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All of us are still pretty busy with things at the Tokyo Game Show, but we wanted to take a minute to share some images and news with you from the show. More to come, hope you enjoy the pics and links below in the meantime.

More PS3 Titles Coming From Everyday Shooter Creator

TGS 2007: Sony Announces Dual Shock 3 Controller

TGS07: Final Fantasy XIII trailer impressions
–PS3 Fanboy

TGS07: Virtually at Sony’s pre-TGS cocktail party

Secret Agent Clank Coming To PSP

TGS07: Remote Play functionality expands significantly
–PS3 Fanboy


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  • Nice! Thanks for the Store update today, and of course, Rumble :)

  • is it true that home has been delayed until spring 2008? if it is true then that sucks @ss and i knew it

  • @ Patrick Seybold

    Good to see that you guys had a safe trip. In that middle pic on the right is that guy holding a stearing wheel or the dual shock 3?

  • @2

    Yep, it was announced at TGS. They needed more time before they release something as ambitious as home. There will still be an open beta late Fall, so you still get the experience this year.


    Im pretty sure thats a steering wheel.

  • Games that I cant wait to buy from TGS
    1. MGS4- FFXIII both of them (tie)
    2. Killzone 2
    3. Gran Turismo Prologe and 5
    4. Uncharted-UT III- Haze- RE 5
    5. Afrika and Ocean

    1. Echochrome :)
    2. Socom
    3. Go Ski
    4. HV Bowling
    5. Pain

    1. Crisis Core FFVII
    2. God of War CoO
    3. Kingdom Hearts
    4. MGS digital graphic novel 2
    5. Silent Hill
    All first day buys for me.

  • Any idea when echocrome comes out? I am pretty stoked about that game.

  • Damn thats a lot of Sony XRB HDTVs in one place and the PSP games look great running on them (2nd pic down on the left). And if that is a steering wheel are the PS3 ones going to drop when GT comes out?

  • @Patrick does the new Dualshock 3 use Immersion co.’s “Touchsense” technology?

  • @8

    Im not 100% sure, but I read somewhere that it will rumble in different places to reflect different experiences in the game.

  • I cant wait for Little Big Planet. Thanks for the pictures.

  • Aww no announcement on In-Game XMB!!
    Come one Sony why is taking so long to give us something that was supposed to be there to begin with!

    Can you please give us some information or hints on In-Game XMB please?! Thanks

  • I am really looking forward to some new advancements in Remote Play. Although, I have one question. Why delay home? I’m in the BETA and everything seems fine for a launch in a month. A few glitches, that can be fixed in no time, but, you guys have to go and delay ANOTHER game. Thanks..

  • how about invite more BETA HOME users or open public beta?

    it will help u guys more feedback and makes things go faster

  • Its a let down that HOME has been put back but I’d still rather know the final product provides an enjoyable experience than something rough and ready. I can actually see it being delayed even further though. AFAIK the public beta hasn’t started yet so when it does theres a good chance they will find more bugs or things to tweak. After all, thats what a beta test is for isn’t it?!

  • Talking about Home, the executive said as far as he was concerned, the release delay meant nothing had changed. He said, “We will still be opening in late November/Early December for general beta testing. So, the commercial start of Home will be pushed out later, but you will still get the experience this year.”

    Quote form Phil Harrison.

  • @Patrick
    wow! nice update! i thought we weren’t getting new blog posts with you guys being halfway around the world, so it’s nice to see you guys workin’ hard even with jetlag!

  • Kaz is a great person to head Sony. I like the guy. He’s really just a personable, likeable, guy. He talks a better game than anyone else out there from the competitors and even when he has bad news to say, you can’t help but root and cheer him on. Kaz, you’re the best thing that’s happened to Sony since Naughtydog, Insomniac and Team ICO.

    So, as much as I’m upset with Sony… I look at their pannel of PR reps and can’t deny they have the most evangelic people in the industry. Phil Harrison, Kaze, Jack Trenton… all 3 are just really cool, down to earth, people.

  • @10 lostboy85

    I am really looking foward to some LittleBigPlanet also. They didn’t link to it above, but Kotaku has a nice little impressions write up (nice but not very detailed) on their time with the game at TGS.

