Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Update

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Hello PlayStation.Blog Readers! My name is Jeff Pena and I’m one of the producers for Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron over at LucasArts. As you’re all probably aware, Renegade Squadron is the next installment in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise, but this time it’s being made exclusively for the PSP. We’ve been working really hard with the folks at Rebellion to make a great game worthy of the Star Wars Battlefront name, and it’s almost showtime – though it’s hard to believe it’s so soon, the game goes on sale this Tuesday, October 9th!

Which leads me to why I’m posting here. As you’re also probably aware, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron will be bundled with the Star Wars Battlefront Entertainment Pack that will also be released on October 9th. For $199, you get a copy of the game and a sweet new white PSP with a silkscreen of Darth Vader on the back. This is the only way you’re going to be able to get this PSP, folks! We’re really excited to be working with Sony and can’t wait to see the reaction when the game and the new PSP Pack come out.

And we’d be honored if you would join us next Tuesday to celebrate. Next Tuesday, starting at 6pm, we’ll be co-hosting a launch party with Sony at the PlayStation Store at the Metreon in San Francisco (sorry to those who are too far away!). We’ll be giving out tons of prizes and other goodies (including special Han Solo in Carbonite PSP cases to the first 200 people who buy a Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle), hosting impromptu multiplayer matches, and generally whooping it up with attendees. Word on the street is that Darth Vader himself has taken notice of the event and will also be on hand, as will a regiment of the 501st Squadron and other assorted bounty hunters and other well-known Star Wars characters. If you’re a PSP fan, a Star Wars fan, a Star Wars Battlefront fan, or just someone who likes to be where the action is, you’ve gotta be at the Metreon next Tuesday!

Hope to see you there!

DV Lightsaber

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  • A lot of great games came for PSP in last few months. Seems it will continue with this title and much others.

  • I wish I could make it there but I’m too far. I like the Solo case.

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  • Carbonite carrying case?!?!


    lucky people who can be so close to the party!

    with all the functionality being built into the PSP lately (being able to access the PS3 files) i think i might just have to pic one up, if we can homebrew a GPS again!


  • I can’t wait for this game. I can’t get to san fran tho, I’m a few parsecs from there right now.

  • Awesome! If I wasnt happy with my old school PSP I’d definitly pick this up…but I’m still holding out on the Piano Black…or perhaps another bundle that’ll grab my attention more…like the FF Crisis Core they have over in Japan, hint hint, ::wink wink:: ::nudge nudge:: XD

  • Playing Battlefront all over again until this release. I didnt even know this game is in works until now (few days before its release). Marketing?

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  • Hey guess what! You don’t have to go as far as SF to get this case!! My local GameStop recieved a few of them as well!! I guess you just have to get there early on the 9th to get one! BTW it hold a few UMD’s and has the Battlefront logo inside!! WooHoo!!

  • Rebellion…those guys made WWZ. That was actually a pretty decent game but nobody bought it.

  • I think their martketing isnt so good. Actually, not good at all.

  • I’m still undecided on this game.

  • Now if I could only afford a PSP. :-(

    I do hope the game has improved since the E3 video? It looked horrible in the video during the E3 conference.

  • cooooooooooooool

  • I think I just had a nerd-gasm.
    I’m so there on Tuesday.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Awesome! ^-^
    But, Lucasarts… When’s the next Monkey Island coming out? o.o

  • Whats the deal with B/C in the 40GB model? I would very much like to buy a PS3 but PS2 backwards comp is a necessity and I still need to actually buy an HDTV first.

    Basically I’m looking at spending a lot of money and I want to know for sure the state of B/C.

  • I’m looking forward to this release, but I have to ask it….when are we going to see a next gen battlefront?

  • @ 17

    What does that have to do with this thread?

  • “we’d be honored if you would join us”?
    whoa easy darth!

  • i wish the daxter bundle came with any case or sleeve and any strap of any kind :(

  • Darth vader at the event? But he’s dead? Aside from that, you recently announced that the ps3 40 gig model doesn’t include back compat, this is a ludacris decision because it will mainly be ps2 fans that will be buying the system and will not be able to play their ps2 games on it. Once again sony shafts their customers towards the xbox 360, which imo is the better of the two consoles, yes i have a ps3 before anyone says im a fanboy.

