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In an effort to try and answer as many questions as I can about Warhawk, I’ve compiled this Q&A. Fair warning, it’s very long, but I know a lot of you guys have questions, so I hope this helps!

Is the headset a limited time kinda thing?
No, not to my knowledge. It’s something that we feel adds a lot of value to the retail version of the game but, to be honest, this is a marketing decision. At the end of the day it will depend on things like the contract with Jabra, Sales, etc. You know, marketing stuff.

Who are the top 100 BETA testers?
Ok, you ready for this? Click, CastleKingSide, Catalytic, Gergination, Aeaas, Merovee, II6FUII-wHaM, Filth_Flannigan, PlayerBeyond, SolidC213, DBWsGreatOne, Taisch, Hakoom, ROYA, ph8al, WillKills_M, tonythetiger1, theONE73, Coryphaeus, XxGRAND-CHAMPxX, Riz09, Canez, Flankhim, ninerfanj343, Jags71, DVSone, IComeInPeace, DRAKE_CHAMBERS, BudLeeOne, Enebreated, csMadMan, RickTheRipper, NoVaPH1R3, G-Man420, Liquided, ArtemisBane, dude23, Kremar, ucigasu, switchitup813, Dangerman, GnuUzir, Laeq, Simi, Hand_Banana, Wunsock, Dubbinenglish, K-X, Yixian1, IRP-OBMAS, inxshambles, Fupa, Pazonal, ethan893, FrozoneUSMC, Pnoiflipnation, DarkArcani, Ace_Martian, Solidsnakejej, RockStarAe, Stiles2417, AbaraiRenji, FayroeFox, AfoBanjo, Slevin_Kelevra, Kman1086, Requiem911, EZCheez, Bulletproof92, Air-Reez, jhop22, Wyji, Cooter203, oneofthosedays, IIHoTsHoTII, Snoits, Laughed, KingZ777, kylegtheassman, TRUEWON415, Takiwara, musashi2036, boondock_saint88, Draicus, TicTak, Riffraff, gunhoo, FT-Cheddar, danthecrazyman, TheWolface, Dman2000000, PriViTePyLe, sonofa2

Does the game have split-screen online?
Yes, 2, 3 and 4-way online and off-line. We also provide a server option that admins can set that controls whether or not players can be connected via split screen and yet another server admin option that controls whether or not split-screen players can be on opposing teams. If you are hosting a competitive game or clan match or something, you may want to make sure that your players aren’t “screen-hunting.” And yes, these options are available if you host your own player, dedicated or ranked dedicated server.

Can multiple PSN accounts be logged-in at the same time during split-screen gameplay?
No. When you engage split-screen, the Warhawk real-time creates a temporary guest account and adds a little circle with a number inside it for which player you are. For example, if you jumped in on my PS3 for split-screen action, I’d be “TheGoatAss” and you would be “(2)TheGoatAss.”

Will there be downloadable content in the future?
The technology behind Warhawk was designed from the ground up with expandability in mind – very “data-drive” for those uber-tech enthusiasts. We have nothing to announce right now, but rest assured that if the player-community wants new content, we’ll be developing it!

Does Warhawk support keyboard or mouse?
Nope, not for game control anyway, just the keyboard for text input and stuff like that.

If I run a Warhawk server on my PS3, is it independent of the SONY servers?
Yes. The only connection that is maintained is for your PSN buddies, incoming messages, stuff like that. As an interesting bit of trivia. The first few days of the public BETA we didn’t have a single SONY server running, but it didn’t matter because there were soooo many players hosting their own servers!

Can you play on your PS3 while you host a game server on the same PS3?
Yes. We call this a “player server.” This mode supports 24-players *and* up to 4-way split.

