Industry Sales Climb, PS3 Sales Climb Too

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Hey everyone, I’m Mariam Sughayer, analyst relations manager here at SCEA. I’m the gal who works with those guys you see quoted in newspapers and news sites all the time talking about the industry; folks like Michael Pachter and Billy Pidgeon.

Today, the much anticipated NPD numbers were released and we’re very excited about how great July was for video games. If you didn’t know, NPD is the organization that tracks sales of videogames in the U.S. According to NPD, the industry continues to boom with sales of $925.52 million dollars for the month of July – that’s a 37% increase for the industry since this time last year.

From a PlayStation perspective, coming out of E3 we were really anticipating a good reaction to our new hardware pricing announced on July 9th, and we were obviously very pleased to see that PS3 sales increased with 159K units sold at retail for the month of July, which puts us up 61% over June numbers.

While I think a lot of that had to do with the new price, I also think there is a great deal of anticipation for the line up of games just around the corner, including Warhawk (Aug. 28), Lair (Sept. 4) and Heavenly Sword (Sept. 12). In fact, September should definitely be a big month for us when you add in the launch of the new slimmer, lighter PSP which will hit store shelves next month.

I’m going to start posting these sales numbers on a regular basis to keep you guys up to date on the business side of things. Thanks to all of you who made July such a great month for PlayStation. I’ll try to post again here in a few weeks.

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  • Most reaction to the numbers hasn’t been all that good. Most felt the PS3 should of beat the 360 last month because of the price drop and bad press M$ got for the faulty hardware, yet the PS3 didn’t do it.

    Although its great that it did increase from previous months, is it enough?

  • I didn’t make July a good month, but August I sure will :D

  • In Due Time!

  • The playstation brand, total, did well. Over 500k between PS2, PSP, and PS3.

    However, PS3 by itself, got smoked. Still lagged behind the 360 even with the hype of the price drop. PS2 sales continue to amaze me (who doesn’t have this yet?) and PSP is doing very well.

    Nintendo crushed everyone. Absolute destruction. Wii by itself came close to the entire PS brand sales. Just brutal. In July no less.

    Sony, I’m rooting for you, but you have a terrible climb ahead of you. 360 just dropped in price (along with a superior version of Madden and Bioshock), Halo 3 is coming up, and Wii continues to be a supernova. I’m looking forward to games like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword, and so forth (Lair dropped off the list personally), but what can you guys do against Halo 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

    I really hope the rest of the year goes well for you guys when it comes to the PS3. I really do. Otherwise, by the end of the year, the PS3 will be a distant 3rd place (so distant, you won’t even be seen) and I really don’t want to feel like I bought into the next Sega Saturn. =/

    Is there something big left up your sleeves? Anything? At this price point, not even the great amount of games will save this console.

  • It’s really cool that you want to discuss sales here, this blog rocks.
    But things aren’t going well with PS3 sales in the US market, I fear the console will be strongly outsold by all its direct competitors (Wii, X360) for all the rest of the year without an other price cut (PS3 80GB at 399$) and really good games that people really want to play and not half disappointements like Lair…
    Please Sony don’t make PS3 end like N64/Xbox/GC :(

  • you had a great month of sales sony hats off to ya:) now why don’t you reward us with a new firmware update for the ps3)::)

  • Moreover, Nintendo is clearly the new worldwide market leader, how many units they’re able to sell monthly (even unfairly, the Wii has no games, it’s just a trend thing) it’s ridicolous.

  • Potential Customer

    It’s all about price-nothing else, at least for me. I just bought mine on today. I had $150 credit on the purchase, and I still sat on that offer for weeks wondering what to do. I’m hoping I did the right thing.

    I guess I need to change my name. I may wait and see if I need to use Dummy. Sony, I’m pulling for you for sure now. I will enjoy the Blu-ray, but please remember, it’s all about the games. Just ask Nintendo.

  • Thanks for keeping us updated on the Sales numbers. Those market analysts can be tough, so glad you’re there to keep ’em straight.

    Your adoring PS3 fans can be brutal, but we’re all rooting for you!

