Firmware Update (v1.92)

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As Kotaku, Joystiq and others are pointing out, we’ve released a minor firmware update (version 1.92) for the PS3. This update focuses on some PS3 compatibility and playability issues for select titles. A search site for looking up compatible titles is also in the works, as soon as it’s live, I’ll publish a link to it here.

Update: The compatibility search site is now live.

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  • About time… In the future it would help everyone a lot if we had a changelog on the update like 1.9 did…

  • Also, how about posting the top ten requested firmware features as we were promised “next week” about 2 months ago on this very blog?

  • LOL…seriously a little late for that! we only had to find out why our PS3’s are being updated from outside sources

  • But then again Sony is just known for the terrible communication

  • Isn’t there already a compatibility check site here:

    Or is that outdated? Looking at it, the info for Chrono Cross, at least, is wrong; it doesn’t mention that the game freezes when elements are used (which is in the vast majority of battles).

  • Thanks, and I know this has been asked a million times, but, when are we getting in-game XMB?

  • yea i no i am just downloading it now….they took there time…

  • Thanks for the info. Any details on what this is supposed to be addressing specifically?

  • 1.92 gives alot of people error 8002aa08 when signing into PSN. Able to load the internet fine with the browser. This is also with fully reset network settings and all cookies/cache cleared.

    No access to PSN for MANY people

  • Any news on when the browser issue will be fixed? Ever since I updated last night one of my accounts cannot access the store or get any web pages on the browser. my other 4 accounts are fine though.

    Please let us know what we need to do to notify you of how many are affected if you are unaware of the issue.

  • uhm….. thats it? all this time and that is the only thing you can come up with…….?

    so how many months till 1.93?

  • I would suggest that Sony does let you know what the update is supposed to do when it tells you an update is required. I am not sure how hard it would be to implement a message that tells you “found update 1.92, minor compatibility update” or something like “found update 2.0, in-game XMB and free beer” i think this would allow you to decide wether you are going to play on, or stop playing and download a new ability. Thanks for communicating with us and giving us a means of doing so.

  • what happened to the changelog text that appears within the firmware that tells the PS3 user what it is that they downloaded and will be installing as part of each firmware patch? We had at least 1 or 2 firmware patches with the notes included, but this latest one did not have it which was disappointing. Also, does agreeing to the 1.0 software usage agreement that appears in the firmware mean that we aren’t really agreeing to the use of the 1.92 usage agreement?

  • Wow another amazing lengthy Blog from the PR man. How about telling us ‘what’ is actually in the 1.92 update and what happened to 1.91, and why did you decide to bring this out now???

  • My guess is that they have been working on 2.0 for quite a while now, and this firmware is just a bug fix. I betcha we have 2.0 within the next couple months (probably coinciding with Home’s release). I would say they have to release 2.0 before the Holidays so they can tout their new functionality and sell more PS3’s. Can’t wait to see what they have planned for us…

  • 1.91 was probably skipped due to internal changes at Sony. I am sure that the original firmware in the Ps3 was not 1.0 when we recieved it.

  • next update id like to see the ability to create sub-folders. so that i can organize my photos and downloaded games.

  • @16

    Just shutup, seriously. It’s people like you that hyped up the MEGA MARCH UPDATE. We later found out that all it had was background downloading and folding. If you don’t work for Sony, don’t hype up something you don’t even know exists. I can’t wait till we get an update in October and all it has is HOME. Everybody on the forums and blog will be saying SONY ARE LIARS!!!! Until Sony announces something official, shutup.

  • No kidding Brentos, everybody just needs to relax and enjoy what they have. maybe some of you should stop reading about the upcoming functionality so you can keep the sour taste out of your mouth. If you keep on hoping that in-game XMB and Home are in the next firmware update, you are setting yourself up for a let-down. Somewhere there is a kid who got this update, and was able to play some obscure russian PS2 game, be happy for them and wait your turn for the function that interests you…

  • I don’t know if its just a coincidence bust it seems to have made it worse for me logging on to Warhawk after the 1.92. I never had it timeout while logging on before and now I would say it happens 80% of the time.

  • Since the update my controllers won’t sync with the PS3. :(

  • Gosh!
    All you posters act as if you are owed these updates? Sony understands there is a need for these features. Perhaps that is why they felt the need to release this update now. I’m sure they are giving their very best to provide us with the best experience the PS3 has to offer. Every update for ME is like Christmas Morning! Thanks SONY!!!

  • I noticed my browser and Playstation Store being unable to connect immediately after updating. This “Network Error” seems to be somewhat common looking at the PS Forums and the Posts here. I tried today however and everything seems to be back to normal lol.

    I still got “Game Full” messages in Warhawk last nite though… and my stats are still acting funny so as far as i can see the update didnt do anything.