    Can’t wait to get my grubby hands on this game and create.

  • Sony steals the show, again? :)

  • Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to try MGS4.

  • Nice, i’ve been waiting for rumble. Does it involve any kind of rumble Immersion update? (Touchsence)

    I know you don’t have the time right now, but can you tell us an “estimated” date for home open beta so we can shut up and wait?

  • It’s good to see that you have confirmed that duel-shock 3. I’m hoping we will still get some kind of HOME activity before Spring 08′. Take your time with HOME and make it as best you can thanks

  • Great pics and good news from TGS so far.

    Can one thing be explained to us though. Why is it that DualShock 3 isn’t coming until “Spring 08” for the US/Europe while Japan gets it in November 07? This is quite unfair to those in US/Europe as we’ve been wanting it just as bad, if not more, especially for our shooters.

    Likewise, we’re getting games in the next couple of months that will support rumble, however, we won’t get the controller until several (at least 6 months) aftewards? By then the games will be played sans the rumble experience.

    Any sort of word on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you for the pics. I hope you can get us some more.
    I am really excited about this Holiday Season but I feel really bad for my wallet. I am going to have to get that second job back. You know, the one I had to buy the PS3.

  • So let me see if I have the highlights of this years TGS so far:

    * Home delayed until 08.
    * PS3 rumble in March 08 (which I don’t care about).
    * Remote Play enhancements (No desire to own a PSP, so again I don’t care)
    * No further price drops.
    * No big new PS3 game announcements (yet).
    * Sony bought a couple development studios (alrighty).

    Wow. What a “meh” TGS show so far for the PS3. It’s nice to see updates about the previously announced titles, but I was hoping for something new. I know there are still a couple of days to go so something good may still be announced, but I’m not optimistic.

    And Sony expects to not be in last place in monthly sales this Xmas…..how?

  • so SIXAXIS doesn’t have rumble because of Sony’s lawsuit with Immersion and people complain.
    Sony puts in rumble after lawsuit is settled, and people complain.
    go figure, cuz i can’t.

    @25 Flanders
    you missed these highlights:
    – enhanced remote play between PSP and PS3
    – PlayStation Store on PC out now in Japan, coming soon to US
    – MGS4 playable on the floor
    – i’m not even going to list out all the amazing trailers that were shown and are up on GameTrailers (Afrika, Valkyrie, DMC4, etc.)

    you may “meh” some of those announcements, but that’s your loss, mister glass-is-half-empty…

  • i was hoping for home this year but if its gonna be better in 2008, i dont mind the wait.
    That is if its gonna be better. I wouldnt kno so i’ll hav to trust u on dat one.

  • @Solace
    If I don’t own a PSP and don’t want to, why should I care about remote play or having the Playstation Store on PC?

    And again, it was nice seeing MGS4 and other games we’ve known about for awhile now. But nothing new or compelling was announced for myself. With Sony a distant 3rd right now, I was hoping for more dramatic news to boost sales. Just my opinion.

  • Where is TGS07 MGS4 trailer in the Store??

    Is great to have rumble back. Hope hearing news about FFVII remake . :P

  • @TyranX “In-Game XMB please”

    this is a developer issue whether they include it in a title or not, so go whine at them about it. i downloaded ‘everyday together’ from japan and that has full XMB abilities, accessing music, friends list etc. etc.

    sure, it would be nice to check messages during a game as we are told when one arrives or a friend has logged on, but it ain’t sonys fault if game developers don’t include it.

    TGS so far!! kinda makes me want to cry. not really that fussed over Home, i use IMVU and as far as i can see it’s just gonna be like that with knobs on, starts off ok but then you just end up spending spending spending to get furniture and clothes and anything useful for your apartments etc. i can wait.

    THE thing i really would like to see up and running is LBP and being able to design your own levels and share them with all you other gamers.

    wish list;-

    being able to take a snapshot photo using my eyetoy and attach to messages. oh, and you can use the built in mic to chat in games! just set it up in the options. who knew?

    enable rumble now for old dualshock ps2 pads using the adapter and ps2 games. i miss it. glad i still have my ps2.

