5 Things You *Don’t* Know:

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Over the last few past few months we’ve been touring the gaming convention scene with THE EYE OF JUDGMENT. We’ve received tremendous feedback from many of you at the San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago, GenCon & Penny Arcade Expo. There were lots of great questions out there, and we thought it would be good to do a quick recap of the “5 things you don’t know” about THE EYE OF JUDGMENT.

1. There is only one “E” in JUDGMENT
First off, not to sound like a middle school teacher, but I wanted to clarify the proper spelling of the word “JUDGMENT”. Notice that there is no “E” after “JUDG”. With apologies to our UK gamers, this is the correct spelling – according to Wikipedia (and no this definition wasn’t doctored by me or other SCE employee’s…figured I’d beat some of you to that snipe).

2. Pricing = $69.99
Yep, you’ve heard it here first. The SRP for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT software bundle in the US is $69.99. The bundle includes the following:
• THE EYE OF JUDGMENT software (disc case, manual, Blu-ray disc)
• PLAYSTATION Eye camera
• Judgment (camera) stand
• 9 Fields Battle Mat
• (1) Starter deck (includes 30 Summoning Cards + 4 Function Cards)
• (1) Booster pack (includes 8 randomly inserted Summoning Cards with one guaranteed to be rare or ultra rare)

Additionally, Summoning Cards will be sold separately in the form of Booster Packs and pre-constructed Theme Decks, available by Wizards of the Coast.
• Booster Pack: SRP = $3.75
• Pre-constructed Theme Deck: SRP = $14.99 (Five different Theme Decks available. Each fully playable and include a bonus Summoner’s Companion book with background, play tips and card lists)

3. Availability
THE EYE OF JUDGMENT will ship to North American stores on 10/23 to sync with a global launch by the end of October. With a global rollout, gamers on the PLAYSTATION Network will be able to battle against fellow EOJ players from around the world.

4. Expansion Packs
The October launch of THE EYE OF JUDGMENT and its Summoning Cards introduces the first in a long series of card sets available for play. Stay tuned for further announcements on upcoming expansion packs and new Summoning Cards. Each new set will consist of more powerful creatures and spells to introduce new strategies and gameplay mechanics to refresh the EOJ gaming experience.

5. Online cheating
The most popular question we’ve heard revolves around online cheating. Mainly, “What’s going to prevent players from ‘stacking the deck’ when playing online?” – meaning, cheating your card draw so you get your best cards from the start. Fortunately, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT introduces a new paradigm in drawing cards when playing against your opponents online. First, you’ll have to register and save your Summoning Deck, offline. Then, when logged on, you select the Summoning Deck you wish to play. Once paired up with your opponent, the PS3 will automatically shuffle and randomly pull your cards for you. Once these cards are selected, you must pull these cards from your ‘physical’ deck and draw them to your hand and play the Summoning Cards on the Battle Mat, as normal.

Take a peek at a new video that we created to help outline this completely unique gaming experience merging the best of two worlds – video games and trading card battles. Enjoy!

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  • Um, yeah… cool. I’ll just hope and pray I can use the camera for something cooler than the eye of judgment. Rather something more inline to my taste… Like strip poker and skippin’ turtles across the street and kickin’ mountain lions with my bare feet…

  • $70 seems like a lot, but I think it could be a good deal considering you get the new “Eyetoy” camera.

  • Cartman, everything tied to the Sony name seems like alot. Allow me, if you will.

    Ps3 – 600 bucks – alot
    sixaxis controllers – 50 bucks – alot
    lack of hdmi cables for an hd system – stupid move 10 bucks not so much, but still stupid.
    PSn games – 7 to 10 bucks??? These should be no more than 4 to 5 bucks. If that.

    This is a damn price gouge for Sony to make more money back on all their losses.

  • You can use the camera for anything that supports it beside this game.

  • The thing is… I don’t really want the eyetoy at all. It’s just that the wii and 360 are getting all this content their demograph of gamers is really amped about… Well, me, a PS3 only owner… wants to join in on the excitment too, but don’t really have anything to be excited for. So, I’m stuck buying things from Sony for the PS3 like their over priced junk ass psn games for 7 to 10 bucks and eyetoys to supplement the fact they don’t have a killer ap outside of Uncharted and R&C this year. Sucks to be a Ps3 only owner.

  • ps3mods.blogspot.com

    That’s great that the ps3 will shuffle the cards! Cheaters beware!

  • I mean, look at the list of games coming out… none our exclusive and big budget block busters. 97% of them are multiplatform and will be represented better on the other platforms. PS3 litterally has 3 exclusive games coming… Uncharted, R&C and Folklore, which sucks monkey spunk. So, 2 games. Hotshots golf 5 was delayed in the U.S. good’ol Sony!