  • Also wanted to add – thanks Sony for another outstanding update to the PSN. Take all the complaints as a sign that the user base really likes what they are getting, and just has a hunger for content that can never be cured.

    …Sort of like a drug addict, but with much more serious withdraw.

  • As much as I love Sony, they always have this idea that they know what the consumer wants and the refuse to answer our questions or provide us with the features we want. So I’m glad that demand went up and I’m glad they didn’t outsell the 360 because they need to realize they still don’t know what the consumers want, and if they started listening, then they would see those numbers outsell the 360 until then they’ll continue to be mediocre.

    The worst part is sitting and watching it happen, when all we want to do is provide them with solutions and advice.

    1 Firmware updates get in-game xmb out there
    1. Voice Chat let’s get this thing taken care of
    1. PSP colors – we want more!
    1. PSP Store get this thing going already, go ask apple how it’s done if you’re so worried about DRM.
    1. Get the PS1 games out on the store on a regular basis.
    1. Get the demos out faster and forget this Thursday crap, it’s obviously only working to frustrate the exisiting customers.
    1. Forget the damn Trailers, have you guys used the internet we have those trailers way before they hit the PS Store.

    Don’t talk to the media unless you have a game plan or you’ve really thought out what you’re going to say.

    It’s like watching a bad horror film and knowing what’s going to happen but you have to watch the girl stick her head in the closet and get it cut off.

  • @+ Posted by Mariam Sughayer // Analyst Relations Manager

    Sorry not to be rude but there’s about 10 different websites that gamers go to that they can get this information.

    I think you all need to sit down and think about what information Sony can put on this blog to get gamers excited, and not destroy the confidence PS2 owners have in what Sony is doing or planning for the PS3 and the PSP.

    Every post on this blog makes the 360 and M$ seem like that grass isn’t only green but it’s worth it.

  • I’m confused.. Alot of stores say Lair Ships 08/30/07

  • There is ways to even sell more, I know I said it before, but I wish there would be more marketing for the PS3, meaning TV commericals showing what the PS3 has to offer, i.e. Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted. Build up the hype, show what PS3 has that no other system has, educate the public, the way PS3 is marketed now is sorta confusing to many. I, am not complaining but more of giving a pointer since this blog is all about feedback.

  • PS3 might have just slipped past 360 in the US, but in Canada and in the rest of the world actually, PS3 does outsell the 360, especially in Japan.

  • Glad to see the industry still growing strong even during the slower summer months.

  • hopefully ps3 will end up outselling all consels like the ps2 an i dont understand why wii is selling so much…. they got NOTHING same ridiculous games over and over mario party 4235521 pokemon the only good game they have going to them is super smash

  • Nice, thanks for posting. Hope to see more on the sales of the PS3 et al.

  • Good that you had an increase….we all hope the trend continues. Because it truly is an un-realized system that if it had the customer base could blow everyone away.

    Here is to more sales for you!!

    I am still shocked at Wii sales. I have one…the system as of right now blows. It is fun for 30 minutes ever 2 weeks with 5 friends on 1 game….its crazy!!!

  • the wii is a commercial phenomenon. from what i can tell, the people buying it just want to have fun without their lives taken away. I doubt most of them even know what pokemon, or smash bro’s is. What would help Sony is presenting the product in a fashion that displays how the PS3’s first and foremost FUN, and secondly how it really is the most cutting edge, user friendly piece of hardware in the marketplace. My parents are continually impressed by the different small features the PS3 has – from the slideshow, to downloading full games, to playing all formats of movies. I don’t know how anyone would miss that the ps3 is a HD piece of hardware. Makes me wonder where those statisticians took their surveys.

  • You know those sales #’s would grow even higher if Sony wasnt still continuing to compete with itself with both a LAST gen PS2 & NEXT gen PS3

    whats the incentive to switch??…certainly not content!

    The competitor axed the last gen when the new gen launched

    PS2 is still in production and thats a last gen system and yet Sony has already axed the 20 & 60GB PS3’s…am i the only one to see an issue with that??

