Heavenly Sword Prequel: Part 2 – Guardians of the Sword

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Week two of our Heavenly Sword video series for your enjoyment. We’re glad you guys enjoyed last week’s video and the feedback has spurred ideas to take these elsewhere (Blu-ray stocking stuffer, anyone?). We’re also glad that both the “making of” and animation series are starting to answer a lot of your storyline and production questions, and if not yet, they will.

Apologies for the short post, but things are getting crazy around the office as we’re finalizing the Heavenly Sword advertising – hopefully we’ll debut the TV spot here, on the blog, soon.

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  • Awesome.

    Now about that PSN Content. Sony, I’m looking at you!

  • Great job!! getting this on day one

  • I hope the TV spot is better than the previous PS3’s ads, those suck… a lot!

  • Great episode, hope to see these next weeks pass quick

  • Cool videos, looking forward to the TV spot here too. I love the PS3 commercials, there needs to be more advertising!

  • Awsome…Oh yeah SEVENTH!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8th and awesome. im gonna DL on the stroe ASAP also will youll release all of them as one clip when its done?

  • Awesome, and I love the making of series, part two was as great as the first one. how many will there be, 5?

    How about you make a post about the update for this week. I bet you’ll get 500 comments fast.

  • Please give us a ps1 game! FF VII please!!! Also I want to waste some cash on the ps store can you guys put new games on it FF VII!!!

  • like it, downloading it now. shame there was nothing else on the store this week.

  • I cant wait to get this game.

  • @joel, if you want PSX games get them off ebay or a secondhand shop. hell, i got the original Warhawk for 99p last week. nobody wants them and they cost practically nothing.

    we want videos like this on the store, not film trailers. something relevent to this gen of gaming.

    keep up the good work guys!

  • Great job ;P

  • Love the art style, and that would be great on blu-ray!

  • ill wait for this from the store … to good to look at this small.

  • I’m going to wait until this video shows up on my Playstation Store to watch it so that i can see it in HD. Is Heavenly sword going to have the same TV ad theme of the eerie white room with a Playstation 3 in the center? Are a bunch of possessed crying babies going to try and steal the PS3 and then Nariko is going to fend them off with her sword? Or is it going to be Gollum cradling the PS3 in the room going, “my precious…” and then Gollum transforms into that evil person played by the same 3D animation guy, and then Nariko runs in and takes care of him. At this point with the PS3 ads I think anything could happen.

  • i like the stocking stuffer idea.

  • these videos are such a tease! At least my wife says we must get the game and you better make some longer vids.

  • Yes! Big update today!
    ***Fully PLAYABLE demo of the highly anticipated title, “Bo Didley” now on the PSN***

    As you all know, this is the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Jack Squat” from studio Bupkiss.

    If you ask me, I think their best game was “Zilch.” I just hope it’s not a piece of crap like that one game they made a few years ago; “Nada.” I mean, come on! Ugh!

    …Sorry. I’ll stop. Seriously though… Come on, Sony! The holidays are only a few months away! Throw us a bone on the PSN already. Videos are great, but just this week alone, demos of Stranglehold, BioShock, and Beautiful Katamari have been released on the Xbox 360 store… and there’s been NOTHING that I can really sink my teeth into on my PS3.

  • Heavenly Sword rocks. Once again Xbi*th live arcade poops on the psn. Oh! Did I say I was a sony fanboy. Go figure. Naruto or Nariko needs to wield Artemis’ blade to rescue the PS3.

  • (Blu-ray stocking stuffer, anyone?)

    Count me in… A full anime series of HS would be kind of neat. Obviously one that doesn’t ruin the games direction.

    Maybe an Adult Swim version .. hmmm I really like the direction and have enjoyed it so far but wish they were longer but I know it’s just a prequel to the HS game.

    I know Maybe we could have a full story of how the sowrd was made and who that hero was that brought the sword and vanished. That would be very interesting and could easily be an 1.5 hour anime movie with some really good fight scenes :)

  • Thanks for the great video. Saw it a little earlier on gametrailers. It realls explains the story of heavenly sword kind of like a story prequel. Yes I can’t wait to see how your advertisement turns out for this game. But when you speak to the PR team or whoever does the advertisement please try to tell them advertise more on other channels because some channels that I watch such as MTV, VH1, BET, Toonami (Cartoon Network) CBS (during reality shows such as Big Brother 8 or Power of 10) and Fox (during So You Think You Can Dance) etc.. Please put more Sony advertisements and commercials on TV. This will definetly help grow the user base.

  • Advertise.

    I see a lot of XBOX 360 commercials, but never PlayStation 3 commercials. What’s going on here???

  • Nice vid. I love the video content, but no need to beat a dead hourse with a stick.

  • sony, you should use your first party games to advertize 3rd party games and Sony hardwares. How’s that for cheat. Better yet free.