  • Awesome, it’s like Christmas is almost here!!! Oh wait, it is almost here :) Thanks for the quick info guys!!

  • Motorstorm 2 is in dev. N4G :)

  • TGS 07′ dominated by Sony!!! All the info on updates and what not is almost too much to handle. It sounds like everyone hear is just as excited as I am about all of these up and coming features. I have to admit that co-play between PS3 and PSP is starting to heat up (finally). PSN on my PC is an awesome idea that I’ve also been waiting for. These are all great things. I can’t wait for all of these games!!! but I’ll be patient and be forever loyal. TGS isn’t even over yet and I bet that Sony is saving the last for best.


  • I am so happy about the PS3 – PSP functionality. My Wife and I have PSPs and needed this badly. They are adding Wake On LAN as well which is huge!! Thanks so much for this SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Freakin ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Too bad about the HOME delay, but I really like the new remote play features.

  • @40 cal

    Yeah, that’s real good news… “rolls eyes” They just gave us a 6 dollar dowload to put the game over 70 bucks… Releasing a new motorstorm is a joke! I’m sick of follow ups… just make the games you have great and don’t worry about the rest… All I gotta say.

  • @ 36

    Are you the gamesblow I know, or are you someone else?

  • WWWWWWWWWWOOOooOOOoOooOoTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtTTTT SONY his the BEST and will kill all competition he will take his right place NUMBER ONE im so happy to get my ps3 and i smile sooo much when people who get the @#$? 360 told me aaaaaaa why i dont buy the ps3 and me my answer is the ps3 THE BEST :) sell your @#$%#$% 360 and go buy one

  • Well I love Motorstorm and the $6.00 download. And will also be buying Motorstorm 2 next year.
    @ gamesblow that sounds like a personal problem to me.

  • the girl holding the psp is cute =b!!! i wish i could go to tgs one day.. sigh

  • RUMBLE!!!! I wish it had been there from the start but better late than never! Right? And good that there are more demo games going up now, that the vibration feature will be supported by previous games, and that the remote play is being evolved. Now, ask Ninja Theory to work on extra content for Heavenly Sword (I had to ask for something more, always)

  • When will the US have access to the Playstation Store?

  • Rumble in Spring 08????? Sooner please.

    Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo 5 are awesome. Can’t wait for those either.

  • Seriously, how long does it take to translate the O button??

    What are the differences in the controllers that it is going to take nearly six months to bring it over to NA and Europe!

  • I was really disappointed at first about home and the rumble coming spring 2008, but now i hear that home will be a open beta for nov/dec. i am ok. Happy about the good demo’s the last few updates. the ps3 is getting better, but it is going to slow. hope they bring out haze and unreal before Christmas because we need these exclusives to get more people to buy the ps3. Home was the big seller for ps3 coming Christmas. now i think sony has a problem coming christmas

  • Ps3 the next big let down. Good job Sony, thank you for selling me a Dreamcast.

  • Evo, I am the 100% real Gamesblow… not the imatators you see running around on Gamefaqs and Gametrailers. My 98% approval raiting is firmly intact.

  • @45

    UT and HAze are by far and away not exclusive… and Haze doesn’t look that great anyways. People are split here… People wanna play Resistance and Warhawk online, but not motorstorm, Rainbow six and same will be said for Haze. You can’t make these games have online components. It just doesn’t work for all games… I wish people understood that. Not every game has to be online… some games are good because they’re not.

    Anyways, back to subject… haze will be on xbox 360 and so will UT 08, bank it.

  • This TGS has been pretty disappointing. No new info on Team ICO game, no playable FFXIII, no rumored FFVII game on PS3, home delayed, no 2.0, and no price-drop. At least there is rumble…although having to wait 6 months is horrible, I’ve been waiting to buy a second controller since last year. I hope there are a few more announcements. Oh and great update on the store.

  • @48

    I agree that not all games have to be online. Like the darkness had the crappiest online ever. when will haze and ut come out for xbox? they will be exclusive for a long time. r&c is exclusive and that is going to be a cool game in my opinion. I hope the sales go up because we will have a bigger community. but just to be sure i can play all the cool games out there i am buying a elite christmas. but sony will stay my first love. will play my elite till spring 2008.

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