    P.S. Yes we ALL want to know what happened to the so-called “List of most wanted update features” You said you guys would post them but we have never seen them. We tend to be pretty on the ball around here so if you say your gonna post a list like that, then dont turn around and blow us off.

    Our reasons for wanting an “Official” list of most-wanted features should be easy to understand. We want to KNOW that you are working on the features we need and frankly some of the most wanted features are WAY OVERDUE.

  • @aaquib – dude i am totally hearing you on the whole hyped up notion but you don’t need to bring your hate out in the blog. you don’t need to bash anyone here. I’m sure i speak for everyone here when I say that we cannot wait for the infamous 2.0 update. I’ve had my console since the launch date and i’ve been patiently waiting the same amount of time that you have but you don’t see me taking it out on anyone here?

  • Warhawk is still a buggy crapfest. I can’t even get into games. I get network errors non stop and if I do manage to get into a game I get booted and get a network error message, I’ve never had these problems with Motorstorm or Warhawk (Which also have a singleplayer) So how could a multiplayer only game get it so wrong?

    I’m very disapointed that I can’t play this amazing game.

  • Where is our “most wanted features list”? Also, I think it should be policy to post on this blog before the new update comes out. Just like sony did in june and july. How hard is it to make a simple blog post anyway, c’mon!

  • What is the meaning of overdue? Do you think Sony is holding out on you? Maybe they decided not to launch these updates so that we will be more thankful when they hit, or maybe they want XBOX to release their new console first so they can counter? Or maybe………. they are taking their time to ensure operation? Maybe there will never be in-game XMB and you should buy an XBOX and stop whining? Oh wait, you could always whine to Microsoft.

  • i just wanna know when the update that has HOME will evver come out, but i am glad my jabra is finally working in warhawk

  • Thank you very much, Lord Seybold!

  • “How hard is it to make a simple blog post anyway, c’mon!”

    in the US, yesterday was a national holiday and businesses were closed, so unless you expect people to come in to work just so you have your update, i’d say cut them some slack.

  • When will Sony address the apparent issues People are having with firmware 1.92?

    Motorstorm its own set of problems?

    In addiiton to Lair “Network Functionalty is unaccessible” LeaderBoards, On-line Manual and Updates for Lair however not limited to Message Boards which are All Launched via the browser seem to lock up the system forcing you to restart the system manually?

    While keeping in mind prior to the update all features within Lair’s Network worked beautifully.

  • Awesome. Thanks for new update.
    *crosses fingers for 2.0 to be released soon.*

    Obviously “in-game XMB”, “Home” and “PlayTV” are all high on the wishlist, but right now I’d love to see: subfolders to distinguish between demos, classic games and PSN games. My game section is becoming stupidly long… and if I want to play GT HD Concept, it’s all waaaay down there. :P Imagine what it’s going to look like two years down the line…

  • Seriously,

    I would really like to know why I cannot access the internet or the PSN store since I updated. Can you please provide a fix for this or let us know what we need to do on our end to resolve this problem.

    I would say the quality and testing of the PS3 firmware updates has been excellent up to this point. But I am disappointed to see that some of us (including myself) seem to have found a bug with the update.

    For those of you who have not updated yet, I would hold off until a fix has been released as the update itself is not worth the hassle of the bugs.

  • what’s the point of this.
    Sony knows what we want. $600 and 10 months later I still don’t have in game XMB access. On top of that all I have is a whoapping THREE titles worth playing (IMO) Resistance, Motorstorm and Warhawk. Don’t even get me started with Lair (I wish I never got that as a birthday present…what a waste)

    Oh..wait….I bet Home will solve all those issues.
    Well guys, here me now. I bet, when Home comes this fall, we still will not be able to access the XMB from in-game. Trust me

  • The wait for 2.0…sigh!

  • Well it’s no wonder Sony is all hesitant to report on minor updates. All you people do is complain! The first words out of the first post were “About time”.

    Whatever happened to appreciating what you’re given? Why do people feel entitled all of a sudden? This is the first generation to ever even offer online updates. Just accept it as the benefit that it is.

    I don’t even consider myself a patient person, but I don’t whine about such petty stuff. If your life going to be ruined if you can’t listen to an MP3 while playing a particular game?

    To come out with such a minor update, I’d expect they’re spending the bulk of their time on more important pursuits such as Home and your precious in-game XMB.

    Quit your complaining. Go play some Super Puzzle Fighter. You know… that totally awesome PSN release they came out with last week… Unless you were too busy whining to notice.

  • @33

    I know what you mean man. I have a good 10 games downloaded and 2-3 demos there and were what. 10 months into the PS3 life? What will it indeed look like in 2 years =O!!!!

    To all others. There is indeed plenty of updates we all would like but the more you hype yourself, the more of a letdown there will be for you.