  • Cant wait for it, not really into the game, I just want the PS eye.

  • gamesblow, for the last time, sell your PS3 and buy a Wii then. People here are sick and tired of seeing you pollute every single topic.

  • The wii is junk! I’d rather set a box of kittens a blaze with butain than to buy a moronic wii. Oh, wait… I already did. I’ve owned 1 for almost 5 years now… It’s called a Gamecube. So, thanks for the suggestion, but no thanks. Nintendo won’t get a dime of my money. I’d rather chuck it away at Sony like a pervert waiting for a lap dance at Porky’s than to support Nintendo.

  • The Wii is not junk. It’s a fine system. I’m quite happy with my PS3/Wii setup.

  • Stop giving this guy answers he obviously doesn’t notice the power of these consoles.

  • all the bad stuff people say will help sony get it together…u no give them more ideas …..so stop jocking our blogs lilttle girl

  • Ey Its coo i whan the Dualshock Controller i have been waithing for it forever and the Eyetoy its cool i got the old one but i dont know if i should buy the other one, If it work like the wii i buy it.

  • Since when is 50 bucks for a wireless controller alot? Since when is an online game for 7 bucks alot when MS sells their atari graphic crap for a buck and nintendo with the virtual console, $10! for some game i can find in a bargain bin for 50 cents. Sony has done their mistakes but so have the others, so go crap all over their announcements.

  • awesome game!

  • It’s supposed to be better then the wi cesar cuz you dont need to have anything in your hands to do stuff like box, i heard they were thinking of making a boxing game with the eye that plays in first person like wii sports.

  • Gameblow, it’s time for you to either:

    Get a new hobby. Gaming isn’t for you.


    Get the other console since it’s games are what seem to appeal to you.

    I’m a PS3 fan, and I don’t care. I have more work in school right now then you can ever imagine doing in your whole life. After the semester’s done, I get to reap the rewards of three month’s worth of games to unwind on. Shut your complaining, you think you have a right to [DELETED] and moan, but consider yourself lucky to even be in a position to afford a games console and games. There are people who can’t afford it and would love to own just a Playstation 2 (People I’ve worked with on a volunteer mission to Cuba, I’m Canadian).

    Shut your hole for the peace of this blog. I always come here to read what Sony has to say, and I hate having to sift through your garbage every time I come here.

  • Additionally, 70 bucks for everything you get in that package is a deal. They could have gotten away with 100$ easy.

  • i wish this came out 5 years ago when collecting card games was cool to me =(

  • sounding best, lookin forward to it

  • Nice!!!!! this game is going to be amazing.. and booster packs are not very expensive, thats a good news too
    its a must buy, at that price its a deal (eyetoy with it)

  • “Uncharted, R&C and Folklore, which sucks monkey spunk.”


    I can name you 2 games that are good the other console too. Gears of War (with it’s blastedly broken multiplayer component, broken after the last update that is…), and BioShock.

    I can name you three that have been released: Resistance (a definite 9 in my books), WarHawk (With more maps and updated community features, it could be the Counter-Strike for the PS3) and Heavenly Sword (If it lasted you 6 Hours, you didn’t get the glyphs and beat Hell Mode, it lasted me 8 and a half on my first play through).

  • I will get the Eye of Judgment to see if I like it. The game trailers for the dragons and what not jumping out of the cards look awesome. Never played a card game like this before but Eye of Judgment will mos def be the first.

  • 70 dollars seems like a lot???

    Games alone cost $60… so for 10 dollars more you’re getting the Eye, a stand, and cards (granted, you’ll probably spend more money on more card packs).

    $70 is a great price.

  • womfalcs3,
    I was thinking the exact same thing $70 bucks is not expensive at all.

    1 more month for the PS Eye, I can’t wait!! Eye of Judgment is going to be awesome!

  • Awesome. I got to play this at E3 and thought it was phenominal. The board is nice and the camera is slick. $69.99 is very fair.

    Unfortunately, I’ll get stomped online since I’m not a cardcaptor.


  • Keep in mind I didn’t say Uncharted or Ratchet &Clank sucked… Those are the only 2 games I’m looking out for for the PS3 this year. I said Folklore did, and it does suck… bad. Like majorly bad. Eightdays, that sure would’ve been nice.

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    […] Frank James wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptOver the last few past few months we’ve been touring the gaming convention scene with THE EYE OF JUDGMENT. We’ve received tremendous feedback from many of you at the San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago, GenCon & Penny Arcade Expo. … […]

  • I wil definitely be purchasing the game…. but PLEASE do a game like this with YU-GI-OH too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @30

    Yeah, so profoundly interesting my mind has been blown into the outer limits of space and time… “Rolls eyes”

  • i thought there would not be a lot of announcements during TGS. well we are getting a lot of good updates. Thanks. Gameblow you work for Xbox. i know that now for sure. your always the first on a new post with negative comments. i hope they pay you a lot because being negative all the time is not good for your health.