If I host my own server, how many players can I support?
Short answer is it depends on your connection speed/bandwidth. When you choose to host a game, or set of games, Warhawk first “pings” out to what we call bandwidth servers around the globe (which one you test to depends on which country you live in). Anyhoo, it is at that point we then do a really quick series of bandwidth tests to determine how many players you will be able to handle. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the bandwidth requirements to make sure that the games that you host are not out of your league with regard to the bandwidth needed. We got a lot of comments during the BETA about players that were hosting 24 or 32 player games when they didn’t have the bandwidth to do so. This resulted in pretty crappy game experiences sometimes. Our updated bandwidth requirements should resolve a lot of this and we’ll be monitoring it and changing them if we need to.

Thanks Dylan, but that didn’t really answer the questions. How many players??
Ok, that was a bit of a ramble but it at least lets you know what’s going on behind the scenes. For me at home, I have a standard cable modem with Comcast and I often host 24 player games. If you’re at school (college dorm or something) on a network you’ll probably be hosting up to 32 players, but the net is what the net is and you all know how it can change like the weather. If you have a really bad connection, then you will be hosting eight or 16 players. Sorry, we have to protect the player community from people hosting slow servers that just piss other players off. That said, if you connection is bad, you’ll still be able to *play* in a 24 or 32 player game, just not host one of that capacity.

How many of the maps support 32 players?
All maps. We worked really hard to make sure that the game would support the MAX player count in all levels, not just a subset.

I work for an ISP, can we host a Warhawk Server?
Sure. When you setup the server, you can give it your vendor name and tag it with a server message in case you want to gratuitously promote that “Penetrode’s ISP now features 43% more awesomeness.” There is, of course, a max character length on the server message so please no manifestos.

Does Warhawk support the XMB buddy list?
OMG. Yes, thank you for asking but you didn’t really have to. Of course any “buddy” that you have in the XMB will show up in your “Warhawk Buddy Page.” From there you will see if they are online and what game they are in. We also added a quick join from the buddy list so you can instantly hop into any game your buddy is in. You also have the option of linking directly to the stats server from your buddy list. This way you can always keep tabs on which weapons your friends are using, which maps they play the most, etc.

Does Warhawk support clans?
Yes. You can form a clan, give your clan a prefix tag [4 characters], your clan can have a motto, leader, and yes, the leader must make invites into the clan, you have access to a separate clan mail/message that can be used to coordinate practices or matches, and lastly you can use your clan list just like the XMB buddy list to jump right into their game or retrieve their statistics.

Does the game support more than 1 headset connected to the same console?
No. You can only bind one headset in the XMB and Warhawk uses whichever headset you have active.

If I buy the retail version, do I have to have the Blu-ray in my PS3 to run Warhawk?
Yes. “Reluctant Hero” asked about this Wednesday, but sorry man. But hey, one of the many advantages of the BD is that when you power-up your PS3 you can boot directly into the game.

Can you turn the HUD off?
No, sorry, “MrCamo.”

How is chaff deployed?
“TTP” asked about a conversation that we had at E3 regarding chaff. Right now, you must select Chaff from the WeaponCross and then press L1 to deploy, just like in the BETA. We have toyed around with changes to this, one of which you and I discussed at the show. Nothing has been decided though. I will say this, and this came up during some of our review sessions with the long-lead media, we have greatly enhanced the way missile scrubbing and the aerobatics system works so that chaff is not primarily used for defending yourself when in hover mode. When you are in the air you can now perform your aerobatics more easily than you could in the beta. So, this ends up being the preferred method of defense. Think of chaff as a get out of jail free card, especially when you are hovering in a Warhawk.

Does Warhawk support VoIP channels?
Not exactly. I will say the ‘subscription’ method in Resistance is pretty damn slick, though. What you do get is a per player control as to whether or not the voice is transmitted from that player – think of it as a kind of patch board. If you are the leader of a squad with Bob, Jimmy and Bruce, then you can just patch them in and turn everyone else off. Additionally, let’s say that your buddy Evan is the leader of another squad and you want to be able to talk to him but not the troops in his squad. Then simply patch him in and you’re all set. Hopefully that answers your question “9158.”

Game-wise, what is different between the Blu-ray version and the PSN version?
Gameplay-wise they are identical.