  • @ Mariam Sughayer
    From a business stand point how are the PS2 sales affecting the sales of the PS3? The PS2 continues to out sell both 360 and PS3. The first XBOX got cut off quick and the 360 keeps outselling the PS3. Sony is doing a great job keeping its commitment to its consumers but is this commitment hurting the PS3 or will it pay off?

    You are right about that one. World wide the PS3 is outselling the 360, just not here in the states.

    PS3 sold 159k PS2 sold 222k and PSP sold 214k. That’s 595,000 hard ware units in the month of July.

    Soft ware sales for the top ten games totaled 2,116,000 units. 1,012,000 of these sales happened on Sony platforms. Nintendo pulled in 594,000 and Microsoft’s platform pulled in 505,000.

    I hope that PS2 hardware and software sales turn into PS3 hardware and software sales. I guess only time will tell.

    Sony has a multi-million dollar marketing campaign lined up for the near future. I agree they need to start it soon.

  • great job sony

  • The Wii sells a lot because it appeals to people that don’t normally play video games because it’s easy to pick up and use. The Wii is like an Atari 2600, and the 360 and PS3 are more like PC’s. Very different audiences there.

    I totally agree that PS3 marketing is terrible. The general public has no idea what the PS3 is capable of. They’re completely ignorant of stuff like…

    – the fact that you can swap out the hard drive for a cheap, huge off-the-shelf 2.5″ drive, unlike the 360 where you’re forced to pay $180 for 120GB (total ripoff)

    – the fact that you can install Linux on it

    – the fact that Blu-Ray discs have WAY more capacity than DVDs, so developers can do more with their games

    – the fact that the Playstation Store even exists…I swear to God, most people think that Sony’s online offering is worse than Nintendo’s

    – the fact that games like Resistance: Fall of Man have absolutely amazing online components, matching up well with titles like Gears of War

    – the fact that Sony is innovating with stuff like Home

    – all of the cool stuff you can do with PSP/PS3 connectivity

    – the fact that Sony updates its firmware constantly, and takes direct input from its customers for new features

    – above all, the fact that the PS3 is an ALL-IN-ONE solution – you have game machine, wireless connectivity, a hard drive, and a hi-def disc player all in one package (even at $599 it was a good deal)

    Sony marketing, are you listening? Is any of this getting across? This isn’t rocket science. You have a great product but I feel like you just aren’t getting the word out at all.

    I don’t see any commercials, for instance. Back in the days of the original Playstation the Crash Bandicoot commercials were hilarious. Now all we get is this lame, abstract PLAY B3YOND and “Dude, get your own” crap. They’re the worst ad campaigns since Nintendo’s N64 and GameCube days. I never would have thought that Sony would have crappy commercials and Nintendo would have good ones (the “Wii would like to play” series), but here we are.

  • @ kenji I don’t know how to quote that but I’d just like to say, Sony you should read what kenji wrote the Ps3 is a powerful console you need to enlighten the ps2 owners and show them why the ps3 is the TRUE next gen console.(Everyone owns a ps2) Getting more of the types of games that made the ps3s predecessor’s so famous.. oh and I know you will and when you do the ps2 owners will get the message. This will happen eventually but you have control over when, and the sooner you make it happen the better

  • @25

    I agree totally a lot of my friends tell me “I want an XBOX 360 they are so cool!”

    Then I ask what I like about them and tell them what features the PS3 has and it obviously destroys the 360’s features except for XBL.

    I even showed them a few trailers like MGS4, Little Big Planet, etc, and they were floored while all they want from 360 is Halo 3. A lot of people don’t even know what kickass titles and features the PS3 has!!!

  • I bought mine in August, congrats though.

  • If Sony wants to win this war then the need to cut the PRICE and cut it fast! 399.99 is a good strat

  • Good job guys! But it’s not a reason to get lazy. I didn’t hear anything about PSN updates for the US. And I still have no answer about the firmware upgrade of th month (it’s been 4 weeks right?) At least you could tell us what we should expect for the next one.