  • Lol, I’m going to have so many games to buy in Oct!!! I have to get this game, Folklore, AND Ratchet & Clank… :-D

    And those are must buys for me before I purchase any 3rd party multiplats that may come out in the meantime. (with the only possible exception being Assassin’s Creed if it still an Oct release).

  • Cagalli (o)

  • I don’t even, and haven’t ever, owned a Microsoft console… try again.


    Mind tellin’ me why Folklore is so good? I tried to like it, but the whole thing was blah… overwhelmingly blah too. Graphics, gameplay… lack of Voice overs… Please. This game isn’t even a rental. Atleast Heavenly Sword had that going for it.

  • didn’t you get a free xbox360 when you started working for the microsoft PR machine. Gameblow. I want you to say one positive thing about the ps3. you still have it so there must be one positive thing you can say. come on try it. you will feel better afterwards.

  • Why does the camera on the stand look different than the Eye? Looks smaller and square-ish.

    Is there some kind of bracket or something it fits in that is making it look that way?

  • for everyone, don’t mind gamesblow, he comes from gamefaqs.com

    also, I’m thinking about buying the eye, but not this game. I think wasting money on freaking booster packs on a game that’ll be unplayable in more than 5 years is not for me. I hope there are other games for the Eye.

  • @gamesblow… why don’t you quit trolling these boards already?!!! You’re obviously not a real PS3 only gamer… b/c we all know the PS3 has the most blockbuster exclusives for this holiday season.

    Or did you forget that we’re the only ones that will be enjoying Haze, UT3, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Warhawk, EOJ, GT5 & Ratchet & Clank!

    XBLA has had some better online games though… although a large percentage of them suck! Having both systems, I would gladly pick the PS3 over the 360 if I had to pick only one!

    The only 2 good titles that will be on the 360 and not the PS3 are Halo & Mass Effect. So the PS3 clearly wins!

  • Folklore is awesome b/c it has a lot to offer as a great action rpg. The gfx are beautiful, there are a lot of collectible creatures & options, and two different story paths.

    As anyone who loved the Pokemon series of rpgs… there really is nothing about the game NOT to like. But any rpg fan will find a lot here to like.

  • @41 I agree there is already a lot of extra content for this game on the Japanese store.

  • @PSFaithful : this game kinda reminds me Neverwhere, from Neil Gaiman. Or Mirrormask. This world ressembles alot to what Neil Gaiman writes.

  • What a cashcow. CCGs are endless pits of of cash sucking evil.

  • no more comments from gamesblow. i think his working day at microsoft has ended.

  • The price is perfect and I like how you register the cards first. That’s awesome.

    [QUESTION.] I like in real life when you win you sometimes win that card, I WANT TO WIN A CARD OF MY CHOICE! Possible?


  • @ everyone

    1 positive thing about the PS3… Well, it works. However, for 1 positive, I can name 10 negatives. PS3 isn’t a bad system, and I fully support Sony and only Sony. At my work “my real work” I’ve made it my goal to sell the ps3 over anything else… IF someone comes in and talks about the 360 or wii, I’ll do my best to disway them from that thought. I’ve sold nearly 45 Ps3’s this month at my store, alone. I’m a huge Sony supporter… I just don’t like next to nothing that they’re doing right now.

  • Doesn’t mean I don’t like Sony.. Just means they need to get their act together. Fast!

    We bought into a lot of promises and hype. Now, as a set top box… PS3 does it all and then some. It’s got some of the most amazing fetures I’ve ever seen for a home unit… as in accessible user friendly home unit… not PC. Blu-ray, web browser, Linux compatible, PSP linkable, mem card/picture editor on the fly…. Ps1 and Ps2… PS3. Upscaled dvd’s. All awesome features… Only, most of them aren’t being used to their full potential. The upscale on dvd and ps1 and ps2 is just laughable. We need these bugs fixed before the PS3 can even consider itself a player in the game.

  • now i know where you are coming from gamesblow. i agree that the ps3 can do more and that sony has to step up his game or else they will lose the console war,but try to see somethings a bit more positive. only negative comments turns people of from what you are saying.

  • I liked the Folklore demo. I like it a hell of alot more than Blue Dragon or Two Worlds, got to play them both at my boy Justin’s house(Game Fly). Any ways while I am off topic that cat has a 70″ DLP that kicks ass for playing split screen Warhawk. I will be over there on Sat PSN ID jimmy903 my wife and his girl are going out of town. We will be geeked all weekend.

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