When is Warhawk being released in Europe, Japan, Australia, China, Korea etc?
All I can say is that we have incredibly talented teams in all those territories and they are working very diligently to get Warhawk ready and, ultimately, announce a release date. But I do *really* hope that you guys can understand that announcing the release date in those territories is kind of *their* thing and not mine.

Will a weapon from Resistance:FoM appear in Warhawk?
No. I’m not sure where that rumor started “Lothar,” but while we’re on the topic … the Laark would be a wicked great indirect-fire weapon. The Insomniac guys always have top-shelf weapon design, among other things.

Can you play split-screen on a ranked game?
No, and I know this will be a point of contention, so please hear me out on this. When we first started developing and testing the ranked servers, we *didn’t* block split screen. What we observed is players using a second controller as a remote observer; not really playing but rather just kind of cheating the system. This allowed them to know where more of the enemies were without actually being part of a squad and communicating, they were just cheating. As a result, they were growing up the ranks faster than other players that weren’t cheating and that isn’t fair for those of you playing legitimately to rank-up. I hope you guys can understand the decision.

What do I need to turn my PS3 into a server?
Nothing. Buy Warhawk and that’s it. You will need a good connection though if you want to host a lot of players.

During the BETA, there were times when the game would crash, is that fixed?
LOL. Yes! We wouldn’t have shipped if it was still “crashy.”

Will there be an option to join local servers just in your country?
Yes. While we wanted to make sure that players got to choose the exact server they jumped into, we *totally* realized that if the game takes off, which we hope it does, that players might be simply overloaded by the server list. So, more to your point “Shadow_Dancer,” you can filter by region, language, game type, ping, max rank, etc.

Does Warhawk support a “Party System” like Resistance:FoM?
Thanks for clarifying “Holy_Diver.” Unfortunately, no, we do not do it in the same way. When you are playing split-screen we drop the whole group into the game, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you were looking for.

Can you use any headset with Warhawk?
Yes. The Jabra that’s included is a good headset but you might already have one, or maybe still have the USB SOCOM headset. They all work.

Are the Warhawk servers “Worldwide?”
Yes. All territories can play together on the PSN.

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    Will it be the same game exactly?

    Will the Blu-Ray version of the game install on the HDD just like the PSN version?

    What will be the size of the PSN version?

  • @9, r10k

    I can answer those:

    1. Yes, read the Q/A, the games are EXACTLY the same

    2. Nop. Again, its in the Q/A

    3. About 800mb according to Dylan Jobe in a podcast with IGN. I posted the link on comment 8.

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  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry it took a bit longer to get this assembled thanI would like…you all know how it goes sometimes.

    Also, I noticed that aaquib posted a link to the IGN Podcast that I did with the IGN crew yesterday. I had a great time with them, talking about the game and just shooting the @#$^!.


    If you have other questions please post them here and I’ll try to jump in with answers.

    Rock On!

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  • the download version is 800 mb
    it was on ign’s beyond podcast

  • Dylan,

    Warhawk was always touted to be released simultaneously – and this built up much of the excitement of the game. Now. so soon to the AMERICAN release date, we’re being redirected to the conclusion that, firstly, you cant even comment on a date for us Europeans even thought in the past the team always has.

    Although I loved the Beta and intend on purchasing the game whenever it comes out, I am very angry and disappointed that we were misled or atleast not given clarification.


  • In regards to the multiple PSN accounts logged in at the same time during split-screen play.

    Is that a Sony thing, or you guys don’t support that. R6Vegas didn’t have that feature either. Kinda sucks.

  • Dylan,

    Can you comment on the topic of upscaling with people that have 1080i/480p HDTVs?

    PS – I felt that I was wrongfully banned from the message boards on playstation.com because I had left my account auto-signed in which someone took the opportunity to post information pretaining to the beta from a comment you left about this very thing.
    I would like to offer my sincerest apology to you and your PSN ID and have learned not to leave stuff logged in when visiting sites

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