The LAIR Score: Part Two

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Following up on my entry earlier this week, without walking you through the whole score, I wanted to call out a few tracks that stand out as prime examples of the principal themes contained in the score for LAIR. When you hear the elegant strains of the “Civilization” theme (Asylia theme), you’ll notice hints at the scope and power of the Asylian culture. It is high culture indeed, yet there is a dark side here.

“Crossing at Dawn-Bridge Battle” is an example of some of the more brutal and textural musical colors. Using primitive skin drums and ethnic woodwinds such as the “Makruna” and “Phillistine horn,” the ethnic side of Lair is revealed. This is a world we have only dreamed of, and for me, listening to the score, it comes to life. Musically, we must experience the majesty and scope of this world, and highlight its many sounds.

I could go on for quite a while describing the beauty of, for instance, Karen Han’s incredibly moving Erhu solo on “Mokai theme,” but that’s enough from me for today, so I’ll step back and let you the listener enjoy for yourself the amazing world of LAIR.


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  • cool hope the game is good

  • i finally convinced myself i wasn’t going to get this game due to it being released with too many other awesome games and the fact that the reviews i’ve seen so far are low. but this music just screams high production values. how could the game really be that bad when it has sweet epic music like this?

  • This music is awesome.

  • Put it on the PSN and give me more on this Game.

  • When would this song kick in? it is not a battle song, so it must be some sort of awesome cutcene. lol

    btw i am still waiting for a demo, or at least news about the demo.

  • Only another 20 days.

  • what about a demo tomorrow???? =), the game look and sounds AWESOME, please give us a DEMO.

  • Wonderful music, I know it must have taken lots of effort to compose somthing so epic for this game. Lair in my opinion is a masterpiece.

  • @ Spaceghost4284

    I am with ya there. Since the game got delayed, I have been on the fence about purchasing the game for some of the same reasons as you, but these music samples are pushing me towards the buying side.

    Great stuff Mr. Debney. Keep ’em coming if you can!

  • Awesome score.

    It really makes me feel like I am inside the game.

    Almost feel like a cutscene where something happens to the main character.

    Or the beginning maybe.

    Nevermind. Warhawk and Lair, must buys this year

  • Wow, so beautiful… …I hope the game can live up to the music!

  • Cool. I think you could do an excellent job if you did the music to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3, if they ever made it.

    Yeah I was on the fence on this game to, it was in the perfect time slot, and then it got delayed and I thought it was to close to Warhawk and Heavenly Sword. Then it didn’t help with those reviews coming in. But I love this music so much I’m going to get the game now!

  • Yo, Im soryy guys, but 3 people have it a score of 6/10 or below.. I dont know who I am supposed to trust. I wont buy the game unless it is given an 8/10 or higher review.

  • Play the game and see if you like it.

  • Amazing, makes me think of harry potter for some reason, slightly mixed with lord of the rings. Can’t wait for this game, ahh the wating’s killing me!!

  • Wow, simply wow. This is such a fantastic score, so dark so serene you can really envision the world of Lair. Superb work.

  • Lovely just lovely piece…

    I’m going to so enjoy this score with this game…

    The Elder Scrolls IV had an incredible score to go with it and this sounds amazing for the title LAIR…

  • @ 18

    We can’t play it without a demo, and if we rent it, then what is the point of buying it.

  • very very nice, has a hint of conan in it :)

  • love it! love it…
    all are asking for demo please give it to us.

  • Great score but I really need to play a demo to make up my mind on this game.
    Please Sony, give it to us by the end of the month, we have waited already too much.

  • Sounds kewl!

  • Amazing sound & thanks Mr. John Debney ;)

  • sweet music i want to play it in my 8th grade band, where can i get the score for this??? Love the music fits the game quite nicely cant wait. Thanks for the SWEET music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love it!

  • Wow, can’t wait for this game! I have it already paid in full at EB Games. Hopefully its not delayed again.

  • This is fantastic. I listened to it several times now and everytime chills ran down my spine. Kudos to you John Debney. Can’t wait to play the game and listen to the entire score. :)

  • Oh gosh, I complained that the last one sounded generic in it’s epical scale but this one. This one has something brooding.

    I really like it.

  • I like this the last one was cool too,

  • Loving it.

    @ #7

    I see you’re an Iron Maiden fan too, sweet! :)

  • This is the main menu music, just look at the player when you are listening to it, and you will se Main_Menu pop up sometimes.