    *crosses fingers for In-Game XMB announcement*

  • Okay my bad about the PSN updates. I just saw them on PS3Fanboy. But what’s up with the firmware guys?

  • Congrats for the sales Sony! I will buy my psp new version when it comes out :)

    But I’m really worried about what’s going to happen next month with PS3. Warhawk and Heavenly sword, two of the great titles about to come less than one month, had recived a hard strike with the lastest reviews of IGN and PSM. It doesn’t matter for me becouse i will buy both of them, but the internet and the magazines are very powerfull media that can influence many people, thats why I’m worried.

    nintendo will have metroid next month, and 360 will continue maybe with the hype of bioshock… I think next month will be hard for PS3 and i hope to be wrong.

    But Again congrats for the sales, I hope that this is the beginning of the great sales of ps3 in USA.

  • Sony needs to do something…

    360 still beat sony this july…

    nintendo cant be stop now =/

  • great job sony!

  • Good job Sony, you should do what Silks said.

    Just showcase Final Fantasy 13 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Like use the Final Fantasy 13 Trailer in commercials, those graphics are GORGEOUS!

  • Yikes… and this is before the 360 price drop numbers come in!

    I hope 3rd party don’t give up on exclusive PS3 titles now. Think about it from their point of view though, what incentive do they have to make a game PS3 exclusive? Even if it sells like mad to every PS3 owner, thats still only a fraction of what it would be if the same game was multi-plat.

    Sony needs to fix this now because and start moving units in the U.S., I don’t want to be stuck with a $600 paper weight…

  • Ey hi there i think is great, sales are going up big time but on my opinion, sales are really going to destroy the 360 when Final Fantasy is out and the Metal Gear Solid games, but we need more Adrenaline,testosterone for us american gamers Think God of War, Gears of War, Metal Gear anything with a Gear on it.

  • @h3ro

    UT3. Mercenaries 2. Uncharted. Lair. Heavenly Sword. Warhawk. Blacksite Area 51. Call of Duty 4. PSEye Games. Fifa 08. Madden 08. NBA 08. Need for Speed…

    If you don’t see at least one reason the PS3 shouldn’t be a $600 paper weight (those are titles from August to December 07 only), maybe you should just re-sell it.

  • @ slomo788
    I never said there weren’t great titles coming out for the PS3. I can’t wait for Warhawk and CoD4. Plus MGS4 has me really on edge to replay the original PS and PS2 MGS games just so I can be ready for when 4 comes out.

    My comment had to do with losing exclusive third party support, which we have already seen happen with multiple games, too numerous to list.

    According to the NPD numbers and analysis by NeoGAF, the PS3 is currently 380,000 units behind the GAMECUBE for units sold at this point in the system’s life cycle. Thats SERIOUSLY TROUBLING because I don’t want to see support for this system dropped (ala Dreamcast, which was, like the PS3, technically brilliant, but didn’t sell worth a damn and ultimately dropped).

    Yes there are great games coming out for PS3, but there are plenty of great games coming out for 360 as well, lets not be blind fanboys here. I’d kill for Bioshock (I’ll believe its coming to PS3 when 2K announces it) and Mass Effect to be on the PS3 right now.

    slomo, theres no way in hell I’d sell my PS3 right now, because I know it has the potential to be great. Potential can only take you so far though. Hell, the Wii is basically two gamecubes duct-taped together and the games suck, but it will be supported because it has a HUGE install base.

    Even if the PS3 sells like mad (something like 100,000 units more than its competitors) for the next year (again, numbers from NeoGAF NPD thread), It still won’t be enough to make up the nearly SEVEN MILLION unit install lead both the 360 and Wii have on it.

    I’m no fanboy, but I definitely am a loyal Sony customer. I want to see this product succeed and I want some damn good games to play. Thats all I want, GREAT games. Thats what has me worried though. If this install base gap continues, that developers will continue to look at the PS3 as a side/port console to main development on the 360.

    Its a serious Catch 22. The developers aren’t going exclusive with PS3 because of its low install base and the install base isn’t growing because the same games are available on the 360 with no incentive to buy on the PS3.

