Heavenly Sword Prequel: Episode V – The Day Of The Warrior

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Now that the mini-series is coming to an end and the game is finally about to be in the shops, I wanted to share a couple of the ideas and concepts that lead to the creation of the animations, and, of course, the final episode.

From the outset it was clear to all of us that we wanted to create a worthy addition to the game; giving depth and meaning to its story and by offering a different visual experience. Sony and Ninja Theory wanted to supply something extra that the fans could enjoy both visually and thematically.

One of my first ideas for the series was to use 2D animation and a much more stylized and simple look than the game itself to allow the story to be viewed from a new perspective. The CG animation and graphics of the game are some of the nicest out there, so it made more sense to expand the Heavenly Sword universe by using different techniques. This also opened up the possibility to visually re-interpret the world and its inhabitants. Very early on in the production, I had access to all the great pre-existing game concepts and artwork. I always kept aware of the overall look and feel of the game whilst designing the look of the anime as this was very important in order to tie the whole project together. We worked closely with the team at Sony and Ninja Theory to make sure we created a homogeneous universe.

I really feel, as I am a hardcore gamer myself, that expanding a game’s universe in creative and engaging ways can be so much more rewarding for the fans. The Heavenly Sword series has been an amazing project to be involved in, and I hope some of you gamers out there embraced its concept and enjoyed the ride as much as we did making it! Enjoy the final episode, and don’t forget to watch it on the big screen after you download it from the PlayStation Store tomorrow!

For more background, check out this interview I did with It’s Art Magazine.

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