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I wanted to post a quick pointer to a new game industry resource called Wikia Gaming. It’s basically a new community page within the Wikia network where you can share what you know about any and all of the games you love to play. I mention this because I’ve noticed several readers here have some serious knowledge about all sorts of games, be they PlayStation games or otherwise – you know who you are. Check out Wikia Gaming, I think you’ll like it….

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  • Thanks for the info Pat. Quick question though when is the Black PSP 2000 hitting retail.

  • Haha, hells yeah.

    I started posting on there when it first went up.

    Man, their PS section was a disaster.

  • 40cal: End of this month. I believe they are shipping out the last week.

  • Black slims by the end of this month, eh… I went ahead and ordered the slim Final Fantasy VII edition one instead ;)

  • Cool. Wikis are always helpful. Thanks Patrick :)

  • Patrick Seybold, just wanted to drop a line to let you know that we appreciate when you talk to us and keep us in the loop. Being paying, loyal customers, we love to know what is in store for us.

    Thank you.

  • Cool I’ve been on their runescape one before :D

  • What would be nice is some feedback once in a while from other posters on this blog….

    Like Singstar??? Bluetooth mic’s, what the problem and when will it be fixed????
    Home, coming Oct or not????
    FW 2.0 for TGS?????

    Looks like your the only one who really ever post a reply, glad for that.

  • *cough 3.71 *cough

    lol, but thanx for the Wikia link :)

  • Thanks :)

  • Hello Mr. Seybold,
    I’ve been waiting for a slightly related poster/post to happen on this blog to bring up a very (what I think) is a very crucial topic. Now, I understand you are only the PR guy, and you are not responsible for the actions of the marketing team (that i’m aware of). But here’s some things I would like answered. Lets say for the sake of argument, I’m a Sony inverstor…

    “Square Enix: Sony Must Clarify PS3 Marketing”

    Square Enix President Yoichi Wada has a few words of advice for Sony. According to Reuters, the man at the top of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest monolith says Sony needs clarify their marketing and give gamers a clearer picture of what exactly the PlayStation 3 is, or suffer some negative consequences.

    “Sony first unveiled the PS3 as a mighty home electronics product. Then, after some badgering from game companies, it shifted the position of the console closer to a game machine,” said Wada. “[The future of the PS3] would be tough if its marketing strategy is not straightened up.”

    Sony has had some very public marketing mishaps in recent memory, including the infamous “All I want for Christmas is a PSP” viral marketing campaign gone wrong, but with the creation of the PlayStation Blog they seem to be heading in a more open direction. But with the recent leaving of Dave Karraker, the now former head of public relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America, it’ll be interesting to see how their marketing evolves in the near future.

    When you consider that, according to a recent NPD Group report, only 40% of PS3 owners knew their system had a Blu-ray player, Wada’s point seems to get underscored, but then in fairness, only 30% of 360 owners knew about their console’s Hi-Definition capabilities, compared to 50% of PS3 owners. That suggests it may be a more industry-wide problem of making non-tech heads aware of what their money buys them.”

    I’d like to know why marketing has spread themselves so thin!
    I really want a PS3, but these are times when I’m unsure about the stability of the PS3. I’d like to believe once Devs start to figure out how to exploit the Cell, it could go in the same way as the EE.
    PS2 sales are still rockin’!

    My next article I found, you should take VERY seriously. I’m talking to you, Mr. Sony CEO.

    “Square Enix Says FFVII Remake Could Still Happen”
    “Fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series have been pining for a remake of the classic Final Fantasy VII since before the game’s E3 2005 tech demo. And so far, Square brass has been fairly quiet on the idea of it becoming a reality.

    Though, as Famitsu points out (via PlayStation Universe), they are very aware of consumer interest. Crisis Core producer Hideki Imaizumi said in an interview to the Japanese magazine that though fans clearly want it, it’s a question of timing. The three most likely to work on such a project — Kitase, Nomura and Tabata — are too busy with Final Fantasy XIII.

    Imaizumi did make clear there’s no current plans for a remake, but pointed out some decisions are made quickly. He added that a new game is to be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, taking place from September 20-23.

    No doubt this new game is another part of Square Enix’s masterful plan to keep developers too busy to re-render Cloud’s ridiculous sword.”

    I hope the boys at the top realize what this could mean for the PS3. I suggest that Sony give SE a few hands here. They are one of you most powerful allies, and they are thinking about other things. If FFVII were to be remade… do you realize that some people would go get a PS3 JUST for that reason?

    Just some thoughts,
    Oh, and these are all just ideas to help you. I’ve got the feeling the PS3 team is exhausted, and tired. I know you guys work hard!


  • Hey Pat thanks for answering my question. Sorry it took so long to get back, had things to do.

  • Yes we would all love a FFVII remake, but not if it takes away from the dev of XIII. Hell I just want Crisis Core for PSP and FFVII on the PSN. Cant wait to see the new game from Square at the TGS hopefully it is somthing better than the crap they gave the 360 today. Mabey some Yakuza 3 news? Damn can we get somthing on Afrika already?

  • the problem with wikipedia, is there are no real fact checkers to verify stuff..people can write anything!

    In fact, i do believe it was I, not Shigeru Miyamoto that invented Mario….so where’s my royalty check?


  • Intresting, might check that out. (the web page)

  • Is anyone else having problems downloading the new 1.93 firmware update?

    It keeps freezing up on me…what should i do?

  • A Wiki which has been around much longer than gaming.wikia is GamerWiki (, with over 20,000 game articles.