  • This will rise the psp sales go sony and lucas!!
    great team!!!
    PSP Rules and may the Force be With You!!!

  • PSP FTW!!!!

    Hey guys… ign gave Go sport ski a 2.1……

  • What? PUSH IT BACK 2 DAYS!!! I wanna come!

  • Han in carbonite case is easily one of the coolest accessories that will come out for the PSP… Wish I could be there. I’ll be there in spirit XD.

    @ #9 SpyroLuver – Thanks for the heads up dude I’m gonna have to check with my local Gamestop to see if they have anymore.


  • Nice! Looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

    Also, I been looking forward to Gran Turismo on PSP for years now, where is it??? Sony, tell Yamauchi to HURRY UP!

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  • Damn. :( I’m several hundred miles north…

    Maybe one of these launches in the future could be held in Seattle, Washington? I’d love to get in on one of these things.

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  • If you want to see a new advertisement for the brand campaign;PS3 ceck out and in the right top hand corner you’ll be able to see and watch the ad. :) Please add me to friends: can-of-monkey // I have no friends yet so i’d love for anyone to add me!

  • This looks good but i already buy the One with Dexter on it and i like this psp better them the other one is slow so if you dont have the PSP lite or 2000 or what ever go update you like it better

  • My most anticipated PSP game this year, really……..not in the area, but I will pick it up Tuesday.
    Can’t wait to play!
    Battlefront Veteran since Day 1!


    password pleasE?

  • Already got my Star Wars psp last week…

    It’s very sexy, nice job Sony! :)

  • can-of-monkeys ; add please

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  • Too late I have it yesterday and also got the han solo in carbonite case FREE the game rocks I like it specially the capture the flag game :) ;)

  • Could you guys tell us when Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be revealed?

  • only a 7.9/10 on IGN. nothing to see here people. *continues playing superior Syphon Filter 2*

  • This sounds aight. I picked up The entertainment Ice Silver Bundle though so wont be gettin this.

  • Got off-topic questions again :

    1. Does playing a game in 720p on a 1080p HD TV reduces quality (upscaling that reduces image quality).

    2. Is there a way to properly calibrate a HD TV (using a calibration probe) and if that’s the case, which one to use?

  • Why is this site associated with GAY GAMER. NET? This is why 360 is better

  • Hey no discrimination. is a well established site. And RatchetFanatic: A 7.9 is one point away from an 8 which means this game is very good.

  • Sweet, now release the PSP camera in the US PLEASE!!!!

  • #42 you say 360 is better and yet while visiting someone away i figured i would find out what all the hype was with halo 3 and his 360 was red rings…has not had his machine for four weeks

  • Keep the PSP momentum SONY!
    Been doing great lately pushing for the PSP and releasing awesome games. Now if I could just use the psp with the PS3 for extra game content.

    This sounds awesome, if I didn’t live 1500 miles away.

  • @49

    500K units sold in japan in about 2 weeks is a fair amount of momentum. Final Fantasy is doing a decent job of gettting the system out into peoples hands and God of War should do the same when it hits. There’s also Silent Hill : Origins hitting pretty soon, so we’ll finally get some survival horror loving.

    Both MHF games are breakaway hits in the eastern market and there’s already a third in the works. I enjoy the game but i was a bit taken aback initially by the gamestyle. I’d say give it another try but if the reviews from Gamespot are anything to go on, the game isn’t for some people.

    As for decent titles that are already out?

    Puzzlequest (if you like the puzzle types)
    Crush (nother decent puzzler)
    Jeanne D’arc

    This is just off the top of my head but then i’m the opposite of you. My Ds is gathering dust while my psp is getting worn out from all its use. I can’t see any titles for Nintendos system that manage to catch my eye. For games that i WOULD like to pick up, the graphics usually turn me off. Let me know the titles you enjoy though because i’d rather use it than sell it.

  • I have both the DS and the psp. I was completely wrong when I thought the psp was a pile of junk.

    Its awsome.

    The GTA games were the ones that forced me to get it. Also the DBZ games were good too.

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