  • @ 20

    what are you dumb? “Nada” was a great game.. lol

    really I agree, what gets me mad is the lack of announcements. for example, they say they hear us and they are working on demos, yet 2,3 weeks go by and NADA. come on, at least tell us what you are doing, tell us that ratchet demo comes out in two weeks and lair demo comes out next year.

    I don’t like stating the obvious over and over again, but the fact is that every week, is disappointing over and over again.

    At least we got great games like HS coming soon…

  • Wow..why do you guys do this to us? You know you would be making money, you know you would be making us happy. Stop given freakin trailers, and go with movies. Even your COMPETITORS were suprised you didnt release any movies on the ps network. Also are 3rd parties mad at sony for the ps3? Why is the 360 getting a demo every week, and we dont get scrap? Seriously. All I ask is to give us FF:VII I dont care wat the price I will buy it. That was the game that made the ps1 sell. Why isnt it in the ps store? Final fantasy 7 was amazing.


  • Yea when are the demos coming out like Lair and such> :-/ Ive been waiting for good stuff on the ps3 since dec 20 2006 i know (evreything needs its time) BUT u need to push developers atleast to get the demos out for the ps3 evrey thursday

  • I love Heavenly Sword, but please for the love of God will you ease my suffering and put some demos in the store!

  • NICE!!! this is good!!
    PS3 Rocks!!

  • Yay, another . . . oh, trailer.

  • Is this going to be on the PSN today?

  • The weekly blog up until the game actually does come out, if it doesn’t get delayed that is…..not unusal for a PS3 game.

    May i just mention that todays update of the PSN store was probably the worst scince Rocky 720p trailer.

    Is is that there is no effort being put into the Store until Home arrives???

    Do you not have the content avaliable to actuaally fill the store like XBL?????

    Why do you hold onto demo’s that are already finished and are waiting to be played by the PAYING public, the public who forked out 600 euro’s for a PS3??? ( LAIR,R&C,Strangelhold,Skate,DiRT, just to mention a few)

    I thought we were promised an X-amount of games before the end of 2007, well at this rate its going to be another false statement.

    I really,really do hope the drought will end and things will drastically improve, and i mean DRASTICALLY as even a 10 year old can see that the difference between the consoles at the moment is huge, by this i mean content and games. And i don’t want to hear that the PS3 is new, its been here almost 1 year, 1 year and i’m still playing R:FOM because there just isn’t anything avaliable, apart from very very badly ported XBOX games which should have been in the bargin bin instead of asking 60 euro’s for them.

    I would like some answers to my questions and hopefully this will improve, it seemed to be going uphill until last week when somebody slammed on the brakes and decided to take a ride down the cliff.

  • Errr….I couldn’t wait for the US Store to update…

    SO i logged into my Euro account and almost finished downloading the Heavenly Sword Making and Anime No.2

    Whats with the delayed US Store update??

  • Man the story looks so great it’s kinda hard to pass up this game. But there are so many other badass games coming out at the same time, I probably won’t be able to afford them all.

  • I was actually looking forward to download this video at 1080P, but I guess Lempel and his crew are playing dominoes in the break room. Thanks for the update guys :/

  • whats goin on with the psn update? i didnt get anything new???!!!!!

  • That was awsome, I Just love the anima style of it all.

  • Well, I guess the game was over. Thanks for the update! a pretty good update actually.

  • Heavenly Sword Blu-Ray movie? Im there.

  • This is awesome, this is a good start to show PS3 can have good downloadable content and defines what the store can become, which is a multimedia store. Keep up the good work Sony staff and developers you will define the top next-gen console if you just keep up what you guys are doing and keep tuning up the PS3. I can only imagine how it will be in the next 2 years.

    BTW, this might be off topic but every time I try to log into this blog on my PS3 it freezes up the PS3, try it yourself for confirmation or not, but in the future can the PSblog be PS3 compatible in the future? That would be great!

  • I’m loving these episodes! It’s like watching a TV series version of a videogame… and then we get to play it =D I’m also really anxious to see the TV Spot!! It’s gonna be fun yelling “I’m getting that game!”

  • The movie was awesome. Can’t wait to see what the Gandalf dude will do the the sword. And did you change Bohan’s name to Botan?

  • Sorry for not being able to comment earlier in the day. Work got a hold of me and wouldn’t let go…

    After reading thru the comments, there wasn’t much for me to answer, but its clear how starved you guys are for demos and content. While I’m not the guy to answer your questions, I guarantee that all of you are being heard by the right people, just hold tight.

  • LOL, Yep starved like a pack of wolves, but thanks for the input and letting us know we are being heard. Like I said in my previous comment, keep up the good work.

  • I’m glad that the right people are hearing are wishes, thanks for the input, it really means alot.

  • Yes lets hope they are because im getting bored of this consol….. 36o anyone..lol

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