    All that being said, I just want some WARHAWK! You guys gonna join me?

  • Actually, PS3 sales increased 100%. June NPD reporting period was 5 weeks. July was only 4 weeks. If you do the math: 98,000/5 weeks= 20,000 a week in June and 159,000/4 weeks= 40,000 a week in July.

  • @h3ro

    Yeah I feel you. It’s a bit worrying really. But we’re still far from a Dreamcast trust me. Damn close to the Gamecube though. I mean, the PS3 won’t die, but it might survive with a lot of scars.

    But seriously, Sony isn’t Sega! Remember the PS2? Third-parties run? Who cares? We’ll still get the first-party love with Killzone and GT (those PSEye games really got me btw). That and some bullet-proof advertising, like the others said, will probably get the PS3 back on track. And of course, they should continue to satisfy us “relatively” early adopters. Then we will watch the thirdies hurry back “home”.

    Also, it’s a 150 million customer market not a 25 mil one! Yes Microsoft and Nintendo are ahead but that doesn’t mean they’ll get to that 100 mil spot a la PS2 (and PSOne for that matter). I say the console war has just begun, and if we like quality, we should hope that it wont be over soon.

  • Well.. First of all congrats Sony for this numbers!
    but… I would love to see the PS3 (as everybody on this blog i hope…) as the best selling console… but clearly there are some issues that you must fix. your fighting in the wrong way… you can’t expect to beat M$ 360 or Wii by facing them directly in a one-to-one fight (because all the consoles have different things to offer) and that’s what you’re trying to do face them directly. you need to use all your skills (by this I mean all your console characteristics), because we all know that the PS3 has everything to be the N°1 but to do this in my opinion there are some things to be done:
    1-Marketing, show the public:
    -why the PS3 is the best option, like hardware (i mean if Stanford university is aware of this using the PS3 computing power for research why the people out there shouldn’t??.
    -Show the public that the PS3 is THE HD console.
    -You have the best HD format and it has more capacity than the other formats.
    -PS3 isn’t just a console it’s an HD movie player, DVD-player, it’s a complete entertainment system.
    -Show the public Why the PS3 is fun and how you’re innovating the gaming experience of the user with things like home, little big planet, free online gaming experience all this things that would demonstrate to the possible new PS3 owner’s why the PS3 price worth it(because we all know that the price is also an issue here)

    2- The games, show the public how great your games are! you have excellent first-party games: Lair, Warhawk, Folklore, Heavenly Sword.

    3- Prepare what are you going to show to the media, because they could be your best friends or your worst enemies.

    4-THe PS3 needs to keep it’s exclusives.(obviously I’m referring to third-party games).

    I love my PS3, it’s amazing so I want it to be in the place where it should be….. first!!

  • Sorry Mariam (may I call you Mariam?) but although Sony dropped the price in July and Microsoft indirectly stated that the 360 design is flawed and yet, you couldn’t outsell it?

    That doesn’t sound good for August where the 360 got its own price drop, a HDMI port and the release of Bioshock (which will sure move some system).

    Wonder what will Sony’s response then…

  • Why are these kind of ppl hating in here… I thought this was a place for all mainly Playstation Lovers in here

    Me Im Rocking out on my Ps3

    Resistance: Fall of Man… Diehard :D

  • SlyTheTroll- what are you doing in here?

    Nice numbers. Good job Sony.

    And, Skater_Ricky- I get the feeling these guys aren’t regulars- thank God- just trolls who will soon recede to their bridges. :P


    You are in a bit of a rough place! Don’t make these kind of blogs, you are just fooling yourself.

    Heavenly Sword, one of the most hyped PS3 games is getting mediocre scores along with Lair and your NPD numbers are still laughable.

    Digital Recorders, GPS systems and whatever don’t sell game systems.

    I know this is a long term plan and you’ll probably appeal to hardcore gadgets freak at first and then gamers but as you can see “hardcore gadget freaks” don’t come in great numbers and you are now really testing the patience of your gamer crowd.