  • I hate you sony lol . Now i must get 3 games in september … Hevenlysword, liar and warhawk , 3 games in one month do u know how much that will cost me at lest 1400 kr thats more then a ps2 cost lol a brand new ps2 cost 995 kr . I will have so fun online in warhawk , and flying about killing and listing too good music in liar . killing lots of enimys i Hevenlowsord as a nice girl and here sister so i guess , ill have all the games i want untill November . . OMG ill have to get a extra jobb cos of sony . Sony do you want to give me a extra jobb so i can aford all games?

  • now if the game itself is fun…

  • OMG!!!!!! just release a demo and i might get this over ratchet and clank. also maybe release the score on the store i would definatly buy it if i could get this score on it.

  • sounds great – can’t wait to see and hear the game!

  • Great score!

  • Sounds amazing!

  • OK everything about this game seems kickass whats with the low ass scores then

  • @Darkendless

    Dont believe at reviews… its just crap
    I prefer making my own review when ill have a copy
    Its like movies… usually they give low scores at good movies and high scores at the bad ones
    Lair is going to kick ass!

  • I have this game reserve, and The “Goddess of war” oh sorry Heavenly sword , Sony i love your products they scream quality and durability, and the PSP Slim i’m Traing to get the Final Fantasy 7 Special Edition From Japan Men keep the good stuff coming.

  • These clips are very impressive. I do hope the rest of the score is just as good. This caliber of performance could warrant a soundtrack (CD) all by itself.

  • Hey guys, I think we should cut the demo thing.

    They already know.

    We all agree it could be great since HS, Warhawk and Lair are coming so close together.

    I am getting the three of them but I am not sure in which order

  • Damn if I didn’t know better I’d say it was a FF score….but that just points at he quality of it. FFs are known for its high musical scores and how legendary some of them have been. This is up there if not beyond a FF score.

    Love the song when it starts to get dark/fearsome.

    I’m not losing out on this game like some of you :D

    And can you users stop the demo talk already?

  • About the demo for Lair. the latest information I could find on it was from IGN

    Indeed, you’ll be able to check it out for yourself because our Sony rep was confident that a Lair demo would appear on the PlayStation Network, although they admitted it could well be post launch because Factor 5 is working flat out to get the actual game finished. If what we’ve seen lately is indicative of the final game, which we’re pretty sure it will be, it’s time well spent.

    So to those wanting a Demo there is your answer. Most likely the Demo will come AFTER the game comes out because the first priority is the release of the actual game.

    On topic of the music so far I have been impressed and can’t wait to get the music with the scenes that it iwll be with.


  • very…very… good. I look forward to picking up the game.

  • @joel
    I think this game is alittle head of its time. Its new and people are not used to the game play. I would try it over a friend’s house or at a video store before I buy it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on music in videogames these days. I maybe the only one who thinks this way, but I feel like the music in videogames are way too orchestra based. I mean, I may sound like a old school fanboy reminiscing on the past, but I like the music in games back in the late 80s early 90s, ya know.

    Some of you may not be old enough to remember some of these games that I’m about to name, but the older guys around 30 know what I’m talking about. The old synthesizer sounded good especially in games for the Super Nintendo, and Sega CD. But I’m talking about music in games like: Secion Z, Ninja Gaiden1 and 2 (late 80s, early 90s), Street Fighter 2 (especially the one on Super Nintendo I liked the way Ken’s stage music sound including the guitar intro), The Revenge of Shinobi and Streets Of Rage (Genesis), Space Mega Force (Super Nintendo), Sol-Feace and Final Fight (Sega CD:One of my personal favorites).

    There are more games that some may remember. But these are the few who’s music I still think is the best I heard in videogames, minus the quality. I think they have synthesizers nowadays that are pretty good. But, I like to hear a little beat in them with the orchestrated musicals, ya know. Something that makes me want to jump up and kick somebody’s butt.

    I think the Final Fantasy series is pretty good at having an orchestrated layout with a synthesizer and a beat to it. But for the most part games are way too orchestrated.

    Or maybe I’m just crazy. I don’t know. I like the sound tracks in Transformers: The Movie and Rocky 4 by Vince DiCola. I would LOVE to hear some music like that in a videogame, especially “Instraments of Distruction”.

    Ok, I’m done. I hope someone agrees with me so that I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  • as a fellow musician Mr. Debney i can truly tell you this music is amazing i can only hope we get to hear the soundtrack on the final product like sony says we can.

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