Heavenly Sword Arrives!

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Nariko strikes a pose.

This week marks the release of Heavenly Sword – and after months of anticipation, weeks of “making-of” videos and the animated prequels, we’re fired up to see the game make its way to store shelves.

Considered one of the most anticipated PS3 titles of the year, the buzz around Heavenly Sword continues to build as review scores begin to pour in from leading gaming sources. A sampling of the scores thus far include: Play Magazine – 10/10, Game Pro Magazine – 4.5/5, Game Informer Magazine – 8.75/10, Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine – 8.33/10, GameZone.com – 8.8/10, and 1Up.com – 8/10.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“Heavenly Sword is a fun, engaging, and most importantly, exclusive PS3 title that Sony fanboys can brag to 360 fanboys about.” – Game Pro Magazine

“…the combat in Heavenly Sword is frenzied and entertaining… The amazing cutscenes (with some of the best facial animations I’ve ever seen), a cool cast of characters, and the stirring musical score complement the gameplay to create an incredibly cinematic experience.” – Game Informer Magazine

“… there’s no doubt in our mind that Heavenly Sword is a winner and a work of art (eat that Roger Ebert!) that will help shift tons of PS3s come September. When it’s good, it’s truly magnificent and some of the final stages will have anyone with a 42-inch high-definition TV foaming at the mouth. No battle-scene compares to Nariko’s finale. Plus, Nariko’s home of the new face of PlayStation, going so far as to shunt Lara Croft from her throne as the ultimate game girl. Bring on Heavenly Sword 2.” – GamesRadar.com

“Heavenly Sword is among the rarest of treasures in the video game world. It is also an important game in the history of that entertainment genre. Why? Never have there been such compelling characters in the gaming world; characters you cared about, characters that could twist your emotions with the initial look in their eyes after a plot point is revealed…. Heavenly Sword is an amazing accomplishment. It is the promise of what the next-gen platforms can achieve in terms of breathing life into characterizations.” – GameZone.com

“Heavenly Sword feels like a summer action flick. It’s full of nonstop action, and it looks terrific. Heavenly Sword is a fantastic game from start to finish.” – GameSpot.com

“Heavenly Sword is the games equivalent of that showcase DVD you bought when you first got your home theatre system all set up; it’s The Matrix or Saving Private Ryan, but it also happens to be a damn good action game to boot…. one of the best experiences you can get on the PlayStation 3. Period.” – TotalPlayStation.com

“Heavenly Sword’s visuals are arguably the best the system has seen to date. I can’t talk up the graphics enough — not only are the characters and environments incredibly well detailed, but there’s very little of that typical (and easily abused) “next-gen gloss” applied to them, so you get a much cleaner-looking game than fare like Gears of War or Virtua Fighter 5.” – 1Up.com

Also, I’m embedding here the new Heavenly Sword trailer!

Lastly, I wanted to include a few reference links here to our previous Heavenly Sword posts. Enjoy!

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  • It does look nice shame i cant afford it.
    Love the animations wish you would make some more.

    Perhaps with a different or new IP

  • Intresting………

  • Not trying to be mean, but you might want to proof read that one more time. You missed the Part III prequel post, and you misspelled animated in one of your early links.

    Not trying to be critical, so I didn’t go over the post with a fine tooth comb. But those two jumped out at me.

    Anyway, I hope to pick it up at CC as soon as they get it. I just wish CC would get their act together and carry video games sooner when released… I regret buying their discount card so much….

  • This is a game I’ve got to check out. After all, it’s not often I hear my wife say “Hey! She’s hot!”.

  • I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow.

  • ive already waiting for my pre-order. i cant wait.

  • i only wished the game is not short and could have been as deep as god of war =/

    but ill probably buy it…

  • sorry to spoil your party but it got a 7 from ign.

    im still getting it though!

  • Picking up tomorrow.
    I am yet to see one add for the game on TV

  • @Violater

    i turned it on and went “woah….she’s hot” :)

  • can’t wait to play just sad the games was so short :(

  • XxBigP123xX, IGN was the only one who rated it that way. Everyone else gave it 8s and 9s.

  • I played the demo and let out a big “Ehhhh…”

    Sure was a lot of hype for a game that kinda sucks. Here is how you make Heavenly Sword is 4 steps…

    1.) Take Ninja Gaiden Sigma.
    2.) Remove Ninja.
    3.) Insert woman.
    4.) Sale as Heavenly Sword.

