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Hey, everyone. It’s time for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Go! Sports Ski (2.99 US) – Go! Sports Ski is a visually stunning, skiing simulator that harnesses the
SIXAXIS controller.

The Simpsons demo
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War demo

NBA 08 key control play calling tutorial video
Eye of Judgment tutorial video

Other video:
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune BTS
Haze Dev interview
Tekkonkinkreet video
Surf’s Up BD trailer


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  • Thanks for the update, if possible can you let us know whetehr there will be an update to allow 720p games display at 1080 on HDTVs that do not accept 720p? In other words an update that prevents 720p HD games from playing in SD on peoples 1080 only HDTVs?

  • Woot. Simpsons Demo! ;3

  • Wow, Go! Sports Ski only 3 bucks? I was expecting it to be $5-$10. Really good deal. I won’t hesitate for a second when buying this because I have been wanting this since I first heard about it.

    The Simpsons Game sounds fun too. Can’t wait to play the demo.

    Thanks for the update. :)

  • Isn’t this supposed to be tomorrow? Not that I’m complaining about the early post if it is for tomorrow. In fact, it’d be nice to know more than an hour before(or in some cases, a day after) a little more often.

    If only we could talk about Firmware a day or so in advance, at least, I think a lot more people would be happier. It would get rid of all the speculation and disappointment.

  • TOUGH ACTIN TINACTIN! Great update!

  • cool u guys are trying..nice update…but we need upcoming game demos… u no the ones comming out late oct. early nov.

  • Misspelled Judgment there fellows.

  • just change the update day to wednesday. thursday’s are just awkward.

  • Nice update thanks for giving us a heads up on what to look forward to.

  • When on earth are you going to release “Everyday Shooter”? I’m geting tired of waiting…

  • I thought the R & C demo was supposed to be released Thursday….or would it just be inconsistent with everything else if it wasn’t delayed too? Also…a LAIR demo? Trust me, it’s the only chance you’ve got to convince people to buy the game. God knows that if you rely on word of mouth for that one, you’re screwed.

  • Simpsons demo, sweet! And the ski game is nice and cheap to try out.

  • I’m portuguese and why not put all USA store demos on the others stores? We all Know english…

    Time to launch a multi language demos? No excuse….

    All we want a demo of PES 2008.. easy or not.. Xbox and PC already get it!!!

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  • Ignore the whiners and people with crazy suggestions…very cool update, can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • Nice update! Go Ski kinda loosely reminds me of all the fun I had playing Cool Boarders 2 as a kid–which, BTW, if you guys could update that franchise closely to 2’s style that’d be sweet—but either way 3 bucks is the right price hehe! Good to see high quality 3D games comin out at such a good price!!!

  • THE UPDATE IS TODAY??!?!?!?!?!?!?1

    HELL YEA!!!


    Thank you sony :D

  • Update is early this week. Simpsons Demo looks good – gotta downlaod that

  • nice update. the simpsons demo will hold me off until the Ratchet & Clank Future demo.

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  • i love you….

  • OMG simpson demo!
    OMG an early post!!!

    lol cool, thanks

  • Does this mean we are getting the content today? I hope you guys answer this.

  • simpsons demo!! *drool* [:

  • Very nice update. Thanks for keeping the PS3 community informed as always, and on Wednesday no less.. very cool!! Can we get some more PS1 games though?? My PSP 2000 is being shipped to me, and I’d like to play more than Castlevania: SOTN and Wipeout on it. How about some Resident Evil, Final Fantasy or some of those Namco/Midway arcade compilations?

  • This is awesome.

    $2.99? Are you joking? Are you sure it’s good?

  • I’ll definitely download the Uncharted vid. The Simpsons game looks like its going to suck. What with all the “breaking the fourth” wall crap, but I’ll still give it a try. At least the sports demos have slowed down. Thankfully.

  • “Marceles | October 3rd, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Ignore the whiners and people with crazy suggestions…very cool update, can’t wait for tomorrow.”

    You are american?

    We european have cool stuff on stores, between all three week’s.
    We are the last of receiving most of the great products of SONY!

    I have 4 account’s to play all demos… 4…

  • Anybody knows when EU store gets the PES 2008 demo ?

  • WTF its wends .. turn it off .. im not ready!

  • jromano, this is the US blog. Go to threespeech or contact SCEE for details on content for those respective territories.



  • Another outstanding store update! With the Ratchet and Clank demo coming next week you guys are rolling along nicely into the holidays.

  • Thanks for letting us know what’s coming tomorrow, looks like a pretty good update.

  • Looks like some pretty fun content for the next update. Thanks for the early “heads-up” too!

  • wow a early post! i hope i can see this content in the store at midnight? if not then when will we be seeing midnight updates because the afternoon waiting room is getting old and annoying.

    thanks for the simpsons demo.

  • nice 2.99 im buying
    2.99 is nothing ill take it

  • Thanks for the heads up a day before the actual update comes. That is really cool.

  • YEEEEEEAAAAHHHH BOOOOOOYYYYY! a Simpsons demo! I wasnt sure if i wanted to get this game but I think I will. The trailers look great.

  • When can we see more PSone Classics?
    Can you at least post about why we havent been seeing any?

  • nice… i cant wait for the r&c demo next week, its gunna be sick

  • best lovin we will ever get…we want more more more

  • Very nice update, i hope we, europeans, get something of the same update.


    @Grace: do you know anything about a new firmware update? i read a rumor saying that Sony will release the 2.0 version within 1-2 weeks… Ofcourse you cannot say anything about a release, but do you know anything about a new update?

    Thx in advance,


  • Nice update! I’ll be picking up Go! Sports Ski for sure. The Simpsons demo is a great surprise too. Thanks for the update!

  • Is this update being released today? You guys usually post it on the day that the update is released.

  • 2.00 WILL have some XMB FEATURES IN GAME. Beucase SONY promised that in the next BIG UPDATE(2.00) THEY WILL GIVE US FEATURES OF THE XMB IN GAME.

  • Grace never answers our questions. I liked that Warhawk guy Dylan the best, he answered several questions.

  • @47

    Sony never promised that…PSU’s “source” was to this very blog, and all Eric Lempell said was that they know we want In-game XMB, and SCEA PSN operations is working on a solution.

    And yes, when is the store update going to be released?

  • sweeet gonna have to start dl after i get off of work, thanks sony.

    just a question tho could you make it to where the ps3 has the availibilty to play divx movies and .avi movies thanks laterz

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