Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow Reviews

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Hey guys, I’m John Garvin, Creative Director at Bend Studio. As most of you have probably heard, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow shipped last week. The initial reviews seem pretty good.

Here are a few we’ve seen: – Review Score 9.5 out of 10
“Logan’s Shadow is easily one of the best titles to come out on the system this year.”

Game Informer – Handheld Game of the Month, November
Review Scores 8.75 and 9 out of 10
“Exhilarating, adroit, and unstoppably fun, Logan’s Shadow fires direct hits with nearly everything it attempts, and gifts the PSP with one of most accomplished espionage thrillers in recent memory.” – Review Score 4 out of 5
“It’s truly remarkable how many command options Sony Bend managed to pack into Logan’s Shadow.”

Game Daily – Review Score 9 out of 10
“One of the best PSP games to date.”

EGM – “This is the handheld stealth-action series to beat.”

And more.

We’re especially proud of the Editor’s Choice award from IGN: Logan’s Shadow is now the highest ranked PSP game on their site, and our 9.5 score ties Halo 3, one of the highest scores of 2007.

While we love hearing praise from the press, it’s you guys that we were thinking of when making the game. We’re hoping that as you play the game that you’ll enjoy the same things the press is responding to: the amazing sound track by Azam Ali which will soon be released on iTunes, the story by Greg Rucka, the advanced graphics and physics made possible by uncapping the 333hz processor, the new gameplay modes, and the full featured online game.

Our goal all along was to take everything we achieved in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, and kick it up a notch; a daunting task considering that Dark Mirror was one of the highest rated games on the PSP in 2006.

Speaking of Dark Mirror, last month we launched the PS2 version of the game. We debated the pros and cons of doing a PS2 version of the game for a long time. We really liked the idea of Dark Mirror being an exclusive title for the PSP because we’re all huge fans of the handheld system. But in the end, when we were presented with the opportunity to share the game with all of our fans on the PS2, we couldn’t resist. We were able to uprez the textures and some models for display on bigger monitors, and we made adjustments to the game to take advantage of the Dualshock Analog controller. So if you never got a chance to check out Dark Mirror on the PSP, check it out on the PS2. It’s the same great game, but now you can play it on a bigger screen with Dual Analog controls.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Syphon Filter: Combat Ops sneak preview that we included on the Logan’s Shadow UMD. I won’t say anything more about it for now, but keep checking back — we’ll have an announcement about Combat Ops in the near future.


*Note – in the video above, the narrator mistakenly refers to a salvage expert who helps Gabe as “Dane Cook.” He meant to say “Dane Bishop.” Comedian Dane Cook does not make an appearance in the game.

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