  • I just screamed like a little girl

  • @derrickgott007

    In Ninja Gaiden you don’t fight thousands of soldiers or use the Sixaxis if only a little…

  • So do you feel HS is more like Ninja Gaiden or more like God of War? Funny though, all reviews complain about HS being short. Oh, well!

  • Hurray. Can’t wait to get my copy. It’s going to say “Heavenly Sword” next to my PS3 friends avatar.

  • I am looking forward to getting a call tomorrow afternoon from Gamestop telling me that my pre-order is here! I’ve been wanting this game really badly since last year’s E3. I am very excited about this game and look forward to playing it numerous times on multiple difficulties.

  • I am so hyped for this game, all the media around it really helps to sell it. And that CG commercial looked so hot.

    Unfortunately I have no money at the moment. I’ll rent it, and maybe buy it later if anything.

  • look at all the xboxfangirls in they must be bored
    bioshock must not be doing it for you nomore
    theres no game 2 play
    warhawk you can play over and over and it will never be the same
    lair awesome game
    now Heavenly Sword Arrives!
    this game is one of a kind
    xboxfangirls get out of here and go back 2 that crapbox360

  • the trailer makes it look like a CGI movie coming to a theater near you…. VERY NICE!

  • Heavenly sword impresses me, but why is the length only 7 hours? According to gametrailers.com

    Which I trust with my dignity, the game got a 7.9 for its length? Heavenly sword uses 25gb of data and its only 7 hours long? Kingdom hearts which was also epic had around 20 hours of story line. Im buying it, but I hope you guys use the 50gb blu-ray on the next heavenly sword game.

  • joel, it’s about as long as God of War… is that such a bad thing? Did you ever think maybe Heavenly Sword only needed 8-10 hours to tell its story, without polluting it with filler?

  • @Kinglink

    You have no one to blame but yourself. Never ever buy a game you haven’t rented.

  • Just bought the game at the Metreon.

    This game rocks. Visual masterpiece.
    Gameplay is fun.
    Story is fun.

    Totally worth it.

  • you kinglink are a tool

  • OMG I really can’t wait for this game!!!
    It’s so beautiful!

    Stop acting like a kid (or a troll), everyone said Lair was disappointing, you bought it anyway at your risk, you could have tried it.
    As far as Warhawk is concerned if there have been problems with stats Incognito has been surely working to solve them and if you like the game I can’t see the problem.

  • Sure there is no need to bring Lair or warhawk into this, but kinglink has the right to be a little pissed. From what I heard Lair was crap, and I have constant warhawk server issues (luckily the game is very very good)

    I think Heavenly sword will be a great game though. sure it will be short, and has its cons like many other games, but overall it will be fun, beautiful, and will tell a cool story.

  • IGN?!? That site is soooo horrible with rating games! If it wasn’t for their videos and info about some of their games I wouldn’t even bother with them.

    As I always say, “Don’t believe the critics, they aren’t you”

  • HS is a must have game for any ps3 owner, who cares how long the game is.

  • Well honestly 60 bucks for a short game would sorta piss me off. I’m not asking a RPG game length but yanno…a decent amount of hours…say…original Resident Evil for the PS1 length? Not THAT long but a good amount.

    Offtopic but I’m pretty psyched about a FFVII remake…anyone over in Sony doing anything perhaps to help Square Enix go towards a more definite Yes? I mean…360 is getting Ninja Gaiden 2 exclusive so far…I think FFVII will definitly do well no matter what considering its quite possibly the greatest Square Enix game (then Square)

    Thanks, btw i’m gonna trade in 3 games for HS probably XD

  • I just saw the TV spot for Heavenly Sword and have to say good job with the marketing. The Pic at the top of this post is awesome. I have been waiting for this game for almost 2 years and tommorow it is out, thank god/Sony:)

    Also Lair is a good game, I liked it and have all the gold medals, oh yeah. The Warhawk rankings will be fixed if you dont like the official servers use your own. Warhawk is a great game and will be played for months to come.



    I don’t want to have to buy an import…I dunno if the psp does region free and whatnot

  • Yeah i saw the TV ad’s nice finnnally showing PR for a game on tv we need more soon.

    @ Deadxbabiesxinc i agree we should have that lite. and i know theres games that are reigon free idk about the psp.

  • Picking my copy up tomorrow! Glad to see Heavenly Sword finally in our (the consumer’s) hand.

  • Deadxbabiesxinc, I’m importing that exact ones. And so you know, PSP is region free.

  • I’ve been playing this game since Monday and once again Sony comes thru with a short, disappointing, light on content game to pack onto 50 gigs worth of blu-ray space… Motorstorm, Lair, Heavenly Sword… all 3 games that are incredibly short, incredibly light on features and lack variaty in extras.