    You have to keep in mind that its not a magic switch Sony pushes and these new updates come. They have to program and test and retest and program them.

    Also having said that, there is a strategy to all this too. They cannot just spam every single feature and leave you to dry for next 5 years. They need to slowly bring up the updates in a manor that works, not just release everything there.

    As far as it goes though to Sony, I wish you were a little more open with your users. We all appreciate this blog and its a good first step but let us know what your fixing. There is no shame to say it was a bug fix, we just wanna know whats going on.

  • small update but at least now i no sony is about some games in the ps3 store and the local game stop.

  • Hey Game Hero we are “owed” these updates! Does 600 dollars bring back anything? It sure does for me! I do appreciate the updates but it has almost been a year already and still nothing too special has really come from all of this. That’s why I also bought an Xbox360. The online community is great and I know I pay 50$ a month but I get what I pay for! The majority of ps3’s games are made for xbox now anyway! which is sad but true. But I guess all in all it’s best to have both worlds.

  • Anyone else having their Oblivion freeze or having moving gates/doors and the spell effects not work since the last update?

    When are we getting the Oblivion downloadables?
    I have noticed my FFXII looks much better. As do my other PS2 games.

  • Backwards compatibilty in europe i hope! I want to play blood money and silent hill damnit! About time you blitz some BC. Look back before going forward.

  • I think Sony know what we want, that people want in game XMB and they are working on it. In the mean time I’m sure they wouldn’t be releasing these firmware updates if they wern’t necessary. Hopefully they sort out online games logging you out and and the occasional freeze up.

    But in future it would be nice if we were actually told what we are actually downloading Sony, and what these updates do. Poor PR when the users find out from other sources first than from Sony themselves.

  • But I am not a programmer for sony…… I wouldn’t know what to do. If I was, however, I would of made sure it was there from day one.

  • @25

    I understand you, too, want these features, but without evidence it’s all speculation. I just wish people would ask Sony the times, rather than speculate and set everyone up for disappointment.

  • @ aaquib – yeah I have no problem with them releasing the update without a “heads up.” I’ve also had a psp since they launched 3 years ago and we never got any heads up for those. EVER. I just think that people are expecting far too much. As for people speculating. that’s what pisses me off too but theres nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

  • @leetfoo

    Good point, let users input what they want to see in a product and meet and exceed those expectations. Gives people a sense of ownership and contribution and builds customer loyalty.

    Even if they don’t implement the majority they can explain why and give people a feeling of closure that the addition will or will not come to the PS3.

    Hopefully the big guys pay attention, because the ability to modify the OS like this is an incredible tool and really sets this platform apart.

    I think Sony’s on the right path, but needs some minor adjustments to get there in style.


  • Hmm… I haven’t had any problems with any of my games since this update. After this update Warhawk actually worked better; I use to get network errors, and I haven’t had a single one since the update. Secondly, my other online games seem to have better connections as well. My friend and I picked up Lair this morning, I haven’t looked online yet, but he did and had no problem viewing the leaderboard. I’m thinking that it’s just random people who are having problems, for whatever reason…. And who says that it’s gotta’ be Sony’s fault; I had a problem with a download once several months back; I deleted it and redownloaded and it was fine; I think my internet connection may have just glitched for a moment during the download. Has anyone tried resetting and doing it over again????

  • @leetfoo

    Oh yeah! I forgot about that list, because apparently Sony had too.

  • I’m not expecting a heads up, but some info on what this update does to my PS3 would be nice…

    Pretty lame notice for this, all the same. I see where it does absolutely squat to fix the problems with the much talked about, much hyped on this Blog Warhawk. Odd how both Sony and Incognito have been eerily quiet since the embarassment that game’s launch has been.

    I used to own a Xbox, my son has the Gamecube. I moved over to Sony not only because the hardware is better, but because I expected better customer relations than MS has ever shown. Prior to the release of Warhawk, I haven’t been let down. But there weren’t any real problems prior to the release of Warhawk either, were there? Put enough pressure on these guys to make a five year old cry, well, suddenly you can swing a dead cat on this ‘communications’ site without coming close to hittin anyone.

    When will the game be fixed? When can I play my paid for game whenever the bleep I want to, without waiting half an hour for the server or network or whatever to decide to grace my with it’s pleasure? When?

  • I’ve updated with no problems so far. Here are some things that I have noticed.

    Although the web browser is faster its flash player has not been updated. On 1.90 I couldn’t watch videos on because the site asks you to upgrade your flash player. 1.92 offers the same results.

    I would attribute the speed increases in the browser, as well as the xmb, to the fact that the PS3 SDK v1.80 frees up more memory from the OS.

    Although as a request to Sony I’m sure many of your customers would agree with me when I say that a complete, and comprehensive, changelog should be included when the new firmware is rolled out.

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