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Hey everyone, you may recall last month we wrapped up our reader poll asking what features you’d like to see added to this here blog.

Downloadable high-resolution images, a desktop widget and a subscribe-via-email option were the top 3 requests – and that’s exactly what we’re adding here today. Take a quick peek at the sidebar —–>

Multi-Megabyte Images Await
We have a growing collection of images and artwork from PlayStation games available via Flickr. Each image is available for download at multiple resolutions, most of which scale up to 1280 x 720 and/or 1920 x 1080, and a few that are even bigger than this for you bandwidth gluttons. We’ll be adding new pictures to this collection fairly regularly, so we’ve also created a separate image feed (RSS) that you can subscribe to if you’d like to be notified of updates.

You Love the Blog, Now Get the Widget Too!
We’ve created a PlayStation.Blog widget that lives on your desktop and automatically pulls in all of our latest blog posts. We’ve got two flavors for you guys: one for the Mac, the other for the PC. The Mac widget is your standard OS X Dashboard Widget (download here), and the PC version uses Yahoo! Widgets. Note that you’ll need to first install Yahoo!’s Widget app before you can download and use this PC version.

You Can Never Have Too Much Email
We’ve added an option to subscribe to PlayStation.Blog updates via email (this is in addition to our RSS feed and is provided via the same service, Feedburner). Simply click on the email icon, enter your email address and hit “subscribe.” Once you verify that you’re indeed human and your email works, you’re all set. As we publish new posts here, you’ll automatically receive updates via email.

That’s it for now. It bears mentioning, while info is – and will always be – our priority and focus for you guys here, how you access this info is a matter of preference that can take a lot of different shapes. Hopefully these new features give you a few more options to consider, and at very least, make this blog a little more useful. We’ll be looking into some additional blog bling down the road, most of which involves things you’ve commented or emailed us about, but if you have any additional ideas, let us know. Thanks everyone.

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