    Like most wikis, many of the articles are what is called “stubs”, which consist of the basic information, but which are waiting for contributors to fill in more text.

  • Sony youy´re GREAT!!!, Still Waiting the PRICE CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where is my GOd Of War Demo Ive been waiting for 5 days longer then the promised date…….. I have nothing to play on my psp, It was honestly a waist of money and the only thing I think I can even consider is this game and I hope this demo can lead to good things.

  • I’m a level 6 member of that website. Been there since that place launched with about 4 people haha. Username is Rbrtchng. Pretty good community with occasional advertising stuff.

  • PlayStation Education & Process Enhancement

    Futurist and technology guru Dan Burres once observed that to play the average video game such as Halo or Sonic the Hedgehog, a child must learn and master no less than 70 new rules or skills. These 70 skills do not increase the player’s likelihood of success in the game, rather these 70 skills are the bare minimum to negotiate the first level of the game.

    Dan also noted that in this virtual reality or immersion simulation environment, the child is monitoring no fewer than 100 individual incoming streams of data from 360 degrees in all three planes of three-dimensional space (X, Y, and Z axis). In addition, the most recent generations of these game systems provide text, audio, and video conferencing, allowing players to collaborate in real time with individuals not only within their country but across the internet in other countries.

    These collaborations are not bounded by language differences. As a result, to work collaboratively within a given group and have that group work collaboratively against other groups, the players must learn a new language either one unique to the game or one utilized in common by all players within their team.

    PlayStation 3 Education:
    But what does this have to do with education or business process enhancement?

    What would happen if the United State’s much ballyhooed “No Child Left Behind” curriculum were handed over to video game programmers and utilized as the rules, processes and systems for a series of role playing adventure video games?

    What if the same level of mastery of scholastic skills were required achieve success within the various levels of these games?

    It is estimated that the entire K through 8 educational curriculum would be learned and mastered within a short two and a half years!

    Further, the remaining four years of high school would be completed within 18 months. Given that this sophistication of video games require a certain level reading and fine motor skills, students would not be ready to begin such a program until age seven or eight (third grade). These students would therefore complete high school by the end of seventh grade.

    Military and civilian applications of immersion simulation and virtual reality training have found that application and retention of information and skills learned maintain greater than 90% recall and greater than 90% proficiency in real world application. This means that students learning in an immersion simulation / virtual reality environment would not only master their K through 12 education, but would recall it with over 90% accuracy and apply it with over 90% proficiency. This exceeds even the best educational programs anywhere in the world by over a two to one margin.

    Given this level of retention and proficiency, these seventh graders would be able to augment their education with the first two years of college (Liberal Arts studies) which they would again complete within a year. A well-rounded education could be further augmented with Music and Literature, which of course would be part of the immersion simulation rather than separate courses, lending little or no additional time to the program.

    In such a technology augmented education, by the time an average child graduates from middle school and enter their adolescent years, they would have completed the equivalent of two years of college in a Liberal Arts program, again with a mastery level greater than 90% or in collegiate terms, a Magna Cum Laude level of expertise.

    Toaster or Technology:
    The problem with the application of such a model within our current educational system is that for a preadolescent or adolescent, the PlayStation 3 360, , or similar device is not technology, rather it is a tool not unlike a toaster. To those of us who provide education, either in the postgraduate or in the secondary school environment however, this self same device still represents significant technology with “cutting edge graphics” and “blazing speed.” For those of us raised in the Pong and Atari generation, the PlayStation 3 360 and were not only unimaginable, but had they existed in our adolescence, they would have cost tens of millions of dollars and been referred to as “super computers”.

    The cultural clash between today’s educators and the educational technology represented by the PlayStation 3 360 and is a chasm almost too wide to forge.

    Business Can Lead the Way:
    Perhaps the trickle down of effect would be more readily accepted. Instead of revamping the modern classroom into an educational video arcade, what would happen if currently available technologies such as the PlayStation 3 360, or even Second Life were applied to immersion simulation training of employees?

    Role-playing games designed around literary works, movies, or even fantasy could be modified or even built from the ground up to incorporate the new skills and processes needed in the business environment or even a manufactured environment. Fire safety, workplace safety, disaster preparedness, disaster response, or even such mundane activities as packing for trips, preparing for a doctor’s visit, or maintaining your own health could be incorporated into the mythical world of virtual reality role-playing games.

    Modern-day Dungeon Masters could tap into the vast bodies of knowledge and work cooperatively with professional organizations and trainers, academic institutions, and advocacy groups to ensure that evidence-based processes were incorporated into the games allowing the games not only to maintain the laws of physics but the laws of business, Medicine, and even real world legal considerations.

    Imagine entering Second Life online and “volunteering” at a hospital that is responding to an earthquake (or the attack of Godzilla). Nurses, doctors, administrators, laboratory technicians, x-ray technologists, healthcare providers, and professionals of every ilk could practice their cooperation, collaboration, policies, and even procedures in this virtual space until these skills became second nature in Second Life.

    When a real event occurred, the self same individuals who trained in the immersion simulation / virtual reality environment would find that they apply these new skills with military precision and virtual reality realism. Life will truly imitate art.

    Let the Games Begin:
    So what would it take to move theory into practice?

    The will to do it!

    The technology exists. The programming algorithms exist. The procedures and best practices in each industry that could benefit from immersion simulation / virtual reality training exist. The only thing that is lacking is a simple collaboration between programmers who are masters of this new world and professionals who are masters of both the new and the old knowledge.

    Perhaps like in the video game Cameo, these modern-day digital alchemists can come together with the wizards of ancient wisdom and forge a new world for all.

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