Heavenly Sword Prequel: Episode IV – The Divine Birth

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With the launch of Episode IV of the Heavenly Sword Animation Series on the PSN, we wanted to provide a nugget to those asking about the production of the series. Let us know your questions and we’ll return with answers from Ben Hibon, the Creative Director of the series.

Also, check out the *early* storyboards from this weeks episode and see how it evolved from paper to video. As you can tell by the details of the storyboard, lots of changes are made during the process (which is nothing new)…episode III is now episode IV…story modifications…new scenes…narration edits….

MILD SPOILER ALERT…watch the video first

Heavenly Sword Prequel Storyboard Part1Heavenly Sword Prequel Storyboard Part2 Heavenly Sword Prequel StoryboardPart3
Heavenly Sword Prequel Storyboard Part4Heavenly Sword Prequel Storyboard Part5Heavenly Sword Prequel Storyboard Part6

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