play? Are they just waiting for people to use the bridge? :P

  • OMG please tell me Monster Hunter 3 is coming to the PS3 not just the wii. If it is not, than F you capcom and WTH are you doing sony?

    There goes any chance of the ps3 selling hundreds of thousands this year.

  • Hey sony bend, you have to make a syphon filter game on ps3!

  • I want to ask when do you think that there will be any info on a PS3 version of Syphon Filter. Will the game come out in 2009 maybe. Plus As much as I like Logan’s Shadow I dislike it being T when Dark Mirror was M. So for the PS3 version I hope you guys at Bend will make a M game.

    Plus LS is a great game just like DM was and I can’t wait to see what Happens to Gabe next. May be some thing happens to his kid.

    Plus I can’t wait to see how a SF game could look and feel and even play on the PS3. So I hope there will be news of it soon. Plus I really would like to see a really cool online mode for the PS3 version. Also if there is to be a SF game for the PS3 please allow there to be co-op
    so one person can be Gabe and another person to work with him. So this one not be a single player game but a two player game.

    Last but not least keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what Bend can bring next time.

  • Thanks for the positive comments, they are much appreciated.
    No comment on a PS3 Syphon. We’re all just heaving a huge sigh that Logan’s Shadow is done!

    Yeah, it seems like Syphon has always had to fight for its reviews, not sure why.

    Thanks for the comments. Marketing has some great things planned for Logan’s Shadow… just wait and see.

    Yeah that last boss is tough. Here’s a link to the first FAQ I’ve seen.

    Heh, it’s Dane Bishop. This is a new character to the series created by myself and Jeff Ross, my other story designer. We love this character and would even love to see him in his own game someday.

    Sorry that Dark Mirror didn’t grab you. If you try Logan’s Shadow and like it, maybe you’ll give DM another chance. Don’t forget that we offer three different controller schemes.

    Logan’s Shadow is a stand alone story that does not require you to know all the backstory from the previous games. All the Syphon stories take place in the same universe with a continuing cast of characters. The first three games were a trilogy, where you pretty much had to play them in order if you wanted to know what was going on. The Omega Strain wrapped up several plot lines from Syphon 1-3, but was a stand alone story designed for 4 player co-op. Dark Mirror was a stand alone story. So if you’ve played any or all of the previous games, you will get all of the references to previous characters, but Logan’s Shadow stands on its own quite well.

    Thanks for not spoiling the ending. It is shocking. It is real. That’s all I’m going to say.

    @Mana Knight
    Thanks for writing a positive review. It is greatly appreciated.

    – John Garvin

  • :( there are too many games coming out, I want to get this too but i haven’t the money. o well i’ll get it in a couple of weeks. plus Mr.Garvin you should try to get your comments turned red like the other people that blog on here so people can find your comments better :D

  • @Johngarvin
    Oh yea John, I read the whole thing. I was just messin’. ^-^

    By the way, your red’s gone. o.o

  • I really hope this game sells well. These guys deserve it!

  • I don’t have a PSP, portablegaming is still a bit too kiddy for me- thought the functionality between the PSP and PS3 intrigue me…

    But i have noticed a bunch of great reviewed PSP games coming out…Ever since it came out, i have though the PSP should be kicking ass!!

    (now just design one with 2 analog nubs!)


  • Now that you’ve released a game for the PSP caould please release the PSP camera?

  • Nice, this game seems to be really good, havent heard much about it (even though i got the first one)

    I think im giving it a chance cause i havent bought a PSP game for a while…

  • I am playing this game right now, and I am loving the Single Player mode a lot! Oh yeah I also got the new PSP SLIM today!! I love it, load times are so much faster, and the feel of the systems feels much improved!

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