    I came to really like Lair, inspite of massive bashing before owning it and giving it a chanace, but it’s way too short. It has nothing in way of good content. Content you’d wanna go back and see and any extras that the game does have doesn’t warrent the time to check them out. Lair is a great game, however… very underpreciated.

    Motorstorm is a damn wreck. I hate this game. It’s the biggest let down the ps3 has to offer, if you ask me.

    Heavenly Sword… Where’s the content? Where’s the deep, sprawling, quest and adventure? This game reminded me so much of Mark of Kri in some ways… only with God of War button mashing added to the mix along side Mark of kri’s.

    My point…we’re paying 5 and 600 for the ps3. A “so called” superior system to the competition… We’re asked to pay 64 bucks for these games… games that are on 50 gig blu-rays. These games don’t have any better graphics than what the competition can pull off and they’re shorter expreiences than ps2 can pull off. God of War was a 12 hour game… it was on no bigger than a 9 gig dvd. Heavenly sword is on a 50 gig blu-ray and it was 7 hours for me to beat.

    I challenge sony to tap into my ps3 account and see all the junk psn games I’ve bought in support of the system. All the patches and DLC I’ve obtained in support of the ps3. I’m an owner who pays out the *** every month to ensure my ps3 is getting played… Why don’t you give me something back and others like me?

    We want games worth buying, Sony. Not renting. Uncharted is the next big epic 8 hour adventure Sony is giving us. Way to go!

  • Just to reiterate a moment… I can’t help but feel you’re giving us (you’re as in Sony) shorter games, with little to no content on them for the following reasons.

    1 – So you can charge us for PSN DLC to get more out of the games we buy. Since the games like Motorstorm came with jack on them at retail, who’s not gonna wanna buy these tracks and cars at cost? Nobody! We paid 64 bucks for an unfinished game… Of course we want more. Too bad you didn’t include the whole game when you shipped it.

    2 – To make shorter games so we buy more games. LEts face it, the casual PS2 owner didn’t buy enough games… Know why? They never got around to beating half of the ones they did buy… Sony knows this. That’s why they had 117 million PS2 install base, yet none of their games sold over 10 million copies. Sony wants you to play less and buy more. We beat Heavenly Sword in a day, well… Lair came out… got crap reviews but I already beat HS… better grab it too!

    See how that works? Sony’s slide of hand is detected.

  • gamesblow… do you realize how many great games are short? Zone of the Enders, Gears of War, hell, you can even beat Metal Gear Solid in about 8 hours. My point is, even short games can be great, so maybe the games you mentioned aren’t for you.

  • Also I would like to point out, that the games you mentioned, aren’t bad for first generation games. They’ll get better as time goes on… just look at the PS2. Most first year PS2 titles were crap. The same actually is true for the PS1.

  • Didn’t get my copy today :(

    Hopefully tomorrow or sometime this week as I can’t wait to play it :)

  • This game looks absolutely amazing, I can’t wait til I get it tomorrow for my B-Day!!! :D

  • I agree, the 1st year of ps1 and ps2 were train wrecks. October of 2001 was when Ps2 really started to take off and the same could be said for the PS3. I am a huge supporter of Sony and the PS3, check out my myspace “LMFAO” but I hate to think it’s all going to come down to transaction and light content over PSN.

    If that’s the case… make these games 30 bucks at retail and tack on crap until your hearts content. All I’m saying.

    Aside from that… I agree with Sony having the strongest 1st year line up for a system ever.

    Genji 2

    That’s just some of the main games. That’s way better than what xbox 360 was giving us its 1st year… the best part, PS3’s 1 year is coming up in november… Lots of good games ca still hit within PS3’s 1st year, making it even better.

  • @gamesblow
    First, you got the game on monday? Second, PS3 games are on 25 gig Blu-ray discs. Third, everything else that I have read said that HS is a deep, sprawling, quest and adventure. Forth, 7 hours is plenty long for a game. Most good games are short. Fifth, most all first year games on every console in the history of gaming have lacked in one way or another. Sixth, Motorstorm is one of the best games to come out in the last 2 years.

  • @ 46

    Yes and a whole lotta no’s.

  • that’s an awesome picture (the first one on top)!!!
    make that a wallpaper!!!!!!

  • @gamesblow
    Cool bro you dont have to agree with peoples views. But ah yes PS3 games are on 25 gig blu-rays.

  • @wh0am1

    I already made that picture into a wallpaper a little while ago.

    It’s made for widescreen tvs.


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