    I thought the X360s first year was horrid but compared to PS3s game line-up it’s looking very attractive.

    C’mon Sony- Games Games and Games, right?

  • I’d have to admit that the HW figures were slightly lower than I expected. Over at the PSU forums, we’ve had countless numbers of new posters coming on to the boards telling us about their new purchase – a PS3.

    Of course, price is probably still the most important factor in all of this. The Wii is selling like hot cakes and there’s hardly anything worth while playing on it, so why is it doing so well? A commercial phenomenon as another poster pointed out? It is at the sweet price point?

    In a year’s time, I’d expect things to be very different once the huge games like MGS4, GTAIV, LBP, KZ2, GT5, RE5 come out. But will people be interested in the machine by then? Sony needs to build up the momentum, the so called AAA games coming out are recieving lukewarm reviews, Home is still not ready, some games are getting delayed and then we hear news about Paramount and the whole HD-DVD/Blu-ray format war seems back on.

    Kenji summed up my feelings perfectly earlier on, where is that firmware 2.0? What’s happened to the PSone classics in the store? The hackers are making you guys look like chumps on the PSP scene. You were the market leader by a country mile and in the matter of a year, you’re falling behind.

    So, keep the demos coming, bring the content, where’s the add-on packs for games like MotorStorm and Oblivion? Any news on the Dual Shock 3? Where’s the open Home beta?

  • Good to see Sony finally going up.

    Hopefully the redesigned PSP comes out before September 17, so I can get it for my birthday and not have to spend my own money :).

  • @ sony
    I have sat by idle and watched my $600 investment get demolished in sales by inferior consoles. In an effort to protect all of our interests I have devised a three step plan to reclaim the dominance we had last gen.

    First… Effective immediately, announce the discontinuation of all ps2 development, both hardware and software. We cannot expect ps2 owners to join the ps3 family if they are continually getting 5 times the number of new game releases. As an added incentive of making the upgrade offer them an additional money back coupon provided their ps2 is registered with sony.

    Second… In an effort to thwart the damage sure to be done with the release of microsoft’s 500 ton T-Rex aka Halo 3, offer a one day ps3 sale price of $299 on 9/25, Halo 3’s release date. We would cripple the financial outlook and consume the legions of our fiercest competitor in one mighty blow.

    Lastly… and most importantly, LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER BASE!!! We are all on team Sony. We only want for the betterment of this console. First we tell you what we want then we give you $ when you provide it. You’ve heard all our cries, in game XMB, more demos, keep MGS4 exclusive, etc… Only in working together Sony can we expect to fully obtain the true PLAY B3YOND imagining.

  • Jeigh, commenting on the sales of the PS3, which I also own. Look me up on PSN, although my PS3 is hardly on since I finished R:FOM, specially with me playing Bioshock (oh yeah, I have a 360 too, and a Wii btw).

    So you like the numbers? It was Sony’s best chance to outsell the 360 and yet they couldn’t. The PS3 needs another price drop if they want to compete with the 360. As for competing against the Wii, it’s out of its league (and so is the 360, the Wii is in a league of its own) until its bubble burst.

    As for August, you don’t agree that the 360 price drop will sell more systems (just like the PS3 ‘price drop’ did)? Add to this Bioshock, which is a AAA title and it sure will move systems.

    I don’t think the next PS3 batch of games will sell many systems either. Warhawk, Lair and now Heavenly Sword are getting low rating. Only AAA titles sell systems and it looks like those aren’t. I really hope the reviewers are wrong about those games though, specially Lair since it’s my next PS3 purchase, as long as it lives to its hype.

    I’m telling you, the PS3 is in for a rough ride in the following months, in NA at least (but with SCEE saying the PS3 will not see a price drop there while the 360 will see one, it might affect sales there too).

    Call me a troll all you want but it’s my opinion and we’ll see in the following months if I was right or not… Or may be fanboys (like you Jeigh) here don’t like to hear the truth instead of spins? Because no mater how you look at it, it’s a spin…

  • this is all really great news.. keep em comin!!!!!

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