SingStar On Tour, Your Chance to Shine

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SingStar On Tour: Kiosk3
Lookout everyone, SingStar On Tour, which hit the road in July and will travel across the country through March 2008, may be coming to a town near you! The tour features a SingStar van and a performance stage, and for those who aren’t quite ready to show off their skills on-stage, don’t worry, we have some SingStar kiosks too.

While the tour’s focused on weekend stops at major malls across the country, we like to pop into local “watering holes” here and there during the week. This past Wednesday night we made a stop at the Dizzy Lizard Saloon in Hempstead, NY. The Hofstra University students were out in full force to sing their hearts out on SingStar Amped and SingStar 80’s (both releasing on September 18th). If anyone there doesn’t remember what a great time they had…not to worry. We took pictures!

SingStar On Tour: Kiosk2SingStar On Tour: KioskSingStar On Tour: VanSingStar On Tour: Stage

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  • That looks really cool I hope that they come to Miami Florida

  • Will they be travelling around the UK and Europe as well?

  • Nobody would want to hear me sing. lol. But I love how this game makes it all community look and feel. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • Is it just me or is everybody here from MIAMI FLORIDA? cuz I am and so is the #1 guy.

  • Iam from Tampa Florida, so thats pretty close…

  • Come to South Jersey!!

  • CA here.

    Yeah pretty much 4 hours away from a major city and an hour away from a mall :(

  • Great great… and what about the indefinitely delayed Singstar on PS3 ? Will we have it in Europe one day ? It totally disappeared of the recent Sony planning !

  • We are strong, no on can tell us we’re wrong
    Searchin’ our hearts for so long
    Both of us knowing
    Love is a battlefield

    bum bah bum bah bum


    When’s the ps3 version coming? My sister loves the game.

  • i am awaiting the new singstar. mostly due to the ability to download whatever songs you like.

  • What is going on with the PS3 version? I know we all have a PS2 on this site, but the reason we come here is for the PS3, kid not.
    Is the problem locking up distribution deals with the labels…it’s not easy beating Apple at this, but come on, do it.

  • I’m from Miami Fl

  • Orlando, FL here and I’m sorry but I love this game! Everytime I go into Best Buy I make a point to sing at the top of my lungs to Lifehouse – “Hanging by a moment” I am def gonna get the PS3 version when it comes out because its more promising than the PS2 version due to the online capabilites. I can only hope that the singstar van comes to O-Town this way i can show off my skills. And @waddin_penguin you hit that right on, I check this blog several times a day to see only what’s goin on with the PS3 and if theres something about PSP or PS2 then hey that’s cool too cuz I have all platforms. Peace.


  • First, a slight spelling error at the end of the first paragraph- “quiet” should be “quite” might want to attack that before some smart@$$ mocks you for it.

  • As for the topic, I NEVER sing but if you were to bring that van over here (ie Middle of Nowhere, Northwest Washington) I would so embarass myself for you guys! :P Something to think about. :D

  • BT Mics or Wireless in the retail version?

  • Its a shame that this has been delayed and delayed and delayed and delayed…..just like well, almost every single PS3 game.

    Whats happening with the wireless mic’s, i only see the PS2 mic’s in the foto, maybee a little feedback from the devs as to when they will be avaliable, or if they are being released at all?????
    Or what the problems are instead of nothing,

  • drunk students and karoke. oh contain my beating heart [/sarcasm]

    maybe i just miss the whole point of ‘singstar’

    i mean.. WHY!?

  • I’m also wondering if you are going to deliver on the wireless mics. I cancelled a preorder because the seller is not sure.
    I also want to know how much individual songs are going to cost in europe. Please information on this great title.

  • Yeah, Singstar, right. Personally I’m going to get Rock Band when that comes out instead of Singstar or Guitar Hero. This blog entry doesn’t seem like it’s really going to stir up any controversy. Why don’t you guys write a blog about the Lair reviews? My opinion on that is that you guys need to make Factor 5 create a demo of the game (If they will. I’ve seen some interviews saying they’re pretty beat from making Lair) so that people can see for themselves if the gameplay’s really off or if those were just poorly made reviews.

  • @ryjo965: No one wants to play Gaylo 3 so you fail.

    Off topic: We’ve all heard about SE’s Yoichi Wada telling you guys to fix your marketing. So I have a suggestion, I actually heard this from someone and I think it’s a good idea.

    Focus on marketing it primarily as a gaming machine, but change your slogan from “Play B3yond” to “PS3 – Something for Everyone”

    It works because the PS3 literally has something for everyone with all of its features, it’s not at all confusing, and you don’t have to elaborate on anything.

    Just saying, Square-Enix is your most important third party support. Don’t blow it with them.

  • Coo, a chance to make fools of ourselves.

  • @ryjo965 – Please go troll on another blog you F***ing microbot or else try to find something positive about Singstar.


  • Sorry to bring this up again, but it needs to be said. Here is a game getting panned in reviews, but most gamers who say screw the ratings are loving. the forums are rife with love for the game and many gamers are showing interest in it, but are torn between the ratings and other gamers opinion. So what do you as a smart company who is motivated, aggressive, and back your product 1000% do?

    A.) First disregard the issue, and then out of desperation issue out an how to review guide, that instead back fires and brings more mockery to your company.

    or B.) trust that your ownerbase is the ones to listen to, issue out a demo on your network, and yet the fence sitting gamers decide on their own what to think about the game.

    Sadly Sony is ran by mutant idiot monkeys now, and choose A.

  • Singstar on PS3 ?
    Release date : may 2007… no wait finally we push it to june… no no, july… no august… no september… no october… new official planning from sony ? Singstar totally disappeared from it. Even not in october anymore…

  • P.P.S. Sorry for the long-winded comment. Forgot to say, Singstar looks awesome, and I can’t wait for it to be released in the UK. Singing along at 5am, with no consideration to the neighbours and not a single note hit? Priceless.

  • Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Mr Playstation
    Happy birthday to you
    Remember 09/09/1995
    Playstation was launched

  • Happy birthday my lover :)))

  • Will the tour include the SingStar PS3 one? And will it come to SD,CA

  • there’s a great little bar in the San Fernando Valley outside of LA…that’d be a great place for Sony to come over

  • bout time for a new post. new poll, new announcement, new something…

  • Well many many thanks for the feedback you loosers. Just read that the Blue tooth mic’s arn’t out till next year, the Blueray will be out by the end of this year. Great marketing. I tell you what, just forget about Singstar PS3, its been delayed so many times that poeple really can’t be bothered with it anymore, me included.

  • Sing Star is great drunken fun. Oh yeah.

  • I want thissssssss

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